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African Safari


The whoop of the hyena woke us all. The full moon cast an eerie glow on the African bush. The surrounding tall knob thorn and leadwood trees silently witnessed the hyena uttering another deep-throated whoop, calling the clan. The fire embers glowed faintly three meters from my sleeping position. I grabbed my camera and scrambled to the fire as the hyena made an appearance. The sloping figure, with strong front legs and shorter hind legs, was unmistakable that of the spotted hyena, one of Africa’s most successful predators. A volley of shutters clicked in the night, the flashes filling in the dark spots on the moonlit night. The hyena was unfazed by the photographic attention.

Somebody threw a few logs onto the fire, sending exploding sparks into the night. Five pair of eyes stared at the hyena, drooping his head, sniffing the air for carrion or fresh meat. We were on a field-guide training course on a private game reserve next to the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Vanessa, the course leader and an experienced ranger, looked like an Amazon goddess, with long blond hair and tits to die for. Then there was William from Ireland, a handsome rugged sort of man with a bulge in his pants that can only mean one thing. Larry, an Australian, the talker of the group, knew he was sexy and funny. Next to me was Thandi, a tall African beauty, with luscious lips and firm breasts. Her shaven head gives her the appearance of royalty.

Then there was I, Sandra, the horny slut of the group. My 5’11” frame is filled with sexual energy that I cannot explain. My whole body is an erogenous zone and the slightest sensual touch can send shivers of lust down to my shaven pussy. I was a South African city girl who fell in love with nature. We were on our third night on the course but our first sleep-out night.

“Sandy, girl,” whispered Thandi next to me. “Do you know you’re naked?” I looked down at my body, and sure enough, I was naked as the day I was born. I never sleep in clothes, even when I am with strangers. It caused a lot of embarrassing moments for others while I thought it fun. I don’t have a shy bone in my body and love showing it off. I always thought it silly to undress and then dress in different clothes when you go to bed. The next morning you have to repeat the same procedure. What a waste.


“Just now William and Larry will see you.”

“Let them. At least I don’t hide my beauty like you do.”

“Shut up, you two,” came the stern warning from Vanessa. “You’ll scare the hyena away.” Then Vanessa has a double take on my state of dress. Larry and William slowly tore their eyes from the approaching carnivore to look at my nakedness. I was glad to see that I can still turn heads. These nature lovers sometimes forget that fucking is a natural occurrence, pleasurable to do and to look at. I could feel their eyes causing my pussy juices to moisten my cunt.

I got up to show them what I look like, the hyena forgotten. I have classical features, or so people say, with high cheekbones, pouting mouth, long neck, full breasts with dark areolas and pointy nipples. My tummy is flat, and my pussy hair permanently removed. My clit is large with a small pearl hidden between the folds of my clithood. My pussylips protrude from the outer lips, inviting tongues, fingers, dildos and cocks to enter their secrets. By firm ass is another great asset that people love to stroke. I love them stroking it, and kissing it and licking it and slip their cocks between the cheeks on their way to my backdoor or into my cunt. My flaming long red hair sometimes scares off would-be lovers. They think that I am a cock-teasing bitch.

My four companions’ jaws dropped open, their eyes staring at my nakedness. The bulge in William’s pants has grown considerably while Larry rubbed his hand over his own bulge. Vanessa’s eyes blazed with anger but I detected a faint interested smile in the corner of her mouth. I was her competition for the queen of the bush title, and by goddess, I will fuck everyone here to dethrone her.

Vanessa walked up to me, putting her face directly in front of mine. I turned my head slightly and kissed her on her sexy lips. She didn’t pull away. I ran my tongue over her lips and into her mouth. Still no reaction. I pushed my tits and pelvis against hers. Nothing. I took her left hand in my right and put it on my breast, slowly moving it over the nipple. Vanessa didn’t flick an eyelid, while I was shivering with lust. Taking her right hand in my left, I pushed it between my legs, rubbing it over my clit and between my pussy folds. My hands got wet from the rubbing. Still, Vanessa didn’t move.

One final move. I took her wet hand, licked her fingers before I forced it onto her mouth. As she opened her mouth to lick it or to speak, three more hyenas arrived and put up a racket with their cackling and screeching laughter, enough to scare off lions. Vanessa just turned around, walked to the fire, took out a burning log and chased the intruders away. Larry and William quickly replaced their cocks they were stroking during our sexual confrontation. Vanessa just turned away and slipped into her sleeping bag.

“Sandra, you stand guard till morning,” said Vanessa, destroying any sexual tension. “The rest get some sleep.” The rest of the night, four hours, I was alone with the occasional cackle of the retreating hyenas, and the howl of the black-backed jackal. The mournful lament of the fiery-necked nightjar calling; “my mother is dead, my father is dead, all my relatives are dead, and my heart cries…” turned my guard duty in a long journey into the night. Ha, ha.

The next morning I woke Vanessa with a steaming cup of coffee and breakfast of bacon and eggs. I was dressed in my khaki outfit; a small shirt tied around my boobs, leaving my middle bare and tight fitting shorts, with no bra or panties. I learned early on not to save on boots. So my boots were the best I could afford.

“Morning, dear,” I mocked. “Did you sleep well?”

Vanessa was speechless. She got up, took her breakfast and sat on a log next to the fire. Despite her uncombed long blond hair and an unwashed face, she was a beauty. I wanted to kiss her and make love to her. I know I am a terrible slut, but one thing my parents taught me is to enjoy life. Enjoying life to me is fucking people. Vanessa is a sexy human being worth fucking. To get her to want to fuck me, I must make her jealous, I thought by myself as I wolf down my breakfast.

The others slowly woke to the sounds of birds chattering in the bush and a lion roaring in the distance. I’ve put their breakfasts next to their sleeping bags as a gesture of my good intentions. I don’t want them ganging up on me. Not with the devious plan I had in mind. Thandi would be my first fuck.

Our morning walk was filled with information about birds, trees and tracks of animals and many crawling insects. Vanessa showed us the tracks of the hyena. It has doglike paws, with a w at the back pad, four toes and the marks of the nails clearly visible in the sand. I spent every moment with Thandi, touching her, encouraging her and telling her how beautiful she was.

That night we slept back in bungalows at the lodge. I shared a room with Thandi that was next to Vanessa’s sleeping quarters. As we got ready for dinner, I put my plan into action. I showered first and when I came out, I didn’t cover myself. As she got into the shower, I entered the bathroom to apply make-up where the only mirror was. Every now and again, I peeked at her in the shower. Her beautiful black skin glimmered under the assault of the water.

I chatted about the animals we saw, the number of birds we could identify and the uses of tree bark. She was relaxed when she stepped out, forgetting for a moment that she was naked. After she dried herself, she stood next to me applying her make-up. I deliberately touch her arm, bumped against her thigh and once turned to her to ask her to help me with my lashes. Standing face to face, our boobs touched for a moment while she helped me.

She made the first move. She dropped her eyeliner and as she bent down to pick it up, she hesitated at my naked pussy. On her way up, she grabbed my cunt with her hand and kissed me forcefully on the mouth. I felt two of her fingers entering my pussy and with the palm of her hand rubbed my clit. My pussy was already dripping cunt juice before she forced herself on me, but with the assault, I was like a waterfall.

I led her to the bed, threw her down and dropped between her legs. I spread them farther and started kissing her legs up to her thighs to her waiting cunt. She was also clean-shaven. As I opened her dark pussylips, a pink wet interior invited me in. I lapped her flowing nectar, drove three fingers in her love canal while I sucked on her clit. It wasn’t long before she started to moan with pleasure. Her juices flowed freely over her puckerhole. I used the lubrication to insert a finger into her ass. She screamed as she came, thrashing around in absolute bliss.

I knew Vanessa must have heard us. I made sure the windows and the door was open for her to hear our passionate lovemaking. As Thandi recovered, I closed the windows and the door and finished dressing. Laying on the bed, Thandi spoke:

“I never thought sex could be so wonderful. In my culture, we are taught that sex is the duty of the woman to please her man, not to get pleasure herself. But fuck it, Sandy, my girl, when you ate my pussy I was in heaven. No man ever gave me so much pleasure.”

She fell silent and started to dress. “I hope you wont take this the wrong way, but I still like a man’s cock between my legs. Frankly, you don’t have a cock.”

“So you’ve noticed but I am hurt,” I mocked. “I am just your sex slave to be discarded after you’re satisfied.” I took her beautiful black face in my hands and kissed her tenderly. “Glad I could help. But now I need your help.” I told her about my plans. She agreed to help.

At dinner, Vanessa looked at me as if to kill me. My first move was a success. Tomorrow I will play my second card. I flirted the evening with William and Larry, showing them a thigh, a naked breast and once a peep at my naked snatch. Vanessa was seething because she saw the whole play where she sat next to Thandi.

We had the next day off. I invited Larry and William to spend the day with me at the pool while Vanessa and Thandi went to town. I arrived at the pool half an hour late, with a sarong wrapped around my body. The two guys, dressed in swimming trunks, were ready for action. I loosened the flimsy garment and dropped it to the ground. Naked, I pulled a deckchair between theirs and flopped on my stomach to take in a few rays of the morning sun. I waved the suntan lotion in the air as an invitation. Both got the message and jumped to wrestle the bottle from my hand.

Two pair of hands spread the lotion on every part of my back and legs before I turned around to give them access to my tits and pussy.

“Slow down, boys. We have all morning. And besides, I want to fuck you both.” This took the speed of their lust. William slowly squeezed lotion from the bottle over my breasts down to my naked pussy. I drew a line between my boobs, over my navel and through my pussy.

“Stay on your side of the line, till I say otherwise.”

It was wonderful to feel the difference between the two men. The rugged William was sensitive and he spent more time caressing my right breast than the overconfident Larry. William licked and sucked on my nipple before he applied more lotion. Larry couldn’t get to my pussy fast enough; he was in such a hurry. I stopped him short of his target.

“Not so fast, sport, or you’ll get nothing.” He dropped his head in shame, quiet for a change. After awhile I was thoroughly covered with suntan lotion, but my pussy was dripping with lust. I needed to be fucked but I also wanted to wait till Vanessa is back. I turned back on my tummy.

“Thank you, boys,” I said and closed my eyes. Taken aback, William and Larry fell back on their chairs, as two toddlers whose toys were taken away. Let them steam a bit, I thought. An excruciating, pussy dripping hour later, I turned on my back and grabbed their semi-erect cocks through their trunks.

“You still want to fuck me?” Before you could say ‘zebra’, they dropped their trunks, pushing their cocks in my face. Grabbing both poles, I started licking Larry’s smaller cockhead and ran traces with my tongue down his shaft, while I pumped William’s with my other hand. Then I switched to William, deep-throating him. Then I put both cocks in my mouth, sucking on them. Inside my mouth, their cocks touched and I could feel shivers running through them. All people are bisexual, one way or the other, and accidentally touching another man’s cock can be a liberating experience.

“My pussy needs attention.” They both dived for the prize but I had another plan. I let William sit on the chair and impaled myself onto his fuckpole. I asked Larry to lick my clit while William fucks me. The absolute pleasure the two gave me was indescribable. With every pump, William’s thick cock touched every sensitive nerve in my pussy while Larry saw to it that my outer pleasure nerves were been taken care off.

Once I rode to high and out popped William’s dick and into Larry’s mouth. They didn’t seem to mind and Larry didn’t miss a beat when he took his friend’s penis and inserted it back into my aching cunt.

I was standing on my hands and knees on the deckchair, sucking on William’s cock while Larry fucked me in the ass, when I heard Vanessa’s vehicle approaching. Without losing contact with Larry’s dick in my ass, I asked William to fuck my pussy. He climbed underneath me and allowed Larry to steer his cock into my pussy. We quickly settled into a fucking rhythm, in and out, in and out. I could feel their cocks touching, separated by a thin membrane. As Vanessa stepped into the pool area, the three of us reached our orgasms simultaneously. Our combined roars silenced the bush that even the king of beasts couldn’t match.

Vanessa and Thandi stood in front of us. Vanessa’s arms folded over her chest. I stood up, cum dripping from my pussy and ass. I looked into her eyes, an open invitation to do whatever she wanted. She stepped up to me, dropping her hands to her sides. Then I felt her fingers dipping into my cum-filled pussy, scooping the manly cream from it and slipped it into her own mouth. Then she kissed me on the mouth to taste the cum and her own sweet mouth. I knew I won when she dropped to he knees to clean out my pussy with her tongue.

The rest of the two-week course was a blur of birds, cocks, trees and pussies, tracks and tits, walking and fucking. I can name everything we learned, by associating it with a sexual position. I may be Vanessa’s assistant, but I am truly the slut queen of the bush.

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