tagBDSMAdventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 09

Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 09


(After Wiley established a source for buying pot in Brownsville, he learns the art of bondage and discipline)


I sat at the red light pondering whether to stay in Texas or move to Georgia. I established a good trade of selling pounds of pot to a few individuals who in turn sold ounces to others. Also, I was delivering my 20 gallons of bootleg whiskey each week to several saloons around Dallas.

I had lots of friends and fuck buddies and one hot bitch who I lived with while in Dallas who drove me crazy. Madeline was the most demanding dominant woman I had encountered in my 21 years as a male. But I could not resist my strong desire to immerse myself in her sweet pussy.

On the bright side, Bonnie and I became closer as she taught me the fine art of bondage and discipline.

We were in the barn and she showed me her personal stable of sorts. She had a saw horse contraption with a barrel shaped padded top. Also, she had three floggers with menacing leather strips that hung on the wall along with an assortment of leather paddles and dildoes.

Bonnie explained the use of her whips and equipment and her strong desire and need to be spanked and whipped from time to time. I was eager to learn and the thought of administering the leather to her fine white bottom stirred my cock.

Our first session was a little bit clumsy for me but after reading some material she provided and watching some x-rated movies of bondage, I found a peculiar desire to perfect her needs.

We found ourselves in the barn once a month for her lessons—or my lessons since I was a novice.

"Eyes down and take off your clothes," I demanded. Bonnie quickly stripped and with her eyes cast downward, I ordered her to stand on a three foot table and turn herself slowly so I could inspect her.

"Yes, what have we here, such lovely ass cheeks and little pussy," I explained as she would bend over and I plied her butt cheeks apart to inspect her recesses. I complimented several different areas of her naked body each time.

Once her restraints were secured to the padded saw horse, I teased her ass with the leather thongs. My hands lingered and caressed her cheeks teasing her cunny lips with my finger tips.

The cheeks of her bottom were perfectly rounded with her pouty blond Venus mound that looked so mouth-watering and inviting. Her breath deepened as I slowly rubbed her backside and plump white bottom with the flogger.

Somewhere within her mind, she released her will and submitted to my administering the discipline she so longed for.

Swish slap, and then followed by a softer blow and a change direction of the whip as her bottom flexed under the blows.

Startled by the first blow, Bonnie cried out "Oh" and her naked hips squirmed from side to side.

"What do you say slut," I exclaimed and another harder stroke.

"Agggggghh—yes thank you sir," she would cry out. The flogger became her tormentor and her pleasure as I discovered her most sensitive nerve endings.

The tips of the leather strips found her pouty cunt lips and her clinching ass cheeks and cries of delicious stings showed how much she enjoyed the infliction of pain.

Bonnie emitted a squeal of anguish when the tips found her sensitive crotch and her hips bounced causing her milky bottom to jiggle. The site of her pinkish bottom the sounds of her anguish only served to stimulate my cock.

"Whose ass is this?" I demanded.

"Y-y-yours master," she stammered.

I alternated from the back of her knees up to her cheeks and then pick up the tempo and pressure of each blow. The flogger absorbed some of her emissions from her cunt and inner thighs and made splotchy sounds as it contacted with her oozing cunt.

"Oh God yes—awwwwgghhh—thank you sir," she continued to cry out as the flogger found her sweet sensitive pussy and ass.

I raised her face to see that she had genuine tears of delicious torment.

"Pick a number between one and twenty," I commanded.

"Ten, please sir," she cried.

"Then ten strokes it is, begin counting slut," I demanded that she count the number of strokes on her ass.

"One, two, three, four," she cried out in yelps.

"Now I have to start over you slut because you didn't say one sir, two sir," I said matter of fact.

"Oh, yes sir," swish smack—"Awwwghhh, one sir," she cried out.

After eight or nine good strokes I asked: "Do you want more cunt?"

"Oh yes—please sir, I'm a nasty slut—I need to be whipped," she whimpered.

After several more lashes of the whip on her bottom and I could not contain my need to fuck her delicious cunt.

I released my stiff cock and mounted her pushing all of my fat six inches inside her swollen pussy and within a few minutes of stroking inside her wet pussy, I was cumming and withdrew to see the my cum oozing from her stretched hole.

I scooped it out in my finger and palm and feed her the white jism. She sucked the jism with her lips and I made sure to rub her nose and face with the oily cum.

I came up with a plan to use a hand massager and a long fat dildo to finish her pleasure. I slowly inserted the dildo in her small rosette butt hole. She seemed to relish the agony of its penetration.

I switched on the hand massager and rubbed it along her pussy managing to separate and gain entrance between her full pink lips. With the dildo stroking her tight nether hole and the whirring massager vibrating her pussy she screamed out her pleasure.

In less than a minute, she was writhing and thrusting in convulsive orgasm.

"Iiii--eeeeeeee—awwwwww—cummmmmiinnnggggg" she yelled as her body contorted and convulsed in orgasmic release.

Her emissions were a torrential flow as she screamed out in sweet agony. The massager placed firmly at her pussy cleft produced a profound effect of her complete orgasm by squirting more than I have ever witnessed before or since.

Her fluids splattered on the barn's wooden floor and her body continued to convulse until she feinted and her body went limp on the padded horse.

After our session, I released her and carried her to a cot. Her butt cheeks and upper thighs were a livid pink from the scourging and her face was stained with tears and my jism.

We kissed passionately and hug on the cot and she would whimper how good it felt and how much she appreciated my attention.

After our whipping sessions, Bonnie was completely spent and her submissive desire was completely satisfied for several weeks.

Continued in Chapter 10.

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