Afflictions of Unruly Passion Ch. 04



The afternoon and final meal of the day had both passed pleasantly for Valentine, who at last was stomach-down upon her bed, listening to the bustle of the others pass her door as they made to settle in for the night. She lay excited, knowing her doctor was going to appear. His potential secrets and confessions tantalised her imagination; the promise of his body stirred her ardour.

"I'll come to you, little bird, when all is still," he'd said, on the walk to supper. "There are a few things I wish to tell you straightaway, but if you have any further questions for me, I'll be happy to answer them." He'd smiled and patted her hand as they strolled.

In bed, changed to her night-clothes, Valentine pondered the man she'd chosen for her first affair. Already his affection and desires ran so much deeper than she'd ever known a man to contain. In comparison, she felt almost... shallow. And quite single-minded. All she wanted was physical fulfillment. Clearly, Doctor August Blackmore could give her that where so many had before failed. The pathetic little boy who had attempted to take her the previous night certainly couldn't offer her the same. That was why, so long as the doctor could soothe her, she would offer him her body to use and the failed rapist nothing but her scorn and vengeance, as long as both entertainments lasted.

Even thinking that the doctor would likely tire of her and eventually move on to another young lover, Valentine smiled wistfully. A man like him seemed like he could take any woman he wished and make her his willing slave no matter her inclinations. How lucky any wife he could woo or might have would be! The boy she could compare him to, not so much. The vindictive woman snorted. In between bouts of being fucked silly by the wily doctor and making friends among the patient body, she'd be teaching that troublemaker a few well-earned lessons about women. If he survived, maybe he'd wind up a bit better off. Only time would tell.

Through the painstaking conversation with his men, August anticipated his clandestine meeting with the girl he'd claimed. It was hard to discuss the serious matters before him while his thoughts were so consumed with the wants of his body, but he managed it well. It was not at all the first time he'd ignored his needy flesh for the sake of his job. Before, though, there'd been no lover waiting for him. The enjoyment he'd taken from Valentine that morning had done so very little to slake him after such a long time, and every moment spent away from the beauteous girl was torture. There was no doubt in his mind; from the moment she had begun to speak, he had succumbed to her charms. Assuredly, most men did. But he, August Henry Blackmore, was unlike those poor fools. His very brain seethed with its declaration of primal truth: I am Dominant! I am Master! Betrayed by her own voice, he was thus titled, and the intensity of his adoration of her was as fairly powerful as his sadism.

Possessing the little bird was all that consumed his every thought. Soon, Doctor. You have only a little while left to wait.

It was late when the men finally felt secure enough to call it a night. One by one they gathered their new notes and vanished toward the nearest set of stairs to bed. August remained behind, bidding all of them goodnight and tidying his own materials, until he was alone. Nothing and no one was astir when he left the lounge and set off toward her room along the servants' halls.

His heart melted when he found her inelegantly sprawled across her bed, uncovered and illuminated by the light of a single candle, gently snoring.

Valentine awoke, bleary and befuddled from the unexpected sleep, as she heard the scrape of the door and the catlike feet of her doctor. In silence, coming to her senses, she sat up. Her one candle, significantly shorter than it had been, provided enough illumination to show her the molten emotion on his face. August approached and swept her immediately into his arms. The sound of his deep inhalation in her hair made her flush scarlet. His presence was somehow soothing. She allowed herself to be cradled.

"My darling girl, how pleased I am to see you." He sat upon her bed and easily set her reclining on his lap. "Beginning to-morrow, you will become the focus of my greatest study. I have portrayed you as suffering from dual personalities and hysteria. Dangerous, unstable. Only my hand can possibly treat you. You must take it upon yourself to act the part." She actually laughed, somewhat muffled by his arms.

"Well what should I do in my spare time now?" she reeled in deliberate overkill. August chortled, running his hands down the length of her back and just to the curve of her ass. He almost jerked as he imagined biting her there.

"I expected you would rise to the challenge." All he wanted was to keep her pressed against him tight.

"And what shall really be taking place?" A rumble swelled in his throat- a laugh or a purr, she couldn't tell- it met her ear as he clutched her close.

"Well, I shall be treating your madness, my dear. But the medicine I will use for you is just as unique, and rather unorthodox. So much so that I would be handing over my job were we to be discovered, you know. It is a risk I take just to touch you, and I do not take it lightly." Valentine wrapped herself in his arms, twisting so she reclined upon his chest, her back against him. She had no wish to cost him his living, but she was dying to play the part he offered. He had been most willing to compromise his position. There was no turning back. If she could not drink in enough of his warmth, it would drive her truly insane.

"I will be a flawless actress. A woman of a thousand faces, revealing my truest visage to you only," the wanton boasted.

"I haven't the slightest doubt. In any case, I believe I can make provisions. When it comes to our special variety of insanity, darling, only I can treat you because only I understand your cravings." He tickled her under the chin, looking down with fondness. Valentine amused herself by pulling his hands into her own, examining every line, crevice, nail and pattern that she found. Following some unconscious impulse, she pressed her lips to his knuckles and fingertips. Twenty quick sweet pecks across the hands that touched her, held her, pleasured her, possessed her! When she finished, she rubbed her cheek with his bent fingers and spoke.

"Ah yes, as evidenced by my confession, doctor? I believe you owe me one of your own." Her drawl was lazy and seductive. His secrets did indeed appeal to her. August was already getting hard. He'd so enjoyed her unexpected shower of kisses. Did she even understand the worship that had bled out of that affection? It was an act of deep unconscious submission. She is starved for touch. Reckless, but deeply in need of refuge. Trapped by her most animal responses.

"Naturally." August surfaced from his analysis. Though he wanted this time to get acquainted, what he learned of her now would of course be reflected in his work. And how to begin his story? How did he become a man who delighted in giving pain, and possessing? "Little bird, I need you to understand something," he started. "Before your brazen arrival in my life this morning, I didn't believe a woman like you existed, though logically, if I did, you must." Valentine stilled in his arms.

"Is that why you felt so 'resigned to your lot'?" she paraphrased him, her voice quiet.

"Aye. I couldn't bring myself to think any woman would want the man I showed you in my office, and I tried to bury him away. Of course, repressing yourself doesn't work. I think you are well aware of that." A delicate snort left her.

"Of course."

"I tried to deny what I wanted for years, little bird, and only hurt myself and others in the process. All this time it's like I've lived half a life. Seeing you now, knowing for certain you exist, has rekindled everything I am. You must understand that your existence means so much more to me than just sexual gratification, Valentine. You are my hope. I'd like you to be my future."

His frank statement stunned her. Had he already thought about this? A future? She felt a little guilty for thinking he'd eventually abandon her!

"I can offer you hope..." she answered quietly. "And as much of the future as you can claim. But, to tell you the truth, I don't know what else I am capable of. I believed a man like you existed somewhere, and as you saw, I was desperate to find him. You are the very last bastion I have against true insanity, and so long as you will keep me from the edge, I will be yours." A devoted slave, waiting upon her Master's favour, begging him to keep her body sated. August stroked her hair, and tilted her chin up with his free hand.

"Dinna wirry, me bonnie wee lass." His warmth and possession of her body banished the bleakness from her mind. "Ye'll na lose me sae easy. Whit Ah told ye before stands: Ah am yers, and ye are mine." The determined man pulled her directly onto his lap so that her legs crossed his and her backside rested comfortably against the thickened length in his trousers. Valentine squeaked as he did it, and she trembled against him, aroused by the ease of his physical control.

"You won't tire of me?" she mewed, huddling into his chest.

"Never, upon my life," August vowed, and her heart flipped.

"How can you know that?" she asked shyly. "I don't even know if I can be kept." Blackmore wound her tighter and buried his hands in her hair.

"Because it might be the death of me if I lost or surrendered you, Valentine," he told her seriously. "I've been what I am since I was little more than a laddie, and I already know what it's like to deny myself this truth I cannot change. I will not repeat my mistakes. I will not give you up without a fight."

"What if I cannot return your feelings?" she blurted, aware of her personal battles acutely. He spoke words that reflected his heart, so capable of love, and she felt inadequate. How could this man already be so certain! It baffled her, but it was what she'd bloody shouted out, wasn't it? She'd asked for a Master but only meant to promise her body... "If I don't make you happy, I don't want you to sacrifice your happiness for me." His eyebrows rose. Does she have so little faith in her heart? Or is she just so deeply inclined to serve that she forgets herself? Does she need to forget herself? What about her own happiness? Instead of scolding her for that note of self-deprecation, as he was half-tempted to do, he leaned his head down as he swept aside her hair, and his lips met the shell of her ear.

"Ah hae nae fear o tha," he told her succinctly, letting his Dominance shake off its long rest. "Don't fret so, little bird. Allow me to show you what I want and what I'm offering. Indulge me." Swallowing hard, Valentine clutched him.

"As you will, Master." One of his hands roved down her body and between her breasts.

"Oh, I will." The man purred, before turning serious. His grip remained firm and Valentine soaked him up, feeling calm even as his nearness ignited the burn. "You should know, my sweet, that I've never done anything like this before with a woman. I was married once, but am no longer. There hasn't been anyone since then. I've chosen to be alone." August cleared his throat as he remembered. Her head dropped on his shoulder, her focus clear. "I had tried an arranged marriage to a young woman of my acquaintance with our parents' blessings. After the initial glow and the excitement of the wedding faded, we could not seem to truly connect, and it was both our faults in different ways. She married me knowing full well she loved another, and I married her so I could try and have something 'normal' if I could not have the relationship my heart and body wanted." Valentine's fingers reflexively curled, and she stroked his arm in sympathy, voicelessly expressing her feelings. "It did not end well- She bore another man's child, and I never could give all I was. I was hurt and humiliated besides unsatisfied. The divorce was sudden and ugly. Despite my anger, I let her go as cleanly as I could, and she took her babe with her. I took no claim to him."

Consumed by his old pain, Valentine wrapped his waist and pressed her forehead to his shoulder to stave off the tears. She understood it was a dull grief accepted, and a finished path from the many taken that had built him into the man cradling her.

"At the time I swallowed my misery and kept working hard; I had already been apprenticing in physical medicine as I studied psychology, which was just a fledgling science then. When the scandal settled, I left my home of Edinburgh to take work and distract myself elsewhere. I've been away a while, living for this calling of mine, and very little else." To soothe his lingering unhappiness, she rubbed her cheek on his chest. "It was only after that heartbreak I began to dream of a woman I could keep all to myself, a woman whose body I could own and play with- the desires I'd been denying myself all along. The fantasy reminded me painfully of what I thought I'd never have, and yet I could not stop wishing. I don't know how I went on so long."

"I don't think I could have," she replied. "I am sorry you went through so much." He brushed her cheek.

"I learned from it, my dear. And since I had that experience and that time, I know what it is I want now. I can also help you understand what you want, and need." A warm tremour rippled through her quim, and she recalled the moment he'd shifted into this man to steal her kiss and claim her. "What I had wanted all along was to possess a woman utterly. To wring the proof of her devotion from her very flesh. To make her body burn for me and only me, to be trained to my touch, and to find the deepest satisfaction in everything I could offer her. Physically, intellectually, socially, spiritually." This was profound to Valentine.

"A soul-deep love," she whispered, and her chest ached with the sentiment, "willingly surrendered and willingly accepted?" The pleased hum he let out warmed her down to the toes.

"Precisely. I want all you are, and I'm offering everything in return." She blushed, overcome.

"All that I have is yours." He need only take it!

Lightly capturing her chin with his finger and thumb, he brought her attention up.

"Your body, by your leave alone, will be mine to do with as I wish. It shall not end with spending into your lovely quim. That would never be enough to prove you are mine." No, she thought. Just that would never be enough. Just the spoken words "I'm yours" would never be enough. Beginning to quake, Valentine shook her head to clear it, curls flattened from sleep. August felt every curve under her thin nightgown. He was sure heat seeped from her core already.

"Take what you will from my body. I expect nothing less from one who would deign to call himself my Master." She spoke vehemently, and he smiled, pleased. She must prove her devotion, as must he. It was the sacred pact between them he would soon seal on her skin. The doctor shooed her from his lap and made to stand.

"Very well, Valentine. If you are as willing as I, then we shall consummate our bond tonight." He stood next to her bed and loomed over her. "I will explain my terms, hear yours, and if all is agreed between us, I will take the first measure of your submission." She swung her legs over the side of the bed, and sat up straight.

"What are the terms, Master?" Her expression was earnest, attentive.

"First: Honesty is of utmost importance between us. I will not tolerate lies, whether mine or yours, and if we are to truly understand and complete one another we cannot hide even that which we most fear about ourselves. I might wish to fuck you every minute of every day, but in reality we will do a great deal more talking than anything." He grinned, and she echoed it. Nothing in those sentences was against her tastes. The truth had gotten her this far, had it not? "Second: Our sport will have a number of components over time, from simple orders to complex scenes and challenges. You may not meet all of my challenges; you may defy me on purpose. There will be consequences, including punishment, for each situation. Punishments will be given at my discretion for your indiscretions, and you must submit to them."

His eyes flashed and she shivered, nodding slowly, her body beginning to tense. It was real. Her fantasies of being owned and used were coming true. She would promise him nearly anything if it meant quenching the constant ache of her loins... "Third: I am a sadist, Valentine, there is no dancing around that. I shall want to bring you pain as well as pleasure and I will need you to trust me to hurt you without harming you. If during our time together my treatment is too much for you, if you cannot handle my sport, call my name and I shall cease. Not my title, either the one you have chosen for me or the one I earned through study. You will call out my given name, August. This is how I will know you cannot endure any more. It would not please me to cross your most stringent limits. If I were to injure you unduly it would be a failure of my part. Is that understood?" Valentine swallowed, already grown aroused beyond rational thought.

"Yes Master. I understand completely."

"There is a final provision I would have you agree to." Valentine tilted her head, curious.

"I am willing so far. What is it?"

"You need time to know that I am what you want. With that in mind, I ask you for a year. Give me one year; if you still think you cannot fully submit to me after that time, then we will part. I must have you body, heart and soul, little bird. If you agree, I will give you what you have always needed." The girl stood, unsure as to why he was making this final demand, but it did not matter much to her. She was more than needing to surrender everything, craving he claim her all, and with his terms defined, it was her turn to speak.

"I want nothing more than to be yours," she said quietly, ambling toward him a step. "I won't have a man who can't bring me to heel. I promise to always keep truthful, and obey your commands. I promise to call your name if I cannot withstand your torment." Earnestly Valentine clutched the good doctor's sleeves. Divested of his jacket, he stood before her in slacks, vest and crisp dress shirt. "All that can pass my lips otherwise is a plea to take everything I am." Clearly she trusted him; she had grown comfortable enough to expose a vulnerable side of her that always lay buried beneath her exquisitely maintained front. It was closer to the woman who had greeted him in his office, the woman drowning in her own typhoon. "My terms are only that you try your best to take all I can give. You may find me as resilient as a weed, as thorny as a briar, but I beg you to break me apart and find the yielding flower within me. If I could tear my heart from my chest and present it to you, I would. But you'll have to fight for it, and break me. Please! I shall do anything you wish if you would just keep this gnawing ache inside of me quiet."

Touched to the bone by her plea, and understanding her actions that morning a little better, August drew Valentine into his arms.

"Then it is agreed." The first trial was awaiting them. How she reacted to his experiment would help him to build a foundation for both his analysis and their relationship. He embraced her again. "My Valentine... The future has never seemed to me so bright." She sighed in utter contentment and burrowed in to breathe his scent. "All that's left is to begin." He was right. The story of their lives together had only passed its prologue. "I am now your Master, and I will initiate you on this journey. It is, at its heart, about your sexuality. I will give you knowledge of yourself and the names of your desires. I will help you conquer your body, Valentine, and gain a better hold on your life."

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