tagErotic CouplingsAffidha: The Fuckable Malay Babe

Affidha: The Fuckable Malay Babe


Acknowledgement: I thank the editor Mystical Mother for having read the story and editing it accordingly.

Affidha Affindi visited one of her best friend, Harlina. After a nice tea when Affidha was about to leave Reymon came home.

"What a surprise, who's this sexy chick" asked Reymon.

"She is my friend Affidha, do you remember when she called this afternoon?" Harlina Replied and introduced them both.

Harlina had an important phone call and left at once leaving Reymon and Affidha behind. Affidha was so hot with desire and so was Reymon. He found her sexy and horny.

"Affidha you are so hot, I feel like fucking you with my huge cock" he said and showed her his huge cock.

"It's huge...Reymon" Affidha fixed her eyes on his monster cock with amazement.

They moved to Harlina's bedroom and Reymon lost no time in stripping her. He pulled her T-shirt first and then her bra to release her heavy boobs. He sucked at her swollen nipples.

Affidha moaned as he sucked one nipple and then the other. "UUNNGGG...AAAHHHHH" Affidha moaned as could feel the onrush of an orgasm.

He now removed her pants and her wet panties. Seeing her trimmed cunt with puffed pink cunt lips and her clit hidden in the top folds of her cunt lips, he flipped her on the bed and started sucking her clit.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUAAAA!!" Affidha wailed as she came on the very first contact of his tongue on her clit.

Reymon on seeing her in orgasm quickly shoved his tongue deep into her cunt and licked up her juices. Affidha raised her big butt to meet his tongue and grunted loudly. The thought of Reymon's big cock was enough to send Affidha into another maddening orgasm again.

"You are so fucking hot as Harlina my sweet daring...Affidha my sweet fuck..." Reymon muttered and placed his cock head on her mouth.

"Suck it Affidha...Suck as long as you want" he said stroking her long silky black hair.

Affidha compliantly started sucking his cock head as he gently prodded more and more of his cock into her warm mouth. He pulled it out and rubbed the saliva dripping cock on her sexy face. He again pushed it inside her mouth until she was able to gob up most of it. Affidha had opened her mouth wide and her lips were stretched fully around the thick shaft.

He moved his cock in and out of her warm mouth for along time...pulled it out...rubbed it all over her sexy face. Reymon buried his head between Affidha's thighs and nibble her clit and her thick cunt lips. He could taste her getting wet as she moaned in pleasure. Seeing that Affidha was getting wetter and wetter, he lifted her legs over his shoulders and sank his cock slowly into her tight cunt.

"AAAAAAANNGGG' moaned Affidha as her cunt was stretched by his thick cock. Affidha had never seen such a big cock. Reymon shoved his cock inch by inch into her hot cunt.


Reymon withdrew his cock and shoved it in again...many many times until he had all of it inside Affidha's horny cunt. He rested his hands on her sweaty big boobs and started stroking slowly but firmly. He cock was all the way inside her cunt and her thick cunt lips were stretched and folded outwards. Affidha was moaning loudly in pleasure as Reymon kept fucking her slowly.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAUUNNGGGAA!" Affidha kept grunting

"Fuck me harder Reymon with that huge cock...Fuck me..." Affidha wailed as Reymon kept pounding her cunt with his huge cock.

His balls were slapping against her big butt. Sensing her orgasm he slowed his strokes as he enjoyed the sensation of her cunt muscles squeezing his cock and the sight of her sexy face in throes of orgasm. He kept his cock still and erect deep inside her cunt. After a few minutes he began to thrust again. He stroked her cunt as he kept fucking her. Through glazed eyes and moaning lips Affidha saw Reymon now sweating as he fucked her harder and harder.

He went on and on without a brake as Affidha erupted in orgasm after orgasm. The bed was creaking with his powerful strokes and her boobs jiggled up and down. With a few more strokes he came inside her cunt in torrents. He kissed Affidha's lips again and again until he emptied all his contents inside her sweet cunt.

He made Affidha lie on her belly and raise her big butt. He spread those lovely big butt cheeks and kissed the dark crevice. He prodded her dark anus with his tongue and kissed it hard making it wet with his saliva. Affidha clutched the pillows and the sheets and tried to keep her big butt up. He licked all over it...sucking...and massaging at the same time. He opened her ass cheeks apart. Affidha's cunt hair ran down to her anus making it extremely sexy. He kissed all over her thighs and her anus and shoved two fingers into it.

"AAAAAAAAAAAUUNNNGGGGG!" Affidha growled loudly at the sudden pleasure. He rotated the two big butt globes and kissed them again and again.

"Affidha let me fuck your big butt" he said kissing and licking her dark anus.

"OH...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Affidha blurted out. He applied some gel on his fingers and shoved them again in her anus.

"It's a fine and big ass...Affidha, my sexy darling" he said.

He put some gel on his thick cock and positioned his cock on her anus that was well lubricated with the gel. He placed his cock on the anus and pushed it in...slowly it moved inside her big buttocks. Affidha groaned and clenched her teeth and rocked back trying to take his cock into her big butt. Having no success, he simply shoved it into her cunt rather. He spread her big ass cheeks and massaged them as he shoved his cock into Affidha's sweet and sexy cunt.

"RREEYYYYMMMGOOOOOOOO!" wailed Affidha as he shoved into her and started fucking her furiously.

In and out...in and out...in and out...of her slippery wet and tight cunt. Slapping her big ass cheeks and prodding her anus with his fingers her kept fucking Affidha furiously. Affidha moaned loudly as she was reaching her orgasm. Reymon fucked her with powerful strokes until both of them had their orgasm together. He kissed her lips and her cheeks.

"I loved it Reymon...that was wonderful..." Affidha kissed him and left.

Reymon became one of Affidha's good friend after that and he was absolutely happy for his luck.

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