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Adventures with a Married Woman


I started traveling from the Dominican Republic to Miami in 1989 to consult with a small import business. I'm an unassuming accountant. Not fancy or handsome. Just an average guy. I'd been living in the DR for several years and met my new clients while living there.

Peta met me at the airport and brought me to my client's Miami office the first day. I'd never met her, but she was the new wife of the owner's son and worked at the office. She was 5'10" tall and a model. She had been Miss Barbados a few years prior and had the most beautiful olive skin I had ever seen. She had lovely large lips and a round face that was pretty and feminine and sexy all at the same time. Her husband of six months was the office manager and a salesman. His main job was to travel to the Caribbean islands selling and he worked hard at it. I was to get the books in order and do some accounting for the office. Mainly, my job was to get the cash flow improved and to make sure that everything was under control. Everything would go as planned except for a few things that never quite got under control.

The first couple of times, I stayed at a local hotel. Typical travel work, but very boring, although Peta turned out to be quite a friendly party type who loved to tell dirty jokes, watch porn movies and also managed to introduce me to the local strip clubs. We became good friends and spent a lot of time working together while I was in town, since her job was in part to do the accounting for the company.

After a couple of weekly trips, we decided that I should stay with Peta and her husband in order to save money. Her husband was out of town traveling, but her brother had just arrived from St. Lucia and was staying at the house, too. He was a bit older than she, but was much more serious and didn't joke around much. Friendly enough but somewhat boring. Peta and I spent most of our time working and really didn't see him much except during the evenings when we all ate together.

My second evening at the apartment, Peta's brother went out with some clients and Peta and I had to fend for ourselves. We bought some pizzas and wine and stayed in, watching a couple of cable movies and joking a lot. We got to know each other on a more personal level and discussed our lives in greater detail. Basically, we got along well. The wine helped and we generally had a wonderful time. I went to bed that second night thinking about what a fabulous time I was having staying there and about how much fun it was being around her.

By the third evening, we were all great friends. We stayed up late watching old movies and drinking wine. Peta's brother went to bed around midnight and she and I stayed up for awhile longer. Peta wore a long t-shirt that barely covered her, but gave me a great view of her beautiful legs. I couldn't help staring at them as we drank and made silly comments about the movie.

The talk turned to sex, as it often had previously. We discussed the movie characters and who we would love to bed, making jokes the whole time. Suddenly, I turned to Peta and blurted out that she had the fullest, loveliest lips I had ever seen. She asked me what I would like to do to them. I returned that I would love to kiss them. She was a bit shocked, sat for a moment and then nodded that I could. They tasted like wine, but were wonderful to touch. I don't think that I've ever tasted such wonderful lips. I licked them slowly, around her mouth and then touched them with mine. They were absolutely fabulous, so full and soft and her mouth was fabulous.

My hands moved to her breasts and I touched her incredibly hard nipples. They were large, but her breasts were not. They felt as good to my hands as her lips felt to my mouth. I wanted to taste them, too, and lifted her t-shirt in order to kiss them. She caught her breath as I did and moved toward me. I got down on my knees in front of her and started to alternate between her breasts and her mouth.

During all of this, Peta had managed to remove her panties and opened her legs to me. Slowly, she pushed my head down to a very large and inviting pussy that was just waiting to be licked and sucked. She liked it hard and thrust at me as I pulled her clit with my mouth and teeth. I pushed my tongue hard against her and she responded. She came at least twice in the first couple of minutes. Within a few minutes, she came so many times that her orgasms were almost continuous. Her stomach muscles started to clench to the point where she was beginning to get cramps. I was astonished but couldn't stop licking and sucking her. It was the most enjoyable time I've ever had and was made even more exciting because her brother was asleep at the end of the hall with the door open! It is entirely possible that he watched the whole thing.

This was the beginning of a fabulous relationship with Peta that I hoped would last a very long time, but that's another story.

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