tagTransgender & CrossdressersAfro Stress Relief Ch. 05

Afro Stress Relief Ch. 05


My alarm went off the next day, my mouth and asshole ached, it was going to be a long day I thought. I had put plenty of grease up my asshole just to ease the soreness but it still felt pretty stretched. I started to remember last night, I couldn't believe I'd taken Baba G's fat black penis in my mouth, or that I'd spoken to the police officer like that! I wondered if it was all that negro semen I was storing in my butt and belly that was responsible for the way I was acting. I got myself ready and as I went to leave I noticed a letter pushed under the door, I opened and read it,

"Hey Johnny,

You're not around and I don't know your number, please call me.



It was obviously from Marci and she'd written her phone number on the note, I didn't have it before, an interesting development I thought. I decided it was best to visit in person, so I wandered down and knocked on her apartment door. Marci opened the door and I must admit I did chuckle, she was wearing a knit cap, gloves and overcoat, "Heating gone out, honey," Marci sniffled.

I took Marci by the hand and led her upstairs to my apartment, as she was getting out of her warm things, I rummaged around in my kitchen drawers and came back and handed her a key, "About time you had a key, baby," I said.

"Ah, really, you sure?" Marci asked surprised.

"Well I am your bitchboy," I replied.

"I guess you are," Marci laughed and kissed me, I left for work.

It was a pretty hectic day, my asshole was still sore and my jaws were stiff from my all those Afro-boys putting me through my paces. I was a bit uneasy about going down to the loading bay, I was pretty sure Baba G was far too wasted to even remember shooting his cumload down my throat last night, let alone recognising who did it but I was still nervous. Eventually I did have to sort some things out in the afternoon in the loading bay, it was pretty busy as I entered, I quickly scanned for Baba G but couldn't see him.

"Hey, Johnny," Ade called out.

"Oh hi Ade, how's things?" I replied.

"Yeah OK, busy, too busy!" Ade grunted.

"Fool Baba G," Troy butted in, "got arrested, DUI, in jail for bad mouthin' the police! Now we short-handed!" Troy added.

"If he doesn't turn up for work, you know I'll have to report it?" I said

"Yeah, understand but can you wait couple of days, we'll cover for him?" Troy asked, I couldn't understand why Troy and the rest of the crew would do that for Baba G, as Baba G didn't seem to be well liked, I asked Troy why he was bothering to help him out. "We gotta help each other. White folks, an' no disrespect to you Johnny, ain't gonna help us blacks out, yeah he a fool but I know his Momma," Troy explained, I nodded and said I wouldn't say anything for 2 days and would delay some of today's deliveries until tomorrow if that helped. I wasn't sure why I was agreeing to cover for Baba G, maybe it had something to do with all his negro sperm he pushed down my throat, I thought.

Late in the afternoon I got a call from Dr Jane, Dr Jane explained she'd had a chat with Staci, saying, "Again I apologise Tina," she never called me anything but that, "I'm sure Joshua will have a word with Leroy about his treatment of you. I can't believe we still managed to get 8 questionnaires completed, this is going a lot quicker than I thought it would, I'm very pleased with such progress, Tina. I've managed to get Joshua, Devone and Errol to complete one survey each, although I did have to let them have anal sex and ejaculate into my anus, it's a pity you or Staci weren't around to clean me. I'm sure we can have a longer talk at College but I have some ideas of where we can get more surveys done," Dr Jane explained. When Dr Jane had hung up I went home, I was annoyed as I wanted to know how many of these damned surveys she wanted and when I could be free of this commitment.

Marci was still in my apartment when I arrived home, she said the heating wouldn't be fixed for another 3 days, so I helped her bring some of her things up to my place, "Oh thanks honey for letting me stay, freezing in my place, where should I put my things?" Marci asked, I showed her the second bedroom and helped put her things in the drawers, I noticed she'd brought up some very erotic items.

"Oh yeah some of my old club outfits, honey, thought I'd model 'em," Marci explained, I said I'd like that a lot, "Erm, you want me to sleep in 'ere?" she asked.

"Oh, I thought you liked the big bed?" I replied.

"You wanna keep Marci warm at night, honey?" Marci said seductively, I nodded, "Good bitchboy, let's eat," she added, Marci had cooked and it was nice to come back to home cooked food, we sat, ate and chatted. Marci asked me if I'd been down BWAs again, I said I had and told her about my earnings, which to be honest I felt proud about.

"Not bad honey, how'd you get started being a ho, I mean you gotta nice place, got a proper job an' all?" Marci asked, I told her about getting involved with Dr Jane's research project, although I left out the bit about Harvey using the N-word. I told Marci about being made to dress-up, then seeing Devone's black penis for the first time, "Yeah, I understand honey," Marci giggled. I went on and explained about being a waitress at the "Bouncin' Bitches" club and being 'broken-in' and how I unwittingly ended-up at BWAs as a hooker. "Fuck honey, that Dr Jane's a real bitch, but I know a couple of white girl hoes an' they always sayin' it didn't take much to turn some white boys into bitches for black dick," Marci confided in me, she then went onto say it was a 'known' thing among the older black women that white boys, whose mothers were getting black dick when they were pregnant or breast feeding them, would often turn out as sissies. Marci explained it was something to do with a curse on certain families from the old slave days whereby any white taking black sperm would be 'turned'. I laughed.

"Oh no honey, I've seen proper voodoo down in Louisiana, an' my Momma an' her Momma seen the old witches do their thing," Marci responded seriously and then asked, "Was your Momma seeing black dudes when you were born?"

"Er...I don't know, I don't think so," I stammered going red.

"Oh honey, it's only me, Marci and you've been turned now anyway, no going back. They say 'once you go black you don't go back' and you honey are black only for good," Marci stated, I nodded and smiled. "You're my bitchboy now, so I'll have a word with this Dr Jane," Marci continued and again I just nodded.

After eating and doing a few things I went to the gym and left Marci watching her Mexican soaps. I'd had to stop going to the gym in shorts as I'd obviously shaven my legs and I was still wearing the pink thong Dr Jane had demanded I do. As I was finishing a long session on the running machine I heard "Well hello, how did those NONO outfits go down?" I nearly fell off the machine, it was Naomi the Sales Assistant from the lingerie shop, 'La Negress'.

After composing myself, I answered, "Oh hi Naomi, erm..., yes they were very popular," adding in a whisper, "the guys couldn't keep their hands off me!" Naomi giggled and covered her mouth with her hand.

"What's your name, honey?" Naomi asked, I told her, "Nah, whadda those studs call you?" she asked

"Oh, all sorts of things, none of them very nice, but I've been given the name Tina," I replied in a whisper, Naomi laughed at my description but asked who'd gave me that name.

"Erm, just someone I'm helping out, they introduced me to the club's owner," I answered, Naomi asked what club it was.

"I doubt you'll have heard of it, it's called 'Babes With Assistude'," I said but soon regretted it.

"Shit Johnny, a lot of those BWA hookers get their working gear from our store, I heard they had a white tranny night, so you're a proper ho!" Naomi exclaimed giggling and making other people in the gym stare at us. "You ain't still wearing them horrible pink thongs?" Naomi asked and sneaked a look down my gym pants, "Yuk, we got a new NONO line of thongs just in, you should check them out when you're next in," she helpfully added.

"Well, well, well look who it is!" I heard from my right-hand side and turned around to see Sarah, my white ex-girlfriend, walking towards us, "Haven't seen you in a long time, Johnny, how are you?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, er, wow, hi Sarah, I'm OK, you look great," I replied shocked.

"Is this Redneck son-of-a-bitch harassing you, girl?" Sarah asked Naomi in a jokey manner, although I could tell she was being serious.

"Erm...Naomi, this is an old acquaintance of mine, Sarah," I replied but turning very red, Naomi's expression suggested she was not impressed with Sarah.

"Ex-girlfriend Johnny," Sarah added unhelpfully and continued, "Naomi, nice to meet you, hope you ain't dating this no-good piece of crap!" again Sarah chuckled, falsely pretending to be friendly.

"Er, of course we're not...," I interjected.

"Sarah, is it?" Naomi interrupted, "Well Johnny and I are NOT dating, Johnny is a customer of the shop where I work and I can now understand his choice of dating-partners after meeting you!" Naomi pointedly told Sarah, I secretly smiled at this pretty good put down of Sarah. "OK, well Johnny, I've got to get on, maybe see you soon?" Naomi said looking at me, I nodded and Naomi went to continue her work out.

Sarah looked pretty embarrassed, "Well, I guess it looks like your racial attitudes have changed a lot since we finished, if this black girl is willing to say those things, are you dating someone at the moment?" Sarah asked, I shook my head.

At that point a gorgeous brunette girl came up and said to Sarah, "Hey babe, you finished?"

"Yeah, oh Johnny, this is my partner Becky," Sarah replied, giving Becky a little peek on the cheek, "Becky, this is Johnny, an old friend of mine," Sarah added, I was shocked as I realized Sarah now appeared to have turned into a lesbian!

"Shit, this isn't your ex? Wow I thought you said he was a total racist pig! Is he causing trouble!" Becky exclaimed moving aggressively towards me.

"Take it easy, Becky!" Sarah responded and grabbed Becky, "Yes he's my old boyfriend but he's not causing any trouble, in fact he seems to have had a remarkable change in views! You go and I'll join you soon," Sarah added, Becky looked at me suspiciously but moved on to another exercise machine.

"Look Johnny, it seems I may have misjudged you, are you still living at the same place?" Sarah asked, I shook my head, lying, I didn't want her to know too much about my new life. "Oh well, I'd really like to have a quick catch-up, can you hang around for 15 minutes and perhaps get a coffee downstairs?" Sarah asked, I said I didn't really think we had anything to catch up on. "Oh come on Johnny, just a quick coffee, maybe we can still be friends, when we dated you only had a few friends, all like yourself from my memory and I bet I can probably give you better dating advice than any of those assholes!" Sarah laughed, I reluctantly agreed.

Once Sarah and Becky had arrived at the coffee shop I ordered, as we sat down, I saw Naomi leaving and waved, she waved back and both Sarah and Becky waved, which I thought was a bit suspicious.

"Johnny, I think Becky and me just wanna apologise for what happened upstairs, we managed to have a longer chat with Naomi, nice girl, when you left," Sarah said, I started to have a bad feeling about where this conversation was going, Sarah continued, "and I'm pretty shocked but ever so impressed with your new interests, I guess I'd never picked-up you felt like that."

"Erm, what did Naomi tell you?" I hesitantly asked.

"Some interesting things about what you like to wear for those black guys down the club!" Becky answered, sniggering, I flushed red.

"Oh Becky, don't be nasty! Look we're having a little party Thursday night, you remember Carmen, the Afro-trans girl, she will be coming and a few other people. Maybe you'd like to come as the new you?" Sarah asked me, Sarah always had a very diverse range of friends and I remember Carmen giving me a hug and kiss previously which I'd been very uncomfortable with at the time and had told Sarah.

"Ah, thanks but I don't think I can make it," I replied, I didn't want to appear in `public' dressed.

"Oh, never mind perhaps some other time," Sarah responded, I got up to leave. "This isn't the easiest place to be different like us, I'm guessing you haven't told any of your other friends about your new lifestyle, OKC isn't the most tolerant of alternative lifestyles as I'm sure you're finding out," Sarah pontificated, I just nodded.

"Honey, you will need people around you who understand and agree with your choices, you'll need their support, don't push people away!" Becky interjected, I smiled and left, pondering on what they'd both said.

Back at my apartment Marci was already on the couch, I sat down and told her about my encounter with Naomi, Sarah and Becky.

"You should have accepted, I would have come along as well, it might have been fun," Marci suggested and continued, "I used to be, well I guess still am, a bit of a lesbian. I lived with another girl for quite a few years." I guess I wasn't shocked with Marci's revelation after what she and Jonelle had got up to in my apartment, I said I'd ring up Sarah and accept the invite but said Marci would need to get me a proper outfit, she agreed and we went to bed and cuddled.

I left Marci sleeping in the morning and quietly went to work. I went to the loading bay as early as I could and sought out Troy and asked him about Baba G.

"Yeah, I hear he should be in today, gets released this morning," Troy answered, I asked him to let me know when Baba G arrived, I told Troy I'd have to tell Baba G this was his last warning.

"Yeah, I know but we done our best," Troy said shrugging his shoulders, I returned to my desk. At lunch I tried ringing Sarah's old mobile number, I wasn't sure if it would still work.

"Hello, is that Johnny?" Sarah answered.

"Hi Sarah, sorry to disturb you but is that invite still OK, I'd like to bring a friend as well, is that OK?" I asked.

"Oh honey, of course, by the way it's a themed-night, we're calling it Cheerleaders in High heels. I'm sure you know what to expect!" Sarah giggled.

"Erm, OK, 8pm OK?" I asked.

"Fine honey, just remember to bring your ass grease!" Sarah giggled, she gave me the address and hung-up, I wondered what she meant by that last comment. I rang Marci and told her what Sarah had said.

"Oh sounds like we're in for some fun, I know where to get some outfits for both of us," Marci said.

About midday I got a message from Troy that Baba G had arrived, I went down to the loading bay and found Troy and asked him to get Baba G to come to the loading bay office, it was a small office with no windows. I sat down in the office and waited, after about 5 minutes Baba G entered and sat opposite me.

"Hiya Boss, sorry 'bout all the trouble," Baba G said, he was looking very sheepish but all I kept thinking about was seeing his butt in that pink thong and sucking on his big fat black cock, my own penis was rigid and I wanted to ask him if he was still wearing the thong, I couldn't believe I was thinking such things and tried to put them out of my mind.

"OK, but look, your colleagues have really put their own jobs at risk by covering for you, this is your last chance, any more problems and I'll have to report this and I think you know what that means. What happened?" I asked firmly.

"Fuck, you know the police out to get us, I was just having a cool time down the club an' when I left they jumped me an' planted this dope on me, fuckers!" Baba G exclaimed, I replied saying I'd heard a different story about him being high on drugs and going to a brothel and getting arrested trying to drive whilst under the influence of drugs.

"Who telling you lies!" Baba G growled.

"Does it matter, this firm has a zero tolerance policy on the use of drugs, they can even ask you to take a drugs test and of course being convicted of a drug offence would lead to instant dismissal!" I primly told Baba G, he took this surprisingly well.

"Look, what can I say boss, I ain't no angel," Baba G answered quite honestly.

"I understand you were at a club called `Babes With Asstitude' on Monday night, which I'm told is a brothel and Monday night is exclusively for guys who like to get, shall we say, entertained by white transvestite prostitutes," I said, Baba G looked at me shocked that I knew so much about it, I added, "What happened?"

"Hey boss, take it easy, I know you helped out an' all, covering for me like the rest of the bros. Sure I fucked some of them white trannies, which nigga ain't but I ain't no homo!" Baba G answered defensively, and went on to explain, "OK, I'd done a bit too much weed an' went for some relief down BWAs but them cops were waiting outside, I just got into my car an' they arrested me, I didn't even start the motor. Man, you whites don't know how fucked up the police are in the projects." I nodded but told Baba G it was still his last chance and suggested he stay away from BWAs, but I thought I'd make him squirm a bit more.

"I don't understand why you'd even want to visit those trannies, I'm sure there's plenty of black girls who'd want to date you," I said, again very primly.

"Sure, plenty of fine sistas, but all us bros just need a no-hassle fuck or suck sometime without all the shit from them girls, so we use these cheap white sissy bitches. Man, those sissy bitches worship our nigga dicks, you wanna see 'em dressed as hoes, they wiggling their asses an' begging for black cock. Shit the one I fucked on Monday needed it bad, the bitch took my trousers off to suck my balls an' cock on his knees an' I fucked the bitch's mouth an' shot my load down his throat. Man, they just wanna be used by us nigga studs!" Baba G chuckled, I was shocked as I realized he was talking about me!

"I don't know what to say," I stammered, staggered by Baba G's frankness.

"Hey, it is what it is, if you were black I'd take you down there but only whites allowed are those tranny bitches," Baba G replied and I noticed him looking at me oddly.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"No boss, just thinking an' no disrespect but I bet you'd make a fine tranny down the club," Baba G said quite seriously.

"What!" I exclaimed.

"Look boss, no disrespect, I'm just saying. It's a compliment an' all, the club's always looking for new talent, them bitches make money as well," Baba G continued, I couldn't believe Baba G was trying to recruit me for BWAs.

"I think you've said enough now!" I said sternly.

"I know lots of white boys wanna see the black meat, just me an' you here. Do you wanna see what all them white sissies worship?" Baba G said and got up, at that point there was a knock at the door and Zoe, a girl from the office, popped her head round the door and reminded me of an appointment in 20 minutes and left, closing the door.

"Well, Baba G, were you going to show me something?" I said sarcastically as Zoe's interruption had broken the spell.

"Er, no boss, just havin' a joke, you know," Baba G stammered.

"Just remember this is your last warning! Stay away from that brothel!" I told Baba G, he nodded and left. I was pretty shaken up as I knew if Zoe hadn't interrupted I'd probably be spread-eagled on the table gladly taking Baba G's big negro cock up my white ass, my penis was erect and leaking.

After work I arrived home and found Marci dressed in a very revealing outfit which consisted of a white mini-shirt, white fishnet stockings, white heels and blue top, showing her ample cleavage and bare midriff. Marci sat me down and did a little routine, dancing round me and rubbing her breasts in my face, I was very aroused. "You wanna lick my pussy, bitchboy," Marci whispered, I nodded and soon was on my knees with her straddling my face, pressing her moist vagina into my mouth. Marci rode my mouth hard and soon came all over my face, "Fuck, go get yourself cleaned up, I got you an outfit as well honey," she said. I washed my face and returned to see Marci holding up a similar outfit but in red, "I know you got college tonight, maybe try it on after," Marci said, I nodded in agreement.

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