tagInterracial LoveAdventures of Sarah Ch. 15

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 15


Jesse stared at the girls like a moron. He felt his mouth hanging open but he couldn't take his eyes off the blonde twins. Nicole was now holding her sister's head in her hands and kissing her lightly on the lips. Jesse saw her bite Jennifer's lower lip and pull it gently until she let it go. Nicole leaned forward again and Jesse now knew their tongues were twirling around in each other's mouth. He could not remember ever seeing a hotter scene and he was standing right next to it.

Jennifer could feel her sister's excitement as she kissed her. Nicole had never been this aggressive before. She was the meek and mild one, happy to just enjoy the pleasure through Jennifer's adventures. Not today though, this was going to be the day that Nicole took the lead. Jennifer smiled at her sweet sister and kissed her again. She loved the way Nicole tasted and felt, sweet and soft. She pulled away and leaned back into the lounge.

"You ready?" Jennifer whispered to her sister.

"I guess." Nicole whispered softly.

"Relax, baby girl, this will be the best thing that has ever happened to you. You just try to feel everything for yourself and let us handle the rest." Jennifer responded.

"Ok" Nicole said and laid her head on Jennifer's shoulder.

Jennifer hugged her twin sister and looked up at Jesse. He was just standing there staring with his mouth open. He looked incredibly cute.

"Hey, sweetie, could you lie down on that lounge there?" Jennifer said to Jesse.

Jesse jumped immediately and was on the lounge in a heartbeat. Jennifer could see his manhood was stiff and holding up his shorts. She smiled at him and licked her lips slowly. Jesse felt like his balls would explode any minute. These girls were driving him insane.

Jennifer put her hands on Nicole's side and gently sat her up. She pushed Nicole's hair out of her face and ran her hand down her sister's soft cheek. She continued moving her hands down her sister's side and to her legs. She rubbed the soft thighs and then pushed her hands under her T-shirt. She lifted the sides of the shirt until she could see the blue bikini top holding her full breasts. Jennifer pulled the shirt over Nicole's head and off. Nicole's long blonde hair sprayed across her bare shoulders.

Tyshawn sat down on Karen's lounge and rested his hand on the little cheerleader's thigh. It was warm and he knew the little minx was getting just as hot as he was watching her sisters. He turned and looked to see her staring at them. He smiled and rubbed his hardening cock. He was going to pound this little girl again very soon. He chuckled and wondered how much longer he could go. These girls were going to wear him out but he decided he would go down smiling. He ran his hand up her leg and touched her bathing suit bottom. Her crotch was warm and she pushed it up slightly to meet his hand. He turned to see what was happening on the next lounge.

Jennifer ran her long fingers across the tops of her sister's chest. She felt the fullness and loved the fact that Nicole's breasts were even firmer than her own. She saw Nicole lean her head back and close her eyes. She could feel the pleasure building in Nicole's body. She cupped each breast and squeezed slightly. She ran her hands up to her neck and found the string behind her head. She pulled it and felt the top loosen immediately. She pulled the strings down slowly and exposed Nicole's young breasts to everyone for the first time in her life. They sat high on her chest and were topped by perfect nipples. Jennifer moved her hands over her sister's breasts and felt the hard nipples in the palms of her hands. She rubbed them and Nicole moaned. Jennifer them ran her hands behind and untied the final string. She tossed the bikini top over and hit Jesse in the head.

Jesse was staring at two of the most perfect tits he had ever seen when he felt the bikini top hit him. It landed across his head and he left it as he looked at Nicole's breasts. He saw Jennifer squeeze them and he rubbed his sore cock. He could not believe he was going to be the first guy to get into this gorgeous girl's pussy. He tried to burn this image into his brain. He didn't think he would ever be able to top this. He almost passed out as he then saw Jennifer kiss her sister's tits. She was putting soft little kisses all over them and then he saw her tongue flick across a nipple. Oh God, this was unreal, he thought and squeezed his cock.

Jennifer pulled her sister to her and hugged her. Her head was between her breasts and she felt them on her cheeks. She pulled away slightly and looked at Nicole. Her face was a little red and her eyes looked glassy. She sat up and flipped her own legs off the sides of the lounge onto the warm concrete. Jennifer stood up and ran her hands under her sister's bottom. She lifted her easily and stepped over the lounge. Nicole wrapped her arms around her sister's neck and her legs around her waist.

Jesse watched Jennifer stand up with her sister wrapped around her. Damn, that girl is strong! He thought to himself. He saw her whisper something to Nicole and she put her legs down to the ground. Jennifer stood her sister next to Jesse's lounge. Jesse saw Nicole kneel and sit on his lounge. He looked into her eyes and she looked like she was in a daze. He tried to sit perfectly still and take everything in. He felt her hand touch his stomach and run across his chest. Her touch was light and it felt wonderful. He felt her run her fingers across the top of his swim trunks. He found it incredibly hard to control himself as she pulled the string of his shorts.

Nicole felt the string loosen in her fingers and she slid her hand into the trunks. She hesitated for a moment. This would be the first time she would touch a cock. She had been sheltered by Jennifer for so long. She had been perfectly happy living through her sister's pleasures but now this felt like nothing she had ever experienced. The feelings were sharp and distinct. She was not used to the intensity. She was used to the soft, rounded feelings she got from Jennifer. Nicole slid her hand down farther and felt the hardness of her first cock. She wrapped her soft fingers slowly around it and the feelings hit her hard. It felt too big. She never expected it would feel so big.

Jesse felt the air leave his body as he watched this goddess grab his cock. Her fingers felt like velvet on his soreness. He felt his balls tighten up immediately. He grabbed the sides of the lounge and held on. She was rubbing it now. She better not do that very long, he thought. Then he remembered he had already cum so many times today he wondered if he had anything left. He moaned out loud as he felt her fingers grab his balls and squeeze. She rubbed them and then ran her fingers up his shaft. He looked at her and she was smiling at him. He thought he may have never seen anything so beautiful as her long hair framing her perfect tan face and hanging over her perfect breasts. He looked up into her blue eyes and he felt he could see inside her.

Jennifer walked around to the foot of the lounge and pulled Jesse's shorts quickly off his legs. She walked behind her sister and put her hands on the side of Nicole's head. She pulled her hair gently back and leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"Take it in your mouth." Jennifer whispered softly to Nicole.

Nicole looked up at her, still holding Jesse's hard cock. Her eyes met her sister's and Jennifer nodded slightly. Nicole looked back at Jesse and his face was in turmoil. She looked at him closer and he smiled nervously. She chuckled a little at him, he was so cute. She leaned over slowly, keeping her eyes on his face. She felt the cock hit her lips and she kissed the head softly. Jesse leaned his head back and moaned.

"Look at me." Nicole said.

Jesse snapped his head up and looked at the blonde beauty with her lips resting on the head of his pulsing cock. She smiled at him and opened her mouth. He saw her white teeth and her warm tongue came out and licked the head. He thought he would lose his mind. How was this girl doing this to him? He had fucked many women but none of them had had this effect on him. She stared at him as she opened her mouth slowly and wrapped her soft lips around the head of his cock. She sucked it gently and took a little more of it in.

Jennifer stood behind her sister, her hands on her bare shoulders. She had her eyes closed and was feeling a new sensation. The feeling was different than anything she had felt before. It was soft and smooth but intense. She felt her body responding, the warmth running up her legs. She felt her legs wobble but held onto her sister. My God, is this what Nicole has been feeling? The thought crossed her mind as she remembered the many encounters she had with Nicole close by.

Karen felt Tyshawn's hand on her leg as she watched her sister swallow Jesse's cock. She thought it was the most wonderful thing she had ever seen. She loved Nicole so much and she wanted her to be happy. She knew the cock in her mouth was going to make her very happy. Karen felt Tyshawn's hand slide up her leg. He touched the edge of her bikini bottom and she moaned. Her eyes never left her sister as she felt Tyshawn pull the string to loosen her suit.

Jennifer felt Jesse's cock run across Nicky's warm tongue. She felt it hit the back of her throat and then Nicky pulled back and the cock slid out. Nicole flicked her tongue across the head again and poor Jesse's head hit the back of the lounge. Nicole laughed at him. She must be doing it right. She had obviously never sucked on a cock before but Jennifer had done it many times. Nicole had paid attention and she was duplicating what she had felt and seen. Jesse seemed to be approving of her performance.

Karen was lifted in the air slightly and then dropped on Tyshawn's lap. Her concentration was not broken as she stared at her sister making love to Jesse's cock with her mouth. She was not surprised to feel Tyshawn's hardness under her ass. How could he not be watching Nicky. She wiggled her ass on his lap just to drive him a little crazy. She chuckled as she heard him moan behind her.

Nicole sucked Jesse's cock back into her mouth and slid her face all the way down to his crotch. Her throat opened easily to accept him and she heard him say something.

"Holy shit! Ty, are you seeing this?" Jesse yelled as he watched the blonde goddess swallow his cock like no ever had.

Tyshawn looked around Karen's shoulder and saw the blonde girl's face up against Jesse's crotch. It looked almost unreal because he knew how big Jesse was and he was entirely inside this girl's mouth. He felt his own sore cock throb. The little tease was wiggling on top of him. She was relentless and he felt he maybe had one more fuck left in him and he was going to give it to her hard. He hoped he wouldn't pass out.

Jesse watched the girl slide slowly back up his cock. He was glistening with her saliva as she pulled back slowly. She let the head slip out of her lips and then she licked across the top with her tongue. He looked up at Jennifer with a pleading look in his eyes. He needed to get inside this girl quickly or he would blow what may be his last load onto the concrete. She read his thoughts easily and lifted her sister's head off his sensitive cock.

Nicole felt Jennifer lift her head up and looked into her sister's eyes. She worried that she had done something wrong. Jennifer erased that thought with only her eyes, they were soft and approving. Nicole stood up as Jennifer lifted her. She felt her sister run her hands down her sides and pull her skirt down. The soft material slid down her long legs and she stepped out of them and flicked the skirt on the next lounge. Jennifer's fingers untied her suit bottoms. They fell softly to the ground and she was now naked in front of strangers. No boy had ever seen her naked. Now she was standing in front of two black boys who she didn't even know existed when she woke up this morning.

Jesse watched Jennifer loosen the bottoms and then saw a perfect ass a few feet from his face. It was firm and beautiful. He wanted to reach over and touch it but he stayed still, he did not want to ruin the moment. Nicole turned to face him and he laid eyes on her virgin pussy. There was soft blonde hair surrounding it and it was perfect. The lips were slightly pink and small. He could tell no cock had ever been between them. She moved slowly towards him and he saw her straddle the lounge and sit on his lap. His cock flinched as she sat behind it. She lifted it up and placed it against her stomach. Jesse loved the contrast as she held it there.

Jennifer whispered into Nicky's ear. Nicole listened to her sister and moved back just slightly away from Jesse's cock. Her pussy was over Jesse's legs and she reached out her hand to him. She saw him look at her confused for a second and then put his hand in hers. She loved the look of her little hand enveloped in his. She pulled his hand towards her and then down to her crotch. He got the message and Nicole moaned as the first boy ever to touch her pussy slid his finger between her lips.

Jesse felt the wonderful pussy and then slid his finger in a little. She was soaking wet and he moved around between her soft lips. He had never felt anything so soft and delicate. He moved a finger up and found her soft clit. He touched it and she flinched and groaned. He rubbed it a little and then slid back down between her lips. He was in heaven and he didn't want this feeling to ever end. He pulled his finger back and she grabbed it quickly. She pulled his hand to her face and then licked his finger slowly. This girl was going to make him blow his load right on his belly if she didn't stop this.

Nicole licked Jesse's finger and tasted herself. It was sweet and salty at the same time. She sucked on his finger to clean it completely. Jennifer whispered again and she lifted her hips up. She grabbed Jesse's hard cock and slid it between her soft lips. The head slid between the lips of her virgin pussy and she loved the way it felt. The pleasure was raw and intense. She wiggled her hips slightly and the head slid in just a little. She lowered her hands to his legs and held her hips in place. Her virginity was hovering over a large black cock and she looked down to lock the image in her head.

Karen watched her sister sitting over Jesse, his cock poised to split her open. She remembered when Tyshawn ripped her virginity away earlier this afternoon. He had not been gentle and loving as Jesse was, he was savage and angry. She deserved it though, she was happy now that he had done it that way, she would always remember the lesson. That savage cock that took her innocence slipped easily into her young pussy again as she stared at Nicky's moment of truth.

Nicole looked up at Jennifer. She was nervous, she knew it would hurt. She didn't know if she could do it. Jennifer took her hand and then ran her other hand across her cheek. She pushed her hair out of her eyes and ran her fingers across Nicole's lips.

"Sweetheart, I will hold onto you, it will be fine. I want you to slowly lower yourself down until you feel something stopping you." Jennifer said to her sister in a soft voice.

Nicole felt strength as she always did from Jennifer. She turned back to look at Jesse and she laughed. He looked terrified. She squeezed his legs and started to lower her hips. She felt her body open to the boy. She slid down slowly and felt his hard meat enter her. It did not hurt yet, she just felt a little stuffed. She slid down a little more and felt her body stop her. She felt a tinge of pain and then stopped. She looked down and gasped, she saw at least 6 or so more inches of cock yet to go. She looked back at Jennifer.

"Ok, honey, are you ready?" Jennifer whispered to her sister.

"Yes." A soft little voice answered back.

"Ok, I am going to help you. It will hurt for a moment and then just try to breathe deep and long." She said to her sister.

Nicole nodded her head and turned back to look at Jesse. Jennifer put her hands on Nicky's shoulders. Jesse watched the scene in front of him and he was freaking out. He had never fucked a virgin before first of all and then he had never fucked anyone that was anywhere close to as beautiful as the girl sitting on his cock right now. He felt her cherry at the end of his cock and he knew he was going to pop it in a few seconds. He looked at her and her sister and tried to burn the image in his brain.

Jennifer took a deep breath and pushed down hard. Nicole felt the pole rip her open and the pain shot through her body. She whimpered as she felt pain more intense than she had ever felt. Jennifer's eyes shot open as Nicky's pain ripped through her own body and caused her knees to wobble. She tried to breathe though it to help Nicky. She squeezed her sister's shoulders. Nicole tried to do as her sister said but the deep breath caught in her throat and came out as a whimper. Her pussy felt like it was tearing and ripping apart. She tried to move up but Jennifer was holding her down. Tears flowed out of her eyes and hit Jesse's stomach.

Karen jumped as her sister cried out. She wanted to help her but she also did not want to leave the cock behind that was buried in her. She looked at Jennifer and saw her mouth the word "stay". Karen relaxed and felt Tyshawn shift a little below her, driving his cock a little deeper in her small body. She settled down on him and felt him wrap his arms around her. He kissed the back of her neck and she moaned as the pleasure distracted her momentarily.

Nicole got her composure and was able to manage her breathing. She was taking deep, slow breaths and the pain was softening. It was turning to a dull ache. She could handle that, she had felt that her whole life as she lived through Jennifer's rough experiences. This feeling was different though, more crisp and fresh. She loved it and never knew feelings could be this strong. The cock was pulsing inside her, she could feel his heartbeat through her pussy. She smiled at Jesse. His eyes were solid white and his head was back against the lounge. She giggled through her pain.

Jennifer kept her hands on her sister's shoulders. She tried to focus so she could help her sister but she felt like she was losing her own virginity again. She had felt the pain between her legs when Nicky's cherry popped. It had softened now but it was still there and pulsing. She also moved her legs apart a little as she stood there. The feeling of fullness was incredible. Something was in her but it wasn't. She struggled with the conflicting sensations. How did Nicky do this? She smiled as the thought hit her that she now knew her sister completely. They were linked together even stronger now.

Jesse felt his cock drive into the young girl and rip away her innonence. The warmth and snugness blew him away. He had never had anything so wonderful. He leaned back and felt his eyes roll up into his head. His hands moved up and landed on her soft thighs. She felt so good. He opened his eyes and stared at her beautiful tits rising and falling slowly as she sat there. He saw tears in her eyes and on her cheeks. He felt horrible, he was hurting her. He squeezed her thighs and started to sit up. He relaxed immediately as she looked at him. Her eyes shone behind her tears and she smiled at him. He stared at her beautiful face and the feeling of warmth and gratitude hit him hard. He leaned back and tried to concentrate on the wonderful pussy he was imbedded in at the moment.

Tyshawn sat on the lounge, a hot blonde cheerleader nestled on his stiff cock. He wasn't moving, he just wanted to stay inside Karen for right now. Her warmth was flowing over him. She was so soft but still firm. He ran his hands across her stomach and then to the bottom of her tits. He took a firm breast in each hand and continued to stare at Nicole as she gave up her virginity. His mind was filled with so many emotions he thought he would go crazy. He had always lived in the moment as his future had never seemed anything too nice to think about. He was living in the moment now as a young white pussy was massaging his black hardness but he couldn't help wondering where this new adventure would take him. He felt hope run through him. Could this happiness he was feeling now continue or would he be tossed back into his old world when they were done with him?

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