tagInterracial LoveAfrican Sex Safari Ch. 08

African Sex Safari Ch. 08


Note: For various reasons I am concluding this story right here. I am moving onto better ones. Thanks for the encouragement and feedback received Keep reading the new ones. Thanks

The Conclusion

While carrying out the investigations Alice and I crossed all boundaries, geographic or pornographic and used to drain ourselves out.

Not that this did any amount of good to Our other dark friend Hola whose holes had started salivating at the rigorous and public display of sex that Alice and I were enjoying.

One day, Hola just joined us while I was screwing Alice's leaking wet pussy on Hotel bed and almost threw Alice out.

Hola had stripped by then and her dark black shining skin was nearly flawless and no less exquisite bearing a distinct breeding than Alice's as they are from different tribes of Africa.

Her bush was dark with just a little pinkness of her wet inner lips showing as her heavy long-nippled tits heaved in anticipation of culmination of sex...

Looking at the still drenched pussy of sulking Alice and eager black bush of Hola, I knew why everyone referred to Africa as the Dark Continent. I was no novice explorer as I pulled Hola onto myself and we were a jumble of sweaty, slithering limbs till the Amazon gained control took my upstanding rudder and drove home!

Pussssss…..It entered her steaming hot pussy and slid into the oven hot womb and she rode me again and again gloriously till she came clenching and almost twisting my rampant prick out of shape. I had the most torrid and satisfying climax as I poured my hot Asian sauce into her waiting wet chambers only moments later.

This became a routine. I was either attending to the needs Alice's thirsty wet cunt or spewing my seed into the willing cave of Hola at any given free time during the course of the investigation.

I mean I had a couple of murderers and drug traffickers to catch of course, but it was in the willing company of only too accommodating and ever willing dark beauties in Alice and Hola. Indeed! These hungry women with unbridled lust turned me into a sexpot and I was getting the best of both worlds as, they say...

James Bond could not have dreamed of a better deal than this on his missions.

It was while eating Alice' sweet tasting pussy one night in a sweaty Congolese Hotel room that I got the flash idea of who had been masterminding the whole Operation from the Villain's standpoint.

It was the bugger Mbewe, her boss, of course…It was he who had surreptitiously gathered all vital info on our movements and plans and passed on the same to the villains.

They always were one step ahead of me. Mysteriously every time. That's what had foxed me all the time till then.

It turned out after some hectic investigation that took me from the swampy Malawi lake to Congolese jungles that the real culprit was none other than Mbewe the Chief Cop of Zambian Police and My dear Alice's boss whom I used to detest unreasonably, Now I found the reason too.

He was running drug cartel in the International narcotics smuggling racket there and Alice and I left no stone unturned in capturing him and his cronies. Alice did not leave my stones unturned in the process, my family jewels, I mean but you would know that already.

But right then as I got up, wiping my mouth off her nether juices with the back of my hand, a mewling Alice below me reminded me of unfinished work at hand and I started working on it. When I displayed my shining throbbing 8 inch cock at her wet waiting portals, she winked her welcome and I romped home without any qualm.

I fucked her gleefully this time, more relieved than at any previous time as I felt distinctly I was at the end of my mission now. I was soon at the end of mission in copulation with her too and I poured my seed for the nth time into the absorbent cavern of her African womanhood.

Talking of Mbewe and his cronies, he was being assisted by Mrs. MacLean, my late English neighbor, it turned out and he had killed her to avoid sharing the spoils with her

It was a greed killing. He had hired those men in the car that I had seen that night after my bout with Janette and they had assassinated her. They were Rod Lungu's friends, it came out.

Rod had ostensibly run away to Zimbabwe and the Zambian Police are still trying to trace him and extradite him.

So finally, my mission was over. I bid a tearful farewell to Alice that included more fireworks. I had enjoyed her company thoroughly besides her Professional assistance.

I returned to India, but there is another trip coming up for sure to Zambia again. Some unfinished Police business. Confidential and all that. I can't reveal it right now to you all

But you can be rest assured of one thing though.. Alice will be there and so will I be and there are bound to be more lusty episodes in the making…

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