tagInterracial LoveAfrican Sex Safari Ch. 05

African Sex Safari Ch. 05


I grabbed Alice in my bare hands, running the palms over her lush inviting cool flesh, molding and caressing them. She sighed contentedly and said, "At last we're now serious about this!" and started kissing me in earnest, her tongue clashing passionately with mine in the sweet junction of our mouths, thrilling and heightening our pleasure.

My erect love pole was probing her rounded underbelly just above her curly pubic bush and her own hands were now teasing the underside of my balls with exciting scratching motions, thrilling me heavenly.

I said," Not so fast, Honey! You still haven't told me who tried to run you over on the return journey and what happened next!" and tweaked her stiff dark nipples lovingly, making her gasp "Grhhhh MMMMM" as her hands clasped my family jewels firmly.

We were slowly but steadily moving towards my Bedroom, not letting hold of each other. My own hands were freely running over her beautiful curves, reveling in the soft yielding flesh. Her hands were teasing the sensitive cock tip and sliding the foreskin over the bulbous head making small shudders go through my body. Slowly, we neared the bed, our hands indulging in erotic foreplay, every nerve end tingling, we laid down on the bed.

Alice was in no mood to discuss anything concerning investigation, and for that matter nor was I.

But I was afraid she may not reveal anything more, when lovemaking would be over and she would be in a more commanding position.

So as we lay down and I started kissing her smooth cheeks, her full wet lips, letting tongue revel in the moist warmth of her mouth, I took it an opportune moment to probe further.

" But, honey, you must tell me, who tried to run over you, as I am dying to know." Alice's fine ebony hands snaked out to my loins and grasped my erect pole and started playing with the sensitive head and she replied, "UMMMM… Let me see, when I was driving down the highway back to the city, there was a Blue BMW which kept following me very closely, sitting firmly on my tail…"

I grinned at the obvious double-entendre`." Who wouldn't?" I said and I patted her plump rump and ran my fingers over the soft contours, making her groan in pleasure.

I clearly remembered the Blue BMW, which had left Ms. McLean's premises, in a tearing hurry after the sensational bouts of lovemaking between her and Lungu (and of course between self and Ms J) on the fateful night.

I started rubbing my warm hands on the soft slopes of her prominent breasts, lingering slowly over her rounded discs of areola, avoiding her yearning nipples.

She sucked in her breath with growing agitation and started milking my erect prick with her hands. I made a sound like I swallowed a bee, as she went on.

"I tried to shake him off but he kept coming closer and it was near Chelston Park Boulevard that I had a good look at the driver on my Rear View Mirror, and he was a white man…!"

I propped myself on my elbows to have a good rear view of Alice myself, which stretched out from her smooth waist to her rounded smooth buttocks disappearing in the deep crack between her ass cheeks. My lips started a Long erotic journey from her musky smelling arm pits to her waist, kissing her every inch of her warm soft skin, sometimes giving brief playful bites with my teeth, making her groan " MMMMMMAAAHHHH"and stretch out more luxuriously on her tummy such that her entire wide back and twin ass cheeks were available for my oral exploration. She continued, her voice muffled due to her mouth being pressed down into the pillow, in this position,

" It comes as an interesting lead that this driver was a white man, as both Mrs. McLean and her husband both belong to this race. Moreover, very few whites have made Zambia, their home, these days…". This was no racist remark, but a plain fact and probably a good lead.

As my mouth was hungrily chewing her soft pliant ass flesh and my fingers were exploring the deep inviting crack between her asscheeks, I did not reply immediately and continued with my delightful journey on her ebony skinned contours.

Alice groaned, " The guy tried to drive me in to the median more than once and later into a watery hole on the side of the highway, a little later very deliberately. It took me all my nerve and perseverance to keep cool and drive speedily away from the bastard…"

I was more interested in the 'median' nestling between her yielding asscheeks and rounded upper thighs. She was talking of 'watery holes' and at that very moment, I was inches away from her fountain of joy. My cock was getting squeezed on the cool sheets, staining them with my precum, as I dipped my face and sampled her wet pussy folds.

She was so juicy and sensitive down there that my first lip contact on the outer labia brought out a squeal of passionate approval from her and she verily humped up her pelvis right into my mouth. Holding her firm ass cheeks, I went to work on her inner folds, licking the sides slowly and probing the honeyed depths with the tip of the tongue. . She mumbled incomprehensibly, " Ummmoohhhhhh!" and her hands pulled the bed sheets next to her body, tearing them away in passionate frenzy. I opened up her outer lips with a hand holding the lips wide open so that her wetness started trickling warmly on my fingers. My teeth now started gnawing her inner lips hungrily, and her nectar literally started leaking into the well of my mouth.

I let one finger in her slippery channel, and my tongue found her hooded clitoris.

I licked on it vigorously, making Alice jump up and hump her pelvis up at my face, moaning uncontrollably,

"OHHH! You Devil. Suck me! Make me cum,,, OH! God! I need it so bad …AHHHHHWWWWWW".

The last expression was a real scream as my tongue licked the tip as my teeth clamped down on the stem of her long throbbing clit, at the same time. My mouth was awash with her salty sweet woman juices and I was gulping the juices down as I manipulated her pussy lips with a hand; my mouth went berserk on all parts of her leaking pussy. My two fingers were fully buried upto third knuckles in her wet and tight pussy canal, as my tongue and teeth alternately licked and chewed on her moist pink walls of her womanhood. Alice was going mad with unbearable lust, literally throwing her dark hungry body spasmodically around, feeling the impending climax. She begged me in between groans,

" OHHH! Fuck me, please, honey…don't wait anymore…AWWWHHHHHHH".

I had had enough titillation too and I reluctantly got up away from her pulsing pussy lips to take care of my straining and burning tool, which bobbed up and down in front of my stomach, in appreciation of my decision to use it to probe the mysterious and willing passion-well of Alice.

I knelt down over the sprawling body of my ebony skinned lover, her eyes closed in rapture, her heavy mammaries heaving with lust, her well rounded thighs sinuously rubbing each other made me go mad with sexual hunger like never before.

I literally dived between her inviting thighs and Alice's cool hand gripped my shaft and inserted its head into her soft folds and I thrust forward and…Whooooshh!! It went in like a buttered cob, burying in the soft crucible. Her cunt walls hugged my love shaft firmly as my pelvis driven by my innate desire to copulate, drove it in and out of her streaming, yet pleasantly firm pussy canal.

Her hands cupped my straining buttocks and in the falling light the contrast of my brown skinned body and her dark skinned sumptuous body heightened my own passion and I now fucked her pussy firmly supporting my torso with my hands by her side on the bed, while my waist moved steadily thrusting my love organ in and out of her juicy cunt.

"MMMMMMMMMMOAHHHHHHH" groaned Alice, her head moving rapidly from side to side, in mounting ecstasy. I fucked her thus for about 15 minutes, holding back my orgasm by pausing and breathing deeply twice.

Then I grabbed her waist and pulled her over, reversing our position quickly but without missing a beat.

She looked a spectacle of a woman abandoned to lust, her head thrown back, her throat muscles straining as she uttered unintelligible sweet nothings in a guttural voice, her massive ebony boob globes with turgid nipples heaving up and down, her rounded plateau of stomach rippling with movement, her thighs firmly clasped around my waist, shining with sweat. My cock was pounding her soft yielding pussy like a piston in a steam Engine in full flow as my waist strained to drive it up into her velvety, juicy pouch.

She uttered primordial cries resembling," OH! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! MMMMMMUAH" etc, and I joined in chorus as we built up the crescendo a to a thunderous climax.

We sensed the oncoming orgasm together, riding jointly towards it, our minds dissolved in a world of nothing but wet pussy and pulsating cock. We cried out together and I buried my cock fully in her safe and cozy sheath as we came like bursting fireworks, my seed coming in hot wads inundating her pulsating pussy walls and reaching the mouth of her waiting womb .Our life juices poured out of our entwined joint and wetted the sheets below steadily.

We kept pulsing together, in a hot dual symphony as our life juices poured out and a sense of nothingness and serene calm washed over our straining bodies.

For a long time, there was nothing but our labored breathing and the slow metabolism of two wet coupled bodies retuning to normalcy, on the tangle sheets of my bed. Alice lay with her head in the crook of my neck, her soft mammaries mashed against my sweaty chest. My hands held her marvelous asscheeks rubbing the thin sheen of sweat all over the plump globes.

* * * * *

More to 'come'!!!

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