tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAdventures of Sarah Ch. 05

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 05


(Please read chapters 1-4, this will make much more sense)

"I'll help you with the bitch son, while you take care of the little blonde whore." Hank Jackson whispered into Tyshawn's ear.

Tyshawn looked to his right and into the face of Hank Jackson. He felt Hank pull his right arm away from the bitch. Hank pulled her away quickly and Tyshawn was now looking into the eyes of the blonde girl and now with a free right hand. He grabbed a handful of hair and let go of her shirt. She screamed as her hair was pulled and her arms shot up to grab Tyshawn's powerful right arm. Tyshawn looked at her, her shirt gathered over her breasts and her legs wiggling out from under her skirt. His mind raced, punishment and lust fighting for control. Tyshawn's cock reached its full length and sent the solution directly to Tyshawn's brain.

Sarah was in a panic as the black janitor grabbed her and pulled her over towards the student desks. Hank pulled out a chair and sat down, facing Tyshawn. He pulled Sarah onto his lap and faced her also to Tyshawn. He wrapped his left hand around her waist and held her snug. She continued to wiggle but could not free herself from his strong grip. Hank grabbed her right thigh and pulled it towards him, spreading her legs across his lap. He continued to hold her thigh over her stocking as he watched Tyshawn.

Tyshawn pulled Karen over to the teacher's desk and bent her face down over the desk. He looked down at her plump ass in her tight denim skirt. He put his hand in the middle of her back to hold her in place and jerked her skirt up onto her back. Her pretty pink panties were now squarely in Jesse's viewfinder. Tyshawn grabbed the waistband of her panties and tugged them quickly down to her knees. He heard the girl scream and try to fight to get up. Tyshawn reached up in between her legs and felt her pussy. He rubbed a finger inside the lips and felt moisture. He felt her lurch under his touch. He found her little clit and felt her jump again.

Sarah felt the janitor's left arm around her waist and his right hand resting on her thigh. She tried to push herself up but he was too powerful. She watched Karen's panties get ripped down and saw the boy putting his hand between her legs. Sarah felt the janitor's hand move on her thigh. She felt it move up her leg and touch the bare skin over her stocking. She flinched and tried to move again.

"Please don't do this. Please stop before anyone gets hurt." Sarah pleaded to the man behind her. She could not turn her head enough to look into his face.

"Honey, you are going to learn that you have to pay sometimes for your high and mighty attitude. I was not very pleased with the way you disrespected me this morning." She heard Hank whisper in her ear.

"I am so sorry if I did anything to make you angry. I didn't mean to. Please stop this." Sarah pleaded again.

"I'm not angry baby. I stopped being angry at white folks long ago. I just make them pay now and your ticket is past due. But for now let's just enjoy the show, what d'ya say?" Hank whispered.

Sarah looked back at the desk and saw Tyshawn had dropped his pants and a large black cock was bobbing in front of him. She had never seen one that big and menacing as she watched him lay it across Karen's ass. It seemed to even look blacker against Karen's white skin. She watched him pull back slightly and aim it between Karen's flailing legs. Sarah thought she heard Karen screaming but all sound seemed blurred now as she saw Tyshawn sink his cock into the poor white girl. Hank's hand slid up her thigh and touched the edge of her panties.

Hank looked on as Tyshawn buried himself into the cheerleader. He loved the look of black cock sliding into white pussy; he would never get tired of watching that. Something else he loved was the feel of soft white thighs and this teacher on his lap had wonderful thighs. He also loved the fact that she wore stockings, he thought that was incredibly hot. He slid his fingers up and touched the edge of her panties. He felt her flinch a little on his lap but she was staring at the scene on the desk and he sensed that she was slowly coming to terms with her situation.

Tyshawn felt the incredible warmth as he slammed his cock deep into the girl in front of him. She was screaming and moving around but now with his meat buried deep within her and his hands on her hips she wasn't going anywhere. He saw her lift her upper body up by pushing on the desk. He put his hand in the middle of her back and shoved her back down onto the desk. He saw her breasts smash against the top as she settled back down. He pulled out and saw her juices shining on his cock. He slid back in and her pussy swallowed him easily. He lifted his head to the ceiling and began to saw in and out of the tightest and sweetest pussy he had felt in quite a while.

Sarah felt like she was floating as she watched the poor girl in front of her taking the large black cock. Karen seemed to have lost her fight as she was now lying face down on the desk, her body lurching forward as the boy pounded against her. Sarah seemed to feel something warm on her legs and then realized the janitor had a hand on each of her thighs and was rubbing up and down. She felt a warmth run through her and she did not understand what was happening to her. Her mind continued to try and process her dilemma as the janitor ran his finger across the front of her panties. She felt the warm feeling flow through her again.

Hank smiled, as he knew he had the teacher now. He was running his hand across the front of her panties and she had stopped pleading with him. He felt her heat through her panties and he knew she was now on her way. He had felt this same acceptance in many a white girl when confronted with a powerful black man. Some fought more than others but most settled down rather quickly and this fancy young teacher on his lap was no different. He looked up and saw Tyshawn holding himself tight against the girl and Hank could tell her little pussy was getting filled with black seed.

Tyshawn felt his orgasm subside and felt the last spurt leave his cock and land deep in the girl. He pulled his cock out and saw it coated with their juices. He pulled his pants up, walked over to a desk and sat down. He had regained his senses and now was overcome with guilt. He put his head in his hands while Karen lay still across the desk, his cum running in a small line down her left thigh.

Hank knew this was the moment of truth with his teacher. How would she react? He whispered in her ear.

"Honey, I am going to need to fuck something. Now I could get up and do that little girl there across the desk or you could talk me into something else. It's your choice, teach." He said.

Sarah heard a whisper in her ear and she saw Karen lying across the desk. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing very slowly. Sarah felt so sorry for her and wanted to get up and help her. She tried to get up but the janitor held her down, his hands still on her thighs.

"No baby girl, you're not going anywhere yet. You have to decide the next step. Do I fuck this young girl or not?" Hank spoke in her ear.

"No, please, leave her alone. She has been through enough." Sarah responded.

"I agree, sweetie. She looks a little worn out. Are you willing to help her out?" Hank said.

"Yes, please let me help her." Sarah said and tried to get up again but the strong hands kept her locked on his lap.

"Ok, honey, I will let you help her. You do everything I tell you and I will not touch her. You ok with that?" Hank spoke softly.

Sarah processed what he said and tried to figure out what he was trying to say. She wanted to help Karen so bad, she felt a little responsible, and she was the teacher after all. How had she let this happen? She heard a "yes" leave her lips.

"Good, now you stand up and turn to face me." She heard Hank in her ear.

Sarah stood up slowly, her skirt falling back to cover her thighs. She turned to face the janitor. She looked into his face, it was calm and his eyes seemed to look right into her. She smoothed her skirt over with her hands as she nervously waited for him.

"Ok, darling, now unbutton that pretty blouse real slow like." Hank said.

Sarah froze and now it hit her, he was going to rape her instead of Karen. She felt fear fly through her; she fought off the urge to just run away. She knew she had to stay and try to help Karen. Maybe she could think of something. She unbuttoned her top button.

Jesse was now focused on the young teacher. She was actually unbuttoning her shirt right there in front of Hank. Jesses saw a little glimpse of yellow lace as her shirt fell open from the second button. He could not believe this was happening, he had just filmed Tyshawn fucking the shit out of the blonde girl across the teacher's desk and now he was watching this hot little teacher do a slow striptease. He felt a little touch of fear for what could happen to them from all this but he decided to trust Hank. He had known the janitor a long time and he knew that his best chance out of this was to put his faith in Hank. He adjusted the camera as the teacher's shirt opened completely, displaying her pretty yellow lace bra and her tight stomach.

"Now, sweetheart, unzip that little skirt and show me those beautiful legs." Hank said.

Sarah was nervous. She wasn't sure what to do. She could not think of anything other than to cooperate with the man and hope she could figure a way to get them out of the situation. Her mind was flying through her options quickly as her fingers pulled the zipper down. She felt the skirt loosen and then slide down her legs, gathering around her ankles. She stepped out of the skirt, focusing on the man's face, trying hard to come up with an answer.

Hank stared at her yellow panties and the way her smooth white skin surrounded the material. He though it was one of the prettiest things he had ever seen. He looked over and saw Jesse was focusing directly on her crotch, capturing this for later. He reached out and placed his hands on her hips and pulled her close.

Sarah was now frantic. She was standing in front of the janitor in her bra and panties. She needed to think of something quick or she knew her virginity would be in trouble. She was so worried about Karen that this had not crossed her mind until this minute and this was sure not how she wanted to lose it. She felt him grab her hips and pull her close to him. She looked down and saw him put his face close to her panties and take a deep breath. She felt his breath across the front of her pussy and she felt that warm feeling run through her again.

Hank breathed deep, inhaling her scent. It was wonderful and he moved his hands up to cup her smooth ass. This was going to be great fun. He pushed the teacher back a little and looked into her eyes.

"Now hand me those pretty little panties." He said in a soft voice.

Sarah looked around quickly, the one boy was still sitting in a chair, his head in his hands and the other was busy pointing his video camera right at her. She felt a flush of embarrassment as it hit her for the first time that they were filming this whole thing. She felt her hopes diminish as she struggled with what to do next. If she didn't follow his directions she knew he would hurt Karen some more but she knew where she was headed and she was scared. She slipped her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and pulled them slowly down her long legs.

Hank watched the pretty teacher put her panties in his outstretched hands. He put them to his nose and inhaled again. Her scent again washed over him. He stuck the panties in his pocket. He looked at Sarah and focused on her pussy. He saw she was shaven and he was again surprised by the little tart. He smiled and reached out and touched the soft skin above her pussy. He heard her gasp as he slid his finger down between her lips. He felt a touch of moisture as he traced down her slit.

Jesse could hardly hold the camera still as he watched Hank finger the teacher. His cock was rock hard in his pants as he looked at her smooth pussy. He loved it when girls shaved; it was easier to watch his cock slide into them. He zoomed in on Hank's finger as it disappeared between her lips.

Sarah gasped again as she felt the large black finger touch the soft insides of her pussy. She felt her moisture coat his finger and she was again embarrassed. How could she be this wet when she was obviously getting taken against her will? She felt his finger slide into her pussy. She grabbed his shoulders to steady herself as a shiver ripped through her.

Hank smiled as he pushed his finger deeper into the teacher. She was obviously starting to enjoy this as he felt her little body convulse slightly. He could hear her breathing getting faster and her hands were digging into his shoulders. She was just about ready to take his cock. He slid his finger out and touched her swollen clit. She was racked again with a vicious shiver.

Hank opened his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He rubbed it up and down and it felt harder than it had been in a long time. This girl was driving him a little crazy. He fought hard to maintain control. He pulled her closer, forcing her legs to open around him. She was now poised directly over him.

"Put it in sweetheart." Hank whispered into her ear.

Sarah was shocked as she heard the latest command. He was going to make her put the massive cock into her own virgin pussy. She paused for a second and then remembered Karen lying across her desk right behind her. She grabbed the cock and placed it at the entrance to her pure pussy. She felt her lips open slightly as the head broke through. He was now poised to take her purity that she had fought so long for, the prize she was planning to give to her husband on their wedding night. This man was going to rip it from her and she felt a tear leave her eye and run down her cheek.

"Now sit down slowly, baby girl." She heard him say in her ear.

Hank watched as the young girl slowly lowered herself on him. He felt the soft warm lips open up to him. He watched 4 or 5 inches slide up into her until he felt something stop him.

"Holy Jesus, baby, are you a virgin?" He said.

He watched her shake her head slowly. His dick even got a little harder as he realized he was poised on the edge of her maidenhead. He was going to get him another virgin. He had taken plenty but they were still special and especially when they were not expected.

"Jesse, you make sure and get her expression as I take her cherry." Hank ordered.

Jesse had just focused on the teacher's face when he saw her mouth open wide in a silent scream as Hank drove her down onto his lap. He watched Hank hold her against his lap as she fought for breath. She let out a painful groan and lowered her head on Hank's shoulder. Hank held her for a minute, letting her body get used to the large invader now embedded deep inside.

Hank was amazed as her tight pussy squeezed his cock. He was used to tight pussy from the students but here was a full-grown woman wrapped around his dick. She took him all but she was obviously in pain as he felt her sobbing against his shoulder. He could wait a minute for her, he had plenty of time and you never wanted to rush virgins. It was much better to take your time and let them get used to a cock in their pussy before you began to hammer them.

Sarah had never felt so much pain before in her young life. It felt as if someone had shoved a hot poker up inside her. She felt her pussy lips stretched painfully around the large thing in her and she felt a dull ache deep within her as it pushed against her womb. She tried to breath slow and deep. She felt him sit her up and felt the cock drive up deeper into her. She let out a shriek with the new pain.

Hank held her up on his lap. He could feel her warm thighs covering his and he loved the softness of her hips as he held her in his lap. He ran his hands up her sides. He moved his hands around the front and cupped her breasts. He could feel the hard nipples through the material of her bra. He moved to the front clasp and opened the bra to free her pretty little breasts. He saw the hard brown nipples sitting high on each one as he squeezed them together. He tweaked the nipples and he felt her flinch. He rolled the nipples softly between his fingers.

Sarah closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Her body was being tortured now as the pain in her pussy was being dulled by the pleasure of the janitor squeezing her sensitive nipples. She was having trouble controlling herself and felt a moan escape her lips.

Hank smiled as he heard the teacher moan. He put his hands under her arms and lifted her up and almost off his cock. He paused as just the head was still inside and then dropped her back down. She squealed again but this time Hank knew it was not such a squeal of pain. He lifted her again and then dropped her back. No squeal this time, just a deep moan. She was now under his control. He put his arms around her, pulled her close to him and stood up, keeping her impaled on his cock. He felt her wrap her long legs around his waist and squeeze him.

Jesse watched through his viewfinder as Hank stood up and walked over to the desk with the teacher's legs wrapped around him and his cock still buried in her. He saw him lay her down on the desk on her back right next to the young girl. Hank took her legs in his hands and started to move in and out of her. He picked up his rhythm until it looked to Jesse like a blur. He heard their skin slapping together and saw the young teacher's breasts bounce with every stroke. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open as the janitor pounded into her. Jesse could not believe the speed and power Hank was using to punish her pussy.

Sarah felt her mind shade over with pleasure as the janitor was now moving quickly in and out of her tender pussy. She had never felt such powerful sensations in her young body. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her. She felt herself lose track of everything except the powerful cock now punishing her insides. Wasn't there something she was trying to do, someone that needed her? The cock buried itself again, she felt the janitor's thighs meet her ass and her mind was washed clean again.

Hank was now watching his own cock slide in and out of the young teacher. He loved seeing that, especially when it was his. Her pussy was very wet now and he was moving in and out with ease. She had stopped fighting him and he now knew this girl was his and she would do whatever he wanted her to just to get more of his cock. That is how it always happened. They became almost giddy and he used them until he became bored. This girl may be different he thought as he watched her pretty titties bounce on her chest. It would take him a while to get tired of this one.

Jesse was now struggling to stand as his pants were incredibly uncomfortable. He was almost at the end of his battery on his camera. He saw the display showing 10 more minutes. He hoped Hank would finish in time; he would hate to miss the end of this. He zoomed back out so he could get the teacher's legs in the picture, still wrapped in the black stockings and sticking straight up in the air as Hank held her ankles.

Hank could feel his balls heating up and he knew he would not last much longer. He smiled as he thought that she was getting ready to enjoy her first cum bath. He planned on making it a good one as he felt his seed start to rumble in his balls. He was hammering her hard now and she was starting to breathe faster. He just realized that she hadn't cum yet; usually it didn't take this long for the white ones to have their first orgasm. They usually blew as soon as he started pumping them but this one was still hanging in there. He saw her eyes closed and her mouth opening and closing. He heard a solid moan leave her mouth and her nipples were rock hard. She wouldn't be much longer. He picked up his pace.

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