tagNovels and NovellasAffair of the Heart Ch. 10

Affair of the Heart Ch. 10


Beth and Nancy had planned quite a party. It was originally supposed to be a bridal shower for Sophie. However when the two learned that the young couple lived together, the party plans changed. Instead of the ladies only bridal luncheon, it became a backyard barbecue and pool party for couples. Because the young couple's home was in Massachusetts, Nancy had to do the actual work with long distance help from Beth. The two women talked for hours on the phone planning it out. They grew closer and closer as they did, cementing a bond they created that night.

Beth was looking forward to the party and had even bought a new bikini for the occasion. She had a new found confidence and she was sure she was going to turn some heads. Beth took her time getting ready for the party. She just couldn't decide how to show off her new bikini. Should she wear the net sweater and sarong or should she wear just the sarong, or should she wear the pink sundress. She finally decided on the net sweater and Sarong. She wanted to have just the right effect on a certain someone.

The day of the party was perfect. It was sunny and warm, just right for a party. Every one showed ready for a good time and a cooling dip. Most of the guests were close friends of Matt's and Sophie's so there was a lot of young people there. That also meant that there was a lot of skin showing.

John was discreetly watching Beth as she walked out into the backyard and over to one of the deck chairs. Despite all the young women around, he watched intently as she removed her net sweater and sarong. When he caught sight of her new barely there bikini he dropped the beer that was in his hand, as his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"She sure is a looker, isn't she" he heard one of the young men remark.

"Shh, that's Sophie's mom."

"Shit, you're kidding me."

John barely noticed someone cleaning up the bottle he had dropped. His eyes followed Beth's every move as she spread suntan oil over her body. It seemed like she was the only person here. He could feel his cock growing inside his shorts. He wanted her and he wanted her bad. Neither one paid much attention to the mingling crowd around them. A few were in the pool. Branndon and Matt were tending the grill. Sophie seemed occupied by a group of her friends. Nancy directed the new arrivals to the table that had been set up for gifts.

Beth could feel his eyes on her. She loved what her slow methodic movements were doing to him. She could feel him making love to her in her mind. She wanted more. She needed more. She wanted him. She needed him. She got up and walked towards the pool house. She acted like she was looking for one of the beach balls but she knew he would follow her. She was just waiting for him.

He came up behind her and put his hands on her hips. "Hey sexy" he whispered. She turned to him and their mouths claimed each other in a fiery passionate kiss. Beth knew were this was going and she loved it. She was getting just the kind of attention she wanted.

"Beth, I need, I need your touch, my soul.....my very being aches for you" he whispered.

"I know John, but we need to take things easy, Both Branndon and Nancy are here", she whispered.

"But babe, what are we going to do? I NEED, you, I wanna feel your lips on my cock," he urged.

"I think I can handle that", she whispered as she undid his pants and pulled them down letting his cock spring free. Then she knelt in front of him and expertly put her lips around the head of his fully erect cock. She began sucking him fast and hard. It surprised her that she wanted him just as bad. She sucked eagerly at his cock. She sucked up and down, pausing to swirl her tongue around the head. She gently cupped his balls as she sucked. She could feel the desire in her growing with every movement of her head, hands and mouth.

Beth could feel her juices beginning to flow. Her bikini bottom was soaked. She rubbed her hand against her crotch. She didn't care how or where but she had to have him and she had to have him now. She moaned around his cock as her body was rocked to the core by a raging orgasm. This was followed by squirt after squirt of his warm, creamy, cum.

"Babe, I gotta have you inside me" she whispered as a dribble of cum lingered on her lip.

Just then Sophie came looking for her mom. She knocked discreetly at the pool house door.

"Mom, are you in there", Sophie called.

Beth stuck her head out the door. "What do you need, dear" she replied.

"The bakery just called apparently there was a mix-up at the bakery; they can't deliver the cake as promised. Somebody is going to have to go and get it," Sophie declared.

"Oh, this isn't good, I will just have to go get it and boy I when I get there"......she trailed off.

"I better go with you," John volunteered. "You know, keep your temper in check. Plus I know the way."

Beth walked over to the deck chair and hurriedly put on her sweater and sarong she then dashed into the house and grabbed her purse. John followed close behind.

John jumped in the driver's seat of Beth's Dodge Caliber and she quickly got in the passenger seat. She was fit to be tied and was already fuming as John started the car.

"They assured us no problem when we ordered this cake, and now look we have to leave the party, leave our guests and our fun and head out and get this cake," Beth declared.

"Beth.....really it's alright," John tried to calm her down.

"No, it's not. I knew we should have ordered it from Carlo's Bakery," Beth stated.

"But, that's clear in New Jersey," John answered.

"Well, at least Buddy would have delivered the cake and got it there on time," Beth raged.

"Beth, babe, please, calm down.It's nothing really," John insisted.

"Oh, I am going to give them a piece of my mind," Beth fumed.

John had heard enough. He wanted no more of Beth's temper. He had been trying to calm her down since they got in the car and nothing he said was working. He knew just what to do. He pulled over and stopped the car. He leaned over and claimed her mouth with his. He probed at her lips until she allowed his tongue to slip between them.

He moved his hands up underneath her sweater and felt her nipples through her bikini top. He rubbed at them until they became hard little nubs. He broke the kiss long enough to pull her net sweater over her head. He then reached behind her and undid the clasp of her skimpy little top and lowered his head to one of her hard nipples. He lightly teased it with his tongue, while his fingers played with the other one.

All Beth could do was lay back and enjoy. She became like putty at his touch and laid back and moaned with the pleasure that his touch was creating in her. She could feel her temper easing as her desire began to grow all over again.

John began placing light kisses down her belly. He got to the waist where her sarong was lightly tied and slowly loosened it. He then pulled it back on each side to expose the bottoms of her skimpy bikini. He noticed the growing wet spot as he did so. This excited him. He slipped his hand under the waist band and effortlessly he pulled them down. Slowly he found her clit. He ran his fingers over it again and again, making Beth moan relentlessly. He was teasing her and she knew it. She felt another orgasm building within her. She moaned loudly as it rocked her entire body.

"Oh baby, it feels so good."

And all the while John kept fingering her clit. He then slipped one finger inside her. Her juices were coating his finger as he slipped yet another one into her. He then lowered his head to her mound. He alternated between fingering and licking her pussy, sending the pleasing sensation running through her body once again. She put both hands on his head and pushed him into her.

"Oh God, I'm cumming again!"

But John wasn't done there. He eased her seat back as far as it would go and moved it into the reclining position. He then undid his shorts and eased them down. He carefully moved so that he was over her and positioned the head of his cock at the opening of her sopping wet pussy. He could see her juices running down her legs. Once again he moved his hands back to her nipples and started teasing them. He was now teasing her at both ends. He was running his cock back and forth over her clit as he lightly fingered first one nipple then the other.

Beth didn't want the pleasure to end. But she had to have him; she had to have him inside her. She let him continue teasing her until her body tensed and she came again.

"Wow, three powerful orgasms. A girl could get used to this," she thought.

John looked deep into her eyes as he brought all the teasing to a sudden halt. Beth knew what was about to come and she was ready for it. She was so ready for it. She lifted her hips to meet John's thrust. He began slowly pounding into her, rocking the car as well as Beth's world.

"Cum with me, babe. Fill me up," Beth urged.

She met him thrust for thrust until both of them erupted in powerful orgasms and John shot his seed deep into her body and her juices coated his cock. They laid there holding each other until their breathing returned to normal. Then they quickly got dressed again.

"Better now, babe, calmed down?" he whispered.

"You bet", she whispered as she kissed his check.

"Good, now let's go get that cake," he stated.

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