tagSci-Fi & FantasyAdventures of the Cohort Ch. 02

Adventures of the Cohort Ch. 02


Mikael sighed as the cool breeze caressed his face. He reached up to brush his hair away from his eyes and leant backwards on the couch. He had open on his lap the history of the ancient kingdom of Nekkhara, but it had his attention only fleetingly. Whilst he was eager to learn, he had been reading for a good few hours and his mind had begun to wander. He instead took the time to gaze out over the balcony that he was sitting on, enjoying the wondrous views that were presented from the Sanctuary.

He stood and moved over to the edge, placing his hand upon the wall. Splayed out below him was a vast, glittering blue lake, its shorelines dotted with river inlets. Forests stretched off all around, and in the distance huge mountains rose, jaggedly slicing through the horizon. The sky was crisp and blue, with a faint touch of white as it neared the mountain ranges of the North.

Mikael closed his eyes and could hear the sound of the waterfall underneath his feet as it disguised the entrance to the Sanctuary. To someone looking upon it, where Mikael stood now was but an extension of the waterfall, smooth cliffs facing outwards and towering above the lake.

He breathed deeply. He did sometimes miss the outdoors, where he had originally thought he belonged. Still, he often came out here to satiate that urge, and he was never left disappointed.

Sighing with contentedness, he turned and settled once again on the couch, the sun's warming rays keeping the ambient temperature perfect. He reached for the book again in order to carry on digesting historical information on the necromancers of the East and their rebellions against the Gods.

He was distracted by the curtain moving to his right. It had been faintly swaying in the breeze, but it billowed outwards now, as if the wind had caught it full blast. Turning his head, he realised that this was not the case at all, but that someone had swept it aside and stepped onto the balcony.

"Good morning," Mikael smiled at Ria'torr, who had emerged through the curtain and was now facing away from him, staring out over the vistas. She spun to face him at the sound of his voice.

She beamed at him, the short skirt on her dress fluttering as she whirled around. "Good morning!"

Her woodland green hair was back into a ponytail, and it blended somewhat into the deep colours of the forests behind her.

"I've been looking for you," she said after a moment.

"Oh yes?" Mikael asked, curious, raising an eyebrow.

A large smile on her elven face. "Yup! I needed to thank you."

"Thank me? What for?"

"Ah, well, it's probably not something you were expecting to be thanked for," she said as she came over to him.

Mikael moved aside slightly so that Ria'torr could sit on the edge of the couch. She ignored the space and instead sat directly on his lap, her small frame weighing almost nothing. The wonderful scent of nature greeted him at her presence.

He chuckled to himself before replying. "Really? I've been thanked profusely over the past few days for my assistance in Habbrant, but that is only my role in the Cohort. I did no more than Melissa or Lucinda."

"Oh, that I know, although I think you do your efforts a disservice there. No, this is about something different, although it occurred at a similar time."

Mikael pondered a moment. "Hmm... then I don't know. I can't think of anything which you'd thank me for."

"Well, consider that I have some very close ties with the natural environment, Mikael. I know a lot of what is going on, more than you'd think," she pressed, leading him to the answer.

"The owlbear?" Mikael ventured, racking his mind for anything nature-related.

"Precisely," Ria'torr grinned, clapping her hands together with delight. "You saved those owlbear eggs from poachers, and you did it with no prompting from us. You really are a member of the Cohort."

"Well, I might not be as close to nature as you, Ria'torr, but I do know that owlbears are a rarity nowadays, unfairly hunted as vicious beasts. Living in the wild as a ranger taught me that, even if I don't have your elven background."

"Sometimes I wonder at that," Ria'torr said, sounding philosophical. "You are so close to nature, too, and so good at so many things. It is almost as if you do have some elfin blood in you. I would not be surprised."

Mikael shrugged. "Well, if I do, I don't know about it. I suppose it's possible one of my great ancestors could have been an elf, but as far as I can tell I'm all human."

"Perhaps," Ria'torr replied. Suddenly she broke into a huge grin, "But I haven't explained why you needed thanking yet!"

"I thought it was because I saved the owlbear eggs?" Mikael said, both confused and amused by Ria'torr's playful insistence.

"Ah, but there is more to it than that, Mikael. It may surprise you to learn, but owlbears actually have a society of sorts. They operate as a very loose community, not purely as animals as many suspect."

"They do?" Mikael asked, shocked. "I never knew that."

"Not many people do, Mikael, don't worry. Only the owlbears, the Gods and the other creatures of the forest know it to be the case. And of course, I am a creature of the forest."

"Well, I never knew that," Mikael said, still soaking it in. "I lived in the forest for years and never knew that."

"Which is why it is all the more remarkable that you saved those eggs," Ria'torr continued, getting back to the point. "It was not just poachers stealing the eggs of an endangered animal; it was a sentient mother losing her young. As I'm sure you do know, owlbears only breed once every ten years. Losing that brood would have been disastrous for the mother."

"That I did know, and I'm glad I could help her," Mikael smiled.

"As am I," Ria'torr beamed, placing a hand on his chest. She suddenly looked very serious. "And so is that owlbear mother. I do not think you realise quite what you did for her. She was about to lose her young, and you saved them. You deserve just as much praise for that as for saving those young women from the vampires."

"I don't deserve any praise at all, Ria'torr," Mikael countered. "I do what is required of me, and I enjoy doing the Gods' work. I do not do it for praise."

She smiled, the expression lighting up her lovely face. "Your humility befits you, Mikael. And your sincerity further proves your place is amongst us. None of us here in the Cohort seek praise for our efforts, but we do realise it can be nice for someone to recognise our successes. Do not think that enjoying congratulations devalues your task, Mikael. Your honour remains intact."

"Thank you, then," Mikael said, reaching up with his own hand and placing it on top of hers, his fingers lightly caressing her own. "I do appreciate it, and I must say I'm surprised that you found out. I was expecting no one to know bar me and the Gods."

"And the owlbears," Ria'torr interjected.

"Yes," Mikael laughed. "And the owlbears."

Ria'torr turned her face away from Mikael to stare out over the balcony. Her woodland green hair fluttered slightly in the breeze, pushing a loose strand into her small nose. She scrunched her face up, and swept it away with her free hand, staring into the wonderful environment around her.

After a moment she spoke again. "It's stunning out here, isn't it? I never get tired of watching the land." The sun's rays glinted off her smooth, pale skin, and her leafy green eyes surveyed the lake intently.

"That it is," Mikael agreed. "It is enough to awe anyone."

He looked her up and down, her small but perfectly proportioned form beautiful in the rich spring light. She gazed intently out at the environment, her face concentrating on enjoying the scenery. She's so gorgeous, Mikael smiled to himself. And so very cute. His loins began to respond to his train of thought, and twitched independently.

Ria'torr was broken from her reverie at the feeling, and looked downwards. Her eyes quickly raised to Mikael's own and creased in amusement, then a huge grin spread across her face.

"I'm sorry," she said, wiggling her ass on his lap. "I didn't realise I was having this effect on you."

"You always have this effect on me," Mikael chuckled. Ria'torr laughed.

"Well let's see what I can do about that," she winked mischievously, her elven features curling into a wicked smile.

She slipped off Mikael's lap and turned towards him, kneeling by the side of the couch as her hand slipped underneath his pants. There she lightly toyed with the tip of his rapidly-growing cock, and Mikael groaned at the feeling of nimble fingers on his member. She twinkled with laughter at his reaction, her green eyes sparkling.

Mikael picked up his book from the side of the couch and dropped it carefully on the floor. His cock was now fully erect and straining against his pants as Ria'torr played with the tip, her fingers sending pleasure sparking through him. He reached down and stroked her bare shoulder, feeling the smooth, soft skin under his touch. She looked at him and giggled again, reaching out and undoing the buckle to his belt. She swept it off with one motion and dropped it beside her on the ground.

Mikael lifted his hips slightly as she tugged down his pants, and he kicked them off when they reached his ankles. Her hand reached up underneath his shirt, and he pulled it over his head, willingly complying with her silent request for nakedness. He relaxed back onto the couch and his Sister's hands caressed the muscles on his stomach, the sensation causing them to twitch.

She stood up slightly, leaning forward and licking Mikael's toned abdomen, her tiny tongue leaving a trail of slight wetness. Mikael groaned, and moved his hand to her head, stroking her silky green hair, before running his fingers down her cheek. She moved to his nipples, sucking one into her mouth and lightly biting down, causing Mikael to gasp.

She looked up and grinned at him, taking her mouth from his nipple, and he traced his fingers over her face again. They came to rest at the base of her pointed ear, and he delicately ran them upwards, gently fondling the tip. Ria'torr gasped at the initial contact, before moaning and leaning her head into Mikael's hand. She looked at him impishly, her smile widening at his expression of surprise.

"You didn't know my ears were sensitive, did you?" she grinned.

"I did not," he replied, pressing down on the very tip of the point. Ria'torr breathed in sharply.

"Only when I'm aroused, but when I am they are very receptive to a lover's touch," she moaned lustfully.

"Can you come?" Mikael asked.

She smiled, clearly enjoying the feeling of his fingers on her ear. "No. Think of them like a nipple. They are very sensitive and enjoyable to the touch, but not so much that they can bring me to orgasm." Mikael continued stroking. "They are very useful for foreplay purposes, though," she added with a wink.

"I'll remember that," Mikael said, his hand moving gently over her ear. "And it's good to know you're aroused."

"How could I not be?" she said, throwing her leg over his lap so that she was straddling him. She lay flat on top of him, her chest pressed into his own, and her face an inch away from his. Her sweet breath brushed his nostrils, and he could smell fresh rain on grass. She exuded such beautiful natural scents.

Her smile faded, becoming a look of pure desire as she leaned forwards, her lips parting. Mikael raised his head slightly, too, and their mouths met, her tongue flicking outwards and grazing his lips. He gently kissed her back, but she reached up with both hands and grabbed the sides of his head, kissing him with much more vigour.

Mikael took the hint. He raised his arms, placing one around her back, pulling her tight to him, and the other on her ass, gently clasping it through her clothing. Their tongues thrashed against one another, Ria'torr moaning gently into his mouth. Her pale green eyes stared into his, her pointy nose squashed against Mikael's own.

Mikael broke the kiss, instead planting small, delicate pecks on the side of Ria'torr's face. His hands moved to grasp hold of the bottom of her dress, pulling it upwards to expose her ass, which he lightly squeezed. He leaned forwards and licked the tip of her ear, and she squealed in delight.

Still nibbling on the end of her ear, Mikael's hand reached slightly between her bare legs, pushing them apart, his other hand still stroking her ass. He flicked out with his index finger, lightly brushing her hot sex. Ria'torr's moan became a gasp.

Mikael ran his finger along her folds, feeling the wetness, as his tongue traced the outline of her ear. He lightly rubbed her lips, eliciting a loud groan of pleasure, before he gently pushed a finger inside of her.

"Oh fuck, Mikael," she moaned, her face turned away so that he could play with her ear. "Carry on like this and I will come."

"Good," he mumbled, his mouth still around her ear. She glittered with faint elven laughter, the sound mixed in with her pleasured moans.

His finger continued to pump in and out of her pussy as his tongue covered every inch of her pointed ear, and she began to squirm with anticipation. His finger would enter all the way to the knuckle, and as he pulled it out he would bend it slightly, causing pressure on the walls of her snatch. Ria'torr started to push her hips back to meet him, and her head shook slightly as he nibbled on her ear.

"Oooohh..." she whispered, the insistence of her voice conveying her intense pleasure. "Aaahhhh." Her moans became louder and more tuneful as her orgasm approached, and she pushed her hips back with some vigour.

Mikael laughed to himself as a cool breeze washed over his face. He loved it here; just minutes before he had been relaxing on the couch in the sunshine, enjoying the book that had been open on his lap. And although he now found himself in a not entirely dissimilar position - he still lay on the couch in the sunshine, after all - it was no longer a book but rather a stunning elf who rested on top of him. She writhed and moaned in pleasure, and Mikael wondered how he had ever coped before he joined the Cohort.

Her pale skin had flushed, and her groans were loud, broken by her ragged breathing as she gulped down air. The harmony of her pleasure echoed out over the balcony, and Mikael was glad that the illusionary cliff disguised sound as well as sight. The green-haired beauty's body had begun to shake as she neared her zenith.

"Fuck!" she cried out as she came, her pussy tightening slightly, and her head pulling away from Mikael. Her eyes were shut with pleasure, but the orgasm was fairly fleeting and soon they were open again.

She looked back at Mikael, a grin spread across her beautiful elven face, and sat upright, her knees either side of his hips. His hands went to the knot on her back that held her dress together; a slight tug later it had come apart. She hunched her shoulders forward as the garment slipped over them, the dress tumbling down to rest by her waist. There she grabbed it with a grin and pulled it over her head, Mikael delighting in the sight of her body now naked on top of him.

Mikael reached up and took hold of her generous breasts. They were not huge, but they were certainly large - even though she was an elf, Ria'torr's breasts were bigger than those of most human women Mikael had slept with, and were more than ample for his tastes. She grinned, grabbing his hand and bringing its fingers to her mouth. Licking the tips of each, she guided them to her pussy.

Mikael took the hint and stroked along her folds again, causing her to gasp and shut her eyes. She grinned playfully and leaned forwards, once more resting on Mikael's chest, but this time it was her naked skin pressing wonderfully against him. With a moan she reinitiated their kiss, just as passionately as the last time, and their tongues danced with one another.

At length she pulled away, her pale leafy eyes staring into him. She moved downwards slightly until she was sitting directly on his cock, which was flat against his groin. Her warm folds brushed the underside, and she moved her hips, rubbing her pussy against it. She moaned with pleasure, and Mikael enjoyed the sensation.

Ria'torr rested there a moment, before lifting herself up and licking the palm of her hand, a playful glimmer in her eyes. Reaching down, she took a firm hold of Mikael's cock, giving it a quick stroke before she placed the tip at the entrance to her snatch, his head just parting her lips.

Mikael groaned as Ria'torr gently lowered herself onto his shaft, and her grin turned to a look of pure pleasure as she sank onto his rigid cock. She moaned loudly and harmonically, before leaning forward and placing her hands on Mikael's chest.

Her eyes opened and stared intently into Mikael's own as she began to raise and lower her hips, and her lovely moans danced around the balcony. Mikael reached forwards and rested his hands on her back as she bounced on him, her ample breasts moving slightly with the motion.

Her green hair swayed with the rhythm of their fucking, and the air was filled with the familiar scent of wildflowers. Mikael breathed in deeply, enjoying the aroma, as Ria'torr continued to moan exquisitely above him.

Her pace was slow, but deliberate. Mikael did not mind, and Ria'torr evidently enjoyed the feeling. He cupped her breasts, lightly toying with the nipples as he reached forwards and kissed the tip of her ear. She cried out, the sound clear and beautiful, before Mikael muffled it with his lips. His tongue pushed into her mouth, and she responded with passion.

His hands continued to knead and squeeze her breasts, and the sensation, coupled with the sex, caused Ria'torr to inexorably quicken the pace. She pulled away from the kiss, grasping Mikael's hands with her own and squeezing them, holding them on her breasts. Her eyes were creased with ecstasy and her sobs of pleasure grew louder as their lovemaking continued.

Her hands then moved to his shoulders and pushed him flat as she leaned further forward still, bouncing more horizontally than vertically now. She would pull off Mikael's cock to the tip and then thrust herself down on it with some force, gasping each and every time her groin slapped into his. Her small frame shook with the power of each downward stroke, and her face was twisted with pleasure as her orgasm built.

"Oh fuck," she grinned, her eyes staring into Mikael's, a shimmer of music in her voice. "Oh holy fuck."

"Your pussy feels so good," Mikael said breathlessly as she fucked him, her warm tunnel engorging and then releasing his cock.

"It feels even better with your cock fucking it," she moaned as she lowered her head, her sweet breath sweeping over Mikael's face. He always loved it when she talked dirty during sex. All of the girls did it, and he loved it with all of them, but with Ria'torr it just seemed so... out of place. The other girls here were gorgeous and sexual, and whilst Ria'torr was no worse off in either of those qualities, her elven nature made her seem so innocent. And she's most definitely not that, Mikael grinned.

"Hmm... you find something... funny?" Ria'torr groaned at him, her eyebrow slightly rising, but the expression was soon lost as another wave of rapture swept through her.

"I was just thinking how stunning you were, and how you don't seem like the sort of girl who'd enjoy sex this much."

"Well... you're wrong," she gasped. "I don't... enjoy sex."

"You don't?" Mikael asked with a tight smile as Ria'torr cried out above him, her orgasm incredibly close now. "Could have fooled me."

"No... I fucking... love it!"

Mikael grinned and kissed her, his hands grasping her hips as her tongue thrashed against his. Ria'torr's arms were straight as they leaned on Mikael's shoulders for support, and he began to match her downward strokes with thrusts of his own.

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