tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAfrican Honeymoon

African Honeymoon


The honeymoon was blissful. I sat outside our cabin with my wife, Hannah who was resting her head against my shoulder, her long blonde hair tickling my bare forearms. The horizon bore an eclectic mix of yellows, orange and purple as the sun was setting over the plains of Nigeria. After 2 months of travelling the continent, the final week was intended for relaxation, and relax we did. The cabin was small but luxurious, beautifully furnished and very secluded, the nearest town was a full days' drive away but being seasoned travellers meant that we didn't worry and just enjoyed each others' company. I glanced down to see Hannah's eyes closed, fully content with her new husband, her face was innocent and soft, my eyes traced down her neck to her perfect breasts. She wore just a t-shirt and I could see the faint outlines of her nipples rise and fall with her breathing.

20 minutes earlier we finished making love, it was our honeymoon after all. We always took our time and went slowly, savouring our emotions, focusing on foreplay, I had become a master with my tongue over the past 3 years of our relationship and that's how I made her reach orgasm. Hannah's eyes blinked open softly and I looked down into them, never failing to get lost in the deep blue innocence, I slowly pressed my lips against hers and she sighed softly, I took her hand and lead her into the bedroom once more.

The next morning we had an early breakfast and set off on a walk for the last day of our honeymoon, and despite being certain of having a mountain of work to do when I got home, I wasn't bothered, I simply relished spending every moment with Hannah, our hands clasped together as we watched the wildlife.

"There's a car!" Hannah said quickly, turning to me and smiling. I was too slow, in our game of 'spot the car' I was losing 2-1.

"I saw it first," came my reply, playfully swinging her arm.

We found a small lake surrounded by overhanging trees and sat in the shade to have our picnic and spent several hours chatting and lazing in each others' arms.


"There's a car!" Hannah shouted, "That's 3-1."

"You're too good at this," I replied, kissing her forehead.

It was the fourth car we had seen all day and we watched it drive along the dirt road around 100 metres away, It was going unusually slowly, not that we noticed. The car was actually a green jeep with an open back for viewing wildlife on safaris, and as we started to turn away it changed direction and began heading in our direction. We weren't too worried however, we had specifically chosen one of the safest areas in Nigeria and quite often locals would approach us to chat, they were a very friendly people. The Jeep got closer and I decided to wave, the two men in the front seats smiled and waved back, just another pair of friendly locals. They pulled up and got out, they both wore dark green trousers with desert boots and white t-shirts.

"Hello," I called as they approached. I noticed their smiles now more closely, they didn't look like friendly smiles, edging back I looked towards Hannah, she looked even more worried than me. As I turned back to our visitors, a dark shadow blocked my view as a fist smashed into my cheek, the world went black.


I felt the vibrations of the jeep underneath me as I slowly came to my senses, hearing several men speaking in what I believe was Yoruba, a west african language. Something was covering my head, a bag of some sort and I was sat on a floor with my back leaning against a wall. My stomach knotted and my mind began to race and panic as I slowly realised what was happening, I was being kidnapped! Despite my sudden fear I remained motionless, not wanting to alert the men around me, I desperately tried to listen for Hannah with panic still growing higher and higher.

Noticing a small slit in the bag and I slowly maneuvered my neck so that I could see out, I squinted hard to focus my vision and I saw that I was sitting in the back of a Jeep, there were bags and boxes around, tilting my head ever so slightly left I nearly called out in shock, Hannah was sitting like me, against the other side of the Jeep, but she was naked! Her hands and feet were tied together and she looked conscious, her face stricken with fear. Panic grew and grew inside me and I frantically tried to figure out what to do. She glanced towards me and I was about to call out her name when something heavy hit me in the side of the head. The world went black.


I groggily awoke and heard people around me, there was rustling and several deep voices speaking with heavy accents. I noticed a more high pitched noise and a slow realisation about what had happened dawned on me. The bag was ripped from my head and I tried to lift up my hands to block.out the light, but they were tied behind me. My panic became frenzied as I heard a muffled cry from a female voice alongside the deep male voices, my eyes began to adjust to the influx of light and the picture that slowly greeted me was Hannah pinned on the floor, with a huge Nigerian on top of her sucking roughly on her tits and fondling her naked body.

All I could see was his huge muscled back and glimpses of my wife's face, tears flowing from her eyes and face scrunched up, time seemed to stand still, I felt like someone had just stabbed me in the stomach. I closed my eyes, desperately wishing the moment would end, that it would be dream, a louder muffled noise came from Hannah, he was inside her now, that was painfully obvious. Jokes and amused comments came from the other captors and Hannah's cries became rhythmic, I could feel the pain in the noise and it tore through me.

This went on for what felt like an eternity until I felt a hand grab my face roughly and a thick accent shouted into directly into my ear

"Open your eyes and watch your wife get fucked!"

The next few minutes were a blur, my eyes were fixed on that powerful black ass that was thrusting between her legs, a tear ran down my cheek and I dared not turn away. Hannah's cries grew louder although still muffled by the cloth that was shoved into her mouth, wriggling and writhing with her arms tied together over her head. I started in surprise as the rope suddenly became loose, her arms were free!

"Punch him in the face!" I thought to myself, "make that fucker feel pain."

The man standing behind me reacted and started towards my wife, but before he reached her he stopped and I stared in amazement as her arms swung directly over Araka's back and with both hands gripped his ass cheeks, dug in her nails and pulled him deeper inside. Time seemed to stand still and I had no idea how to react, what was she doing? A roar of laughter erupted from the 2 men watching.

"I think your slut wife is enjoying some real cock," my captor said, laughing and high fiving his friend. I could not respond, my stomach knotted further.

Taking Hannah's cue, he fucked her even harder than before, letting out deep grunts as his balls slapped against her. He reached up and pulled the cloth from out of her mouth, releasing the loudest moan I have ever heard from my wife, she was almost screaming in pleasure.

"Fuck me, oh yes, fuck me harder, oh my god it feels so amazing! The words blurted out of her mouth. My innocent wife was lying beneath this huge Nigerian with a cock twice the size of mine, I truly could not even comprehend what was happening. His grunts grew even louder and louder as Hannah let a out a huge scream of pleasure, her body shook as she had a massive orgasm, hands gripping all over his muscled back as he stretched and filled her completely. More raucous laughter came from the other men, truly enjoying what had transpired. I simply sat there, watching as he continued to thrust, now approaching orgasm himself.

"More, more, oh my god, please keep fucking me!" She begged, her words stuttered each time he slammed into her. Araka pulled out and rubbed his cock and erupted over her stomach and breasts, her moans shifted to a tone of protest for his cock leaving her, but she was relishing this huge load that sprayed all over. Suddenly, a siren-like noise interrupted the festivities and the 4 men left immediately, Araka fastening his pants as he left, they didn't say a word to us or each other in explanation.

We stayed in silence for minutes, startled both by the sudden exit and what had happened before it. Hannah took a long time to catch her breath whilst remaining on the floor, her sexy naked body pink and exhausted. I simply could not think of anything to say. We had been kidnapped, my wife thrown on the floor and raped only to end up going into some sex-frenzy and enjoying every second. I noticed the setting sun sunlight shine in through the only window of the room and illuminate her breasts, little globs of cum were highlighted by the reflection and I simply stared.

"I'm sorry," she said, slowly sitting up and leaning her back against the nearby wall. "I, I don't know what happened." Her aura had returned, she was back to her usual self.

"Me too," I replied, it was the only thing I could say. Silence again, until I finally mustered up the courage to ask;

"What the hell happened?" I asked, almost pleading, it was strange how the biggest issue, the kidnapping was being ignored.

"I, I just don't know. Something just ignited inside me," she said, looking ashamed,

"What do you mean?" Came my reply. "Our sex has always been gentle and beautiful, those men are goddamn animals."

No reply. the sun finally went down and the room became darker, I started to notice the room in more detail, for when we got here my attention was otherwise engaged. There was a single mattress on the smooth marble-like floor, it seemed strange to have material like this. There was a lone, wooden chair, the one in which I was sat during the ordeal and a very small room attached with a toilet and sink. After a while we both got into the bed and tried to sleep, although still scared about the whole situation and dreading the next day, we had gotten into trouble previously during travelling, albeit nothing compared to this. I woke up several times that night and Hannah was awake every time, we talked quietly about nothing in particular, making the general conversation we would normally make when we couldn't sleep.

Morning came and we mulled around the room, half-heartedly trying to figure a way out of the situation, we could offer them money, or simply try to run off, although we had no idea where we were. Mid-conversation the door opened, we both spun around in surprise, I was leaning against the wall next to the door and I was grabbed by the shirt and pushed across the room, I tried to protest, but as I opened my mouth his fist hit my stomach and I fell to the ground, spluttering for breath. My wife simply cowered on the bead, still naked, they took her clothes the night before. The man stood at the foot of the bed, a different man from yesterday, but wearing the same type of clothes, around 6ft 4 and a strong build.

"Don't you ever try to open talk again without permission," he demanded in his deep with a thick accent. I remained on the floor, clutching my stomach.

"Now then," His eyes traced to my wife who looked frightened, rage fuelled inside me.

"How dare they kidnap us and treat us like animals?" I thought. "How dare they treat my wife like this?" Despite the rage I felt powerless, my stomach knotted inside as I saw the look in his eyes.

"You gave my the boys quite a show last night, they say your moans could be heard for miles." His smile widened.

"Please may I speak?" I blurted out, I had to try something. "I have money, lots of it, please let us go and you can have it all!"

The man turned towards me and feigned a punch, laughed at me cowering, and proceeded to grab me by the throat and drag me across the room. Keeping one hand around my throat as I choked, he pulled both me and the wooden chair to the side of the bed and shoved me down onto it. His face came close to mine.

"Another word, and I'll beat you to a pulp," he said with his thick accent.

He strolled slowly back towards the end of the bed, eyeing up my naked wife with lust, he unbuttoned his trousers and slowly pulled them down, glancing at my wife I saw her eyes open wide at the size of the cock that was being revealed, the biggest I had ever seen. His trousers dropped to the floor and what must be 10 inches of thick black cock dangled between his legs. Smiling once more he slowly walked around the bed towards Hannah, her eyes were transfixed on the huge cock that faced her. I felt helpless, that thing would split her in two.

He grabbed Hannah's hair and pulled her towards him, the cock now inches from her face, she closed her eyes I could feel her despair.

"Kiss it, white bitch," he demanded. No reply.

"I know you want to, you want this cock in your mouth, you want to be fucked by a real man again don't you? Press you slutty lips against my cock." Hannah kept her eyes closed, no matter what happened last time, she was far from enjoying herself here and now.

He grabbed his thick, flaccid cock and slapped her on the cheek, her eyes pulled even more tightly closed.

"You little slut, open that mouth!" He slapped her again and again with his cock, the noise made me shiver. Finally he grabbed her hair and yanked her head back, letting out a cry of pain her mouth opened to release the noise which was instantly muffled by a cock being shoved into it.

"Taste my cock, bitch, taste that fat black cock," he demanded as he slowly moved it in and out of her mouth. I could see it grow and I couldn't believe how much bigger it cock, as thick as a beer can and massively long. Hannah still had her eyes closed, and now her mouth open as it began to stretch her mouth wider and wider.

"Olatunde!" He called, "get in here!" The door opened and another man entered, he was well over 6ft and wore only some loose underwear, his upper body was ripped with muscles and I could see his also huge cock pressing against the cotton material. He stopped to look at the sight of his friend roughly holding the hair of my wife who was on all fours on the bed with a cock in her mouth. With a grin on his face he approached the opposite side of the bed, letting his underwear drop to the ground, the semi-erect, 11 inch cock bouncing as he walked.

"Stick out your tongue" The first guy ordered, after a short delay and another rough yank of the hair, my wife obliged. He then ran the length of his cock along her tongue, from the base to the tip, it seemed to take an eternity to reach the tip.

"Yeah, that feels good, your whore tongue feels good on my dick. Now suck the head!" He pressed the pink head into her mouth, it stretched Hannah's lips wide due to the massive girth and she began to suck it, eyes still clenched shut.

Olatunde kneeled behind her on the bed and began to fondle her perfect ass, his big hands roughly grabbing and firmly pressing, his cock was nearly as big as the one in her mouth, 4 times the size of mine. Not wanting to wait any longer he nodded and pressed his cock against my wife's pussy lips, I saw them stretch wide and the cock in her mouth was pressed deeper and deeper, her mouth desperately straining to accommodate. Olatunde let out a long deep moan.

"This slut is soaking wet!" He said, mid-moan.

"I knew she would be," Koko replied, "She loves the taste of my cock in her mouth!"

Again, I was dumbstruck and froze completely still, Olatunde's cock was now deep inside her pussy and I heard a long muffled cry from her, the cock was now completely filling her throat and she couldn't breathe. She kept letting out this long stifled moan as she was filled from both ends. I began to panic, she really needed to breathe but there was no way I could do anything against these huge men. They held her there for even longer and after what felt like an eternity, she began to shake, the cock was pulled from her mouth and following it out was a huge desperate intake of breath followed by what could only be described as a scream. She was cumming! Her body continued to shake and her screams eventually subsided to loud moans, they high fived over her back.

Hannah reached up to grab the cock and she started to lick it all over, hungrily and desperately. Olatunde took this as his queue and began to move his cock in and out of her now dripping pussy.

"That's it bitch," Said Olatunde, "lick it good." Hannah continued to lick and slurp that cock and it glistened with her saliva. I then heard the sound of balls slapping against her ass as she was being fucked from behind, I simply could not understand how it fit inside her.

Smack! He slapped her ass hard. A loud sharp moan followed.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

"Fuck yes!" Hannah blurted out between moans, "slap my ass!"

They both let out laughs after finally breaking my wife, Koko looked so smug, reducing my wife to this primeval state. He began to fuck her harder as she held up the cock in front of her and delved her tongue into his saggy balls, licking, sucking, slurping, moaning, almost in a frenzy. My stomach knotted and twisted, I could not bare to see my wife acting like this, being double-teamed by two huge black men with gigantic cocks, who just so happened to be there kidnappers. However I dared not move and I certainly could not stop watching.

Koko grabbed her hair and pulled up to look up at him, then slapped her hard across the face, releasing a half cry half moan from Hannah and leaving a red mark on her cheek. Her tits bounced around from the fucking she was getting from behind. Hannah looked up at her master and opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue. Koko held that sezy gaze, laughed and then pressed his cock deep inside her mouth letting out a deep grunting moan of pleasure. The cock seemed to stop as it hit her throat, but he grabbed the back of her head and pressed even deeper. I saw a bulge in her throat as that gigantic cock stretched her mouth, still amazed at how it even fit in there. Hannah choked and sputtered but Koko pressed deeper, two thirds of his cock now in her mouth, her eyes again looked up to meet his and he again slapped her cheek, I heard the stinging sound and it made me shudder. She responded by lifting a hand, gripping his muscled ass and pulled him even deeper still, she gagged again and spit dripped from her mouth onto his balls which now pressed against her chin. To add to the mess he spat onto her face, I could no longer distinguish the moan from the gagging and he just held her there. Olatunde started fucking her harder than ever from behind and she started to shake again, even stronger this time, Koko finally pulled out his cock, only halfway but more than enough to release her muffled screams of pleasure. He then pulled out completely.

"Oh my, fucking god, yes, yes!" She shouted at the top her voice.

Olatunde now grunted loudly, obviously encouraged and fear struck me.

"Was he going to cum inside her?" I thought. "Oh please no, he isn't wearing a condom!" His cock continued slamming into her until he stopped, let out a long groan and finally began shooting his load. I could see his ass clench for every spurt, it must have been 8,9 spurts. His orgasm slowly subsided and he slapped her ass one last time and left the room. Meanwhile, Olatunde was enjoying continued enthusiastic cocksucking but finally pulled out.

"Don't leave me," she begged, I need your cock in my mouth!" He simply laughed, grabbed her and spun her around using her huge arms so that she was still on all fours but facing away from him and towards me. Without hesitation he slammed his cock into her pussy and fucked her harder than ever. I looked into my wife's eyes and saw only lust, not a hint of shame or apology, she was a black cock whore deep down. She glanced at my crotch and giggled between her unrelenting moaning, my eyes followed hers, I had a boner! Despite the utter shame I was feeling, seeing my wife enjoying being fucked like this had turned me on without me even realising. I didn't have time to dwell on this as Koko finally came inside my wife, releasing roars of pleasure. As the pleasure subsided he began slowly pulling out and I could tell Hannah wasn't happy that he did.

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