tagRomanceAffairs of the Heart Ch. 02

Affairs of the Heart Ch. 02


Special thanx to our editor and friends that have enjoyed our stories. I want to add that these stories are not to be taken too seriously - they are fantasies after all. We hope you enjoy the second half of our romance! Mulls and I look forward to more fantasy fun in the near future!


With the setting sun, the woods became darker and harder to navigate, but Lynn had Jake holding her hand and helping her along after their heart racing, earth shaking, soul shattering moment that had left both of them dazed and at odds with their feelings. Both knew what they had done couldn't have been helped, but it was wrong on so many levels it made Lynn's head spin. Her panties were warm and sticky with Jake's cum, reminding her with each step that she would have to sneak off, shower and hide that pair until she could reach the laundry. Not that Eric would pay much attention to anything she did.

She gripped Jake's hand harder as they neared the exit and entrance to the real world again.

"Jake." She whispered and gave his hand a little tug.

He stopped and turned to her, his face shadowed in the dim light. She let out a soft sigh, her voice low.

"I feel like I should apologize or something."

"Don't." He told her firmly, his big hands cupping her face and tilting it up.

He leant in close so she could see his face, their eyes locking and breaths mingling.

"Don't Lynn we both wanted it. It was wonderful. You're wonderful. Don't forget that, okay?"

She sniffed and nodded, letting out a soft moan as he covered her mouth for one last kiss. She wanted to lean into him, wrap herself around him again, but resisted. Only letting her mouth savor the kiss before they both pulled away, breathless and on the verge of trembling.

"Jesus." He mumbled, shaken by the depth of his attraction and feelings.

She nodded in agreement and tried not to let dread crawl up her throat. She prayed Maria was still napping or too busy to notice anything different. She felt as though a big sign was posted on her forehead that somehow, someway, she would just know and hate her for it. She was a sweet girl, had fast been becoming a good friend and in a strange way, she really didn't give a rip about Eric's feelings. But Maria had done nothing to her.

"They'll be wondering if we don't move." He told her, his voice gruff.

She knew he didn't want to go back either, but was resigned to the fact. She nodded and smoothed her hands down her pants.

"Okay let's go. I'm ready."


As they walked out of the trees into the clearing Jake looked up, the log cabin before him. He could see several lights on illuminating over the blanket of darkness that fell over the forest whilst a steady spiral of smoke filtered into the cold night air from the open fire, a lump appearing in Jake's throat as he walked behind Lynn. Running his hand through his hair, he sucked in a deep breath of air, calming his nerves, knowing he daren't give anything away, a sudden pang of guilt spread through him. In the past he had not always been faithful yet in this situation he felt far more tense than he ever had previously, his illicit feelings not just for another woman, but his brothers wife. Following Lynn up the wooden steps he tried to remain calm and collected as they reached the kitchen door.

The warmth of the building hit him immediately, the crackle and fizz of the logs on the fire giving a cozy feel to the forest retreat. Sensing the door open Maria jumped up from the couch, running through the kitchen, a delicious smile spreading across her face.

"Jake." She cried, as she ran purposefully into the kitchen.

In just a plain sweater and jogging pants she still looked good, so fresh faced and youthful, her brunette hair loosely clipped up bobbing behind her. Bounding up to him she launched herself towards him, wrapping her arms around his neck, causing him to grab hold of her thighs, her legs locking around him.

"Hey babe." He responded as she brought her lips to his, their kiss so blatant in front of Lynn.

Jake felt his heart race hoping that she could not taste the sensual desires of Lynn against his lips. Oh how he wished not to be so amorous, indeed he felt his head spinning with thoughts, lost in a world of emotions pulling him in so many directions. He longed for some space yet he knew he couldn't behave any other way then she expected.

"Urrgh your freezing." She gasped pulling her face away from his in a mocking fashion.

"I was wondering when the wanderers were going to return." She continued jumping back to her feet, her slender arm wrapping around him, pulling him close against her, the movement not going unnoticed upon Lynn, who struggled to remove her boot.

"Were we gone long?" Jake answered unaware of actually how long they had been away

"A couple of hours or so I guess." Maria responded, her response thankfully showing no concerns.

"It's my fault. I persuaded him to walk the full way around the lake." Interjected Lynn, having finally removed her boots and jacket, shuffling further into the warmth of the kitchen.

"Um I see, never could say no to a lady." Maria teased.

Jake felt himself blush, flashing a glance in Lynn's direction, catching her gaze for a split second, only for her to sharply look away. If only she knew he thought, her words cutting so close to the truth.

"Where's Eric?" Lynn asked quizzically.

"Head rolled back, snoring like a trooper on the lounge." Maria joked, as she tilted her head into Jake's chest.

"I might grab a quick shower then, warm up a little." Lynn answered.

"Great, well there's a casserole in the oven and I thought later we could all snuggle down, duvets and all and watch the late night horror movie." Maria enthused, her personality so infectious, so warm and bubbly.

"But before that Jake I think you could do with a shower too and maybe they'll be room for two?" she giggled, winking at Lynn in a suggestive way before taking him by the hand and leading him towards their bedroom.

Jake felt no choice than to follow her lead, his thoughts so distant. As he did so he turned and looked back at Lynn, his eye's pleading at her, his feelings for her continuing to grow by the minute. She could just make out him mouth the word 'sorry' before he disappeared into their room, the door shutting firmly behind.


Lynn felt terrible, a quick look into the lounge she saw Eric asleep on the couch, the flickering flames crackling against the fresh logs. Deciding not too enter she coyly disappeared off to her room, the thought of Jake with Maria pulling deeply on her heart strings

The spray of the shower warmed Lynn's cooled body and she moaned softly, grabbing her favorite scented body soap and lathering herself up. She closed her eyes as the water soothed her skin, her mind wandering back to Jake over and over again. A dull ache formed in the center of her chest as she thought of him and Maria, locked in an embrace as he kissed his sweet young girlfriend. She was torn between guilt and jealousy and the need to be with him.

Angry with herself, she scrubbed her scalp and rinsed her body off quickly, getting out and changing into some warm pj's. Ordinarily she would go and wake Eric up and push him to bed, but tonight she was glad he was passed out cold in the other room. She prayed she wouldn't hear them tonight if Jake was persuaded by Maria to have their own fun. Snuggling deep down in her bed, she pulled the covers around her and huddled, curling her body into the warm, soft blankets.

What had she done? She couldn't regret sharing herself with Jake. She had needed him, wanted him and he had given her more than she could have expected. Heart, body and soul, he had made her feel beautiful and wanted. Never had she experienced such passion and desire before. And now, she wanted more, only knew that at this point and time, there was no way of getting it, leaving her feeling more alone and lonely by the minute.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she let sleep take over, only to relive their adventure in her dreams. She moaned softly and tossed, a soft, silent tear trailing down the side of her face.


Lying there in the darkness Jake struggled to sleep his head throbbing as he struggled to control his emotions. With Maria's arm draped over his chest he could hear her shallow breathing in the quietness of their surroundings, his own thoughts consumed fully with Lynn, an aching in his heart knowing that she was only in the next room, yet feeling she was so far away. He had not felt an emotional pull like this before, tugging at his heart strings, devouring him of his senses. Despite his best efforts to rationalize the situation, the fact that he had not only cheated on Maria but with his brothers wife should have stopped him, yet as each minute ticked by he longed to be with her more, to feel her beautiful petite body pressed against him.

After a restless night, as the winter's sun slowly crept through the curtains Jake slipped out of the room leaving Maria dozing. Before he did so he turned to look at her lying on the bed. She looked so tranquil, so beautiful, her brunette hair splayed around her youthful face as she lay undisturbed. She was the best thing to have happened to him in years, yet he could not deny his true feelings, imprisoned within him for so many years but now finally released. Reaching down he pulled the duvet up to her chin before mouthing sorry and placing a gentle kiss on her forehead, to which she whimpered yet her eyes remained shut.

The remainder of the day had been torturous for Jake as the couples shared the day walking through the foothills of the mountains admiring the breathtaking view. As he walked hand in hand with Maria, who seemed more clingy than usual, he watched Lynn arm in arm with Eric. There had been glances, brief enough to make contact but he struggled to read her, hoping that with time she had not regretted the events that had unfolded in the rickety boathouse. He longed to be with her, to tell her how he felt but every time they could be alone, something seemed to transpire against him, only further fuelling his desire for her.

That evening they had elected to stay in as the weather closed in around them as they traveled back to down the mountain pass towards the cabin. Maria had commented that there was some casserole left and some vegetables still in the larder, enough to put together and feed them all, an idea that had gone down well with them all, the fresh country air making them all that little bit tired. Upon their return Maria and Lynn stayed in the kitchen preparing dinner, the boys set to stoking up the fire in the lounge. Jake's thoughts continuing to consume him as he passed several cut logs own to his brother who knelt beside the fireplace.

"You ok Jake?" Eric questioned.

"Yeah, why?" Jake answered, suddenly on edge as his brother's question, hoping that he did not know. If anyone could read him it would be his brother.

"You seem away with the fairies." He continued, striking a match and placing it beneath the carefully stacked logs.

"Just a bit tired I suppose, not used to this fresh country air, just give me the toxic fumes of the freeway and I'll be alright." He joked, trying to bring some of his humor out, hoping to distract his brother from his true issues.

Eric laughed before leaning further to blow on the flickering embers in attempt for them to catch light.

"You and Lynn seem alright." Jake continued, finding himself unable to pry, his need to find out grating against him.

The fire suddenly took hold, the dancing flames flickering over the well-placed logs.

"That's it!" Eric responded. "Yeah we're ok; just you wait till your married, things change." He responded, pulling himself to his feet.

Jake wanted to question his brother more, to understand what he really meant but he held back, the last thing he wanted was to cast any suspicion upon him.

"I know what will make you feel better." Eric continued, placing his arm around his younger brother.

"What?" questioned Jake, 'if only you knew' as he answered, as they strolled back into the kitchen. Maria stood chopping at the kitchen worktop, smiling as the men entered, whilst stood at the sink.

"Some home made dessert. There's a shop in town that make the best apple pie, and if we are quick, we could be there before it shuts." Eric continued.

"Umm," responded Jake, his head not quite in a place to take in why his brother would think dessert would be the answer to his quietness.

"Isn't that shop down on the high street the best for dessert Lynn?" Eric continued his enthusiasm unrelenting.

Lynn turned to face them, her soft auburn hair set against her creamy skin.

"Yeah it's great." She continued.

Jake's mind went into overdrive as he looked at Maria before him, his thoughts so wrong yet he found himself unable to stop.

"Why don't you go with Eric, get a couple of bottles of wine to go with supper?" Gestured Jake to Maria reaching for his wallet, his thoughts already wandering as he took stock of the situation.

He quickly glanced in the direction of Lynn, catching her eyes, a sparkle igniting deeply within then, as she watched Eric head for the door, grabbing his coat from the back of the chair.

"You coming then Maria?" he questioned to which she smiled, taking the wallet from Jake.

"You're brave, leaving me with your wallet." She joked before planting a kiss on his lips and then bounding through the kitchen to catch up with Eric, in turn also reaching for her coat that she scooped under her arm.

"We'll only be 20 minutes or so." Eric shouted as he and Maria exited the kitchen door, Jake's eyes quickly moving to Lynn the moment the door clicked shut.


Lynn couldn't believe that Jake had managed to get them alone - even if it was for only 20 minutes. Their eyes locked instantly and she felt each cell in body respond to his stare. It had been driving her slowly crazy inside not being able to touch him, get close enough to smell him and act like nothing in the world was different or wrong. Holding Eric's hand was pure torture. The attention and touch she craved from him was now replaced with a far deeper hunger for his younger brother.

She swallowed hard and felt herself tremble as he took a short, tentative step towards her.

"They won't be gone long." She found herself saying, her words almost rushed and breathless.

He nodded, the look of his face told her he felt just as badly as she did. Her stomach knotted with tension and finally she moved to him, meeting him half way. Their bodies touched, arms pulling and closing around each other as their lips locked in a breath taxingly long and desperate kiss. Pulling away, Lynn swallowed the rush of emotions that threatened to make her cry.

"If only for a moment, I need you. I know it's risky."

His gaze roamed around the room and finally locked onto the guest bathroom. Sweeping her up into his arms, he rushed them into the small space and slammed the door. Lynn found herself giggling as he set her down on the edge of the marbled sink.

"This is crazy, what if they get back and we don't hear."

"I'll keep my ears open, I promise." he told her and snagged the edge of her sweater and pulled it up to reveal her soft smooth skin to his touch.

"OH! Ohh Jake." She moaned, instantly melting into him. "Hurry!"

Together they fumbled, mouths fused and shallow breaths shared as buttons were popped and jeans pushed down so that he could delve a hand into her silky panties. She squealed and then whimpered as his fingers found their target while she stroked his throbbing member.


Their attention was frantic, movements frenzied as they explored one another bodies once again with a lustful desire. Despite only being a day it had seemed like an age, so long since his large, powerful hands were last on her silky smooth skin, sensually stoking her womanly curves. He now felt alive, the fire in his heart re-ignited, his need for her unrelenting.

"God I've wanted you." He gasped, feeling her nimble hand stroke him through the fabric of his jeans, his arousal physically grow up the second.

Lynn whimpered in response, burying her mouth into her his neck as his fingers glided beyond her trimmed pubic hair, gently stroking back and forth against her pussy lips.

"I could barely stand seeing you with him." He continued through increasingly deeper breaths.

His body pressed in against hers, feeling the warmth of her petite frame tightly against him, squeezing her back against the marble sink. The day had been so painful, being so near yet so far away, having to hide his true feelings and confine his hearts desire. His judgment was clouded like never before, his words so truthful yet out of character, as though she had cast a spell over him, mesmerizing him with her beauty.

"Oh Jake." She panted into his ear, the magic of his fingers driving her wild.

Running her hand through his hair she pulled his head towards her once more, their lips locking again with passion, tongues soon pressing deep against one another. With a stifled moan she whimpered as they intensely kissed, the taste of her against his tongue exciting him further.

In the confines of the small bathroom he could feel the temperature rise, the edge of the mirror that sat above the sink, beginning to mist at the edges under their hot heavy breathing.

"Take me Jake." Lynn begged, her voice husky as her own excitement grew, her fingers gripping firmly against the basin as he played, the slight clink of her wedding ring against the marble not going unnoticed on Jake.

His brother's face flashed through his mind yet he could not control his feelings, he wanted and needed her. He knew it was wrong yet his need for her was overwhelming, pulsing through his veins like an addictive drug regardless of the consequences. Pushing his fingers deeper into her silk panties, his fingers caressed the length of her damp slit, a musky smell of sex slowly filling the tiny room. With renewed purpose he removed his hand from her panties, placing them under her woolen sweater, gripping her curvy waist tightly. He motioned for her to turn around, his control so confident, bordering on the verge of forceful yet Lynn tingled with anticipation, savoring his manly physical touch that had been so absent in her marriage for too long. Watching her in the mirror he could only admire her beauty, her auburn hair out of place yet framing her petite face like an angel. Unbuckling his belt he pulled his jeans down around his knees, his erect manhood springing to attention, as he shuffled closer, a smile forming as she lustfully gazed into his reflection.

"Quick Jake." She begged again.

Sensing the seconds tick by, knowing that Eric and Maria would be back so soon, Lynn lent her slender arms on the basin, at the same time extending her legs, angling her pert ass up to him. Needing no further invitation, he slide a hand over her ass watching her reaction as he deliberately yet playfully brushed this fingers over her ass before slipping a finger beneath the silk strap of her panties, peeling them to one side, her now glistening pussy eager to feel him once again.


She loved how he wanted to savor the moment and take his time, but Lynn was eager and impatient. She wanted to feel his hard cock buried in her tight body once again. Wanted to merge with him, feel his strength, the sensual feel of his skin against hers. Seeing him with Maria was almost torture now. She had never been a very jealous person, but the depth of her feelings now was making it impossible to ignore the fact that Maria was not only beautiful, but free to be with him while she was bound to a man who didn't seem to love or want her anymore.

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