tagTransgender & CrossdressersAfro Stress Relief Ch. 06

Afro Stress Relief Ch. 06


I was running a bit late after I'd overslept my alarm clock, my shift at Missy Bee's and the hard riding I got from Leroy must have tired me out more than I thought. I managed to get into work just on time, once there I rang Sarah.

"Oh hi Johnny, sorry I mean Tina, wow it's early," Sarah lazily answered.

"Hi Sarah, is Marci OK? I can pick her up this evening," I asked.

"Oh don't worry, Marci is fine, more than fine, in fact she's eating my pussy at the moment. I'll give Marci a ride home if she wants one. Bye," Sarah replied and hung-up, obviously Marci was enjoying herself. It was a fairly hectic day at work, lots of paperwork, shipments and deliveries to sort out, it wasn't long before I was in the loading bay.

"Hi Johnny," Troy shouted, I waved back.

"Hi Troy, how are you?" I asked.

"Yeah, OK, my shift finishes soon," Troy answered, looking pleased.

"Cool, is Baba G in today?" I asked, Troy nodded and pointed in the direction of some the crew unloading a truck. I could see Baba G bending over and wondered if he was wearing his pink thong, I realized I shouldn't be thinking such things and definitely shouldn't be thinking about his thick black cock. My little penis began to harden, I flushed red and looked away.

"Yeah, Baba G's acting OK at the moment, seems your talk with him helped," Troy said, adding, "Remember in a couple of weeks it's the loading bay beer bust." I nodded and laughed, the loading bay beer bust was an event where I and the girls from the office, well those girls I managed, would serve beer and food to the loading bay crew as a thank you for their work. There was usually a theme to these beer busts, one year it was football, the girls turned up as cheerleaders and I turned up dressed as a football player, the theme was chosen by the loading bay crew and I must admit the girls would dress up very sexily. Last year the theme was doctors and nurses, the girls all wore some very sexy outfits and I turned up as doctor, the girls ranged in age from their late thirties until their early fifties but all looked very good in their outfits. I also noticed how none of the girls minded the very close attention they got from the black loading crew during these beer busts, frequent slaps on their asses and such like, I usually left very early before it got too raucous and let it be known I didn't want to know what happened but everything had to be finished by 10pm and there should be no photos.

"What's the theme this year?" I asked Troy.

"We're going full ghetto, it's gonna be called 'Bros and Hoes'," Troy chuckled.

"I can guess who's going to be the hoes, have the girls agreed to this?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, but the girls want you to come as a ho too!" Troy laughed.

"Erm...I'm not sure about that," I stammered.

"Oh come on Johnny it's only for fun, don't worry we won't ask you for a lapdance!" Troy laughed, adding, "Well maybe Baba G will!"

"Erm...OK I'll think about it," I answered, the thought of parading around the loading bay as Tina for the all Afro-male crew got my penis fully erect, I went back to the office trying to hide my stiff penis.

Just before midday I got a call from Dr Jane, she wanted to know how it went at Missy Bee's place.

"It was OK, and we managed to get 25 questionnaires completed," I said, knowing this was what Dr Jane really wanted to know.

"Oh that's fantastic news, we're really doing well, but did you manage to satisfy many Afro-studs?" Dr Jane asked.

"Erm...I helped a few," I said guardedly, wondering why Dr Jane was asking such a question.

"Good, I really want you to think about the differences you notice in these Afro-studs before and after they use you. At the moment I know we're focussed on getting these surveys done, but I want you to understand the other important role you're fulfilling in providing sexual relief, importantly guilt-free sexual relief, to these Afro-males," Dr Jane explained.

"Erm...OK, I'm not sure what you mean," I answered, not really understanding what Dr Jane was saying.

"OK it's something we can discuss this Saturday, I met Jonelle last night and she said you'll bring her to my home on Saturday so we can do some tutoring," Dr Jane told me, Jonelle hadn't spoken to me about this but I knew I couldn't refuse as I was Marci's and Jonelle's bitch-boy now. Dr Jane continued, "Tammy will also be there so that should give you an opportunity to discuss how we might work with AMPS to get more of the questionnaires complete."

"Erm...OK, what time should we come?" I asked nervously.

"Oh I think around midday should be fine, I would have returned from taking my husband to the airport by then," Dr Jane replied, and giggling said, "Oh, that Jonelle is a little minx, we can talk about it when you come over, however I can say my little hubby got more than he bargained for in his prep session."

"Erm...is your husband going to an AMIRAP event?" I asked timidly, trying to discover some more information.

"Of course, he's going to be at a club in Cleveland over the weekend, which is a pity as I would have liked you to meet him. Anyway I have to go now, don't forget to bring the surveys on Saturday," Dr Jane answered and hung up. I thought it would have been interesting to meet Dr Jane's husband after seeing him on that video getting fucked by all those Afro-men, and find out how he'd ended-up like that, although I was pretty sure Dr Jane had somehow black-mailed him in some way. I needed to do some serious thinking, what would happen when Dr Jane had got enough surveys: did I want to continue as an Afro-only cross-dressing prostitute? Did I want to get some big false white breasts and ass and an Afro-boyfriend like Bambi and now Staci? Did I want to become like Dr Jane's husband and join AMIRAP? Or did I want to return to my old life? All these options had consequences, some offered the chance of keeping my current outward appearance to the rest of the world as it was but others would mean an entire break with my current situation, I still wasn't sure what I wanted but also wasn't sure it was my decision to make.

In the afternoon I was working in the office, I was helping out Mary, one of the office girls, with some delivery paperwork. "Have you heard about this year's beer bust?" giggled Mary, Mary was white, as were all the girls in the office, in her late forties, married with teenage children, Mary was quite reserved normally and well-spoken.

"Er, yes, Troy mentioned it, something about the Ghetto," I replied.

"Yes, it's going to be called 'Bros and Hoes', we're all meant to dress as street prostitutes," sniggered Mary, and continued, "the girls are really looking forward to it, these beer busts are much more fun since you've been the boss. You should try and stay a bit longer, things get a lot more fun later on."

"I'm not sure, I've got things to do and places to be," I replied, which I realized was a bit arrogant and added, "but I'm sure nobody wants the boss hanging around."

"Maybe, but before you were the manager these events were like church outings," Mary said, I'd worked in most departments of the company mostly in junior roles and through working long hours, kissing, not literally, the bosses asses and being very lucky I'd been given the most junior management position in the company. The previous manager was a devout church-goer and was pretty strict, he had rules such as no swearing in the loading bay and things like that, and the beer bust didn't involve alcohol even though the company gave all the departments money for such events. I'd been to some other departments beer busts' and some were certainly wild, in my first year at the company my mature female boss got me in the women's toilets and made me suck her pussy out! When I became manager, I'd dropped some of my predecessor's stricter rules and introduced alcohol into the beer bust, these were very popular changes but I knew the most popular change was that I left these events early and let the boys and girls enjoy themselves without haven't to worry about me seeing inappropriate behavior.

"Yeah, I want to make sure people have a chance to enjoy themselves, maybe I should come as cop..., keeping with the ghetto theme," I replied, laughing.

"Oh no, I don't think that would be a good idea, in fact it would be very insulting to the guys," Mary replied seriously, giving me a disapproving stare, which stopped me laughing instantly. Mary returned to her desk and I could see her talking to Elizabeth, another one of the girls I managed. I wondered if I should perhaps go and apologize to them but decided to wait as it might just blow over, I was soon called to the loading bay to sort out some issues with deliveries. I returned to the office and was packing to leave for the day, I was surprised that the girls were still in the office as they'd normally have left by this time, Elizabeth beckoned me over, Elizabeth was another white girl in her late thirties, married with one child who had some very strong pro-minority opinions and who liked to be call Lizzie.

"Hi Johnny, the girls would like to have a word with you, can we go somewhere private?" Elizabeth asked, this was very unusual and I had no doubt it had something to do with my remark about turning up as a cop. I nodded and followed Elizabeth into one of the meeting rooms, the other girls joined us.

"Erm...if this is about my remark to Mary, I'm really sorry if it caused any offence, honestly it was just a joke and I have no intention of turning up as a police officer to the beer bust, in fact it may be better if I didn't attend at all," I said, hoping to placate the girls before they took it any further.

"Well yes, it is to do with that remark and I'm glad you realize how offensive it was. However, the girls and I think it's best you do attend the beer bust but we think you should come as a 'ho', like us. I'm pretty sure you don't want anybody to report your racially offensive remarks, so I think if you agree to come as a 'ho' then we can all forget about any nastiness, can't we?" Elizabeth sternly warned me. I realized I didn't have much option, I knew how damaging to my career any record, proved or not, of such an accusation could be.

"Er...yes of course, Lizzie," I mumbled.

"Have you got a girlfriend who can help you out, if not I'm sure me and the girls will be more than happy to help," Elizabeth replied, smirking.

"Er...no I know someone who can help me out," I answered, I knew Marci and Jonelle would help get me ready.

"OK, we haven't yet decided on our outfits but we'll let you know," Elizabeth said, after that they all left giggling and laughing. I went home angry at having once again gotten myself in trouble and being black-mailed, I would just have to hope Baba G didn't recognise me.

I got back to my apartment to find Marci on the couch, "Hey babe," Marci said as we embraced, and explained, "I'm pretty tired, hope you don't mind me hanging here, they're just finishing up in my apartment today."

"No problems, I gave you a key for a reason. You can hang here anytime, honey," I answered, I'd noticed a number of plastic bags by the door and asked Marci what they were.

"Oh, well I chatted with Sarah about you going on a date then she an' Becky pulled together some old clothes for you to wear," Marci replied. I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping to keep this just between a few people, Marci, Jonelle and Dr Jane. Marci had cooked some food and during the meal she told me what had happened at the party, it seems there were eight people at the party, apart from Carmen the Afro-trans girl, and they were all lesbians and this was planned as a bit of an orgy. "Becky was very disappointed you couldn't attend, as was Carmen. Becky really wanted to see you on your knees sucking Carmen's big black dick," Marci chuckled, adding, "I'd like to see that aswell." It seemed that after some food and drinks Carmen left to go somewhere with some more dick action, "I was the center of attention after that, I had tongues and fingers in every hole, girls sucking on my titties and pussies being pushed into my face. I loved it," Marci exclaimed, adding, "at the end, me, Sarah an' Becky shared the bed, I've missed cuddling an' sleeping with girls. I know me an' you share a bed honey, an' you ain't no man but you ain't a girl either. Understand?" I nodded.

After eating, Marci sorted through the old clothes and picked out some outfits, "Now honey, I want you fully made-up and dressed in these outfits all the time, except when you go to work, or to the gym. Tomorrow, me and Tina are gonna get a drink after work, OK?" Marci explained and I nodded but felt very nervous, as this would be the first time I would be really out as Tina in public properly. We went to bed, Marci said she'd be moving back down to her apartment tomorrow, "Don't worry honey, me an' Jonelle are still gonna be around to make sure you become a proper black cocksuckin' sissy!" Marci chuckled.

The next day at work I was pretty busy, at lunch Mary came over and handed me a clipping from a magazine and said, "That's the outfit we're all wearing," pointing to a photograph of a street prostitute, the caption said 'Detroit Street Prostitute', the black hooker in the photo was wearing knee-length red high heel boots, black fishnet stockings, red basque and suspender belt, pink thong and pink jacket. "Don't worry about the boots, Lizzie will be able to get some for you, what's your size?" Mary asked, I told her my shoe size and gave her the woman's equivalent, Mary gave me a questioning look.

"Er...my girlfriend told me the size," I said hesitantly, but trying to change the subject and pointing to the picture I added, "but I don't think she has a pink jacket I can use."

"Don't worry, I'll ask one of the girls to lend you one. What color wig are going to wear?" Mary asked.

"Er...blonde...I think," I replied.

"Excellent, the boys like blondes, we're all going as blondes," Mary giggled and left.

After work I got back to my apartment and started to get ready for my drink with Marci, I was very unsure about going out 'dressed in public' as Tina, but realized there was no way out of the situation now, I heard my apartment door open.

"Hey honey, it's just me, Marci!" Marci shouted.

"I'm in the bathroom," I answered, Marci joined me, tutted and started re-doing my make-up.

"Not so much, you ain't trying to be a slut today," Marci commented. Soon Marci had fixed my make-up and I was ready, Marci said we were picking up Millie and Jonelle and going to a local wine bar where I'd be paying. The elevator going down had a couple of other residents in it, I gazed down at the floor trying not to make eye contact and noticed there was still a stain on the elevator carpet where I had leaked some of Leroy's black sperm from my butthole, making me think about the potency of Afro-sperm and how I would love to be 'stained' by ebony jizz. I noticed Marci was tightly gripping my hand. "Come on, bitch," Marci whispered as she pulled me out of the elevator, as we got into my car Marci explained, "Sorry 'bout that honey, it's just one of them women in the elevator was the bitch who killed Ginger."

"Sorry Marci, I didn't realize," I answered, not really knowing what to say.

"Oh honey, it ain't your fault, I mean you got that bitch to pay up. I wish I could've showed that bitch how you turned out," Marci said. I didn't really understand what Marci was talking about but thought it best just not to say any more about it.

"So Marci, got any advice about my date?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Sure honey, you gotta remember to let the boy take the lead, he's gonna be the man and you gotta let him. You just gotta smile an' be nice an' not say too much. An' remember to use the women's restroom!" Marci explained, and laughed when she talked about the restroom.

I explained to Marci that I was meeting Drake at 'Bouncing Bitches' tranny night so that wouldn't be a problem. When I first went to BBs I'd used the men's restroom but I was soon re-educated to the fact that I should use the 'gurly' restroom when one of the black men at BBs said, "Hey bitch, this is only for men not little-cocked sissy white bitches like you!" as I tried to use the men's restroom and gave my butt a hard slap.

"You gotta get used to thinkin' like a gurl, honey, these sort of boys don't wanna be seen with a little faggot, they wanna a nice pretty little white gurly sissy boy," Marci sternly warned me.

Soon we were outside Mille's and Jonelle's place, Marci jumped out of the car and went inside to get the girls, I waited in the car but noticed a group of black men hanging around outside a house further down the street, they seemed to be talking when one of them looked in my direction and drew all the others attention to me. It wasn't long before one of the Afro-men started to wander towards the car, I was getting nervous and hoped Marci and the girls would soon return, he eventually came level with my car and leaned on it's roof and tapped on my door window. I didn't really know what to do and just stared ahead, anxiously hoping Marci wouldn't be much longer, the guy tapped again at the window and shouted, "Hey honey, you looking for some chocolate, cause I like vanilla!" I gave him a weak smile and little wave, he was tall and well-built with muscular arms and leant on the car roof, fortunately at that point Marci and the girls appeared.

"Ain't nothin' for you here, Carl! Maybe your wife would like to know what her broke-ass nigga of a husband is up to?" Millie shouted at the black man leaning on my car.

"OK, OK, Miss Cropper, just being polite an' all!" Carl, the black man, responded.

"Yeah, well be polite somewhere else!" Jonelle snarled and Carl wandered off, the three girls got into the car.

"You OK honey, wow, Johnny, you look different, cute though. Now, don't pay no mind to Carl, he ain't no bother," Millie reassured me.

"He's a useless fucker that Carl, always chasing the girls but I hear he's got a big dick!" chuckled Jonelle.

"Remember Millie, you need to call him Tina, not Johnny," Marci interjected.

"Or bitch!" Jonelle chuckled.

"Don't be nasty Jonelle, I think you need one more thing Tina," Millie replied and she removed a little pink scarf from her neck and tied it around my neck. "That's better, you ain't got a big apple but no one can see now," Millie said, I thanked her, my adam's apple wasn't very prominent but this would help disguise it. I drove off and Marci gave me directions to the bar, which was on the waterfront.

"So Millie, Tina is going on a date with a young black boy and wants our advice," Marci began, I went onto explain to them about how I'd met Drake as a prostitute down BWAs and how he said he liked me a lot, that Leroy had vouched for him and how I was planning on meeting Drake at 'Bouncing Bitches' next Friday. The girls discussed my situation and asked me some questions about Drake and how'd we met, I told them what Leroy had said about Drake.

"Oh, so he likes dick, this Drake," Marci said, asking, "but he ain't a fairy type like you?" I shook my head, turning red at the description of myself as a fairy.

"That's like my youngest's boyfriend, real mean thug type," Millie said.

"I don't think Drake's a thug," I replied, defending Drake, but I really had no idea if Drake was a criminal or not.

"Yeah, but Jade's a proper tranny, got them big black titties and big ass, not a little fairy like Johnny," Jonelle replied.

"Well, Jade still got a dick, an' says her thug boyfriend loves it," Millie laughed.

"Er, OK, but what should I wear?" I asked, trying to move the conversation back to my date.

"He's taking to you a tranny strip cub, honey, you need to dress real slutty but just not like a ho," Marci answered, I was confused as I wasn't sure what difference was between dressing like a slut and dressing like a prostitute.

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