Aevon Calling


“Easy, baby. Let me do it for you,” whispered Sheryl. She knew that if she could make this red-hot little fuck-bunny have an orgasm from an ass rimming she would be her slave to do with as she pleased.

The hot pussy hole remained open, slightly distended from the finger-fuck. Sheryl slipped two fingers into the gushing orifice and scooped out a dollop of clear lube. She transferred it up to the wet anal pucker and rubbed the tip of her finger around the little ring of muscle. Laura groaned and pushed back, trying to get her new friend to put her finger inside.

“Oh please, Sheryl! Please, please put your finger in! I can’t wait to feel you inside my ass!” Laura whined.

“OK, doll. Don’t cry. Here it comes!”

As she pressed the red-tipped finger into the center, the ring slowly stretched and her finger slid deep inside the blonde housewife’s virgin rectum. Laura’s face was pressed against the sheets as she reached back with both hands and held her perfect ass cheeks spread wide for the brunette Aevon lady. She thrust back, humping the finger like it was a cock. As Sheryl pulled out, the slick rectal walls clung to her finger and squeezed it hard. Sheryl slid it back in as far as she could and wiggled it around, tickling the inside of her ass. She saw that lubrication was pouring from the girl’s pussy so fast it was running down the insides of her silken thighs and dripping from the shaved slit in strings. Pulling her finger out she leaned closer and ran her tongue from the weeping pussy hole up the soaking ass crack, stopping to lick the throbbing anal pucker. Laura had let go of her ass cheeks and was clutching the bed sheets in her fists and moaning as Sheryl probed the entrance. She made her tongue rigid and forcing it past the muscle into the hot sweet tunnel, rotating her tongue inside the whimpering blonde’s ass, using the tip to lick the smooth walls. She began a steady thrusting, pumping the tongue in and out, tongue-fucking her sexy ass.

“Oh, no…oh, no…you’re fucking me in the ass with your tongue! Oh GOD, that’s so dirty! Don’t stop…oh please don’t stop fucking me with your tongue!” babbled Laura as she fucked back against the drooling mouth. Saliva and pussy juice soaked the bed sheet beneath them.

As she probed the anal tunnel with her tongue, Sheryl slid two fingers into the dripping pussy channel and stroked Laura’s g-spot. Within seconds the blonde was gasping out another orgasm, pussy juice literally squirting from her slit and onto Sheryl’s face. The unexpected treat dripped from her chin and splashed on her tits, and Sheryl swallowed as much of the hot liquid as she could catch in her open mouth. The conquered blonde collapsed on the bed, twitching and jerking. As her orgasm subsided her gasps turned to sobs, and Sheryl held her gently and stroked her hair.

When she could catch her breath Laura looked up into the woman’s deep blue eyes and said softly, “I think I’m in love with you, Sheryl.”

“And I love you too, darling,” she responded.

Laura placed her sweet mouth next to Sheryl’s ear and whispered, “You can do anything you want with me.”

Sheryl kissed her little slave on the lips and said, “I have another treat for you if you think you can handle it.”

“Oh, yes, Sheryl. Anything you want! I can’t wait!” she eagerly replied.

Sheryl went into her case and took out a velvet bag and a small bottle. Opening the bag, she withdrew a fifteen-inch long double-headed dildo made of soft flexible silicone plastic. It had realistic cock heads at both ends. She smiled lasciviously at Laura as she held it up.

“Do you it like, dear?”

“Mmm, yes. Are you going to fuck me, darling?” Laura asked hopefully.

“We’re going to fuck each other at the same time, sweetie. Let’s get it nice and wet.”

Sheryl put one end in her mouth and sucked on it like she was giving a blowjob. After watching a while Laura took the other end into her mouth and they both sucked and licked the plastic cock. Then Laura pulled it out of their mouths and opened the little bottle, squirting slippery lubricant all over the double dong. She spread her legs and squirted it on her hairless pussy, rubbing the lube all over her crotch. Placing the head of the faux fucker at her dripping slit, she worked the dildo into her pussy. After swallowing about six inches, she slid it in and out, fucking herself in front of Laura’s staring eyes.

“Get up on your knees, baby,” Sheryl urged the panting woman.

Laura got on all fours and stuck her ass in the air, ready for whatever Sheryl wanted. Sheryl squeezed the bottle and covered her lover’s whole ass with slippery fluid, spreading it around and rubbing it into her ass crack and over her pussy lips. Then she got on all fours herself, facing the other way. The dildo was sticking out of her pussy and hanging down, and she backed up until her smooth ass cheeks were close to Laura’s. She reached down between her thighs and grabbed the dangling dick, then rubbed it around in Laura’s wide-open slit. Laura moaned and humped back as Sheryl fitted the head against the blonde girl’s gushing pussy hole and pushed it in. Inch by inch it slid into her hungry canal. When it was well inside, she let go and continued back until they were ass to ass.

The two beautiful women began to move back and forth, the dildo moving in and out a few inches each time. When they pushed back it was buried so deep in their twats that barely an inch showed between their wet behinds. Their buttocks slipped and slid against each other, adding to the pleasure. Wanting even more stimulation, Laura reached back and stuck a finger into her own ass, and Sheryl reached between her own legs and rubbed her buzzing clit. Now the naked duo were humping faster, each stimulating herself while getting her pussy reamed by the fat dildo. Juice poured from their stuffed pussies, running down their thighs and soaking the sheets further.

The room was filled with the lovely sounds of the two girls moaning and gasping, approaching a wonderful mutual orgasm. They were smeared from head to toe with the musky scent of their overheated pussies. Their moans turned to screams and gasps as they came together, both ejaculating from the force of the climax, each squirting sweet female fluid onto her lover’s backside and thighs as they smacked their asses together. When it was over they lay with their arms and legs intertwined, kissing and petting, sucking tongues while stroking and patting their tingling shaved pussies.

Laura had discovered a wonderful new world of love and sexual desire, and Sheryl had won a devoted love slave. They both knew that untold pleasures awaited them in each other’s arms.

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