Affairs of the Heart Ch. 02



Eric stumbled several times to the room and Lynn strained to keep him up as he laughed and pulled her closer, smacking a wet kiss on the top of her head, which did nothing but turn her belly. She hadn't wanted to go, hadn't wanted to leave Jake with Maria, together and alone while Eric pawed at her in the privacy of their room. She frantically tried to think of something, hoping he would just pass out.

With the door shut, Eric stumbled to the bed and before she could protest, pulled her close and pushed his lips against her. She let out a small cry of surprise which was quickly smothered by his eager mouth which was sloppy and wet. She pushed against his shoulders, but he held her tight. Her lips pressed shut as his tongue wet them, pushing and prodding to get in.

"Come on baby,what's wrong?" He moaned, grabbing the curve of her hips and grinding against her.

She swallowed the bile that seemed to form in the back of her throat. He had to be drunk to make love to her, to notice or feel an attraction to his own wife. Tears pricked her eyes and she blinked, shoving away more forcefully.

"Stop it, Eric!" She hissed, her heart hammering frantically in her chest.

His brown eyes, so like his brother's, gazed at her, confused and glazed from the wine.

"It has been MONTHS since you've touched me." She told him, her voice low and quivering with emotions. "You don't talk to me, you don't look at me, you barely touch me. MONTHS Eric and tonight you get drunk and expect me to let you fuck me!" His mouth hung open in shock at her words, so used to her meek mannered ways.

"I've been busy, stressed, I." His face flushed and he found himself swallowed a belch, his stomach sloshing with alcohol. "That's a load of bullshit, Eric and you know it. I tried talking to you, finding what was wrong. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought you were sleeping around on me." Her eyes searched his flushed face, her body still straddling his. "Is that it? Are you having an affair?"

"For God's sake Lynn, why.?" He stopped, his hands coming up to cup her face and tried pulling her down.

She resisted and he shifted, forcing her closer. She twisted, but he rolled, his eyes clearing as he tried to get control. His large body, although a little softer, was still formidable and he weighed her down with ease. She squirmed and jerked her face away. His lips landed on her neck, wet and hot on her skin and yet she felt nothing. Closing her eyes, all she could see was Jake, his strong arms holding her, his cock sliding into her tight body as she clung to him.

"Stop it." She whispered, not wanting to alarm Jake or Maria. "Please stop."

"Jesus! Fuck!" He growled, rolling off of her in a huff. "Make up your damn mind, you whine when I don't touch you and now you don't want me to!"

"You're fucking DRUNK." She spat out, gritting her teeth and letting her breath out.

"You can't expect me to get all gaga over your sloppy moves when it's been this long. Go to sleep. Roll over and forget about me, it's what you're good at!"

Pushing him off, she got up and tried to hold back the tears of anger and hurt that she felt, mixed with all her need for Jake. Before he had a chance to stop her, she stomped out, shutting the door a little too loudly after her. Out in the living room, she found Maria draped over Jake, her hands intimately busy. She gasped and looked away,

"I'm sorry - I'm so sorry, I'm leaving. Continue." She told them, her voice trembling as she fumbled with her coat and rushed outside into the cold night air.


Maria hand stopped instantly, her eyes wide with shock as Lynn ran through the house, the door slamming firmly behind her as she disappeared into the night. Brushing Maria to one side Jake clambered to his feet, pulling at his jeans as his arousal strained against the material, Maria's wonderful hands having stroked him into temptation only seconds earlier.

"Perfect couple?" He huffed at Maria, instantly feeling his rage build, the sight of Lynn so distressed pulling him away from her.

Maria looked startled, but before she could answer Eric slumbered into the doorway, supporting himself with his arm, continuing to sway in his intoxicated state.

"You dressed like a FUCKING WHORE the other night and now you don't want it, you BITCH!" He shouted, oblivious that Lynn was already far out of earshot.

Jake felt his blood boil, despise for his brother growing stronger by the second.

"What have you done?" Jake retorted, the image of his brother sickening him, all the time fighting his own urge to raise his fist to his face.

"Mind your own business Jake." Responded Eric, his words slurred.

"Jake." Maria interrupted, knowing only too well the situation was getting out of hand.

"Oh fuck off to bed." Jake barked, shaking his head in disgust, as he smelt his brother's drunken breath from a distance.

With that Eric turned and staggered back towards the bedroom, his arm leaning against the wall, barely maintaining his balance as he did so. Jake turned to Maria who sat on the edge of the couch, a worried and concerned look across her face.

"I thought you were going to smack him." She whispered.

"I was close." He answered, consciously taking in a big gulp of air, calming himself as he took stock of the situation.

His words were so true, an emotional wave crashing over him, wanting to hold and protect Lynn.

"Shall I go and?" Started Maria, as she got to her feet.

"No stay here, I'll go." Jake responded, giving her a brief yet forced smile, before quickly turning and heading for the kitchen door.

The cold of the night hit him instantly; bitter against his bones as he walked down the wooden steps, a layer of snow lightly sprinkled over the ground. The lights of the log cabin illuminated the grounds fractionally before tailing off into the darkness of the surrounding forest. Without the snow he could be looking for ages, hoping that in her terror she had not run deep into the forest, but with his eyes down he could follow the imprints of her shoes as they tiptoed down and around the wood pile, secluded from the main house.

"Lynn." Jake said, conscious to keep his voice low yet loud enough for her to hear.

Immediately he heard a rustle to one side and from behind a well stacked pile of logs she stepped forward out of the darkness, her body physically shaking. As she stepped up close to him, even in the eeriness of the night he could see her eyes welled up, a sense of compassion cursing through him.

"Oh Lynn." He whispered, his tone longing and needing, as he opened his arms to her, feeling her nest her head into his chest, his powerful arms wrapping around her tightly.

In the quiet of the outdoors he could hear her sob, her vulnerability so evident.

"I couldn't Jake, I just couldn't, not with him, not now." She sniffled softly.

"I can't go back there." She continued, moving her head from his chest, looking up at him.

As he looked back at her it was as though the sparkle of her blue eyes, normally so piercing, so vibrant had been lost from her. He could see the anguish in her face, sharing her pain, like a dagger to his heart.

"Leave it to me." He answered, feeling his need to comfort her grow. "Go to the car, it'll be unlocked and I'll be with you in a second." He continued his voice firm and controlled as he took hold of the situation.

He felt empowered to help her, to comfort her and shield her from the anger of his brother. She could see the purpose in his face and with a gentle nod of her head she parted her body from his and headed back towards the car. Jake strode with confidence through the slight trail of snow bounding up the steps into the warmth of the house. Maria jumped to attention as he entered the kitchen, her eyes alive as she watched him return alone.

"Did you find her?" she questioned, a slight look of concern at Lynn's absence.

"Yes but she is right a state, she won't stay here but there is a hotel half an hour away." He continued, his head down, routing around for his wallet.

"Do you want me to come?" Maria asked, a slight nervousness to her voice, her eyes intently watching him.

"No best you stay here, and don't worry about him, he'll be unconscious by now, the idiot." He answered looking her in the eyes, sensing her unease at the situation.

He smiled and motioned her towards him, his arms wrapping around her as she squeezed him tight.

"Go to bed babe." He whispered. "I'll be back as soon as I can." He continued, placing a kiss on her forehead before breaking from her hold.

Maria stood and watched him leave, the kitchen door snapping shut behind him, suddenly feeling all alone in the rustic kitchen, the crackle of the dying fire in the background.

Meanwhile Jake breathed deeply, his breath visible in the night air as he jumped into the car. Flashing a reassuring smile towards Lynn, he fumbled with the keys before gunning the engine, the wheels crunching against the snow as they disappeared down the forest driveway.


It took a moment for the air to warm and Lynn was still shaking. She crossed her arms and huddled down in her seat. She glanced at Jake in the dim lighting of the car. He seemed lost in thought as well as he turned out of the drive and began the trip to the destination he had in mind.

"What about Maria?" She finally asked her voice hoarse and still quivering.

He blinked and then glanced away from the road for a second, looking into her beautiful eyes. The emotions in them tore at his heart and made him want to pull over, but he needed to get her away and alone with him.

"She'll be fine." He reassured her, his voice deep and soothing. "She's just worried about you."

Lynn sighed and gave a short nod, her eyes focusing on the darkness outside, the lining of the trees covered in a dusting of pretty snow that lit up with moonlight.

"She's wonderful. I'm sorry, Jake, I." She began and he hushed her softly, reaching over to squeeze her thigh.

A warm rush filled her instantly and she fell silent. No more words were shared until he pulled up to the hotel.

"Stay here, I'll get us a room." He told her, leaning across and gently pressing his lips to her forehead.

She nodded and smiled, the action not quite reaching her eyes. Yet her heart began to race again with thoughts of them together, alone at the hotel, together with no interruptions. She squeezed her eyes shut. It was too good to be true after such a horrible evening. The memory of Eric's sloppy kisses still made her stomach roll. Fumbling, she took off her seat belt and got out of the car. The cold air seemed to calm her rushing mind, numbing her. When Jake came trotting back, he rushed over. His hair ruffled by the wind and cheeks red from the cold.

"You'll catch your death, come on lets get you inside."

She let him tuck her close to his side and wrapped an arm around his lean waist as he led the way. A few doors down from the car, she watched him fumble with the key again and finally took careful aim and opened the door, ushering her inside. She sighed softly as warmth greeted them. The door behind her closed with a determined thud and the locks clicked into place.

She sat on the edge of the bed and looked up at him, her eyes shiny and troubled.

"Thank you. I couldn't stand another moment with him." She blinked her vision blurry as she watched him move to her and kneel down before her.

His hands took her own as he brought them to his lips and kissed her cold knuckles.

"I think it's over." She sniffled, her voice cracking. "I can't do it any longer, Jake, especially not now. I can't pretend like I don't care."

He stopped her with a kiss, his mouth hot and hard on hers. She gasped and gave into him, her body seeking his, her hands dragging up to feel his hair again. His kiss was almost brutal, taking and imprinting himself on her. He made her forget, he made her want and need. It had only been hours, but the need to be with him was just as strong. Desperately she helped him out of his jacket and wiggled out of her own as his cold hands made contact with her hot skin. She cried out and pushed them off, but he came back, grinning as she shivered and squirmed.


The warning signs flashed boldly and in so many ways yet there was an invisible force pulling them together. Now alone in the gloomy lit motel away from those who kept them apart, their most primeval needs came rushing back, an animal need to satisfy their darkest cravings. Jake knew he should stop, the pain this action could have so severe to those he should of cared for the most, yet she mesmerized him, a goddess so alluring as though an addictive drug for which there was no cure.

As she pushed him away, the coldness of his large hands against her skin, he banished any seeds of doubt firmly away, his eyes alive as he smiled at her. In a matter of moments he could sense the sparkle of her blue eyes come rebounding back as he purposefully stepped before her, raising his hand to her head, pulling her onto him. Their lips met with force, tongues rapidly exploring deep into one another, hands forcefully stroking each another, their touch frantic almost uncontrolled. Desire pulsed through his veins as their moans and whimpers filled the small room as they fell to the bed, a sudden giggle from Lynn as the spring bed pushed back against them. Rolling onto all fours Jake hovered over Lynn, his eyes twinkling with lust, a relentless passion to savor every inch of her, to make her scream over and over again.

They kissed again, more passionately this time, his tongue probing deep into her mouth whilst his hand caressed her skin, so soft against the ruggedness of his hands. Lynn whimpered lost in the emotions of the situation, as his mouth broke from her lips. Kneeling over her waist he sat up his eyes locked on her beneath him as he slipped his hands under her top pulling it over her head in one rapid movement, exposing her black bra set against her creamy skin. He felt possessed as he slipped his hands under her, fumbling with the clasp but sure enough to unfasten it, pulling the lace material away from her, throwing the bra to the floor. He smiled as she writhed beneath him his hand cupping a breast, his fingers caressing the soft skin as he brought his mouth to her, placing powerful kisses against her skin. Once more Lynn whimpered throwing her head from side to side as his mouth moved towards her nipples, feeling them harden as her excitement grew.


Jake savored her body as though she was the only woman alive, his touch assured yet purposeful, his lips tasting her soft skin as he kissed every inch of her. As he reached her nipples he opened his mouth gently sucking against them, allowing his teeth to graze against them and instantly feeling her reaction to his playful actions. Dancing his tongue over her, he gently licked and sucked, changing his momentum with each minute, his mouth teasing and tantalizing her. He could feel her body wriggle under his magical touch, her breathing deepening by the second whilst her hand reached forward and slid through his hair as he hunched over her. Sucking on each breast again and again he could sense his actions driving her wild, her own need to be satisfied building rapidly.

"Please Jake." She begged in a husky voice, as though all the breath sucked out of her.

Jake sat up and smiled looking deep into her glazed eyes, a wicked smile spreading across his lips. Here in this shabby hotel he could finally be alone with her, a yearning that had consumed him these past days. Looking at the cheap electronic clock by the side of the bed it read 01:21. Jake's smile grew knowing that the night was still young, his desire to pleasure her all night long driving him on. With that he took a finger and gently caressed it over her waist in a slow, sensual zigzag pattern, moving ever so slowly towards her jeans

With the one kiss he had banished all early thoughts of Eric from her mind. She wanted to drown in him. Savor each and every single moment alone together. His kisses were urgent, but far from sloppy. His hands rough, but always pleasing. She quivered inside as he explored her breasts and mouth and toyed with her skin, tracing patterns on her with the tip of his tongue. She whimpered and moaned, then begged for more.

That wickedly sensual smile crossed his face and she watched him straddle her legs as he teased her waist and played with the button of her jeans. Unable to control her hips, she squirmed, her hands pressing down into the bed as if to hold herself from reaching for him.

"Jake!" She breathed and mewled in the back of her throat as he popped the button, then slowly brought the zipper down.

She was already panting, already wet and aching for him to fill her. Her hands slid over to his, caressing his arms, down to his hands that paused to toy with the panel of her panties peaking from her open jeans. She moaned and grasped the edges of her jeans and began to wiggle out of them. His eyes slid back up to hers and as she busied herself with the task, he watched her breasts bounce gently and came down on his hands above her. She gasped and then smiled, kicking the material off her legs along with her panties.

"Stop being a tease." She whispered, reaching up between them to grasp his pants.

His playful smile turned passionate in a second as she brushed up against his hardness.

His eyes darkened and breath hitched as she worked open his own pants and shoved them past his hips. His cock sprang free, hard and rampant and as her small foot pushed his jeans further down his legs, she wrapped a small hand around his hardness. Now it was his turn to tremble.

"Lynn!" He moaned, lowering himself to touch her naked skin.

The material of his shirt felt oddly sensual against her nakedness. She knew he was tangled up at his feet, shoes and jeans jumbled together, but she didn't care. He was at her mercy now. Feeling bold, she kissed him and pushed him onto his back. He went down willingly and found his hands traveling up her soft thighs to rest on her hips as she crawled over him and kissed him again, rubbing her already wet slit against his raging hard on.

"Now who's the tease?" He gasped and she smiled sweetly.

She loved the switch of power and control. The freedom to run her hands over his firm body.

"I have no idea what you mean." She purred back and giggled softly, but the sound soon died down as she worked her hips and teased his cock between their bodies.

Her slick slit left a moist trail on the underside of his cock as she moved.

"I wanted to taste you, make you feel good, but I don't think I can wait right now." She told him, her voice soft and laced with passion.

His strong hands tightened on her hips as she grasped him gently and worked the tip of his cock against her entrance, then slowly impaled herself onto him.

"Oh!" She gasped, his hips bucked, filling her more, needing to feel her tight sheath hugging him.

"Fuck Lynn, you feel so good." He moaned.

She whimpered and rolled her hips, sliding him out, then back in again to the hilt. "Oh Jake!"


Jake felt his eyes roll around his head as the sensual sensations tingled like electricity through his skin as he lay back on the bed, feeling her slip and slide effortlessly up and down his throbbing cock. The bed creaked as she gyrated on top of him, her legs either side of his groin, rising and then falling in a perfect rhythm, her mouth uncontrollably opening as she took him to the hilt, his cock filling her so deep. In the dimly lit motel room the sex felt hot and steamy, an illicit feeling like two strangers embarking on a wild affair.

His hands gripped tightly to her toned thighs as she knelt over him, her body upright riding him. Jake smiled as he looked her over from below, any earlier concerns banished to the back of his mind. Tilting her head to one side, he watched as her auburn hair followed suit, flowing behind her, her hand steadying herself on his strong chest. His eyes trailed uncontrollably over her naked body, her pert breasts jiggling in time with her fluid movements, his smile growing as she satisfied his needs.

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