tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAdventures of Sarah Ch. 02

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 02


Tyshawn made it out of the door and walked down the street. He heard the bitch screaming at him from the door. He ignored her and tried to push his anger down. He saw Jesse and Frank waiting for him at the corner. They walked towards their old school where they would catch the shuttle to the drop-off point to catch the bus to Claremont.

"What's up Ty? You look pissed." Jesse said.

"The bitch was in rare form this morning." Tyshawn said.

"Yeah, she is quite a peach." Jesse said.

"Hey man, look what I got." Jesse said and held out something that looked like a camera.

"What is it?" Tyshawn asked.

"It's a new video camera, I got it from Tyrone for 20 bucks." Jesse said.

"20 bucks, you know that thing is red hot, don't you?" Tyshawn said.

"Yeah, I figure it is but for 20 bucks I think it is worth the try. You should see the way this thing works. It kicks ass and I can make some good money with it." Jesse said.

"How are you going to make money?" Tyshawn asked?

"You know that dude that runs the newsstand?" Jesse said.

"Yeah." Tyshawn said.

"Well, he pays good money for films. He has clients that give him lots of cash for certain kind of films, if you know what I mean." Jesse said.

"What kind of films?" Tyshawn asked.

"Come on, are you stone dumb? Have you seen the white pussy walking around our school? These guys pay for all kinds of shit, good shots of legs, nice cleavage shots, and the big money for a shot of panties." Jesse said.

"You are a pervert, Jesse." Tyshawn said.

"No, I'm a businessman and I am going to make enough money to get out of this shithole. If you two homies play your cards right I just may take you with me." Jesse said smiling at him.

The three friends walked down the street to their old school, passing a hooker, a dude sitting against the wall sound asleep and a guy obviously waiting for a client to buy drugs. They saw these things every day but rarely paid them any attention. They saw their bus pull into the loop and broke into a run.

Sarah entered her classroom and went to the desk. She saw the lesson plan book open to today. Wow, this guy was organized. He must have felt he wasn't going to make it in to do all this. She looked at the day and saw "Review worksheet and pop test" written across the block. She saw two stacks of papers, one was the graded worksheets and the other looked to be the pop test. Well, this is going to go over well on a Friday, she thought.

Tyshawn sat down in the back row with Jesse and Frank. He looked out of the window, watching his neighborhood move by. Jesse called it a shithole and that is exactly what it was. His dad grew up here and was still here, working three jobs just to pay the rent and buy food. They had no insurance and were constantly getting robbed and vandalized. Luckily they didn't have much worth stealing. He wondered if he would ever get out. That thought was the only thing keeping him in school. He needed basically two more classes to graduate, government which was cake and that fucking math class. He could not seem to get it; he was passing but just barely.

Sarah was sitting behind the desk looking over her class lists when she noticed someone come in the room. She looked up to see a black man walk in and go over to the trash can.

"Excuse me, can I help you?" Sarah muttered and stood up.

The man turned slowly and looked at her, his eyes obviously starting at her face and moving down her body slowly. She felt like he was undressing her slowly and she crossed her arms instinctively across her chest.

"Don't worry, sweet cheeks, I won't hurt you. I'm just here for the garbage." The man said with a cutting tone.

"Oh, ok, I'm sorry." Sarah stammered, not realizing she had insulted the man with her body language.

Hank Jackson looked at the lily white girl standing in front of him. She couldn't be older than 20 or so. The bitch looked like a deer in the headlights. You could have sworn he was carrying a gun the way she was cowering. He was so tired of seeing that from all these little stuck-up white girls. He got it every day from all the snotty students now he was getting it from some green teacher.

He grunted at her and turned to dump her can. He dropped it back on the floor and left but not before stealing a glance back and noticing she had a nice little booty for a white girl. He could see himself hammering into her from behind and watching that ass move in front of him. He smiled at her and licked his lips slowly. That would give her something to think about.

Sarah watched the black man leave. Why did she feel so dirty? Did he lick his lips at the end? That look he had gave her the creeps. She sat back down and started looking over the lists as she heard the bell ring. Students started streaming into the room, looking at her as they passed. She looked out and they looked so old. A lot of the guys had mustaches and some even had beards. The girls looked like women and most of them had bodies most women would kill for. She took a deep breath, this would be interesting.

Tyshawn walked into his first period class and saw there was a substitute. She was young was the first thing that hit him. She was pretty and all but her tits looked little. He could barely see bumps under her sweater and shirt. He watched her walk over to the door to check the hall and notice her ass. That was nice and her legs looked hot in black hose. He noticed the way her calves flexed as she walked in her heels. He felt his cock harden again and start to work its way out of his boxers and start to stretch out along his thigh.

"Good morning, I am Miss Johnson. I will be your sub today." Sarah said and turned to write her name on the board. She had to reach up a little to get to a blank spot.

Tyshawn and all of the boys noticed immediately how her skirt pulled up a little as she reached for the board. He watched her ass wiggle slightly as she wrote. He rubbed his cock through his pants. He had to get some pussy today. He looked around the room. Christy was sitting across from him, she was pretty and her pussy was used to his cock. He had fucked her at least a dozen times, but then again so had most of the boys in the school. She turned to him as he was looking at her and smiled. Her eyes moved down to see him rubbing his cock through his pants. She opened her mouth slightly and moved her tongue slowly around her lips.

What a slut, Tyshawn thought. He would fuck her if he had to but he wanted something different today. This erection was special and he didn't really want to waste it on Christy's sloppy pussy. He looked over to the other side and saw Karen. She was a cheerleader and had long blonde hair. He had never fucked her but she would be deserving of his cock today. Her body was smoking but she had never given him the time of day. He wondered if she gave anybody the time of day. He saw she was talking to her friend, a brunette who he didn't know. The brunette was leaning over to talk and he saw her tits were pushed against her top, causing an abundance of cleavage. He felt his cock tingle as he stared at her chest.

"Ok, class, we are going to start with a review of a worksheet you previously completed." Sarah said and called out the first name. A boy raised his hand in the back and she walked down the row, his paper held out.

Tyshawn turned when he heard the teacher's voice and saw her walking down his aisle. He watched her legs and then she was right beside him. He could smell her, fresh and sweet. He took a deep breath. She called out another name and turned towards him. The girl on the other side of him raised her hand and the teacher reached over his desk to hand her the paper. Her chest was inches in front of him and he watched as her shirt pulled out of her skirt slightly as she reached. His dick was throbbing now and he was fighting the urge to stand up and fuck this teacher right now.

Sarah continued to hand out the papers, oblivious of the looks and snickers she was getting from all the boys as they ogled her. The girls were all rolling their eyes as the horndog boys crushed all over the new sub. Sarah finished and went back to the front of the room. She proceeded to review the worksheet with them, the boys hardly paying any attention whatsoever.

Mr. Thompson walked down the hall and peeked through the small window into the room. He saw Sarah talking to the class. She seemed to be doing ok. He watched a little longer, watching as she walked back and forth across the front of the room. She was a hot little number, yes indeed, he thought. He loved the way her ass pushed out the back of her skirt. Just as Mr. Thompson was looking at Sarah's ass Hank Jackson was in his basement office, his door closed, his huge black cock in his hand. He was thinking about the stuck-up white bitch that had disrespected him this morning. His cock grew hard as he thought of her, reaching its full 9 inch length. He rubbed up and down it, picturing her white pussy sliding up and down on it. That bitch needed a good fucking and he was very interested in being the one to give it to her.

Sarah continued to review her worksheet unaware of the many thoughts flying through the school about her, each of them more and more graphic. She was excited, the day was going good and the class was calm and listening to her. She was doing a good job. She could do this, after all. Her confidence grew with each minute.

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