tagTransgender & CrossdressersAfro Stress Relief Ch. 03

Afro Stress Relief Ch. 03


The morning arrived too early I hadn't had much sleep but got up, showered, shaved myself everywhere, should I have blue eyeshadow or green I wondered; I startled myself, I was going to do my main job not the other one, prostitute and black cock slut, this was all getting too confusing!

With my ass cheeks and asshole still sore I went to work, once there I first confirmed the overtime payments for Troy and Ade and went to the loading bay.

"Hey Troy, delivery went OK yesterday?" I asked.

"Sure thing, boss, an' thanks 'bout extra cash, they told us we'd get in this week's cheque," Troy replied.

"Call me, Johnny, good, what about the guys that didn't turn-up, any word?" I asked.

"Er, OK, Bo...er Johnny, yeah, think they'll be in today, we told 'em you saved their asses," he laughed and added, "Sounds like they been smokin' too much weed last night an' were out in a club, but that's just for you, OK?"

I nodded, pleased I had been brought into the 'bros' confidence, "Bouncing Bitches?" I asked.

"Nah, it's in a rough part of the projects, funny name, BWAs I think," he said. Shit, I thought, did I just get fucked by one of the loading bay staff last night, what was I going to do. Troy added, "Yeah, they in early today," and he nodded in the direction of a couple of black guys loading a truck in the bay; one had definitely a belly on him but the other didn't, from this distance I couldn't make out their faces. "Hey, Baba G, get over 'ere now, you gonna thank this dude, he saved your sorry ass," Troy shouted at one of them, I realized that was the name of the guy who fucked Staci and he was walking over, I froze and could feel my heart racing.

"Heya boss, thanks," Baba G growled, he sounded pretty ungrateful but I guess he would have taken a lot of abuse from the other guys by getting saved by 'whitey', his eyes were bloodshot and he looked like he was still recovering from 'too much weed'. "Got breathing problems and couldn't afford my meds this week," he said, he didn't sound like he had much trouble breathing last night as he was 'fucking and filling' Staci and could afford it as well. Fortunately, Baba G didn't give a hint of recognising me.

"No problems," I said relieved, Baba G turned and sauntered back to the truck.

"He one nasty fucker!" Troy confided, I made a mental note to never ever go back to BWAs. The rest of the day was spent normally and I managed to avoid getting called back to the loading bay.

Getting back home I found a note slipped under my door, it was hand written, I opened it and read

'Hello Johnny,

Just thought I'd let you know not to worry about what I saw last night.



I wondered what Marci meant by it? Did see know it was me last night? Did she think it was my girlfriend? I didn't know what to do and poured myself a glass of wine, the only alcohol I had now-a-days. There was a knock at the door, I looked through the spy hole, it was Marci! I had no choice but to open the door.

"Hello Marci, hope you are well, what can I do for you?" I said smiling,

"Oh, I just wanted to explain my note, I see you've read it," Marci answered, the note was opened on the table in front of the door, "can I come in?" she continued and walked in, without being invited.

"Of course," I said and closed the door behind her. "Would you like a glass of wine, I know it's early, just had a tough day at the office," I haltingly said.

"Sure thing, honey, you don't mind me calling you honey?" Marci smiled.

"No problems, quite nice in fact," I lied, I showed her into the lounge and brought her a large glass of wine, she sipped it sitting in my best chair.

"Well, this is nice, I bet you're wondering about my note?" Marci said getting straight to the point, I nodded. "Well last night I was in the stairwell looking for Ginger, naughty cat ran off again, and I saw your girlfriend coming in very late up the stairs which I thought was strange but be honest Johnny, that wasn't your girlfriend was it, it was you?" she said, giving me a quizzical stare.

"Er... ," was all I managed to get out.

"Look, honey, I've been around and know what's what, I just want to say if you need any advice about anything, boys, clothes, anything, come to me," Marci smiled, I nearly fell off my chair, she continued, "Back in the day I used to know a few white boys like you down the colored clubs, do you go down them negro clubs?" I was still stunned and just nodded, "Thought so, all you sort of white boys like the dark meat. How long you been at it?" she asked giggling.

"A couple of weeks, I think," I answered, still in a state of shock.

"Gee, is that all. You looked good last night, almost fooled me, but your walk is a man's walk, honey," Marci chuckled and sipped her wine. "You taken a ride on the black bus yet, honey?" she asked with a smile on her face, I just nodded instantly understanding her sexual metaphor. "Good for you," she laughed adding, "those niggas, and no offence intended honey, fuck anything!" We both laughed at that, I was beginning to feel a bit easier.

"Did you used to go to the clubs, 'back in the day'?" I asked.

"Sure, honey, I put a few pounds on now but I used to dance, strip and when times were tough or I needed a holiday sometimes ho'ing as well, we all gotta make a dollar somehow," Marci chuckled and added, "You gotta make sure them niggas pay for that ass, honey."

"You still look good," I complimented her, not sure I should say I was a 'ho' as well.

"Oh you coming on to me, honey, that's nice. I made some good money from the clubs and gotta half decent job and was able to afford my apartment up here; away from the projects but the white folks up here don't want to know coloreds, so I have to go back there just to see some of my old friends," Marci said quite sadly.

"Well, Marci, anytime you want to hang about or anything, come on up," I said and adding so as not to offend her, "As I'm so grateful to have met you properly and really want your advice," I felt a bit of 'sista' love towards her, Marci got up and hugged me.

"Thanks honey, anyways I gotta go as I'm off to see my nephews and nieces tonight," she said and left.

Marci left just in time as I needed to get to college, the last class of the evening was Dr Jane's. I managed to keep focussed during the first classes of the evening, despite my sore ass. I sat next to Harvey who had an angry looking black eye and I was only able to speak to him before Dr Jane's class started.

"Hi, what happened?" I asked.

"Some niggers, sorry 'Afro-niggers', robbed me at the gas station where I work and gave me this; they said 'it was a present to Whitey', bastards!" he angrily and sarcastically answered.

"Take it easy, you know where that got us last time," I whispered, pulling him to one side.

"Do you think I care, fuckin' niggers!" he said without lowering his voice, I noticed a black girl from Dr Jane's class walking by and looking at us.

"He's just a white bitch that needs a good fuckin'," I said jokingly to the girl.

"Yeah, sounds like he needs a good nigga fuckin'!" she replied aggressively; these black girls took no shit I realized.

"Yeah, he needs a big black dick in his mouth," I laughed, Harvey looked stunned.

"Oh yeah, whadda you know 'bout that bitch? You sucked many nigga dicks?" she replied aggressively facing up to me.

I winked "Course honey, I've ridden the black bus," I whispered into her ear using Marci's expression; she looked me up and down and smirked.

"Yeah, you a sissy? Where you been ridin' those buses?" she said quietly to me, making sure Harvey didn't hear us.

"You've heard of the clubs BWAs and 'Bouncing Bitches'," I whispered.

"Oh, BWAs, respect sista! I hear those niggas are nasty but got some big fat dicks?" she whispered, giggling.

"Those boys sure do, my ass is still sore today from Monday night," I whispered back and she giggled some more.

"I heard Monday night was a white tranny night, you a ho-bitch?" she asked still sniggering, I nodded, and she added, "this other bitch not doin' that thing?" meaning Harvey; I shook my head; "Yeah, I bet he's one angry little-dicked white boy," she whispered and high-5'd me.

"Hey, I need you to keep this to yourself, what's your name?" I asked her.

"Jonelle. OK I will but I want your help. Let's talk later, Johnny," she replied, knowing my name, and went. Shit I thought I'd just outed myself to some unknown black girl, what was I thinking.

"What was that all about?" Harvey asked.

"Saving your skinny white ass," I answered.

"Stop talking that nigger talk!" he said angrily.

"Look, stop using that word, bitch, or I'll beat your ass hard," I angrily replied; I wasn't sure where those words came from, I guessed I'd so often be referred to as a 'bitch' over the last couple of weeks that I'd taken it up in my vocabulary. "Come on let's get to class and forget about it," I said less aggressively, adding, "maybe you can tell the class about your experiences of criminal diversity," I joked and we both laughed.

We normally sat at the back of the class but I noticed Jonelle sitting on her own as we entered; "Follow me, Harvey, I'm about to keep you out of jail," I said perplexing him. "May we sit here, Jonelle, this is Harvey, as you know a bit of a white cunt," I said smiling, she covered her mouth giggling whilst Harvey looked stunned.

"Sure sista," she replied between giggles and so I sat next to her and Harvey sat next to me. Dr Jane entered the class; this was the first time I'd seen her or even had any contact with her since Monday evening, she smiled at me and I returned it.

"I ain't gettin' some of this stuff, can you help me out after class?" Jonelle whispered.

"No problems honey, let's make a date and we can go through it together," I said and she smiled.

Harvey elbowed me, saying, "You into black girls now?" and purposely said it too loudly causing Jonelle to look.

I just looked at Harvey and thought what a total fool he was and answered, "I wish I was but I ain't good enough for these Afro-girls," and said it loud enough for the people around us to hear. Jonelle laughed out loud and Harvey shrunk into his seat as Dr Jane shouted for calm. After the class, which I must admit I got more engaged with as I now had an intimate knowledge and experience of Afro-males, Dr Jane asked me to stay back for 5 mins; Jonelle said she'd wait for me outside.

"I'm so sorry, Tina, I didn't realise BWAs was a brothel, I only found out from Staci today and heard what you had to do; I've broken one of my promises to you about not selling you. I'm going to have some words with Joshua about this," she said and seemed really upset but continued, "however Staci said you were a real trooper and took it all in your stride including the cubicles and stage dancing; I hope they didn't hurt you?" I shook my head. "Good. Well if you can do a shift at the roughest afro-club in town as a prostitute; by the way did they pay you?" she asked, I nodded again, and she grumbled, "damn! I could have threatened Joshua with living off immoral earnings, never mind. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you're ready to do the interviews."

"One thing, I can't go back to BWAs whatever; I was nearly hired by one of my staff and I can't be sucking my staff's cocks!" I said sternly, Dr Jane laughed.

"OK, OK, but be careful around Joshua, I got a text from him asking if you were available next Monday for BWAs; if he asks you just say you're working for me however don't upset him as we need his assistance for the moment and he can be a very fickle individual. OK I'll let you go but I'll call tomorrow to discuss dates," she said. I left and met up with Jonelle in the corridor.

"Hi, you OK, did Dr Jane give you a hard time?" Jonelle asked.

"Nah, after the N-word incident, I and Harvey agreed to help her out with some research, although Harvey has dropped out already," I answered.

"Oh, research, sounds tough. I'm doin' bad in all my assignments an' I'm gonna be kicked off the course, I just don't know what they want?" Jonelle said, almost crying.

"Hey, hold on honey, I'm sure we can get it sorted, I have some time on Saturdays and Sundays maybe you can come over and we'll look at it together," I said realizing I needed to help Jonelle as she knew my secret now.

"You sure, you only just met me. It's not because of what you said to me outside is it, I neva tell on you!" Jonelle said, although I didn't really believe her.

"Course not honey, we sisters need to stick together," I joked and she laughed.

"Yeah, how thick were them dicks at BWAs?" she asked, surprising me with this frank question as Jonelle looked quite young.

"How old are you?" I asked.

"26, why?" she replied.

"Wow, you look a lot younger, well as we were strapped down it was difficult to see but the last one was like this," I said and used my forefinger and thumb to show the girth of the last black cock to have used me at BWAs.

Her mouth dropped open and she asked, "I thought you were joking but you a real ho, ain't you?" I nodded and she squealed, "Oh wow, this is great!" Damn, I thought, I could have got out of this by pretending it was a joke but now it was too late, I thought this was all getting too much for me.

"Promise me you'll keep this between us?" I pleaded.

"Course sista, here's my number, what's yours?" she replied and we exchanged numbers and she left. In the parking lot I waved to Dr Jane as she drove off, she waved back at me.

"What the hell was that all about!" a voice behind me said, it was Harvey.

"Look, Jonelle would have reported you again and that would have been it; kicked off the entire course, maybe jail; is that what you want?" I growled at him.

"OK, OK," he said sheepishly, adding, "but I'm trying to get a transfer from Dr Jane's class it just ain't right but she has to sign a release form. I can't deal with all them niggers complaining about shit; how do you manage it? And what's with this Jonelle girl, you didn't say you liked the nigger hoes?" I turned around and punched him in the stomach, he fell to the floor and gasping said, "What was that for?"

"I keep warning you about using that word. If it wasn't for me doing what I did tonight where do you think you'd be now? You ungrateful piece of white shit; don't worry about the release form, I'll make sure Dr Jane signs it!" I shouted at him. Harvey was still gasping for air as I got him up and got him to his car, "Look, Harvey, you need to take it easy; the world is changing and you need to be careful about what you say otherwise those Afro-guys may give you more than a black eye. I'll make sure Dr Jane is nice about you on the release form, OK?" I said more kindly as he was getting his breath back.

"OK, OK, I know, but I wasn't brought up that way; thanks for sorting the form," Harvey replied and drove off. This was another thing I had to do, I thought and started getting annoyed about everything.

I pulled out of the parking lot and noticed Jonelle standing at a bus stop, I waved, pulled over and winding down the window asked, "Missed your bus?" Jonelle nodded and I responded, "Hop in, I'll give you a lift."

Jonelle jumped in, saying, "Thanks, cold outside," and asked, "Why'd you punch that white boy?" obviously having seen me and Harvey.

"Just a disagreement," I answered.

"He was saying nigga again, wasn't he. Don't worry I won't say a word but thanks for hittin' that bitch," she said chuckling.

"Where do you live?" I asked.

"Not far; 'bout 15 minutes; straight down and 2nd left," she said. I followed her instructions for the next 15 minutes but was slightly concerned I wouldn't be able to find my way back but Jonelle said, "It's easy to get back on the highway." We drove past the 'Bouncing Bitches' club and Jonelle asked, "You been there?" I nodded, she smiled and asked, "You know the Manager?"

"Joshua," I replied.

Jonelle smiled again saying, "I keep thinkin' you're jokin' but you know way too much. You a ho."

"Yeah, but a ho who's going to help you out," I replied, laughing.

"Yeah, that's true, next right an' we're 'ere," she said. I pulled up outside a single storey house with a wire fence; Jonelle jumped out, saying, "OK, give you a call tomorrow, bye," and she sprinted into the house, probably a good idea round here I thought and locked my doors and pulled away. I got to the highway pretty easily and pulled into a gas station; opposite was a bus stop. I was watching the people at the bus stop as I filled up my car with gas and noticed Marci standing in the queue.

I waved and shouted, "Hey, Marci!" Marci waved back and wandered over.

"Any chance of a ride? It's freezing," she asked.

"Don't need to ask, hop in," I replied and finished filling up the car and went to pay as Marci got in the car.

"Why you down 'ere tonight, you ain't been at those clubs?" Marci asked when I returned and started the engine.

"No, I go to the community college here," I answered laughing and pulled out, turning the heat to full on.

"That's nice. My niece goes to that one as well," she said. I was beginning to feel a bit better about my situation, I thought: I was getting rid of Harvey; I wasn't going back to BWAs; I'd made a good friend in Marci; I wasn't sure about Jonelle but at this point she needed my help and I was going to start these damned interviews which meant they would be finished sooner rather later. It was quite late when we arrived back at our apartment block having made some small talk during the journey.

"Fancy a glass of wine and I'll order in a pizza, I haven't eaten much today," I asked Marci.

"Yeah, that'd be nice, honey," she replied. We were waiting for the elevator with a couple of middle-aged white women who gave us some odd looks, I could tell Marci was a bit uncomfortable so I held her hand, which elicited even stranger stares from the white women.

I was feeling in a better mood so I pulled Marci closer and put my arm around her and whispered in her ear, "Kiss me, and we'll give them something to talk about for weeks," Marci put her hand to her mouth giggling and nodded. I leaned down and kissed her on her full ebony lips, hmmm it was nice I thought to myself, we got into the elevator and went to my floor; I knew the two white women lived in the floors above me and announced as we left the elevator, "Right, lets get to bed," and slapped Marci on her ample butt cheek, Marci squealed with delight as I let her in my apartment.

"Oh them bitches will tell everyone in the building, you're a little slut aren't you," she said, as I poured us a couple of glasses of wine. "I liked that kissing, anymore?" she asked sipping her wine; I leaned in and followed up with more, she responded and soon I was trying to get her out of her dress, "It's OK, white boy, let Marci drive," she uttered and soon we were both naked in my bed. "Your little white dick ain't gonna help; but I like white boy tongues, gentle not rough like them niggas," she said pushing my head down into her vagina, it was clean shaven; I let her 'drive' and followed her instructions to the letter, sometimes coming up to kiss her lips and lick her ample black breasts. "You like them puppies, baby?" she asked pushing her breasts together, I nodded; "Good boy," she said and patted my head. After about 20 minutes she was really wet and started to grind her crouch into my mouth, still telling me what to do, "Good, good, that's good bitch," she said and her whole body shook as she came into my mouth and all over my face. "Shit, shit, shit!" she cried out and looking down at me said, "You one dirty slut, go get yourself cleaned up honey and come and cuddle me." Soon we were cuddling naked in bed; later on she asked me to use 'one of those plastic nigga dicks' on her and she again ejaculated in my mouth and we both feel asleep.

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