tagInterracial LoveAfrican Sex Safari Ch. 06-07

African Sex Safari Ch. 06-07


Chapter 6 : Cops and robbers story starts

After a tempestuous round of sex, Alice had dressed and left and I was contemplating what else to do, when I got the call. It was a familiar voice but not so in the recent days.

I heard my boss say distinctively all the way from his London office, "I guess its time to wake up, Sleeper."

"Where is the investigation leading to?"

It had led me to the intimate zones of Janette and Alice till now, but that's not what I could report.

"I think I will blow my cover to Alice, the cop in charge here. Its time..." I did not finish. The old man gave a guffaw and said," Be careful what you blow." I winced. If he only knew... "Report to me every day same time!" The call ended as abruptly as it had come.

I was a sleeper, of course. From Interpol. We always had a lurking suspicion that there was ring in the Southern Africa, which had funded a no. of terrorist organizations in the Middle East and posed a distinct threat to Western interests. The money obviously had been funded through a drug racket but it was so clandestine and lacked solid incriminating evidence.

I was on a cover up as a Civil engineer in Lusaka, which was a good cover as I indeed was one before I had joined Interpol, of course. Mr. McLean's whereabouts and contacts in London had revealed that there was something fishy going on back in his home of Zambia. Which was precisely why I was here.

The next day I drove to the Lusaka downtown and parked in front of the crumbling edifice that served as Zambia Police Headquarters. Two burly black sentries blocked my way and arched their eyebrows menacingly. I was an Asian, a prosperous but much envied community in this part of the world.

"Hey buddies. I am one of yours. Interpol." The words had no meaning to them. The cop on the left spat on the wall near him.

"Who says," he growled.

I held up the badge. "This here says. Goes all the way back to London," I grinned to take any offence out of my impatient voice. " Take me to Alice Banda's office."

The other cop was a little less of a moron. He smiled.

"This way, sir" he ushered me to the stinky and dark corridor; It was a glaring example of the state of this country and its administration. No skin off my nose, I wrinkled my nose and moved on.

I pushed the dark mahogany door and went in. The pleasant sight of well rounded behind of Alice greeted my eyes as she had bent over at dusty filing cabinet.

The fabric stretched to its limit over her abundant globes was at its breaking point. It brought my own eager cock twitch in anticipation just looking over the goodies.

I stole behind her and slapped a heavy buttock with a light smack that made her jump and scream "AHHHHH," turn and look up sharply.

When she saw it was I, her eyes widened even more. She had least expected to see me there.

"What are you doing here?" she asked not sounding very cop like, heaving a sigh of relief, that made the chest buttons of her cop uniform almost pop out.

The element of surprise was working on my side. " Duty calls," I said simply, settling down to the dusty visitor chair. Alice 's eyes blazed, "This is Police HQ, mister. Not a Civil engineering job site. What duty could you have here?"

I looked at the heaving globes of her breasts in growing wonderment and lust as she settled down to her chair.

"After all the service I have given you recently, Alice, is that all you could say?" I said pleadingly.

She softened but had enough grit in her voice to say, "I don't have time for amusement now. That time was a mistake; you became privy to classified info because of my weakness. I am on duty now. What do you want?"

"I am on duty too" I said a little sternly, "I do hope you have heard of Interpol. I work for them."

Alice did not know whether to laugh or not. " You and Interpol," she said in a bewildered tone that was hardly above a whisper.

I held up my badge and offered it to her as she looked at me incredulously. " Well, You are.. I never..." she started but I cut her off.

"If ordinary African cops were to see through our cover, its no fun working for Interpol, isn't it?" I asked icily that raised her heckles. " Why, you..." she started, her voice a sing song accent peculiar to Zambians, but again I interjected,

"Save it for later. We need to work together. Let me make it clear. I am the team leader, we handle this case together."

It took me the best part of the next hour to explain her why I was here and what it all meant. We met her chief, Chibanda too and he was surprisingly easy to handle and readily acceded to my demands of being let in on the case and teaming up with Alice. Interpol agents don't ask for Police co-operation every other day in Zambia.

Chapter-7: Exploring the boundaries

It was a hot sunny day and the heat was sweltering especially on the clear blue waters of Malawi Lake that borders Zambia and Malawi. It was a week later after the meeting in the HQ and I had received positive information that Malawi Lake was one of the hot spots where drugs and money changed hands. We were trying to look like tourists, of course. Alice was posing on the rails overlooking the lake in a short blue gown that fluttered in the wind showing abundant glimpses of her well-toned bare thighs.

Hola, the woman police officer from HQ was at the wheel. She was wearing standard navy Blue overalls. She was a big woman, almost of Alice's size, but where Alice scored in Breasts department, Hola did in hips. She was a Nigerian, I was told. There was something distinctive between these two women who hailed from different tribes of Africa.

Hola's thighs looked tight and rippling under her dress and she was wiping sweat from her forehead on her big arse with one hand leaving some wet marks there. It was indeed arousing the animal in me.

Alice turned to me, her majestic tits standing out like trophies on her chest, and crossed her legs, I could now see all the way up to her matching silk panties that covered groins below the shimmering translucent material of the gown.

"Can you join me here on the watch, and look out for suspicious looking boats and boatmen instead of sunbathing there, wearing shorts and dark goggles?"

I kept the coke can I was nursing on the deck next to me and crinkled my eyes. " I am observing and I am working on something," I said cryptically.

Alice was not mollified.

"What, may I ask, Interpol officer? You are just resting your backside"

The rickety boat shuddered and Alice's blue gown went up in the wind, several more inches over her thighs showing the shining ebony skin in all its resplendence. I groaned.

"Every machine needs a rest. Why talk about it?" I asked but joined her at the railings, anyway.

The gown had silky wispy straps on the shoulders that held up her heavy tits with a lot of effort. It was easy to see there was hardly anything below the gown to cloak her ample breast globes.

I could even see the heavy grape like nipples poking holes through the front. I adjusted my trunks, aching with discomfort inside and moved behind her.

I slipped my hands over hers on the rails and squeezed them as my torso and waist now touched her soft and accommodating backside distinctly but not really pressing up to her. My cockhead quietly nestled in the welcome softness of her buttocks and I blew some cool air down her neck and she shook a little and leaned back on to me.

"Look over there...Those boats don't belong to either country," she pointed to yonder. "They belong to Zimbabwe coast guard, you dummy" I whispered looking down her inviting ebony cleavage.

I slipped my right hand quickly over her soft right tit and weighed it up and down by closing my palms over her ripe fullness. She sighed with mounting excitement and thrust some more arse back on to my hard shaft. I had started precumming by now squirting drops inside the jocks,

I whispered, " I want to anchor my boat right in here" pressing my staff into the deep crease between her yielding buttocks.

"Oh, Yes" She whispered hoarsely. And craned her neck to my face and we kissed inhaling each other's smells and tastes. There was sweat, dust and lust, a volatile combination brewing between us. I was bare-chested. The sun beat down on my hairless brown Asian skin in contrast to her dark shining African one.

I saw Hola look at us from the cabin in astonishment and lick her lips.

I slipped the wispy straps of her dress over her shoulders and kissed the flesh as I uncovered it starting from the back of neck to throat and slowly to her jutting boobs.

They were big, ripe and beautifully crested with rounded berry like black nipples with areola spread the size of a Dollar coin around. The light coloured areola was covered with small expectant goose bumps. I lasciviously latched on to those yummy tits, lifting the heavy globes with palms and slowly feeding the taut tips to my mouth. I licked and bit and sucked alternately making slurping sounds that ricocheted across the boat to Hola who had now put the boat on Auto Pilot and looked at us with glassy eyes. Her one hand which was wiping her sweat till now had quietly slipped inside the mid folds of her blue overalls and was arguably inspecting the condition of her own agitated womanhood.

Alice leaned back on the rails, her big legs spread out, her firm trunk supporting our amorous activity perfectly.

The boat chugged on steadily, its motor thudding below the deck unmindful of the lusty scene unfolding over it.

Alice moaned uncontrollably as my hands caressed the smooth hand filling ebony contours of the stomach past her deep set navel, tickling her with the fore finger there and reached the hot underbelly and the lace of her silken panties. I released my cock from its confines of jocks and it shrugged free and looked up, smelling the hot lake air peeking out the front to my jocks. I knelt in front of Alice and ducked my head below the hem of her gown. I could see her matching blue silk panties tautly covering her groins and swelling ass globes inches from my nose. There was smell of excited womanhood in the air there mingled with arousal and heat and I buried my face in the source of the heat and smell making her gasp and her frame shook against the steel rails above me.

My face smelt her soaked pussy below and I rubbed my face across and all over it in gay abandon and she cried gutturally like an animal in heat and arrested my face buried in the hot junction with both her palms.

My balls, because of my kneeling position were touching the top of heated deck literally and the sac was getting singed.

I raised my self a little on my knees and peeled away the panties down her delectable ebony thighs in one motion with a flourish to the deck floor.

Her bush trimmed and soaked with her own excitement presented itself like a honey cake to my thirsty mouth.

I licked the big fleshy outer labia and peeled them outward like physically opening the petals of a budding flower. I held each labia pulled out with my forefinger and thumb and kissed the juicy hot pink flesh inside. I licked and zeroed in on her hooded big conspicuous clitoral bud and poked its head with the tip of my tongue pushing it back into her leaking vulva. It sprang forth redoubling its size.

Alice groaned " Umahhhhhh" and stomped her feet unbearably on the hot deck trying to control the raging passion building up inside her.

I licked her inner pussy lips clean of the collected juice with the flat of my tongue and sucked some with pouted lips more drawing from the honeycomb of her womb inside.

It tasted like heated honey, musky and absolutely arousing the animal in me.

I got up turned her around with her back to me, the front of her gown loosely dropping down to her stomach exposing the saliva coated, erect nippled tits to the hot sun. The pantyless ass was still covered outwardly with the bottom half of the gown. I could not wait any longer. My 8-inch twitching uncircumcised organ had had enough of sight seeing and wanted a piece of action. Alice gripped the railing firmly with both hands her sinews rippling with the force of her hold.

I lifted her left leg from thigh upwards and put it over the railing and folding it horizontally over the top, as she now stood on her right leg alone. It was a delectable heavenly sight as her big ass cheeks spread apart to expose her shining pink of inviting pulsating African pussy.

I waited no more, with a grunt I thrust forward penetrating her soft yielding passage gripping her hanging tits with my loose hands for support.

I withdrew, my brown ass cheeks swelling out with effort and shrinking back when I bucked the loins forward, burying my cock in the hot oily warmth of her juicy oven.

I looked at Hola. She was sitting down now and had unabashedly spread her naked legs out and her hand had buried in the folds of her gown at the groin level, predictably wallowing in the steamy interior of her own aroused womanhood.

Her other hand was squeezing her big dark healthy looking mammary and she was sighing without a care in the world.

The sun made a contrast to the Brown and black combination of our thrusting bodies on the slowly chugging boat. We looked at the blue serene waters of the Lake below and saw nothing but our steamy passion reflected in the nature around.

I was gripping her folded left leg caressing it lovingly up and down its silky sinewy length of her cop leg and my cock was doing its bit in the strategically placed wet pussy churning up her passion to an inexorable climax. Sweat poured over me, trickling back over to my own arse and dipped into the crack between my pulsating buttocks, cooling my puckered anal opening and rested there.

My balls made regular thudding slaps as they lashed Alice's well endowed buttocks and that heightened the feeling inside my sac as semen filled the shaft and moved forward like the injection fluid in a syringe.

My cock was traversing straight up and down the length of Alice's well-developed and lubricated womanhood. Thank God for African women. Nothing about them is small or tight. He has given everything in abundance, I thought as I held on to the big jugs of her breasts as they shook with our vigorous movements. Alice was one such specimen. She was just 'mega' in everything matching body perfection and scale with her primal passion.

I pulled on the teats of her turgid nipples outward toward the lake making her gasp loudly between moans.

I bucked crazily now so much so that my pushes almost displaced her carefully hung horizontal left leg almost tip over the railing. My brown ass bucked, my cunt-hungry cock wallowed in her soaking pussy chamber and came way sloshing each time it moved in and out.

Hola screamed first, over at the cabin moaning indecipherable passionate swearing in Nigerian

Alice gasped and turned to me, her hair flying all over her face and neck, "Fuck me in every hole, finger me there now, HAA" etc which provoked me to slip in my hand between our fast moving bodies and over the curve of her sweaty ass into her rectal passage, , slowly exploring, reaming the entrance first and then slipping nail deep in . When I met no resistance, I withdrew my cock from her steamy pussy and slipped my forefinger deeper up to first knuckle and I went back bang into her cunt with my rearing cock again. I did this alternately and we reached the pinnacle of ecstasy and finally I shouted urgently, "Alice, here, take this for Malawi lake's sake" in a choking voice as I buried my fully blown pussy juice coated organ into the wet morass of her vulva and squirted big hot dollops of semen filling her womb completely.

Alice screamed her climax, pulsing her walls of the pussy tightly over my own pulsing shaft, milking and choking my cock in her tight confines. My finger in her asshole slipped in and out lazily and the scratching sensation of the nail tip on anal walls made her shudder and gasp and shake uncontrollably, eliciting small little weaker orgasms off her.

We stood there drained and exhausted, my jocks down to the feet, her top half gown open and our legs shaking on the deck due to the aftermath of trembling orgasm. I slipped her left leg from over the railing back on to the deck and she gasped and limped for a minute and held on to me while some cramps troubled her due to the long duration she had been positioned thus. She held on to me. Black swollen tits scraping my hairless wheatish Asian chest and I kissed her everywhere. I love after play and never cheat my partner out of those tender moments. I licked her ear lobes and made her giggle and her cunt pulsed weakly as a reflex action for the last time and squeezed my shrinking prick out of its confines. Our combined juices made a big trickle down her ebony thighs, whitish sticky foam slowly travelling to her ankles

We looked at it simultaneously and she smiled, rather preened, a happy contented woman. "The labour of love lost?" I asked jokingly. "No love lost" she replied and hugged me back. Hola hollered us with a catcall; She was back on her feet. She distinctly winked back to me when I looked at her.

Luckily though we had made so much noise as to awaken the coast guards of all the three neighbouring countries surrounding the lake, on that hot sunny afternoon the fate spared us from any such embarrassing intrusion.

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