tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAdventures of Sarah Ch. 06

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 06


Tyshawn sat in his chair, trying to come to terms with what he had done. He did not know what to do. He felt like he should apologize but how do you apologize for rape? Karen wouldn't even accept his apology for knocking her down, it would be ludicrous to think she would even listen to him after what he had done. He heard something to his right and he turned to see Hank Jackson, the janitor.

Hank kneeled down in front of Tyshawn and grabbed his strong shoulders. This boy was ripped, he thought. He waited as Tyshawn's head lifted slowly and their eyes locked.

"Son, you are going to be fine. I know what she said to you and anyone would have done the same thing. You just sit right there and let Hank take care of it. Yes, you will be fine." Hank said to the boy.

Tyshawn felt an involuntarily wave of relief pass over himself.

Jesse saw the camera battery finally give up as he was capturing the scene on the desk. He turned the camera off and went to put it back in the case. He zipped up the case and then walked over to where Hank was talking to Tyshawn. He waited patiently, rubbing his rock hard cock through his pants.

Hank stood up and saw Jesse standing next to him.

"The battery's dead in the camera, Hank." Jesse said.

"That's fine son, I think we got enough." Hank responded.

"Shit yeah, I got some great stuff." Jesse said.

Hank saw the boy rubbing his crotch and he laughed.

"You have a problem, son?" Hank chuckled.

"Jesus, Hank, my dick is so hard after watching that it hurts." Jesse said and rubbed his crotch again.

Hank looked back over and saw the teacher and young blonde still laying across the desk. Neither of them had moved. He looked at the girl's ass and the teacher's open legs and he felt his own cock start to harden again.

"Jesse, go ahead and get your nuts off in one of them, your choice." Hank said and motioned to the desk.

Jesse moved quickly to the desk and tore his pants off, his cock springing out and slapping against his belly. He walked up between Sarah's legs. He grabbed her legs and lined himself up against her open pussy.

Sarah felt someone touch her butt and then something enter her. It did not hurt at all and she felt skin touch against her butt. She felt a rhythm start and realized someone was fucking her again. Her mind moved to Karen again. Was she alright, she wondered. She turned her head to the right and was inches from Karen's face. She saw the girl's eyes closed, her mouth slightly open and her face covered in drying tears. She reached over and pushed some of the hair out of Karen's face. Sarah then became aware again of someone fucking her again as she felt her legs being pushed back against her chest.

Jesse was now pressing the teacher's legs back and pounding into her sweet pussy. His cock felt like it was long enough to come out of her mouth. He saw her reach over and comfort the girl laying next to her. Her pussy felt so warm and tight around him he was in heaven.

Hank watched as Jesse was ripping into the teacher and he walked over to the desk. He looked down at the young blonde girl and her nice ass sticking up. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them, allowing him to look at her blonde pussy. He let go and loosened his pants again, freeing his now hard cock. He opened her ass cheeks again and placed his cock against her pussy. He pushed slightly and he popped right into her moist hole. He slid into the teenager easily until he was flat against her smooth ass. He thought he heard her grunt but she didn't move. She must either be a slut or Tyshawn must have really opened her up, he thought. He usually had a rough time getting into the students at first before they became accustomed to his size, but this girl swallowed him right away. She was still tight, though, and he felt like he was in a warm glove. He held himself in her completely for a moment and then began his fucking motion.

Karen's abused mind was out of control. She opened her eyes as she felt something large slide into her pussy. This one was even larger than the boy. Her sore body began to respond. She was hit with a mini orgasm, a convulsion rippling through her. How could this be happening to her? She was being raped, this should not be. Hank slapped her ass and a moan escaped her lips. She lost the ability to think straight and felt an orgasm rip through her. She tried to push up but the large thing in her pussy held her down on the desk. She felt herself shake for what seemed like a minute as the orgasm raced through her.

Hank was really fucking this little girl now and he felt her flinch again. She was starting to get into it. He increased his pace and then he felt her pussy clamp down on his dick. He stopped and let her finish. He felt like his dick was being massaged by her as her body lurched. This was nice.

Karen finished her orgasm and slipped back into semi-consciousness. Her face turned and dropped to the side. Hank continued to hammer into her and Sarah watched as Karen's head moved slightly as Hank pounded into her. Jesse was getting close but he didn't want this to end. He felt his cum fire up through his dick and shoot into the teacher. He held her and shook for a couple of seconds. He pulled out and wandered to a chair. His cum started to seep slowly out of Sarah as her legs fell against Karen.

Hank felt the cum rush up his cock and splash into the young girl's womb. He then grabbed the teacher's legs and pulled them across the girl's back. Sarah's legs were now wrapped across Karen's back and Hank was massaging her ass as he finished in the young blonde.

Hank held himself in the girl, until his balls were emptied for the second time. He stepped back, slid his soft cock out of her and looked at Jesse.

"Wow" Jesse said. "We got some great stuff and that pussy was incredible."

"Yes, indeed it was but now we have to clean up." Hank said.

He put his cock away and fastened his pants. He lifted the limp teacher off of the girl and carried her over and sat her in a chair.

"Jesse, put her clothes back together." He said.

Jesse fastened her bra back together and started to button her shirt. Hank walked over to the girl on the desk and looked at her. She was not moving, cum running down her pretty legs. He looked over at Tysahwan sitting in the chair, staring straight ahead.

Hank walked over to Sarah as Jesse was trying to tuck in her shirt. Her limp body was making that task very difficult. Hank lifted her up into a standing position. Jesse finished and sat down. Hank looked into Sarah's eyes. She looked defeated and the spark he saw earlier was gone. She was still pretty but definitely defeated.

"Ok, sweetie, we are going to head on home now and get you all cleaned up." Hank said.

Sarah stared at him and nodded slowly.

"Jesse, you put all your stuff up and then you get to carry her to the car." Hank said and motioned over to Karen, now lying limp again on the desk.

"Tyshawn, you alright, son?" Hank asked.

Tyshawn looked over at him and shook his head up and down.

"Ok, you grab all the stuff and let's get out of here." Hank said.

Hank picked up Sarah and threw her over his shoulder. Jesse picked up Karen and did the same with her. Tyshawn picked up Jesse's bag, Karen's books, Sarah's purse and his notebook and followed Hank out of the room.

Hank led them out of the building and into the parking lot. He spotted Sarah's car and walked over to it.

"Tyshawn, get her keys out and open this up." Hank said.

Tyshawn unlocked the doors and Hank dropped Sarah into the back seat. He walked over to Jesse, took Karen from him and motioned for him to get in the back seat. Jesse climbed in and Hank put Karen next to Jesse and closed the door. He thought it would be a miracle for Jesse to keep his hands off those two.

"Tyshawn, get in the front and wait for me." Hank said.

Tyshawn crawled into the front seat and closed the door. Hank started to walk back into the school. He needed to clean up the room and then lock up. Then he had to get the girls to the teacher's house. He had to get the girl cleaned up before he could deliver her to her parents. He had lots of time since he knew from his research today that Miss Sarah Johnson lived alone. Yes, his plan had worked to perfection. He would deliver the girl home. She wouldn't be a problem, and then they could have some more fun with Miss Johnson. Yes, this was going to be a very successful project, he thought and whistled as he walked back into the school.

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