Aerobatron (1985)


"You're asking the wrong guy. I will fuck just about anything that"—Spider glanced through the one-way mirror to see that the operating table was empty—"What the—"

Linda burst through the mirror, spraying broken glass across the room. She collided with Spider, bouncing his body off of the brick wall like a ping-pong ball.

"She's awake!" Estrado yelled, scrambling for his gun.

Estrado was hit with a hard kick to face that came seemingly out of nowhere. He flew across the room and crashed into a pile of medical equipment.

Spider stood up in a daze, holding his AK-47.

"Where the fuck did she go?!"

Linda popped up behind Spider and did a front flip, landing her thighs on his shoulders. She put him in a headlock between her legs and he suffocated under her grasp. Spider fell to his knees and dropped his gun, making awful gurgling noises.

Estrado fetched his Uzi and tried to hone in his aim on Linda.

"Hold still, god dammit!" Estrado yelled at Spider.

The irises of Linda's eyes lit up in a neon pink glow.

"Go to sleepy town," Linda said to Spider. She rotated her hips and snapped his neck. Spider fell lifelessly to the floor and Linda backflipped over to the door, crushing it open with a single kick.

Estrado fired his Uzi around the room, yelling like a maniac and emptying out an entire magazine of bullets. The room was filled with smoke and debris from the bullet-ridden walls. Linda was nowhere in sight.

Estrado ran into the hallway and dropped his jaw when he saw the pile of dead guards. Their bodies were scattered across the floor like a tornado had just blown through the building. He could hear the faint sounds of screams and cracking bones in the distance. Estrado rushed back into the lab to grab the telephone.

"Doctor, you need to get down here now! We got a problem! What kind of a problem?! Your aerobics instructor just went for a fucking jog!"

Estrado looked down at Spider's body on the floor and noticed that his trademark jacket was missing.


"Nice jacket!"


"Hey, hot stuff!"

"Aye Carumba!"

Linda heard a barrage of cat calls as she walked down a street in nothing but a red leather jacket. It was after midnight in the warehouse district and the city was alive with pimps and working girls and flamboyantly dressed street gangs.

The stocking and garter-clad prostitutes rolled their eyes in annoyance as Linda walked by them. Her naked ass and bush were on full display and her cleavage was bouncing under the partially unzipped jacket. She was distracting all of their potential Johns.

"Crazy slut."

"Who does she think she is?"

"She isn't going to last a minute out here."

Linda was in a daze as she tried to make sense of her surroundings. She had been running on pure instinct. Or was it programming? She had just killed her way out of hidden lab inside of an abandoned factory with no recollection of who she was or how she got there. There was something oddly satisfying in all of the bone crunching. The cries of pain. Thud of lifeless bodies as they hit the floor.

"Find your own corner, bitch!" one of the hookers threatened, getting in Linda's face. Linda looked back at the prostitute calmly and noticed a red target flashing around her head.

"Are you stupid or something? I said get lost!"

The hooker pressed the tip of her cigarette against Linda's collar bone. For nearly a minute the burning ember rested against Linda's skin, failing to leave so much as a mark.

Linda grabbed the hooker by the throat and lifted her into the air. She noticed that a gang of men was approaching so she tossed woman at them, knocking them all down to the sidewalk like bowling pins.

"Whoa!" all of the onlookers blurted. Linda's unexpected show of strength stopped every predatory creep on the streets dead in their tracks.

Linda walked over to prostitute and looked her in the eyes. The woman looked back up at Linda, trembling in fear. Linda pulled off her shoes and stepped into them. She continued to down the street, attracting even more attention with her new footwear.

"Want to have some fun?" a mysterious man asked Linda.

The man had been admiring her from a red Pontiac Trans Am, parked halfway up on the sidewalk. He had a white karate headband tied around his shaggy mullet.

"Want to have some fun?" Linda repeated his phrase back to him.

Linda admired the man's toned arms and his open vest that showed off his ripped pecs. A digital target circled his face, flashing in yellow.

"Potential threat," Linda said.

"I'm no threat, baby. I swear. Besides, you can take care of yourself," he said, nodding towards the pile of bruised and unconscious bodies on the sidewalk.

"Why don't you climb aboard? We'll go somewhere quiet. Hurry up," he insisted, pushing open the driver side door. "It ain't safe for you out here."

Linda climbed into the Trans Am and the car tires squealed as it off down the street.

"The name is Rico," he introduced himself.

Rico lit up a smoke and sped through a red light, causing the other cars to slam their brakes and skid off onto the sidewalk.

"You are one wild babe. Do you have a name?"

"I am one wild babe," Linda repeated.

"Okay, baby. You don't have to tell me your name. If you're game, I got friends waiting down the street. We all chipped in."

"Chipped in?"

"Yeah, we pooled our money for some poon-tang. What's your price?"

The jumble of words were starting to make more sense to Linda. She remembered "price". She remembered "poon-tang". She remembered the feeling that she would get when she sat next to a strong man in a fast car. This time the sexual urges were more intense. Overwhelming. She looked down at the leather seat and saw a puddle of her juices glistening between her legs and reflecting all of the passing city lights.

"No price," Linda said. "I just want to have fun."

"Well, that is what they say about girls," Rico said with a shrug. "Can I sample the merchandise?" he asked, glancing down at her lap.

"Yes," Linda replied. She didn't think twice about spreading her legs for him. It excited her almost much as the thought of cracking his neck, should she need to.

Rico reached into Linda's lap and she gasped in pleasure at his first touch. He massaged Linda's swollen labia, enjoying the steady flow of juices. He stepped on the gas and sped recklessly through traffic as she moaned and squirmed at his side.

"Damn, baby. You like this?"

"I like this," Linda assured him, closing her eyes to focus on the intense, throbbing pleasure.

Rico stroked her clit and took a drag of his cigarette, allowing the car to drift off into the opposing lane of traffic. Linda could barely handle the orgasmic waves that coursed through her body. Her thighs quivered and her stomach muscles clenched as the intense contractions overwhelmed her. Vehicles were skidding off the road to avoid collision with the Trans Am. Rico grabbed the wheel and turned back into the right lane while Linda caught her breath and calmed her shaking thighs.

"You sure got a short fuse. Are you game for more?"

"Much more," Linda assured him.

"Well, today is your lucky day. My guys are all dying to bust a nut or two."

Rico cranked the steering wheel and slammed on the brakes, skidding the car sideways to a dramatic halt. They were in a parking lot next to a boarded up brick building. A dim security light hung off the back of the building and cast a warm glow over the concrete.

A group of street punks came out of nowhere and approached the car, all of them shirtless and showing off their muscles. They were all wearing the same white bandana as Rico.

"Meet the rest of my crew. We're the Motor City Miyagis."

Linda surveyed the comically diverse street gang. There were black guys, white guys, Asian guys, Mexican guys, and even a Scottish guy, for some reason.

"What is a Miyagi?" Linda asked.

"Ain't you seen The Karate Kid?" a gang member asked her.

"We're all experts in Karate."

"And break dancing."

"And nunchucking."

"And that ain't all," Rico added with a wink.

He escorted Linda out of the car and the men dropped their jaws in surprise at the fact that she was naked from the waist down.

"Hey man, you get started without us?"

"That's wack!"

"You gotta share. It's the Miyagi way!"

"Aye. It looks like he's had a bit of fun with the wee lass!"

"Enough!" Rico silenced his crew. "I found her like this. This babe is just ready to go, that's all."

Rico helped Linda out of her leather jacket and the men ogled her breasts.

"You found her like this?"

"That's pretty spooky man."

"I like 'em spooky," one of the guys countered.

Linda looked out at the group of over twenty men and saw flashing yellow targets on all of their heads. Rico stood behind her and squeezed her tits, causing her to moan in pleasure.

"Don't worry, baby. I won't let these animals get out of line. We just want to have some fun is all," Rico assured her.

Rico's cock throbbed beneath his jeans as he pressed against Linda's ass. She felt strong sexual vibrations pulsing through her entire body as Rico played with her nipples and kissed her on the neck.

"She's ready to go alright," a gang member confirmed, reaching between her legs. He ran a hand up her thigh and her juices trickled over his fingers.

The gang crowded around her and helped themselves to a feel. Linda had hot breath on her skin and tough hands working over her tits and her butt. She gasped in surprise as wet fingers pushed their way inside her vagina and her asshole.

The men in front of her dropped their pants and stroked their hard cocks. Linda looked out into a crowd of tempting erections. She grabbed two dicks like ski poles, stroking them and admiring their impressive girth. She was pushed down onto her knees and a crowd of hard cocks surrounded her head. They rubbed their dicks against her face and slapped her on the forehead. The precum was oozing from the heads of their cocks and the smell flooded her nostrils, driving her wild with lust.

Rico pushed his way in front to be the first one to claim her mouth. Linda watched in suspense as Rico unzipped his jeans and pulled out a huge veiny cock. She opened wide and allowed her throat to get stuffed. The fingers continued to penetrate her from behind and release a trickle of liquid down her legs while she sucked Rico's dick. She felt the thick, swollen head of his cock pushing all the way into the back of her throat.

Rico held onto Linda's hair and shoved his cock into her throat over and over again, surprised at how unfazed she was. He fucked her face for as long as he could handle it and groaned in pleasure as he climaxed. He shot a big hot load down her throat and pulled out to splatter the last few spurts across her face. Linda slurped up every last drop from the head of his penis.

The other men took their turn, shoving their meat in Linda's mouth and groaning in pleasure as her throat-spit flowed down their shafts and onto their scrotums.

"Damn, you are balls deep, brother!"

"I think she likes it."

"She doesn't like it. She loves it!"

While the men in front took turns throat-fucking her, Linda could feel the pressure of Rico's girthy cock head pushing into her pussy from behind. The irises of Linda's eyes started to glow with increasing intensity. The throbbing pleasure was kicking her into hypermode.

"Check out those eyes."

"Rico, you picked up a fucking alien, man."

"Nah, those are just some freaky contacts," Rico assured them. "Like that Thriller video."

She reached out for hard dicks and throated them one after another. The men quickly forgot their concerns and groaned in pleasure as she worked over their cocks like a machine. Everyone had her throat spit dangling off of their erections.

Linda brought the next guy to orgasm by sucking on his balls and jerking his dick over her face. He ejaculated onto Linda's forehead. She enjoyed the feel of warm semen trickling down to the bridge of her nose and dangling off of her eyebrows. The rest of the men spewed their loads soon after, covering Linda's face in a spider web of semen. Rico groaned from behind and Linda felt hot spurts of cum coating her womb. Rico pulled out and let the rest of his men have their turn.

Linda leaned into the men behind her, encouraging them to pound into her with all of their strength. In addition to the cock in her pussy, she felt another cock spreading her tight asshole and she gasped in surprise. They fucked her aggressively in her ass and pussy, causing droplets of semen to fall from her face and splatter onto the parking lot pavement.

Linda felt them spurting their hot loads inside of her only to be replaced by the next guys in rotation. The men that weren't fucking her jacked off on the sidelines and approached as they neared orgasm, glazing her with jizz. The Miyagis couldn't get enough of their new fuck toy. They crowded around both sides, fucking her ass and pussy and throat as many times as they wanted. They shot load after load all over her face and tits and ass.

"Damn, Rico. Where the hell did you find this one?"

"She got a sister?"

"—or a mother?"

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna nut on her face again."

"I'm going to fill up that pussy."

"I'm gonna cum in her ass! Ahhhh, fuuuuck!"

Linda was covered head to toe in semen and it poured out of every hole. She stroked their cocks back to a full mast, even after they came twice.

"I never thought I'd say this, but I think I'm good," one of the guys insisted.

Linda's eyes glowed with intensity and she grabbed his dick. Her hand vibrated in a rapid rhythm and the poor guy watched in amazement as she jerked the life right back into his tired cock.

"Ohhh shiiiit!" he yelled. His voice vibrated like he was sitting on a washing machine during a spin cycle.

His load splattered onto Linda's face. She stuck out her tongue to catch a flood of semen as it dripped down from her nose and onto her lips. She reached out for more cocks and found them pulling away from her.

"Fuck this, I'm outta here!"

"Me too, man!

"Bitch is gonna fuck us to death!"

"I got kids to feed!"

One by one, the Miyagis scattered across the parking lot to escape Linda. The sound of an approaching helicopter startled everyone and they were temporarily blinded by a spotlight. The men scrambled to pull up their pants as an onslaught of headlights approached.

They were surrounded. Vehicles screeched to a halt around the perimeter. Striker was at the head of the group. He dismounted his motorcycle and raised an arm to signal his team of mercenaries into formation.

Rico popped open the trunk of his Trans Am and blew through his fingers to make a high-pitched whistling noise.

"Miyagis, mount up!"

The Miyagis bum-rushed the Trans Am, pulling out a huge stash of wooden bo staffs, steel sais, and chrome-studded nunchucks. Linda was still on all fours, struggling to scan all of the incoming vehicles through the semen that was dripping down over her eyelids.

"Stand down or there will be trouble," Striker warned the Miyagis.

"Oh yeah? You're the ones who are gonna have trouble, pal!" Rico warned as his men lined up behind him. "No one comes on Miyagi turf and tells us what to do!"

"We just want the girl. Everyone else is free to go," Striker offered.

"No deal! We found her first!" Rico replied. "Don't worry, baby," he assured Linda. "We ain't going to hand you over without a fight."

Rico heard the sounds of sharp metal objects whizzing past his ears and raised his nunchucks in defense.

"Ahrg!" the Scottish guy yelled out, pulling a ninja star out of his forearm.

A wave of ninja stars flew through the parking lot and the Miyagis crouched down. They blocked the attack with their weapons, knocking what they could to the ground. Some of the razor sharp stars were left embedded in the wooden staffs and nunchucks to be used in the counter attack.

"Charge!" Rico commanded.

The Miyagis ran forward to face an unknown enemy. Men dressed up in ninja suits flipped around in circles, downing Miyagi after Miyagi with kicks to the head and ninja stars to the chest. The sounds of fists colliding with faces and swords clashing with sais echoed through the parking lot.

"Fight to the last man!" Rico commanded.

One of the Miyagi's shoved his sai into a ninja's throat, spraying a geyser of blood into the air. Another Miyagi planted his staff on the ground and flipped over a group of attacking ninjas only to land chest first into the business end of a katana sword.

A swarm of ninja's descended on Rico. He cracked their skulls with his nun-chucks and sent them crashing to the pavement. Each ninja he clobbered was quickly replaced with two more until he was completely overwhelmed and buried in a pile of cheap, black polyester.

"Get out of here!" Rico yelled out to Linda as his face disappeared under the pile up.

Linda wiped her eyelids and her targeting system managed to cut through the carnage of the battle. She focused in on Striker. The face was familiar to her. The spiky blonde buzz cut. The eye patch. The jaw, chiseled from stone. She was flooded with anger, yet there was no red target indicating danger. There was no target at all.

With Striker's ninjas distracted by the Miyagis, Linda darted over to the nearby building in her heels and jumped on top of a dumpster. She reached for the brick wall and felt her hand suction against securely. She climbed up the wall, amazed at the way her hands stuck to the brick on impact.

Striker saw her scaling the building and honed his aim. A barrage of bullets from his Uzi exploded against the wall around Linda, dusting her with brick fragments. She climbed over the ledge of the roof and Striker held his position on the ground, waiting to see if his accomplice could finish the job.

Linda was surprised to see a short, stout man in a lab coat waiting for her on top of the roof. A helicopter was parked nearby with propellers spinning.

"I come in peace," Dr. Fritz assured her in a slight German accent with his hands in the air.

"Want to have some fun?" Linda asked him. Her naked body was still drenched in semen. She wiped her brow, sending an audible splatter of cum onto her heels.

"You must be very confused and frightened," the doctor began, stepping cautiously towards her. "I see that you are enjoying your upgraded body. You haven't seen anything yet. There is so much more that you can do. Let me show you. Come to me. Give me your hand. Don't be afraid."

"Who am I?" Linda asked.

Her expression turned vulnerable for the first time since she awoke from her coma. The pink glow in her eyes dimmed as the doctor approached her. There was no target on his head and his voice was strangely familiar. She felt like he could be a friend.

"You are my daughter."

"Daughter?" she asked, confused by the lack of resemblance.

"That is correct. You were born only a few days ago. I equipped you to survive in a dangerous world. Now give me your hand and I promise that I can help you find your way home."

A tear fell down Linda's cheek. She reached out to the doctor but was distracted by the sounds of grappling hooks anchoring into the roof. A team of ninjas ascended the ropes and climbed over the ledge.

"Wait! You fools!" the doctor yelled, but it was too late.

Linda ran at the oncoming men and leapt into a flying kick. She slammed her heel into ninja's face and sent him flying back over the ledge with her shoe lodged in his forehead. Another ninja took a swing at her and she kicked the heel of her other shoe through his eyeball.

"Ouch," the doctor said with a cringe. He watched the scene unfold with conflicting feelings of pride and terror.

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