tagNovels and NovellasAffair of the Heart Ch. 14

Affair of the Heart Ch. 14


"Life was good," thought John as he sat on the deck of his summer house on Lake Cayuga. From where he was seated he could see Nancy and Beth sun bathing on the rocks below. Both were topless and wearing only the smallest of bikini bottoms. Less than a year ago his life took a dramatic change. He finally met Beth, a woman he had carried on a long distance affair for over 20 years. Now the two of them had found it difficult to keep themselves apart. More amazing was the reaction of their spouses, Nancy and Branndon. Both seemed to have accepted the affair and actually wanted to take part in it.

Nancy especially seemed to accept it. She found Branndon and Beth to be great people and had grown close to Beth. She lost weight, toned up and never looks so good. She even became more interested in sex again. She seemed happier and more confident than she been in a long time.

John looked over at Branndon. He had noticed that he had been spending a little more time talking with Nancy this week. He also noticed a few looks and touches that passed between them. ,"Perhaps," he thought, "Were the two of them? Hmm"

Branndon said, "You know, we are pretty lucky guys. Just look at those two, and both ours."

John nodded and he was pretty sure by that statement that if it hadn't happened yet, Branndon certainly wanted it to.

Nancy came up the stairs, her breasts swaying gently from side to side. She was carrying a tray with glasses that Beth and she were using.

Branndon jumped up. "Here, let me help you."

"Thank you," Nancy replied, handing the tray to him. He followed her in to the house.

Beth came up the stairs and John grabbed her arm.

"Hey," Beth said laughing as she spun into him.

"Shh," John whispered. "Come with me." He took her hand and led her to one of the windows. "Look."

Nancy was bending over, putting some dishes in the washer. Branndon was standing behind her. He moved closer and grounded his crotch into her ass. Nancy pushed back. She stood up as Branndon grasped her breasts. She sighed as he kissed her neck.

"Wow," Beth whispered. "Did you know?"

"I suspected it."

Nancy turned around. Branndon dropped his hands and cupped her ass. They kissed passionately. Nancy pressed into him, moving her hips against him.

Beth took John's hand. "Come on, let's go."

The two moved away from the window, out of earshot.

"Do you think they have, you know," whispered Beth.

"I don't know but if not, they want to. How do you feel about it?" John asked.

Beth moved John's hand to her crotch. He could feel her wetness. She knew how John felt as she rubbed his erect cock.

"What should we do?"

Beth kissed John lightly. "Let me take care of it" With that she walked into house.

"Hey Nancy," she yelled turning into the kitchen. She saw the two quickly move apart. Branndon walked away but not before Beth could see the tent in front of his pants. Nancy's nipples were hard and standing out. She was blushing.

"You coming back out?" Beth asked.

"Sure, sure," Nancy quickly answered. "Want something to drink?"

Nancy went down to the deck where Beth was sitting. She sat next to her.

Beth decided to get right to the point. "So, you want my husband?"

Nancy turned bright red. "What are you saying?"

Beth spun in her seat and took Nancy's hand. "Don't worry. I saw you two in the kitchen."

"And you don't care?"

"Yes, I care. I think you should do it. After all you let me have John."

"I don't know," Nancy replied, shaking her head.

Beth looked into Nancy's eyes. She moved her hands up so she was cupping Nancy's breasts. She kissed her on the lips. Nancy opened her mouth to allow Beth's tongue to enter. The two women kissed passionately.

"Why did you do that?" Nancy asked as they broke their kiss.

"I never thanked you for being so understanding. You know I love John and you have allowed me to. Now it is obvious that you would like to have Branndon, isn't it?"

Nancy lowered her head. "It is that obvious?"

"Oh yes. I have an idea that might just solve our problem."

At supper time the girls suggested that they watch movies. They said that the men could pick one movie and they another. They flipped a coin and the men won. They elected to go first.

They watched an action movie while they ate. The girls weren't enthusiastic about the violence and joked about the movie. After finishing the movie, they folded out the convertible sofa so they could stretch out. Beth put the movie in.

They cozied up n the bed. The girls lay between the guys, Beth next to John and Nancy next to Branndon. The evening had cooled from the heat of the summer day. Everyone was dressed in shorts and t-shirts so the girls pulled a light blanket over the group. With a smile, Nancy hit the play button on the remote.

When the movie started Branndon's face turned red and he tried to grab the remote from Nancy. She flipped it to Beth.

"Hey, remember the deal." Beth said. "You made us watch your movie now you watch ours."

She explained that the movie was a female fantasy made by women for women, a porno made to appeal to women's romantic fantasy side. "It's only fair," Nancy added.

As the movie played, Branndon and John made jokes and wisecracks, like the girls did during theirs but soon they stopped. It was becoming clear that Beth and Nancy were becoming aroused.

When Beth shifted position slightly and pulled the blanket up to cover his hand, John took the cue and moved his hand down her belly and under the waistband of her shorts. When his fingers touched her pussy, they found a pool of wetness. He dipped his fingers in her juices, and then rubbed her clit slowly.

He was so totally focused on pleasing Beth than it wasn't until he heard Nancy moan that he turned to look. He saw Nancy rubbing an erect nipple through her shirt while Branndon rubbed the other. She had slid her hand over to his thigh and pushed it under the leg of his shorts. John rubbed Beth's clit with renewed vigor. She moaned loudly, making no attempt to hide her pleasure.

Possibly without realizing it, Beth reached over and grabbed Nancy's thigh. Nancy had undone Branndon's shorts and was stroking his cock. With her other hand, she guided Beth's hand under her shorts to play with her pussy.

At that moment, Beth came. "Oh yes, oh baby yes", she moaned. She pushed her pussy against his hand. Her juices covered his hand.

Nancy had turned on her side and took Branndon's cock in her mouth. She stroked it with her hand while her tongue circled the head.

"Oh God, I'm going to come," Branndon growled.

She just sucked him deeper into her throat and then swallowed his cum as he came.

All four of them now stripped off their remaining clothing. Nancy pushed Branndon flat on the bed. She straddled his face and rested her dripping pussy on it.

Beth climbed on top of John. His cock slid smoothly into her and she rode him like Nancy was riding Branndon's face. The two girls began to match rhythm. Suddenly Nancy reached over, put her hand behind Beth's head and kissed. Beth could taste the saltiness of Branndon's cum on Nancy's lips. She licked it off then forced her tongue into Nancy's mouth.

It didn't take Nancy long to cum. She broke their kiss and screamed out, "Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" She pressed her pussy to Branndon's and came all over it. Branndon's face was covered with her juices, leaving it shiny and wet. Nancy collapsed on the bed, panting

Branndon's cock had recovered and he was looking for more. John pulled Beth flat against him and spread her ass cheeks. Branndon smiled his approval and moved behind her. He spied some lubricant in the pocket of the sofa and smeared it over his swollen cock. John held Beth's ass cheeks apart as he worked his cock into her tight ass.

When he was fully in, the two men settled into a rhythm. Beth began making noises somewhere between a moan and a scream. Orgasms began to sweep over her, each one getting stronger. She had never felt so full. She could feel the movements of each cock through the thin wall that separated them.

Sweat was beading up on her body. Suddenly her eyes widened and she was overcome by the most intense orgasm she ever experienced. It felt like nothing else she ever felt. She screamed out, "Oh my God, I'm cumming, Oh My God!' So intense was it, her fingers ripped the sheets on the mattress.

The power of her cumming triggered both men and they came together, filling both her holes with their cum.

Beth collapsed on John's chest as Branndon pulled his limp cock out of her ass. He too collapsed on the bed. Nancy had recovered from her ordeal and she wanted more. She quickly went to kitchen and returned with a warm wash cloth. She tenderly washed Branndon's cock and when it was clean took him into her mouth. He began to respond and grew hard again.

He lifted her up and put her on the bed. He wasted no time and plunged into her pussy. He lifted her legs and began thrusting hard and deep.

The sight of Branndon pumping Nancy caused John to grow hard again. He rolled Beth onto her back and entered her. She moaned softly as he moved in and out slowly, at a pace that he could keep all night. The pace picked in speed and soon Beth was on the verge of coming again. She looked into his eyes.

"Cum in me, my love. Fill me up," she moaned.

As her body shook from her orgasm, she dug her fingers into his ass cheeks, pushing him deeper. Next to her, Nancy was shrieking from her own orgasm. John and Branndon were pounding the girls' pussies. John groaned and came in Beth's pussy, filling it so full that cum trickled out and down her crack. Branndon followed seconds later, filling Nancy with his come.

The two men were totally emptied but the girls wanted more. They rolled so they faced each other and began kissing frantically. Their hands caressed their bodies finally reaching each other's pussy. They found their clits and began to rub them. Beth stuck two fingers into Nancy causing her to moan loudly. She then some of Branndon's cum and smeared it on Nancy's breasts. Lowering her head, she began to lick it off. Nancy pushed Beth's head against her as she came.

With total in her eyes, Nancy crawled between Beth's legs and pushed them apart. She found Beth's clit and began licking, sucking it. Beth began writhing in ecstasy as multiple orgasms swept over. She felt she had lost control and let the feeling envelope her.

The sight of Nancy's face buried in Beth's pussy and her ass moving in the air caused John to get hard again. He moved behind her and with the combination of another man's cum and her own juices, he entered her easily.

Nancy stopped eating Beth and looked back. "I want it in my ass. Fuck my ass, now," she demanded.

Without waiting to be told twice, John pulled out and pushed against her opening. His hard cock slid into her tight ass causing her to moan into Beth's pussy.

Branndon now moved near Beth's face and he positioned himself there. Beth grabbed his cock and placing her mouth around it, totally engulfed it. Now all four surrendered themselves to pleasing each other and their lovers. The sound of love making filled the room.

Branndon came first, spewning his cum into Beth's mouth. As his warm sperm entered her mouth, Beth came in a soul tearing orgasm. Her cumming caused Nancy to follow close behind, pushing her tongue deep into Beth. Nancy's ass clenched around John's cock and he filled her ass with his cum.

The four of them were totally sated. They crawled on to the bed and pulled the blanket over their sweaty, exhausted bodies.

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