tagInterracial LoveAfrican Sex Safari Ch. 02

African Sex Safari Ch. 02


Watching all this made Ms J and me very horny indeed. While we watched this black rogue devour his Mistress unabashedly, I felt Ms. J’s velvety cool hips and probed the crack in front. She was wet and hot and ready. I took the belt off and belted her a few lusty slaps that went “thud” slapppp!!” etc. She turned around and moaned ”mmmmmm! Darling, Ever since my fiancée died 6 months ago, no one has treated me so intimately... OOOOhh so gooooddd!!” Encouraged by these words and by my enraged manhood, I bent Ms J over the window sill near by so she could still watch Lungu penetrate Mrs. M and violated her privates like a drilling machine in full speed. I dropped my jeans fully and bent down to explore J’s sexy pussy hole already leaking with unbearable excitement.

I buried my face in her hot, juicy lovecave, hot as an oven. I licked and chewed on her hot privates like a hungry dog and made her whimper and stomp her feet on the grass unbearably. My fingers explored every inch of her black, sumptuous pussy cave and her fairly large asshole. I rose behind her and tied her and tied her hands together to the window grill bars as she now became helplessly ‘open’ to all my violations I cud dream of. Do not for a moment imagine the Black angel didn’t, like IT!!

She was sighing, wiggling her soft black ass in cool night air and begging for a hard rape. As Lungu continued thrashing Mrs M unabashedly violently forgetting that she was his paymaster, my love sword rose like a mad stallion in night air and quickly seized the immediate opportunity presented before its very” nose”!! I raped her black bum, slapping her soft womanly fleshy thighs ”Slapppp!” Thuddddd” etc and moved like a bull into her squelching wet privates. My brown tight balls slapped fast and furiously on her abundant bums making a sexy fleshy slapping sound. Inside Lungu turned his horny mistress over and banged her like a mad bull, his black glistening balls shining and thudding softly into her European pink bumballs.

It took me 25 minutes of hard sexy pushing and slapping and Ms J came several times in-between crying with a guttural, primordial cries of “AHHH...UMMMAHHHH.. YAYAYAA...AAAAHHHHHH”’ etc, when I came like a suppressed volcano that almost made my hot jet of manly spunk come thru the mouth of the bent Ms. J.!!!!

We walked back after what seemed like an eternity leaving the black and white couple to satiate themselves, in a drained, but satisfied condition.

It was when we were walking back to my house with quivering legs that we first saw this Blue BMW whizz past from the rear side of Ms. Mclean's home to vanish into the dark of the night. No telling who it was but they seemed to be in hell of a hurry. They even hit the side of the fence bordering the roadside transformer ripping it away and that went trailing behind the car stuck to it for sime distance. Obviously some one was watching the proceddings in the house, with probably the same Voyeuristic interests like us. I never knew that in the coming months how wrong I would be proved with events clearly plunging me into a thrilling adventure.

Coming back to Ms J, even now, when I ask Ms J for a meeting, she asks :” Meeting or Mating? “Or” Do You promise a power black-out when I come over?” and laughs knowingly and heartily.

Don't miss the Third part and onwards!!! It has great elements of an unfolding Suspense Thriller!

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