tagInterracial LoveAfrican Sex Safari Ch. 03

African Sex Safari Ch. 03


It was the early morning on the next day when a number of Siren–wailing cars arriving at the gates of my neighborhood. I rushed out to find a number of Policemen walking about the entire house of Ms McLean, which had seen some hectic lovemaking session just the previous night.

Shrugging off the lethargy set in by my last night’s hectic lovemaking, I enquired one dark and burly Policeman as to what was happening.

"Oh, somebody knocked her off," said the cop nonchalantly and went about adjusting his gun holster at the waist.

I stood numb and asked after a pause, "Who... I mean whom?"

"The lady... Mrs. McLean, was she called?" asked he narrowing his eyes at me.

I was still gaping, but managed a gruff "Yeah...but when... I mean how... we were just. . " I held myself back in the nick of time. What the hell was I saying? Giving myself away about peeping?

"You are a neighbour,. . Aren’t you? Did you not hear anything wrong last night? "He scratched his beard and probed me.

I had heard and seen a lot of things last night,. . But none were worth mentioning to an investigating cop.

"No. . I was dead asleep" I confessed spreading my hands.

"Yeah. . She is dead too, but sure as hell didn’t die in her sleep. Lets get inside. We will have to talk to all of you neighbors anyway. . " He made it sound like an accusation. But I was in no mood to argue that with him.

I probed as we walked to the living room," How did she die. . I mean she was so lively," said I, my mind recalling last night’s violent lovemaking scenes.

"We will all be lively, brother. . Till we are shot at a point blank range from a. 45 Colt."

We reached the inside of the bedroom by now. The place was absolutely teeming with cops. There she was. . Ms McLean’s beautiful body spread out on the bed askew, a big gaping hole on her left breast. Blood had formed a puddle all over the bed and dried like a cake, by now. The smell of death was overpowering.

Whew! It was not a pleasant sight. Which was absolutely conflicting with the erotic images of her and Rod Lungu last night. Not to speak of the inspired session involving Ms J and me. Staring at her dead body, all that seemed like a dream.

"Knew her well?" This was from a big and hefty looking Inspector standing next to me.

"No. . But well enough to exchange pleasantries when we passed by"

"I am Inspector Mbewe" he said and offered a cold clammy hand. I shook his hand and introduced myself.

"I am in charge of this case. " For me it was unbelievable that the lovely Ms McLean had already become a case in the Police records.

"Lets go. . And allow the boys to clean up!" He continued ushering me out the door. My blood boiled at his suggestion as if Ms McLean was a piece of garbage now, which needed cleaning up!I Didn’t like this cop one damn bit.

Turning away from Ms McLean’s dead staring eyes, I made a commitment to myself that I will have to get to the bottom of this murder.

Do not ask me how or why. I felt so and that was all there was to it. "Where is Lungu?" I asked Mbewe as we neared the gate.

"Who is Lungu?"

"Ohh! I need to explain. . Her Chauffeur, of course"

"Did he live here? You saw him last night?"

The questions were coming fast and furiously. What the hell was I getting into?

"I don’t know, I knew that he worked for her" I said, concealing as much as possible. I really was not getting any where with this cop, for sure.

"By the way. . This case is a Homicide. Don’t give any information to any unauthorized person. It might screw up the case. "

The warning was totally unnecessary. My lips were sealed. Even to the cops.

"You and who else are in charge?" I asked him as I closed the latch of the gate , preparing to leave.

"One Ms Alice Banda. . She is a special Homicide Officer. We are active in this case...Bye"

"Good day, Officer," I said with not much conviction and walked back home.


Though my day was hectic as usual, the death of Ms Mc Lean hung like a damp blanket at the back of my mind and I was depressed.

I was relaxing at home, having had a bath and an iced Coke, when the doorbell buzzed.

I opened the door and looked at the woman standing outside.

She was about as tall as me and that’s 6 Ft, a native African in a policewoman’s uniform. She had a curly hair braids with funny looking beads which African women are fond of wearing these days. She had an exciting body concealed in the drab Uniform, as I could clearly make out her rounded breasts, and well endowed posterior set on robust legs.

"May I Come in?" she asked in a musical voice.

"I am Ms Banda... Alice Banda from the Homicide Dept"

I ushered her in gracefully, " Sure. My pleasure. Come on in. "

We settled down on the couch in my living room.

She had a fine set of teeth, I noticed and she smiled easily.

"Its about Ms McLean’s murder. I am want to know more about it from you" She said crossing her shapely legs, which were really superb.

"My question, exactly. Would you look to have a drink, perhaps?" I asked every bit a host.

"Only a Coke," she replied eyeing my coke can lying on the corner table.

"I am not really dressed formally. I just had a bath. " I said a trifle apologetically.

Alice smiled. That charming smile again.

"That’s OK. We like to question people in an informal atmosphere. "

Well, it could not get any informal for me, at least. I was wearing nothing below the loose blue Bathrobe. But she was in a formal Uniform.

"How long did you know her?" she asked as I settled down opposite her.

"Six Months. , I guess. Never went beyond a ‘Hell0-Hi’ relationship. "

"Know who all came and went to her house recently?"

"How would I? I work outside the city, Ms Banda. She was always traveled in her car, though. With her Chauffeur"

"Call me Alice, if you will," she said graciously.

She yawned and the efforts made her big boobs stretch the limits of her Police Shirt. I could make out her nipples too, I fancied. This was one fabulous piece, I reckoned.

"It was only you who mentioned a Lungu to my partner in the morning, aren’t you?" she asked.

"Yes. He was her Chauffeur. Always drove her car. You mentioned partner in this case. That fat slob is your partner?" I feigned surprise. "How lucky can he get, to be saddled with you," I praised openly as I had my own axe to grind.

She smiled and said," Why, what’s so wrong with Mbewe?" Women can never have enough of praise. She was asking for it.

"You said you are from Homicide. You got killing looks youself ,Alice. I would love to be your partner too" I said, my first amorous advance intentional.

"Why not? We need everyone’s help. She was quite a big fish. Her husband pulls a lot of water in the Govt. " She sipped Coke slowly.

"What about Lungu?" I was dying to know.

"We have no idea. He has not been around. . "

He was missing! That dark bastard could have knocked her off, I was thinking. May be she tortured him a bit too much or the greed could have taken over him.

"What are you thinking?" She asked, looking intently at me.

Boy! Could she read minds, I thought. " Anything missing from the house?"

"No one knows what she kept. Have you been to her place recently?" she asked innocently.

Have I? Oh, Boy!!

"I can come with you there. We can have a look see. "

She said, "Yes, that's a good Idea. I didn't have a good look at the scene of crime myself, in the morning."

And, I was going to have a good look at this dish too, I thought and we got ready to leave.

* * * * *

Dying to know the rest?

Hang On, Give me a break!

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