tagIncest/TabooAdventurous Little Katie Ch. 02

Adventurous Little Katie Ch. 02


She's nicely naïve, delightfully diminutive and deceptively debaucherous. That's because she can make even old men want to feel very young again with her angelic innocent face and a pert cute body that belies the reality she's really 18.

Trouble is, while she's a shining light sex magnet she's not all that bright.

After being knocked back by a string of would-be employers after flunking her school's final year exams and turning up at the prospective employers' doors looking like she's years younger than Springtime instead of what they expect, Katie's finally hit pay dirt somewhere else.

A chance glance at an adult journal advertisement by her rich uncle Zach put her on the path to an interview with a business seeking a fantasy model capable of making out she's something she's not under the auspices of the 'Cherished Companions Come to You' agency. Being a natural show-off in her younger days of old and a skilful prick teaser, the tiny 4ft. 7 in. pocket princess can now exercise her legal rights to complete sexual freedom and discretion.

She's just gone into the candy pink themed beauty parlour adjoining the CCCTY premises where co- owner Angelo is to prepare her make-up for her first engagement. Co-owner Lana - the six feet tall buxom dark hair Queen Cleopatra ruler kind of woman- will give little Katie her first job brief the moment Angelo completes covering Katie's cute nakedness with the warm deep tan body oil that sets fast in 30 minutes . It makes her look as though her silky smooth skin has just come back from a long Jamaican holiday. In fact even Angelo could confuse her with a grass skirt bare chest pubescent native virgin the way they wore so little before Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus sailed via the Virgin Islands and Jamaica in the late 1400s on his voyages to the 'new world' of the Americas.

The all-over body tan Angelo applies to Katie only applies to Lana and Angelo's premium A list clients – the most important, influential and of course, trusted community figures. She'll be meeting one of them very soon. Say no more.

Lying on her tummy stark naked for Angelo as he rubs the golden suntan oil into her lithe body making her look moist from head to toe, he doesn't have to go inside because she's oiled up there already from the way it feels having his big hands sliding up and down her inside her splayed legs and thighs.

Angelo's eager eyes miss nothing about the detail of what he's doing because he's always had a lustful wish for putting his hands on a nefarious nubile and Katie just so happens to tick all the boxes for his healthy yet sordid thoughts; sort of anyway. Why not when she's noticeably naïve and so tiny with a hot shapely backside, erotically formed big swollen puffy pointed tips to her miniscule breasts and the look of innocence that makes him feel guilty for even thinking twice about looking let alone what he's doing in the name of good business.

After 25 minutes of continuous rubbing it in Lana comes back and asks Katie to sit in the make-up chair facing a big mirror while she fetches what she'll be wearing to the client meeting. Lana sounds excited as she watches Angelo complete her facial make-up with well-placed artificial freckles across either side of her snubby nose.

"Oooh, don't you look the loveliest little thing, " she declares, so proud of Angelo's efforts to give Katie an extra several years of life by seemingly taking her back several years in nubile innocence at the same time. "The Reverend Randy Rites is going to think you're a blissful answer to his prayers when you meet him soon."

Angelo's tied Katie's flowing blond ponytail into two bushy pigtails that flare outwards from the way they are tied close to her head behind her ears and she then tries on a made to measure pure white silk Roman Empire era vestal virgin style of garment, the hemline designed in tatters. The long sleeve opaque garment hangs loosely off her narrow shoulders to fall midway between her pubic area and her knees.

"Is there anything else?" Katie implores, expecting panties.

"Oh no, back in the days of the real vestal virgins they didn't wear anything underneath and we must make you appear for the Reverend as though you have descended from heaven to answer his prayers," Lana says with a convincing expression.

"Oh, I suppose I've got no choice since it's my first job but at least it's not too short since he sounds like someone from the church, I'd better not be too rude." Lana grins. "Darling this is your big chance to impress. The Reverend Randy Rites is one of the most important church leaders around. He's a dear old very handsome grandfather kind of man too, but not too old for you since he's still practising religion at 60 and I happen to know he's very fit and in good shape for his age. And I know he has a lot of time for lovely young things like you."

"How come someone like that is into this fantasy stuff. Aren't they supposed to be above all that?"

"Ah, that's for him to know and you to find out. But let me say this, you'll find out in this new job you're starting little Katie that the older the man the younger he wants to feel, get the hint."

"Oh I got it. If I can make him feel younger at heart just talking to him I've done the right thing then, okay?"

Lana shakes her head with a supressed smile. "Of course darling I'm sure that as things go you'll find things to your liking but don't forget he's a VIP to our business, we're paying you well so just make sure by the time you have to return you're sure he's satisfied that we sent him the nearest thing to a real angel he'll ever come across."

"What's his church anyway?"

"Pray tell, I think it's called the Church of the Medieval Masters."

"Never heard of it," quips Katie.

"Well it's a little bit of several religions rolled into one but I think it's an offshoot right back to the earliest days of god fearing people's lives being controlled by the church for their money. Anyway that the holy reverend you're meeting is very rich is nothing to do with that. You'll find that even bible bashing people like the Reverend Randy Rites can be a blessing in disguise."

An hour later Angelo drives Katie to the reverend's place of worship that looks like a throwback to a Gothic medieval era in construction and set way back off the main traffic thoroughfare, it's huge 12 feet high twin conical shaped doors making it seem spooky to the unaccustomed visitor. She's met by a big tall man wearing Roman sandals and a neck to ankles black robe that appears to open at the front but tied neatly around the waist so that it stays intact. He's completely bald with a jolly face and big blue eyes and very bushy eyebrows. He extends a big hand that grips Katie's tiny hand in a warm welcome gesture.

"Praise the lord," he says looking momentarily up at the sky then back down at little Katie's angelic appearance. "My prayers have indeed been answered with an angel from heaven, come quickly this way my child," he says as he leads her hurriedly through the huge doors and right through the place of worship past a grand old pipe organ, the spectacular altar, and through another doorway down a connecting long passage to his spacious private cottage. It's homely enough in an open plan way consisting of a small kitchen, study where his computer is stationed in a corner section, a lounge area dotted with small furnishings, big lounge chairs, a single bed to one side and in the very centre of the whole area stands an elevated altar.

He lets her look around the room and utters his explanation for some of its untidiness. "I'm sure you'll forgive me for not setting the table for dinner but I can give you something to eat before the time just the same if I find you hungry enough."

"Whatever," Katie muses with a little shrug of her little shoulders, unsure what he means. "What's that thing on the big pedestal in the middle of the room?"

"It's a small replica of the original Church of the Medieval Masters altar of sacrifice," he states proudly with a glint in his eye that she didn't see.

"Gee do they still sacrifice people at the altar like in the old days? I read about that in ancient history but I only got 44% and no pass in my final exams."

Reverend Rites laughs at the thought. "No my child, in modern times it's only for young maidens to sacrifice their innocence before the chosen ones of the church to witness so that in purity the young fair maiden can be exonerated from all evils and remain pure by taking the seed of life with the blessing of the Almighty Ruler. I keep the replica here only for times of private worship without the observance of the chosen ones as witness but otherwise it's as it always was in medieval times."

"Gee, that's cool, I didn't know that," says the naïve one looking more and more comely as minutes go by. In her mind though Katie's wondering what to do since the reverend isn't the kind of person she thought she'd meet up with on her very first fantasy assignment. So used to being flashily flirtatious around older men in crowded shopping malls and around her handsome uncle, she's suddenly a bit unsure of herself. A streak of doubt in the guise of fear runs through her mind for a moment as it occurs to her that maybe it's not so easy after all when put on the spot to pretend she's someone's she's not in front of this tall man bedecked in a black frock-like robe from neck to ankles with its golden chain tied around the waist to stop the garment from coming open. The size of the Roman sandals he wears suggests his feet are big, just like his hands.

He takes her by both hands and holds them outstretched towards him as he looks into her heavenly big blue eyes. Katie's face looks innocent enough as it is anytime but Angelo's handiwork makes her look more so with the fake freckles and the cheeky teeny bopper pigtails hairstyle. He looks quickly again at the way her big knob nipples poke out through the tissue paper thin silk. It could have been a sound from the pipe organ back in the church itself but Katie couldn't help but hear the reverend's righteous low groan and notice his lips twitch taking her youthful beauty into his thoughts. Beneath his long robe a pipe organ of the human kind acts as though it too, can visualise such cherubic naturalness.

Reverend Rites studies her just as she studies him. For him she looks like a gift from the gods. For her he's Lana's VIP big wheel in a church order Katie's never heard of and he's not just a big wig there he even looks big all over right in front of his cute little manna from heaven.

He's a celibate clergyman, a man of the cloth who's visualising little Katie unclothed, a rector hiding a brutal looking erection. Yet his voice is gentle as if he's about to pray.

"The gods have sent you to me," he announces firmly but tinged with warmth that a woman's sensitivity can feel. "You realise by your heavenly presence it behoves me to hear you beg for forgiveness for your mortal sins, and even angels have sinned so don't deny what the Church of the Medieval Masters knows must come to pass under the roof of worship."

"Gee, I didn't know..." Katie murmurs in a trailing tone.

"Praise the lord for putting you in my care so I can show you the way," he starts in a reciting voice.

"Did you know that once upon a time the gods came down from heaven to the earth in search of sex with pristine young women? The Church of Medieval Masters has no reason to disbelieve this since we know that the great Greek myths confirm that Eden after the Fall was a place of impatient gods and voluptuous young women such as you who now stand before me. And it was the mortal soul Mark Twain who wrote: 'The sweeter sex, the dearer sex, the lovelier sex was manifestly at its best, then, for it was even able to attract gods. Real gods. They came down out of heaven and had wonderful times with those hot young blossoms. The Bible tells about it."

It does indeed, in Genesis 6.

Little Katie stands looking at him totally bewitched, she's never heard such utterances in all her life. Now though, she's got the clue what to do.

"I've come to you pure and simple," she admits. "How can this angel expect forgiveness?" His eyes light up.

"First you must kneel before the altar and pledge to give your wholesomeness to the gods of love and forgiveness in me the servant of all that is in reach of temptation."

His command Katie obeys now she sees the light of opportunity getting stronger. The pocket princess, bemused earlier by his appearance and his religious outlook, listens to something her brain sends forth in a simple message to all her nerve ends: sensing sex. Oh my god, she thinks; he thinks that I think that what he's thinking is unthinkable and I never thought it in the first place. His stoic voice shatters her thoughts. "The gods will have it that you will flee the demons that secretly lurk within your soul if you tell me what I want to know. Stand up now and cast away your veil."

Katie pulls the silk garment up over her head and hands it to him. He kisses it and casts it aside, his eyes gloating on firm young flesh of apparent cherub-like proportions but without the wings of such angels. Her totally tanned body looks stunning to this man cloaked neck to toe in black and he licks his lips and clasps his 60 year-old hands together almost as if he's beside himself suffering temptation.

"You will tell me of your sins so I can cleanse your soul so that when the time comes you will return to heaven as an angel with wings," he booms. "Kneel and kiss the altar stone."

He looks down at her comparatively smallness and it makes him feel bigger than he is. "Now sit on the altar and face me so I can see in your face the truth I want to hear while your naked skin rests on the altar of virginal sacrifice."

He smiles as she obeys him again. She looks up at his dominant sized frame, well aware her face is level with his hips.

"Did you tremble at the brink of sexual awareness my child? "

"Yes, oh reverend one."

"What made you tremble?"

"The sight of a man's thing."

"Why did you tremble at that? "The Master of the Universe created it for young blossoms to take into their hearts and other places and so become women to enjoy in all fullness," he says as he gives another leering glance up and down her nude body.

"I trembled...trembled...because I couldn't help myself wanting to feel it for the first time." He forges a frown and seems to glare at her. "Forget not that the gods have sent you to me to get the truth and who doth be the man that show you this wonderful gift, was it your daddy?"

"No, it was my Uncle Zach but he was like a daddy."

"A big daddy?"

"I think so. I didn't know what's big then, it just looked thick as my wrist."

"Speak the truth my angel or incur the wrath of the gods if you lie. Why did you kiss it?"

"I didn't say that. I said it was big for me being little you know. All right then, I admit I kissed it because once my lips got that close I had to have more of it until I was slobbering unable to stop until..." The rector relishes her words and he feels it in his loins.

"Tell the truth my child, you sit before a sign of the Almighty of the Universe and you will not be granted wings back to heaven if you cannot perform a woman's task on earth."

Katie's wet inside wondering if she should make the move before he does but she knows from her uncle that older men are more erotic because they're never in a hurry and right now she's in the church man's court of conviction naked, delicious and under his thumb.

The rector's hidden erection is getting right up close to Katie's face as he steps in and tugs at the golden chain cord to loosen his robe. Katie finds herself staring at a bolt upright old man's erection jutting out between the slit in the robe, and making her blink because it looks just as energised as her uncle's when she first felt it back then.

"You swallowed his godly offering and allowed him to rub his majestic wand across your sweet little face to clean him up, yes?

"Yes...yes...everything, how could I forget? It was so quick I didn't know what was coming."

The churchman puts his big hands on her bare shoulders and squints. "Do not play games my little flower; I want only the truth of your sexual awakening to judge you. How do I know by the power within that you actually did what you describe in the season of your spring time when buds come out to flower and the breeze is gentle on your mind? Nymphets are known to tell such tall stories and I challenge you to prove your worth in my presence and so the lord giveth me the strength to judge you."

Before he can say another word Katie flings open his long black robe where it's split from the waist down and without taking a moment to stare any longer at the hardened horizontal edifice she wraps her warm moist red rose coloured lips around the head of it and starts sucking.

He stiffens suddenly and shouts, "Oh my god, bear witness that this little angel begs to be forgiven for doing things with her uncle before her time."

Silence reigns apart from the sound of heavy breathing. The clergyman looks down at Katie and all he sees is a teeny bopper look-alike supposedly close to 50 years his junior. He shuts his eyes and praises he lord yet again.

Katie works his shaft dreamily at first, pretending it's her first time when she stops and whispers aloud to him, "being my first time uncle, let me take my time and practice a bit longer, I love to learn how mums do it."

The dirty-minded god fearing Reverend Randy Rites lifts his head up and back, kissing the air. "Oh my god, that's good," he breathes aloud, sucking in another gulp as he glances down and watches her tongue sliding its way up the full length of his shaft and licking all around the head like a kid with an ice cream on a hot day. She's moving her tongue faster he can feel it so it must be hot. The real eroticism is not so much what she's doing because the ever righteous reverend has enjoyed such pleasures of the flesh from other of Lana's 18 year-olds in the past but as he gazes down at Katie it's obvious the greater sensation in his mind is the fantasy that she looks the real thing. Many a man can be cursed and go to hell for what he's thinking or for that look in his eye when he standing on a corner and watching such young things go by.

Katie may be little but she's big on giving pleasure. Her soft lips caress the very tip of his glans nibbling, sucking, licking and lapping making his tight balls ache as she cradles them like a baby as the big black cloaked tall man looks down lustily hoping he can last a bit longer because it's so good.

But like many a man he can't. Katie, naked tin pot small that she is, presents picture perfect to the man without a camera. Had he thought of it earlier he could have all those lasting memories. She's got her cute full lips firmly around the girth of his throbbing seven-inches of masculinity bobbing her head up and down faster and faster and faster and faster. Hearing him panting makes her try to go faster to make him cum, that's the power females like to exert over a man's weakness, their ribald passion when unleashed on a man's inability to take any more.

She knows it's close the way he suddenly grabs her head holding each side of her flared bushy pigtails and rips into a frenzied short thrusting face fuck that shoots a white stream of thick warm semen into her mouth within a minute. He emits a long groan and releases his grip on her head and takes big gulps of air. Katie wipes the excess stickiness from around her rose red lips with a teenage tongue that seems grateful and looks up at him with a sweet, innocent expression, the kind she knows an older man such as he would want to see.

"There, even girls my age can do it," she giggles girlishly at him.

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