tagSci-Fi & FantasyAdventures of Young Lord Arthur Ch. 02

Adventures of Young Lord Arthur Ch. 02


King Arthur and the Holy Grail inhabit one of the most potent of mythical Realms, a Realm that serves as a backdrop for dreams; dreams that are dusted off from time to time. Close your eyes and breathe in the essence of age old battles and epic romance, where Knights fight for honor and maidens anxiously await their return. Step into a world where passions flow as free as the ale and seat yourself in the comforts of this story and journey back to Camelot. These are the days of old where the Knights fight in chivalrous battles, defending the honor of home and family. You will be taken back to that time of blood-stained swords and epic battles. Close your eyes for a moment … return to that place and come with me to Camelot …


The young Lord Arthur blessed by the gods and created specifically for this one quest, eventually set off to find the sword of legend, the mythical Excalibur. The promise of its acquisition meant his impending lordship and crowning as ruler over Camelot, the ends to Merlin’s plan when he arranged the tryst between King Uther and Igraine. Many days and long nights are passed along this journey until one evening, just as the sun falls to kiss the approaching night; he spies a woman of such great beauty that she alone, in her splendor, could rival one of the legendary nymphs of the forests. Securing his great steed to a nearby branch, he creeps stealthily along, well hidden from the lady’s view by the cover of thick thorn-briar bushes.

He watches in captured fascination as the maiden begins to remove the cumbersome gown from her body. Stepping from its folds, she reaches for the mangle of undergarments that hinder liquid movements and peels them in a natural seduction motion from lush, hidden curves. Kneeling in her glorious splendor, well illuminated by the soft light of the moon, she takes her clothes and arranges them over the brambles of the bush. Arthur can not help but marvel at the creamy perfection of her skin; soft lush breasts, the curve of a well-turned hip, never-ending length of silken legs. He can feel his passion rising, mirrored to a white-hot heat that flood over him, his breath trapped even as he gazes longingly at her from his hiding spot.

He watches as the maiden takes the pins from her lush red mane, waves of fire released to cascade down over creamy flesh, the light of the moon creating an illusion of liquid fire misting over the girl’s silken skin. Tendrils fall softly around her beautiful face, temporarily concealing it as she shakes it completely loose of its former bondage. Crouching, the young Lord watches as the beauty brushes the tumbled mass in long smooth strokes, rosy tips of soft breasts seeming to beckon him closer for a taste and before he can react, she turns, a frown playing over sensuous lips as she studies her surroundings. Instinctively, he holds his breath, muscles coiling tightly as if ready to spring upon her if she should start and dash for cover.

Assured of her safety and privacy, the maiden returns her attention back to the lake before her, golden silhouette guided by the moonlight that tantalizes, whispering of forbidden delights as she steps into the lake. Magically the water rises swiftly around her, carrying her further into their depths. Arthur watches transfixed as the girl pays tribute to the water nymphs and praises the gods of the lake. Falling back gently in the water, dark auburn tresses floating around her, the water begins to lap at alabaster skin softly. Eyes the color of dark sapphires close causing thick lashes to lie against the perfection of flushed cheeks.

Lost in her thoughts, the maiden hears nothing nor feels any alarm; not the slightest disturbance in her world as the young Lord Arthur slips quietly into the lake, his clothes left behind in the brambles. The water glistens around her, moonlight falling softly over her beauty as small waves caress each curve and valley with the softest of movements, slipping between the silken curve of her thigh, it laps almost hungrily at her moist wet treasure, licking at her softly like a thousand tongues, the touch light but demanding her ultimate surrender. Without thought, silken thighs open, her arms stretching out from her body in utter contentment. She feels the light touch as the soothing water flows over her curves, breasts swelling as the water creates an unknown rhythm washing over the creamy exposed flesh. Deep passions spring forth from the maiden as the feathery light touch continues.

So lost is she in the moment that no notice is taken of yet another touch, lighter than that of the waves as it brushes across the puckered bud of her rounded breasts, its rosy hue clearly visible to the fairies and nymphs of the forest. Aching nipples throb almost painfully as the water’s touch laps softly against them, her thoughts lost as a soft moan escapes soft, moist lips. Arthur brushes his lips over the tightened tip, his tongue flicking ever so lightly over the throbbing flesh. His fingers lightly tease the nestled pearl between creamy thighs as she floats on a bed of silken mist, unaware of anything but the pleasure and the fire washing through her young body. He watches with unbridled lust as the maiden unknowingly responds to his soothing touch. He can feel her tremble as her body climbs to her ultimate surrender, his own need for her unmatched, throbbing painfully erect. Quickly and with the tide of her release on his side, he grabs the girl by her waist and pulls her beneath the waves. Panic rises as she feels herself sinking beneath the water’s surface, her fear almost overwhelmed by the wanton desires that scream not to be left hanging. She can feel him against her but her mind refuses to believe what her body knows to be true.

Arthur pulls the nameless beauty to him beneath the water, strong hands gripping her legs, spreading them wide and then holding his breath as he positions himself quickly, thrusts deeply into her opened treasure, forcing her body to yield to his. He rushes to the surface, his body … his overwhelming strength, pulling her with him. As they break the surface, she stares disbelievingly even as her body is rocked by wave after wave of intense pleasures as he pushes deep into her time and time again. The maiden’s body is rocked by forbidden passions as the young lord takes her, forcing her down onto his hard pulsing cock, harder and deeper he thrusts with each motion, forcing his will upon her gasping form. His lips savagely cover hers as she screams her passion into his hot, claiming mouth as his lips rape hers, his tongue forcing his way within, matching the speed and intensity of each pounding thrust within her collapsing walls. His hands dig almost painfully into her hips as he pulls her to him time and again, the feel of his throbbing meat filling her. Coupled with his hungry lips that devour the sweetness of her mouth, she is sent crashing into the waves repeatedly, her body … her senses … her mind lost to this overwhelming desires.

She can feel her clit throb, intense heat and living fire licking over every inch of her now flushed skin and just as he roars his passion, burying himself deeper within her contracting walls, she can feel his hot seed blast deep within the depth of her innermost desires. Her own body responds, crashing over the waves once again as his lips devour hers like a starving man upon a feast for the gods. He pulls her close to him, walking from the churn of the lake, the maiden still firmly impaled upon his hard fuck pole and lowers their quivering bodies to the wet grass to once more pick up the rhythm he left behind, pushing deep into her until her passions build once again. The slap of their bodies is almost musical as he forces her to yield all things, unaware that she has given all that she is to the young lord. With one final savage thrust, he empties into her, her body responding wantonly, arching up to him in her delirium, her passions almost lifting him with her. She cannot control the screams of pleasure as liquid fire washes over her; sweet nectar flowing from her body like water from a jug, alabaster skin now flushed pink.

She cannot help but moan piteously as the cool night air brushes over her naked and exposed body. Young Arthur rises beautifully from her quivering body and retrieves his clothes, his unyielding gaze never leaving hers as she watches him dress in confusion. She feels her need for him … white-hot it burns as she watches, stricken as he walks nonchalantly to his steed and prepares to go. Confusion furrows her lovely brow as dark, desire-filled eyes fly over his handsome form. Then, without thought, she rushes to her feet, exposed nakedness forgotten, all modesty a thing of the past as she throws herself at his feet, trembling lips brushed over his boot and she begs him piteously, “Please, my Lord! Take me with you! Do not leave me here to burn forever from the memory of your touch!”

He looks down at the girl, nostrils flaring as his desire grows anew. He smiles a knowing smile as he mounts his steed, reaching for her hand as he watches her gratitude and relief flood beautiful features. As the small hand is placed in his, her jerks her naked body up and over the horse upon his lap and slaps her heart-shaped ass hard, enjoying the hot redness that spreads over the creamy flesh, spurred on by her soft cry and the movements of her young body laid across his. As he rides off, his new acquisition firmly in place on the trek back to Camelot, he can not help but smile as his mind turns to the nights of dark passions yet to come.

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