tagBDSMAfro Sex Diaries Ch. 03

Afro Sex Diaries Ch. 03


I tried to loosen the restraints around my wrists but they felt like they were tightening the more I struggled. I sat up properly and my stomach began to growl. I realised I hadn't eaten since last night which was rendered moot by my throwing up all over myself. I can't believe Thuto would do this? Just leave me here? It felt like he had been gone for hours? I don't even know why I am turned on by being bossed around because most of the time these men infuriate me! Who does he think he is to take control of me like this? Reminds me of Omar. Omar was a rap artist who was trying to break into the industry, but when I met him I had no idea who he was. His tall frame was coated with caramel skin and his face was adorned with unruly facial hair. Omar had these sad puppy eyes that made him seem so innocent, but that usually dissipated with the first words that tumbled out of his mouth. What made him stand out was the first thing he said to me.

"Mmm... I bet yours is tight." Omar remarked as he licked his lips. I turned to look at who had insulted me like that. I was shocked not to find some ugly creep but a tall, handsome, bearded piece of hot caramel. Later on, I learnt he was of Ethiopian descent. Made sense, he was magnificent. After his crude remark, I attempted to slap him but he saw it coming; before my hand got anywhere near his face, he had my wrist in his arm and he pulled me in close. Omar's lips crashed against mine as he kissed me passionately. Omar had me against his chest, with my hands trapped between us and with his arms tightly wrapped me. His soft, pink lips smashed against mine and his tongue snaked out to invade my mouth, forcefully prying my lips open and caressing my tongue. Omar playfully nibbled on my lower lip and my pussy exploded with lusty moisture.

"Let's go." Omar whispered in my ear.

I hesitated and asked, "But my friends, let me tell them where I'm going, or..."

Omar cut me off and said firmly, "We're going, now!"

I felt Omar firmly grasp my hand and pulled me behind him. I wanted to say no but I couldn't help myself. In all honesty I was compelled by my clit, it was throbbing relentlessly. We got into a cab and headed to his house. To the annoyance of the cab driver, Omar couldn't keep his hands off of me. Omar had me sitting on his lap in the back seat, with my legs spread open, my back leaning on his chest. I had on a little, black dress and when Omar spread my legs, my skirt bunched up around my waist.

"Don't make a sound." Omar growled in my ear as his calloused, large thumb brushed over my clit. I breathed in deeply through my nose as sparks exploded between my legs. Omar's one hand was firmly pressed on my clit, rubbing it hard and fast whilst he forced three of his fingers in my soaked cunt. Involuntarily, I thrust back against his fingers and let him finger fuck the sense out of me. The fact that the cab driver knew I was getting fingered like a whore in the back seat added to the excitement and I got closer and closer to the edge. Omar tapped my clit, over and over; it made wet sloppy noises because I was so wet, and my clit swollen. With his fingers thrusting in and out of my puffy pussy lips, I came so hard, my cunt clenching around his fingers and oozing pussy juice onto the backseat of the cab. Omar pulled my dress down as we pulled into his driveway; he paid the cab and we walked to the door. He let me into his house and I was surprised to find a neatly kept home. I asked to use his bathroom and he directed me to it; once I was inside, he closed the door behind me. I stood there looking into the mirror wondering when I had become such a cock hungry slut. My anxiety was momentarily soothed as I splashed water on my face. I fixed my make-up and hair and just stared at myself. Self-loathing snuck up on me, the prospect of this one night stand seemed daunting. Omar knocked on the door. I froze, wanting the ground to swallow me.

"Babe?" he asked from the other side of the door.

"Just a sec!" I shouted back.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Ok. New plan: I'll tell him I'm on my period. So I opened the door and he stood in the doorway, essentially blocking it. I looked up at him and I think my brain, my heart, and my pussy felt like he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Nonetheless I had a strategy to carry out.

"Uhm, so listen, I think I just started my period so please call me a cab and let me go home."

Omar's face went from confusion to annoyance to amusement in the space of 5 seconds.

"Let's make sure it's not a false alarm" Omar said seductively. He pushed me against the bathroom wall and hiked my dress up around my waist. Omar bent down on his knees and buried his face between my legs. My clit was sucked in between his lips and caressed by his tongue. One by one, Omar put my legs over his shoulders and I was suspended there in muff diving heaven. Methodically, he sucked and licked my pussy until my juices were dripping off of his chin. I gyrated my hips onto his face, wanting more friction, holding his head there while I went crazy. Just as I was about to come he let me down and left the bathroom. I was left panting, a horny mess on the floor. I stood up and went searching for Omar. I didn't know if it was a good idea but he had gotten me all hot and bothered so the gentlemanly thing to do would be to finish me off. As I reached the lounge, I found him absolutely naked, stroking his cock. He walked towards me and almost ripped my dress off of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as we kissed passionately, our bodies grinding on each other, each trying to find release. Omar broke the kiss and pushed me to my knees, I came face to face with his fuckstick and devoured it in one go. Luckily it was manageable so I figured I could try deep throating without gagging

"Spit on it..." Omar whispered, "... put your hands behind your back and look at me."

I put my hands behind my back and spat on his hard dick. Omar gently grabbed my chin and guided his stiff 7inches of meat into my mouth. I looked up at him and his eyes were bearing into me. I could see he like seeing his dick going in and out of my mouth. Slowly he fucked my mouth, going balls deep and pulling out. Omar moaned the entire time, calling me his special little slut. The way he groaned mead me feel like it was the best head he had ever had. I thought he was about to cum but he pulled out of my wet mouth and bent me over the couch. Omar knelt down and licked me from my pussy to my ass. I had never had my ass eaten out before and it was amazing. His knowing tongue probed at my puckered hole and I relaxed to let it in. Nothing had felt so good before. Omar then took his cock and rubbed it on my clit, making me go wild; then he pointed his hard member at my forbidden hole. I tried to object and he reassured me he would be gentle. It hurt just a little but inch by inch he pushed himself deeper in my ass. As soon as he had his entire length deep inside me, he pulled out and rammed himself all the way.

"I knew this ass would be tight." Omar said through gritted teeth. He spat down on his dick that was embedded in my ass and thrust like demon possessed. He kept spanking my ass and making me call him daddy. He asked me where I want it, I told him to fuck my ass. He started fucking me harder and I didn't think I could take it.

Omar flipped me over and lay me on the couch with my ass on the edge. He made me open my legs as wide as possible and shoved his cock in my ass. As he pistoned in and out of my ass he kept tapping my clit, slapping my pussy, taking me closer to the edge.

"Omar, I'm going to cum!" I moaned.

He stuck his fingers in my cunt and I fell apart on him. I came on his hand and the juices dripped down to my ass.

"That's a good slut, come on my hand. I'm about to tear this ass up!" Omar hissed. He picked up his pace and my moaning turned into screaming. It was too much.

"I... I can't take it..." I panted helplessly.

"Come on baby, you know you can take it. Take Daddy's dick because..." he groaned as he wrinkled his nose, "... I'm going to cum!"

"Spread that pussy for Daddy!" Omar commanded. I pulled my pussy apart, spreading my pussy lips as wide open as I could

I took the pounding, thinking he was going to tear me a new one. The last few thrusts were deep and hard and then he pulled out and came all over my spread pussy and gaping ass hole. We collapsed on his carpet both covered in sweat and me in cum. It was probably supposed to be a one night stand, but as fate would have it, we would fuck whenever we saw one another.

The door opening and slamming shut brought me back to the present, Thuto was back, finally.

"Are ready to be my good girl now?" he asked with a smirk on his face. Thuto stroked my hair and enjoyed the sight of a thoroughly fucked woman tied up and under his control. As much as I wanted to rebel and be furious, I thought twice. This man did not hesitate to hand out punishment when he saw fit to do so, so I might as well play along so I can get untied and eat something.

"Yes, Mrs Masu sir. I am a good girl." I said meekly, lowering my eyes and avoiding eye contact.

He smiled, then he untied me and handed me a bag. Inside were clothes and underwear.

"Shower and get dressed. I'm taking you for brunch." Thuto remarked, "On second thought, leave the underwear behind, I having a feeling we won't be needing it..."

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