tagTransgender & CrossdressersAfro Stress Relief Ch. 01

Afro Stress Relief Ch. 01


My first initiation into the liberal culture of improving the Afro-american male integration into society through stress relief programmes such as AMIRAP and the strident feminist-driven attitudes of advancing minorities within society at the expense of the mainstream culture was in early 2000s.

I was in my early-20s living in Oklahoma City, let's just say I was called Johnny, I had a decent job in logistics management at a medium-sized company, with health insurance and company car benefits and was buying my own apartment in Oklahoma City. Naturally I was white, not just ethnically but also in my thinking and attitudes, I felt I was doing well as I'd come from a poor background. My duties at the firm included managing the warehousing and shipping departments, which mainly consisted of some Negro laborers and a couple of office staff. I kept myself reasonably fit using a gym everyday and cycling and had a small circle of friends, all white and mostly male. The company was fairly old-fashioned in terms of dress code, management structure and attitudes, including racial ones and Republican to the core; but as with all things then and now, 'progress' was happening.

The company started going after government business and initiated mandatory diversity training for all management staff which many of us whites resented and thought a bit ridiculous and was probably more about paying 'lip service' to some sort of contractual obligation to get government contracts, which wasn't unusual. We even had a presentation by one of the Director's wife's, who was president of a small charity helping the wives and mothers of negro prison inmates, about the need for whites, especially white males to start meeting our community responsibilities, this seemed to involve teaming-up with the families to provide support to these inmates; she didn't get many takers although I did hear of a couple of the white girls signing-up.

The company also started sponsoring a business management qualification which consisted of evening classes at a local community college; I was the only one from the company to sign-up, I hadn't been to a university or college as it had been way too expensive. However there were a number of diversity modules and you had to choose at least one, I wasn't particularly academic and so was looking for something that sounded a bit of an easy-ride, I noticed that there was a course entitled 'Social Inclusion, Diversity Improvement through Stress Release for the Afro-American Community' run by a Doctor J W Hansen, it would make up some 20% of the total course mark, it wasn't exam based and only required a single 2 hour evening class per week, so it sounded as if I just needed to sit in a classroom for 2 hours a week listening to some liberal-minded academic drone on about the need for concern for poor blacks and to understand their culture and other such stuff. Although Oklahoma wasn't the most blatantly racist area there was a lot of casual racism to blacks, not the outright Red Southern States black-hating stuff, I wasn't particularly bothered by this sort of thing and I had even dated a black girl.

The local community college was just on the outskirts of the black area of town, so pretty rough, but the parking lot was secure, during enrolment Dr J W Hansen turned out to be a striking mature blonde who wanted to be referred to as 'Dr Jane', it soon became apparent from her statements in the induction she very much believed in her work of helping better integrate society and passionate about improving the opportunities for the Afro-community and insisted we use the term 'Afro' instead of black, colored or negro. The students in this class were mainly white and black girls, some black dudes, and another white guy named Harvey; Dr Jane referred to us as the 'privileged white boys'. The initial sessions focussed on the injustices suffered by the Afro-community at the hands of white men, which seemed to go down well with both the black guys and girls but also the white girls, this left myself and Harvey quite isolated from the other students, but to be honest we weren't really that interested, we both thought the same about the course being an easy ticket. For the first 3 to 4 weeks assignments were straight forward as long as you remembered to use the right phrases, such as 'Afro-empowerment', 'Freeing women from the bounds of male dominance', 'White male responsibility and acknowledgement of past wrongs'. Dr Jane led intense discussions with the class about these sorts of topics and the girls were especially engaged and encouraged by her to relate their own experiences of having suffered at the hands of men, seemingly mainly white men; which I must admit was a bit strange as Dr Jane had told us she was married to a white man! Me and Harvey didn't really get involved, and frankly didn't really care, and just wished the classes finished on time rather than overrunning which was often the case.

"Man, I just can't afford these classes to overrun, I've got to get to work after this stuff." Harvey complained, he had 2 or 3 jobs and one was working on late-shifts at a Supermarket.

"Too fucking true, man, some of us have got work in the morning," I said, agreeing.

"Yeah, unlike most of these niggers!" he replied, chuckling.

"Careful, you don't know who's listening!" I warned him looking around but too late, one of the black girls in front of us gave both of us a frosty stare, obviously having heard Harvey's unguarded remark. At the end of the class Dr Jane asked both myself and Harvey to stay back for 5 minutes. Damn I thought, I didn't need this!

"You're on your own, I can't afford to be accused of some racist crap!" I whispered to Harvey.

He hissed back, "Oh thanks! You think the same as I do, I just have the balls to say it!"

"I ain't stupid enough to say it where it can be heard, you idiot!" I angrily whispered back.

Dr Jane asked us both to sit at the front of the class, "OK boys, someone has reported that one of you has used the N-word," she said calmly.

"No we didn't!" Harvey exclaimed, lying and jumping in before I could say anything.

"Well, I'm sorry but it is completely unacceptable behavior at any time but especially in this environment. It will have to be reported to the college and an investigation will be launched; if proved the culprit will be expelled and if I have anything to do with it also prosecuted!" she warned. Shit, I could lose my job over this I thought. I was about to confess it was Harvey when Dr Jane offered us an alternate "Now, I do believe the N-word was used by one, if not both of you, and I'm sure you both use it regularly in private however I believe getting you boys to see why it is so wrong and how it simply is used to continually keep the Afro-community, and by implication the female community, from assuming their rightful place in society is more important than some witch-hunt," she said. After a brief pause she continued, "That is why I'm going to offer you some opportunities to demonstrate to rest of the class an improved attitude towards your Afro and female fellow classmates."

"Opportunities?" I queried.

"Yes, firstly you will both co-operate on writing an assignment for next class and read it out in the front of the class, expressing your regret at propagating the continued suppression of both the Afro and Female communities through the use of racist and sexist language by privileged white males. Secondly, you will assist me in doing some research outside of this class; that is if you both don't want to be thrown off this course for use of racist language and I have no doubt the effect this will have on your future prospects," Dr Jane said concentrating on me especially, she obviously knew my employer would probably fire my ass on the spot if informed about this. We both agreed, reluctantly, to accept Dr Jane's 'opportunities', we didn't really have any other choice.

Afterwards, I beat the crap out of Harvey in the parking lot and told him I would write the assignment and he would read it out; after getting him in headlock and nearly choking him to death he reluctantly agreed. I spent the rest of the next day at work writing the damned assignment, using all of Dr Jane's stupid phrases. At the next class we handed the assignment over so Dr Jane could proof read it, towards the end of the lesson Dr Jane announced to the rest of the class, "As I'm sure you're all aware some accusations have been made in regards to racist language being used in this class; I'm glad to announce the two accused have seen the error of their ways and would like to apologize to us," I went bright red whilst Harvey didn't seem to be bothered. The rest of the class especially the blacks gave us some very hard stares.

Someone hissed, "I'm gonna fuck those two white bitches in their asses!"

One of the black girls added, "Yeah, our boyfriends gonna work 'em over. They'll soon make bitches outta 'em!"

Harvey smirked at these threats, which caused more shouts and threats but Dr Jane calmed it down and told Harvey to read out the assignment. It was an excruciating 20 minutes of Harvey bumbling through my words and speaking very insincerely; at the end Dr Jane said, "Well, although perhaps not quite as coherent as it could have been, I think it expresses the right amount of regret and submissive language for all the rest of the class to realize what a pair of ungrateful, privileged, useless white bitches you two really are!" The class roared with laughter and we both slithered back to our seats, embarrassed, resentful and worried whilst the rest of class made fun of us.

After the class Dr Jane called us back again saying, "It's probably best you wait for 30 minutes to let the rest of the class disperse; I have a feeling they want to give you a good old ass whooping," she smiled and continued, "by the way my last comment was just my way of trying to ensure neither of you were physically assaulted after Harvey's reading. The assignment was really quite well written and had some promising signs of more submissive behavior which is what I'm really looking for in my white male students. Now next week I want you both to come on Monday evening to my home office and I will go through how I expect you to help me in my research." Myself and Harvey left as annoyed, embarrassed and humiliated white boys but with our asses unwhooped.

On Monday evening we drove to where Dr Jane lived, it was a quiet suburban, upscale neighborhood and I noticed a Mercedes in the driveway as we pulled up; I'd gotten a lift with Harvey as he said he knew the area. It was a bit of pain to get to on a Monday evening but we didn't really have a choice at this point.

After ringing the doorbell, Dr Jane answered and greeted us saying, "Hey boys come on in," we followed her into a sort of study area with a leather covered chair and a simple bench. "Please sit on the bench, boys," Dr Jane instructed us and began, "Now as you know I'm a Social Scientist and I specialize in improving the integration of the Afro-male into society and have been researching this topic for a lot of years. At the moment I'm looking for help in gathering statistics and conducting interviews and such-like for a paper I'm writing and you two are the perfect candidates. Of course, given your previous behavior, this will be looked-on favourably during your assignment assessments," she said and continued, "Initially I'm looking to go to some of the local Afro-neighborhoods and take some vox pop surveys of things like attitudes to authority, racial discrimination, especially by white males, sexual orientation, sexual frustration and strategies to provide relief; and the target audience is Afro-males only." I was shocked after listening to Dr Jane and, looking at Harvey, he was too.

"Er, excuse me, ma'am but are you sure you want me and Harvey to ask these sorts of things?" I asked nervously.

"Yeah, I mean it's gonna be dangerous, probably deadly, for us to ask those blacks in the ghetto if they're homos and when they last fucked someone!" added Harvey.

"Really Harvey, are you some sort of homophobic racist? And please only use the word Afro!" Dr Jane scolded him.

"Er...no sorry ma'am," he stammered.

"Well OK, but yes, you're correct, for you white boys to ask these questions in public it would be quite dangerous, but we've got some partners in the Afro-community and so we'll be setting up in some clubs in a safe environment with security. The vox pops or surveys will have to happen during the club's most active times, so that probably means from 8pm to midnight, possibly later, on weekends but possibly at those times on some week nights, we're trying to select specific nights. Will that be a problem for either of you?" Dr Jane asked.

"Yeah, I do shifts in a Supermarket during those times," replied Harvey.

Dr Jane pursed her lips and continued, "OK that probably just leaves you then Johnny, and I believe you work a standard day pattern," and turning to me asked, "I hope you won't disappoint me?"

I tried to think of a reason but could only stammer, "Er, no ma'am I could do those hours."

I caught a glimpse of Harvey smirking.

"OK, I think you can leave now Harvey," Dr Jane said.

"OK, ma'am," Harvey got up and Dr Jane showed him out and soon returned.

"It's probably just as well Harvey couldn't do it, I don't think he has the right attitude for this sort of work and I know he was the one probably using the N-word," Dr Jane confided in me. "And sometimes, I've found it's better to have a single person doing this sort of thing as they get more involved. I'm sure once you've done a few of these you'll also want to get more involved in helping to improve the integration of the Afro-male into society; or as some of us more liberal-minded white women think, helping the Afro-male integrate with the white male," she laughed. I smiled having no idea what she meant.

Dr Jane handed me a copy of the questionnaire, it had a lot of questions on it, 75 in total.

"I doubt those Afro-boys in a club will want to answer 75 questions?" I queried.

"Maybe but we need to entice them to do it, it's in their best interests and we have some strategies for getting them to open up about these things to a white male; but let's go through the questions first and then you can take the survey," she answered. We spent the next couple of hours going through the questions in detail and what Dr Jane wanted from them, I made copious amounts of notes.

At 9pm Dr Jane announced, "I think that's enough for tonight, can you come back tomorrow and we'll work on those notes and get them into shape."

I couldn't say no, "Sure," I said.

Dr Jane asked if I had driven to her house but I told her Harvey had brought us both and I wasn't sure how I was going to get back home.

"No problems, I'll drive you home," Dr Jane said and I got my things together and followed her out of the house and to her Mercedes. I told her my address and she typed it into the Sat Nav and set off. On the way we made some small talk and she asked me, "Have you got a girlfriend?"

"Not at the moment," I answered. I'd been going out with a girl named Sarah for about 8 months but it had finished, thinking back I'm not sure how we ever got together; she was a college-educated teacher who was very idealistic and worked at a school in the ghetto and was always wanting to 'make a difference' in her students' lives, getting involved in various charities and political organisations and she even dragged me to a couple of political events and marches. Sarah was blonde, slim with some nice large breasts, which was the main reason I was interested in her. Sarah had a very diverse range of friends, gay, lesbian and not white; and frankly getting a hug and kiss on the cheek from one of them, a six-foot black tranny, was a bit disturbing. I had pretended to be interested in her views and only after a few months did she realize what my real attitudes were, when she found out I owned a number of guns, including an assault rifle, and was a member of the NRA. I think she'd only continued seeing me after that with a notion to try and change my attitudes. It all finished when she'd secretly overheard me on the phone to a friend, chatting about work and describing our black staff as 'useless niggers' and other phrases and describing a lesbian colleague in equally unflattering terms; she'd confronted me and we had an argument that finished with her storming out saying I should make the world a better place by using one of my guns on myself!

"Oh, I'm surprised, you seem such a pleasant and inoffensive boy, have you a boyfriend instead?" Dr Jane asked.

"What! Of course not, I'm no homo!" I answered shocked.

"Please try not to use that sort of language, it's not an insult to be asked if you're gay. Personally, I believe we all need to be open and willing to try new, diverse experiences and not be worried by the reaction of a bigoted society," she said.

"Er, yes ma'am, I apologize, you're right we all need to learn to be more diverse and tolerant," I replied, trying not to get myself into any more trouble.

Dr Jane smiled and grabbed my knee, saying, "That's excellent, I tell you what, let's take a detour past one of the clubs you'll be visiting to get a layout of the land." She pulled off the highway into a rough looking borough and then weaved through some back streets, she obviously knew the way, turned a corner and parked up opposite a seedy venue with big neon lights called 'Bouncing Bitches' with a sign announcing 'girls, girls, girls and gurls'.

"It's a strip club!" I exclaimed.

"Yes, a Strip Club, Lap Dancing that sort of thing. Almost exclusively Afro-girls, but don't worry you won't be interviewing in that part, there's some private rooms they've provided for us," she said.

There were some huge black males on the door, "Are they the security?" I asked.

"Yes, they're fine specimens don't you think," she answered.

"Er, I suppose so, do they know what we're doing?" I asked.

"Of course, I've found it's best to be totally honest and I said we genuinely want to help their community and we do, don't we?" she stared at me.

"Er, yes," I answered, what else could I say.

"Good," she purred.

"Funny, they spelt the last girls wrong on the sign," I pointed out.

"No, you really are naive, 'gurls' is the name they use for white transexuals and transvestites who also perform here sometimes," she laughed and pulled away and took me home.

The next night I drove to her house again and rang the bell, Dr Jane answered the door, she was wearing long leather boots and a severe looking dress, "Hi Johnny, delighted you could make it," she said and led me to the study. We got straight down to work and pulled together the questionnaire and accompanying notes in a couple of hours, we reduced the number of questions to 60 and set a good number as multiple-choice style questions to make it easier.

"Well done, I would have taken much longer to do that on my own, let's get a drink to celebrate and then I'll let you take the questionnaire," Dr Jane said.

Dr Jane went into the kitchen and brought out a bottle of wine with two glasses, saying, "It helps if you're slightly relaxed to answer the questions," giving me a large glass of wine; I didn't really drink as my family had a history of alcohol problems. "We won't start until you've finished the first glass," she smiled. Wanting to get out of there I gulped the wine down my throat, it was strong and soon I was feeling more relaxed and Dr Jane poured me another.

"Right, let's start!" Dr Jane said and started asking me the questions, I thought it was going OK and we'd be finished in 30 minutes but she started probing some of my answers on racial discrimination. "Looking at the first set of answers I can see these are quite typical of a white boy with the wrong attitude, you realise?" she said, sternly looking at me, I was sipping my second glass and was feeling intimidated.

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