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Afrikaner Women Into Zulu Men


"Raul, you're always making noise in the Library, and I always get on your case for it, honestly, I think you do it to get punished," Anja Guttenberg, Head Librarian of the City of Johannesburg, Gauteng, said sharply. The lady was speaking to her most annoying patron, whom she found sitting at a computer, thirty nine minutes after the Johannesburg City Library officially closed. All of the patrons were gone, and was all Library staff. Only the Head Librarian remained, and she was about to close the place down when something unforeseen happened...

Standing there, hands on her hips, the tall, fifty-something, blonde-haired and blue-eyed, pleasantly plump Librarian confronted the surly young Zulu man, who looked her up and down and smirked. Raul Jabulani had this absolutely unflappable way of carrying himself. The tall, handsome and well-dressed young Zulu brother carried himself like a prince, and he didn't care if you were Black or White, rich or poor. He did his own thing and wouldn't let you or anyone else get in his way. Anja found this hot...and annoying as fuck.

"Yeah, the question is, what are you going to do about it?" Raul Jabulani shot back, and he leaned back in his chair, and Anja's heart skipped a beat. For she saw the bulge in his track pants, and licked her lips involuntarily. Anja took a step closer to Raul and he seemed nonplussed by her tone of voice and obvious distress. Raul was definitely a confident, downright cocky young Zulu brother, one who was obviously used to having his way with the ladies.

"Well, Raul, I've got no choice, I have to punish you," Anja Guttenberg replied, and with that, she stepped closer to Raul, and patted his groin. The young Black man smiled, and looked at Anja with a combination of lust and expectation. He definitely knew the effect he had on her. From the first time Anja laid eyes on Raul, she knew that the six-foot-tall, Afro-sporting, dark-skinned and handsome young Zulu was trouble. Indeed, trouble with a Capital T.

A part-time student at the University of Johannesburg, Raul Jabulani and his cronies liked to use the community Library like their own personal playground. For months Anja Guttenberg watched them do their thing, powerless to stop them. The brothers came around, listened to loud music, flirted with female patrons, smoked in the bathrooms and in the smoke-free parking lot, and flipped the bird at Library staff when they tried to stop their flow. Anja Guttenberg found their conduct absolutely despicable...and quite arousing.

"If that's what you call it," Raul shot back, and Anja Guttenberg blinked, and then smiled before sitting on the table, inches from him. At the age of fifty nine, Anja Guttenberg was no spring chicken. She'd been a student at the University of Gauteng in those heady, bright days when Apartheid officially ended and Nelson Mandela became the first Black President of the Republic of South Africa. Days filled with the promise of change, as Anja naively thought of them back then.

A lot of White South Africans were nervous about the new regime, and feared what the Blacks might do now that one of their own was in charge of governing the country. They had seen Whites get dispossessed by the Government of President Robert Mugabe in the Republic of Zimbabwe. After being in power in the Southern regions of Africa for centuries, the White man had been dethroned thanks to the forces of Global Black Liberation, and was running for the hills...

Anja Guttenberg was a young Liberal, a supporter of racial equality, and she supported the Presidency of Nelson Mandela. She sensed that the wise man with the friendly smile was a far better person than Zimbabwe's fiery leader Robert Mugabe. The fledgling Republic of South Africa was in good hands with Nelson Mandela at the helm. Of course, not everyone shared Anja Guttenberg sunny disposition toward the Blacks of South Africa. Many felt that the country was headed for disaster with its multiculturalism and affirmative action policies...

The end of Apartheid did not magically fix all of South Africa's problems and turn it into a racial utopia. There was still a race problem, and Blacks and Whites were cautious around each other. Anja Guttenberg went a step further and did the unthinkable, she crossed the racial line and got with "one of them." While studying in the University of Gauteng Library, Anja Guttenberg had met a most remarkable young man. One destined to change her life.

Never one to mince words, Anja Guttenberg informed her friends and family about her new beau. And that's when the shit absolutely hit the fan. Her parents, Nicole and Hauser Guttenberg disowned her when she got married to Patrick Dumisani, a handsome young man who was born of a Zulu mother and a White father originally from Rhodesia, as the Republic of Zimbabwe was called at the time.

Anja Guttenberg marriage to Patrick Dumisani was wonderful, and at times trying. They had their ups and downs, like any other couple. Their union lasted twenty years, and they had two lovely daughters, Marianne and Josephine Dumisani. In the post-Apartheid Republic of South Africa, a lot of people, both Black and White, would gawk at Anja Guttenberg and her multiracial family as they went about their daily lives.

Anja Guttenberg loved her husband and daughters, and stuck with them. After the end of Apartheid, Blacks and Whites began to interact a lot more but there were still certain lines that both sides felt were not meant to be crossed. Anja had crossed those lines, and had become persona non grata in White South African society. Never mind the angry looks that she got from Afrikaner males, those die-hard racists who were terrified of the idea of Black men getting their precious White women. Anja didn't give a damn what they thought.

Anja Guttenberg-Dumisani and her husband Patrick led decent lives in the City of Johannesburg, Gauteng. She worked at the local Library and Patrick worked as a Police Officer. They lived in a nice suburb and sent their daughters to private school. Life was good...until it wasn't. It has often been said that nothing good lasts forever, and unfortunately this held true for Anja Guttenberg and her beloved hubby...

One day, Patrick Dumisani was diagnosed with cancer, much to his darling wife Anja Guttenberg shock. With the healthcare system in the Republic of South Africa being what it is, Patrick Dumisani sought treatment in the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom. Anja and Patrick spent a fortune on doctors, but there was little anyone could do to help him. Patrick only lasted another three years, leaving Anja Guttenberg widowed. A year after her husband Patrick Dumisani's passing, Anja was still mourning his loss, though she also felt...horny.

"Get up and give me what I need," Anja said, and she glared at Raul Jabulani with a mixture of lust and disgust. She hated the fact that she was attracted to this cocky young Zulu man, who looked a bit like her deceased husband Patrick Dumisani, yet was absolutely nothing like him. Patrick was friendly, charming and a rock solid, decent guy. Raul was full of himself, and proud of it. And her discomfort was sweet nectar to Raul, who was only too happy to add her to his list of conquests...

"Ask and you shall receive," Raul replied, and he was still grinning as he unzipped his pants, freeing his long and thick, glistening dark dick. Upon seeing Raul's manhood, Anja's eyes widened, and her lips quivered. Falling to her knees, Anja grabbed Raul's dick and stroked it with both hands, and then took him into her mouth. Raul smiled happily as Anja sucked his dick...and gasped as she stuck her finger up his ass.

"Surprise," Anja said, smiling wickedly at Raul Jabulani as she fingered his asshole while sucking his dick. Like a lot of younger Black men, Raul was full of himself and thought that women should bow down to him. Women the world over control the sex game, and men of all races ought to recognize that simple fact. That's how Anja Guttenberg felt, and she was going to impress that truth on one Raul Jabulani...

"Oh fuck, that's hot," Raul said, and Anja felt his dick lengthen and harden in her mouth as she worked two fingers up his ass. Afterwards, she lay on the desk, and spread her legs invitingly. Raul looked at her and smiled, for he knew just what to do. Kneeling before her, he inhaled the fragrance of her pussy, and then buried his face between her legs. Just like that, Raul began eating Anja's sweet pussy.

"Just like that, work that tongue in there, handsome," Anja Guttenberg said, and she closed her eyes and pinched her nipples as Raul teased her clit with his tongue and fingered her wet pussy. The young brother's skills never ceased to absolutely amaze her. At the age of twenty, Raul Jabulani was quite knowledgeable about the female body, and Anja found that a most pleasant surprise...

Afterwards, Anja Guttenberg had Raul Jabulani lie flat on the carpeted floor of the Library's computer area, and she sat on his face. Stroking his hard dick, the young Zulu worked his tongue into Anja's asshole, and she rode his face, moaning in pleasure as he pleasured yet another sweet spot of hers with his magic tongue. As Raul's tongue filled her asshole, Anja felt like she was on fire. Moments later, Anja screamed, orgasmic, and came all over Raul's waiting mouth. The brother had taken her to Cloud Nine, and then some...

"Now let me get at that ass," Raul said, a little while later, as he put Anja on all fours, and she grinded her big pale ass against his groin. Anja grinned and turned around as Raul smacked her big ass, and then he rubbed his hard dick against it. Without further ado, Raul grabbed Anja's hips and thrust into her, burying his dick deep into her pussy. Just like that, Raul began to fuck Anja with gusto. He wanted to show the South African MILF the power of the Zulu dick, and then some...

"Fuck me harder, damn it," Anja Guttenberg squealed, and Raul smacked her big pale ass, and yanked her long blonde hair as he fucked her. Raul showed Anja what he was made of, and at some point, he switched up the game on her. Anja found herself lying flat on her back with her legs in the air, her curvy body glistening with sweat. Raul placed his dick against her butt hole, after lubricating her good and proper...

"Relax and enjoy, sexy lady," Raul said, as he pushed his dick into Anja Guttenberg's asshole, and the South African MILF gritted her teeth, fingering her pussy as her ardent lover's long dark dick entered her asshole. Anja hadn't gotten laid in ages, and she hadn't had sex in years. Raul definitely helped her make up for lost time as he slowly but surely worked his dick into her asshole, until he was balls-deep. Anja's screams filled the deserted library, and they were music to Raul's ears...

"Raul Jabulani, you're a pain in the ass, in more ways than one, but you make me feel alive, for this I thank you," Anja Guttenberg said to her smiling lover, much later. The two of them showered in the locker room downstairs, and then got dressed and left. Raul took an Uber back to the University of Johannesburg campus, and Anja drove home. As she pulled into her driveway, to have a late dinner with her daughters, the South African MILF had a big smile on her lovely face.

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by Anonymous07/27/17


go back to the states where you belong.and burn your computer.

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by Anonymous07/18/17


Clearly someone who has Black-superiority fantasies. Reality in Jo'burg is somewhat different.

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