Adventures of the Cohort Ch. 01


Suddenly, he felt something warm and wonderful engulf his cock, and looked down to see Lucinda's mouth wrapped around it once more. Her tongue again started its rapturous dance down his shaft, and the intense feeling only heightened the ferocity with which he attacked his Sister's pussy. It had been a while since Mikael's last sixty-nine, and he intended to make this one special.

He groaned into Lucinda's folds as she sucked him. The feeling was fantastic, and he could see she felt the same way; her breathing and the trembling of her arms made it clear she was approaching another climax. Her stomach muscles had begun to tighten, and in between her loud moans he could hear her gasps becoming more rapid and ragged. She pulled her head from his cock, instead pumping his member with her fist, and moaned loudly.

"Oohh..." she groaned, her eyes closed. "Oooh... fuuck..."

She pressed her hips down onto his face, her mouth hanging open as she gulped down air. Her body was truly tautening now, and Mikael grinned as he realised her release stood to be far more powerful than the last.

"By... the... Gooodsss!" she cried as her orgasm hit, ecstasy ripping through her body and setting her mind aflame. Her legs squeezed tightly together, and Mikael saw her pussy ripple faintly with the majestic contractions of her depths. Her orgasmic shriek echoed in the small room, and Mikael was sure that if Melissa and Kristine had not heard them before, they certainly would have done now. Not that they'd mind, he grinned to himself as the black-haired beauty climaxed above him.

Mikael waited as Lucinda rode out her orgasm, planting delicate kisses on her inner thighs as the pleasure that coursed through her veins slowly faded. Eventually she ceased trembling; the moment passed, she turned her face to Mikael with a salacious smile.

"We're not done yet, are we?" she said, her emerald eyes displaying her mixed amusement and lust.

"Not if I have anything to do with it," Mikael replied.

She reached down and grasped his cock, giving it a quick kiss before sliding her hips forward. Mikael rested his hands on her back and stroked downwards towards her ass as she positioned herself above his erect member.

Slowly, she lowered herself onto it, riding him in reverse. A long moan escaped her lips, and Mikael gasped in delight as his cock was swallowed up by her hot pussy. She immediately set to work, leisurely lifting her hips, Mikael's member sliding almost entirely out of her, before sinking onto his shaft once more. She breathed heavily, and Mikael continued to stroke her back, his fingers running through her long silken hair as she slowly and deliberately fucked him. The feeling was exquisite, the build-up slow, and it was all Mikael could do not to grab her hips and begin thrusting wildly.

He smiled to himself as he realised that she was teasing him. He knew that she wanted to fuck him as much as he wanted to fuck her, but she was going very slowly to provoke him into action. Mikael silently accepted her challenge.

She was leaning forwards on him, her shins on the floor as she hunched over his legs. She held his thighs as she rode him, her hair scattered messily over her back, even reaching so far as Mikael's stomach. Whilst he could not see her eyes, he knew that they would be tightly shut, the rogue enjoying the feelings his cock sent sparking through her.

Still she moved slowly; still she pulled off him almost to the point he sprang free, and then gently sank onto his shaft once more. Mikael's thighs tensed as he resisted the urge to make the first move, and he knew that she would have felt it. She was not entirely in control, though; Mikael noticed with delight that her toes were curling rapidly.

Realising that he could not last much longer, Mikael set a plan in motion. He reached forwards, the hands that had rested on her back sliding around the front of her slender body. There he cupped her large breasts, immediately thumbing her nipples and squeezing the fleshy mounds. Whilst he found the activity very enjoyable, it was Lucinda who bore the brunt of the pleasure.

"Oh, fuck it," she laughed breathlessly as she leaned back slightly, allowing Mikael to grasp her breasts more comfortably. "You win."

With that, her pace increased dramatically. No longer constrained by their silent challenge, she would raise herself quickly on his cock and then slam back down, her wonderful breasts shaking in Mikael's hands with the collision. Her back was arched as the speed of their sex built, her pelvis crashing into his with every downward lunge.

Mikael enjoyed the sight of her ass and black hair shaking as she bounced up and down on his member, her breasts shuddering with the force of their sex. She gripped his waist tightly as her pleasure built, her knuckles white. Mikael might have minded the power of her grip were her pussy not causing such wonderful sensations in his cock.

"I'm... ahhh... glad you didn't... join our Sisters..." Lucinda moaned loudly, the words interrupted by frequent cries of pleasure.

"As am I," Mikael replied, luxuriating in their sex.

He moved his hands to her waist, pulling her closer. She complied, and leaned backwards, moving her arms to support her weight and stretching out her legs. Soon she was perched above him, the small of her back resting on his stomach as her hair fell over his face. He reached up, brushing it over her shoulder so that it fell away from his eyes, and she lowered herself even further.

She continued to move her hips as Mikael now joined in with his own thrusts, the movement of his loins better facilitated by their new position. Her face was a picture of delight, and her eyes snapped shut at the added sensation. Mikael wrapped his hands around her front again, grasping her breasts and kneading them very gently. Lucinda gasped, her mouth opening with ecstasy, her entire body tightening as her climax neared. He began to kiss the crook of her neck as she groaned louder and louder.

"Fuck me, Mikael. Fuck meeee..."

Their pace was vigorous now, their hips smashing together, the wet slapping of their loins filling the room. Lucinda's face was screwed up in anticipation, her body desperate to attain the release that hovered just out of her grasp. Mikael's cock hammered into her tightening depths, and he knew she was but moments away.

"Make me... come... Mikael..." she cried. "Fuck meee... fuck MEEEEEE!"

Her walls seized hold of Mikael's cock as she slammed her hips down, her pussy quivering with the force of her climax. A long shriek was torn from the beautiful rogue's lips, and her green eyes sparkled as she came. Her entire body twitched as rapture seared through it, and Mikael rested inside her tumultuous snatch as her mind was buffeted by the sheer force of her orgasm.

She slumped down on top of him as her climax faded, lying motionless. There she rested a moment, breathless, before pulling off Mikael's member and turning over without a word. She was now facing him, and she propped herself up on her elbows to stare into Mikael's eyes, a huge grin on her face as she ran one hand delicately across chest.

"That was great," she whispered, her face displaying her mirth. "Though you did win the challenge."

"I would like to think I more than made up for your loss," Mikael breathed, taking in the sight of the stunning girl as she lay on top of him. Her breasts grazed his chest as she laughed, her legs spread apart either side of his.

He reached up, placing his hands on the small of her back, and pulled her close. This time she complied, lowering herself onto him and kissing him deeply. He grasped her hair as their tongues duelled, and enjoyed her body crushed against his.

After a moment Lucinda pulled free, pushing herself into an upright kneel as she straddled his waist. His cock rested against her ass cheeks, and her palms were on his stomach.

"I've a quick question," Mikael asked, his mind returning to his earlier train of thought.


"Why is this room so luxurious?"

"You're finding out."

Mikael sighed in happiness.

"Most rooms in this Sanctuary are luxurious," Lucinda continued with a playful smile. "They are all wonderful to be in, to relax in, but in particular they are all wonderful to fuck in."

Mikael lifted his head, looking around the room. Rugs lay everywhere, far more than necessary, and it did not surprise him that that was their purpose. With a sudden jerk Lucinda pushed him back flat on the floor.

"You're not escaping," she giggled. "For one thing, you've not come yet."

"It never crossed my mind to escape, Lucinda. I was just waiting for you to catch your breath."

She grinned at him as she lifted her hips, once more grabbing his cock and positioning it at the entrance to her pussy. She was still on top of him, but now she faced him, her magnificent breasts inches from his face.

She sank slowly onto his shaft and, as before, moaned in delight. She groaned at Mikael's expression of pleasure and lust and leaned forwards to kiss him again, her tongue pushing into his mouth. This time their starting pace was decidedly quicker than their last.

Mikael placed his hands on her back, playing with her hair again and enjoying her smooth skin beneath his palms. He stroked downwards, and his hands eventually came to rest on her ass as she bounced on his cock. Her own arms were either side of his head as she leant forwards, her beautiful face flushed.

After a short while their kiss broke, and Mikael took the time to indulge in the sight of Lucinda, her face screwed up in pleasure as they fucked. Her body coiled and uncoiled as her snatch caressed his member, and her large breasts swung invitingly with the movements of her hips, her nipples grazing his chest. Her green eyes stared straight into his, and her black hair lay scattered over her back, some cascading down and lying messily over Mikael and the floor.

"Mmm..." she moaned. "Deciding to bathe was a good idea."

"I'm glad that... we picked the same... room," Mikael groaned, his cock twitching slightly as his own pleasure grew.

He started to thrust upwards in time with his Sister's downward strokes, unable to lie still anymore. Lucinda greeted this with rapturous moans, her expression reflecting her desire as she savoured the sensations of his cock. Mikael did not relent, and his pace grew quickly; he could tell that Lucinda was well on her way to another orgasm, and he too was going to come this time.

Mikael stroked his hands slowly up her front, over her stomach, and grasped one of her swinging breasts. He leaned forwards to take a nipple into his mouth, his other hand resting on the floor for stability, and the rogue leaned backwards to allow him to do so. He sucked passionately on the wonderful mound, which trembled with the movement of their fucking, and Lucinda raised one of her own hands to pull his face closer to her chest.

He took the hint, eagerly exploring her flesh with his tongue as their sex continued. Lucinda let go of his head and grasped her other breast, smiling wickedly as she held it firmly in front of Mikael. He grinned, returning his other hand to the rugs beneath them as he switched his attentions to the breast Lucinda offered.

She moaned loudly, and they remained that way a moment, Mikael's mouth busy on her nipples as she clasped her large breasts, their hips crashing together. He soon ceased his attentions on her chest, however, and raised his head, kissing her passionately and still thrusting into her hot snatch.

He placed his hands on her back and leaned flat once again, Lucinda this time lowering herself until she lay completely on top of him. Mikael appreciated the sensation of her large breasts crushed against his chest as he continued to thrust, and Lucinda's hands moved to his shoulders.

"Ooooh..." his Sister moaned, lifting her head from Mikael's. "Fuuck meee..."

Lucinda was so close now, and Mikael indulged in the moment. She shook above him as her orgasm built, and her body was almost overcome with the numerous wonderful stimuli that bombarded it.

"Oooh... fuck... It's so... fucking... good..."

Her moans drove Mikael on, his cock slamming in and out of her pussy with such force that her entire body shook. His balls were tightening, and he knew he was approaching his own climax. The obsidian-haired beauty's face was screwed up in pure anticipation, and she cried out ever more loudly, her voice indicating her imminent orgasm.

"Oh... fuck, yesss..." she shrieked. "Ooohhhhh... fuck... fuck... FUUUUUCCCKK!"

Lucinda screamed out in ecstasy as her body went rigid. Her pussy clamped down on Mikael's cock and the feeling pushed him over the edge, hot cum spurting forth from his member, his seed spattering against Lucinda's walls. The sensation of his cock burying inside her seemed to drive Lucinda to even greater heights, utter bliss suffusing her as the orgasm rend through her body. Waves of rapture pounded through both her and Mikael, and she was utterly overcome with the strength of her release.

Mikael cried out, too, his cock spasming as it fired ropes of his hot seed into the climaxing rogue's womb. He held her tightly, pinning her to him, and she bucked in his grasp, their minds lost to everything but the pleasure that each had given the other.

Lucinda sank to the ground as their orgasms finally faded, her skin faintly glistening with sweat. She lay on top of Mikael, and wrapped her arms around his neck once more, pulling him in for a brief kiss. Mikael quickly returned her affection, and then she rolled off him, moving to lie next to him on the plush rugs. She grinned at him in post-orgasmic bliss.

"I hope that helped," she breathed, a broad smile still on her face.

"Well, I did still explode..."

"But it was in entirely the right place." She leaned in for another tender kiss.

He grinned as their lips met. Yes it was.


Mikael smiled as he entered the Meeting Room, and the girls smiled back at him. He had been called by the Gods, but did not know what the call was for: the Gods only spoke to one person at a time -- even when the entire Cohort was involved - and so that person would have to relay the information to the rest of them. He had to admit, he was slightly nervous; this was the first time he had been called since his initiation, and thus it would be his first task undertaken in the service of the Gods.

He took a seat on his couch, which had been recently added to the circle; six sofas now lying in the room rather than the five which had resided here before his initiation. The girls reclined on their own, and Mikael followed their lead and lay back. He smiled at the sight; being in a room full of beautiful women always turned him on, even though he had had sex no more than an hour before. His eyes lingered on each of their stunning forms, his thoughts wandering into decidedly carnal pastures, before the mood stiffened as Kristine stood.

Everyone sat up, their minds focused on what was to come. Any other thoughts were temporarily pushed aside as they awaited the task that was to be assigned. Kristine surveyed them all, a smile on her face, her eyes serious but pleasant. At length, she spoke.

"Hello, everyone," she said. "I hope we've all had a pleasant evening. Today was a wonderful day for it. But now we have business to attend to, as you may have guessed.

"There are two issues that need to be addressed, and the Gods require us to split into two groups. This is far from ideal, of course, but it seems that a delay would prove costly in both cases - we must tackle both at the same time, and for that we need to work in separate parties. I am sure, however, that we are skilled and experienced enough to cope.

"Firstly, there is the case of a rogue wizard in the eastern Farquah Expanse. He is experimenting in creating life from stone, a technique that the temples have banned. The Gods need him dealt with -- he is very close to succeeding in his efforts, and we cannot allow him to raise a vast golem army. His intentions are not honourable, and he is a threat to all the lands around him.

"Secondly, a coven of vampires is terrorising Habbrant. It must be stopped -- the Gods will not stomach a vampire to live, and as their souls cannot be redeemed they must all be destroyed. We know far less about this task, however, as the vampires are using powerful magic to veil their efforts even from the Gods.

"Needless to say, both tasks are of extreme importance, and as such we must split the group into two. Three of us will head east to tackle the wizard, and the other three will go south to Habbrant. Neither group can fail."

Kristine sat down and glanced around the room. Mikael could sense that his Sisters were anxious, and it set him on edge. Whilst he had previously been informed that the Cohort did not always work as a full party, this was still a rare scenario - his Sisters may sometimes have worked in smaller groups, but that was normally because the threat was small and did not require the strength of the entire Cohort. This was different. It would be far better were Mikael and his Sisters able to focus all their efforts into one task, and yet they could not. They would have to split their group over two fronts, and it made his Sisters nervous.

"So, not good then?" Mikael asked, trying to lighten the mood.

"Not good at all," Kristine responded with a weak smile. "Though we will cope."

"Who goes where? If we're going to deal with two tasks at the same time then we'll need to get the group composition exactly right." Melissa looked round at her companions.

"Indeed," Lucinda nodded. "I would think, perhaps, that I would be best off dealing with the vampires. They tend to like dark, quiet places, and, well, I am a master of stealth."

They deliberated for a few moments, before quickly coming to an agreement. Kristine, Quintia and Ria'torr would tackle the wizard, and Melissa, Lucinda and Mikael would destroy the vampire coven.

After a quick confirmation of the decision they stood. It was time to leave.


"I'm, er... not too sure about this," Mikael said nervously as he and his two Sisters walked along the dusty path towards Habbrant. They had left the Sanctuary the evening before, and were now approaching their destination after a full day's walk.

"I've never fought a vampire before, or even come across one."

"You'll be fine," Lucinda soothed him, shifting the weight of her pack. "You've fought necromancers and worse, and I know that you're capable. Do not think for a moment you are under-prepared."

"Well, is there anything I should know in particular? Is there anything that might help me?" Mikael asked, trying to learn as much as he could before they arrived.

"Everything you heard about sunlight is true," Melissa said, turning her beautiful face to him. She was radiant in the midday sun, as if to highlight her purity against the evil they faced. "Vampires are destroyed by it, instantly. They cannot survive its cleansing rays. It is the chariot of the Gods, after all."

"So we're safe during the day?" Mikael asked.

His Sister nodded back. "Completely. Unless you disturb them in their lair, of course, because then there won't be any sunlight."

"And what if I do wake them up?"

"Then cut off their heads or stab them through the heart," Lucinda replied simply. "Those are the only sure ways of killing a vampire. Any other wound may temporarily hurt them, but they heal very, very quickly."

"What about garlic or water?"

"Useless," the stunning rogue laughed. "Completely useless. Do you think vampires would be a serious threat if they could be defeated with a common vegetable?"

Mikael grinned. "I guess not. I'd never thought of it that way. I suppose I always hoped I could fend them off with some garlic cloves I'd bought at the local market if I ever came across a vampire."

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