tagRomanceAfter 25

After 25


Trista woke up on the day of her twenty fifth birthday. She turned off the alarm and looked over at her sleeping boyfriend, Roy, lying on the bed beside her. He slowly began to wake and looked up her.

With a quick kiss Roy said, "Happy birthday."


"How about I give you a little birthday present?"

"Can't I gotta work."

"You can't go to work on your birthday. I took the day off to be with you and now you're gonna abandon me. Come on call them and say that you woke up and had a terrible head ache. And the thing that would be the best about the whole thing is I could be eating you out while you tell them."

"Yeah I got the head joke. But its only been not even a month since the accident-"

"So what,you can't enjoy yourself and a little oral."

"No I just can't take another day off after I just back from a two week medical leave. Look I will be back later and we can play then." Trista gave Roy a quick kiss but before she could walk away she was pulled back to the bed. Roy forced a long kiss on her. He held the back of her head while they kissed and he slowly worked his tongue into her mouth. She sat back down on the bed and leaned back while Roy kissed her and reached up under the tee shirt she was wearing. He stuck his hand into her panties and slipped his middle and pointer fingers into her pussy.

Trista moaned then remembered what she had to do. She forced herself away from Roy and walked to the dresser. She went to the shower and climbed inside.

While she was in the middle of washing her body Roy walked into the room and knocked on the shower door. He wasn't wearing anything and Trista causally poked her head out. "Can I help you sir?"

"Yeah I have a bit of a problem. It's kind of hard to figure out."

"Aren't you the king of puns today?" Trista said still attempting to sound not even the slightest bit interested or tempted. She couldn't however pry her eyes away from one of the worst cases of morning wood she had seen Roy with in over a year. She moved aside and Roy jumped into the shower excitedly. He pushed her up against the wall and kissed her neck while the water ran over them removing the remaining soap suds from Trista's body. He kissed over her neck stopping every so often to lightly nibble on it. He could feel as Trista began to quiver and how every attempt to push him away had stopped. He replaced his fingers back inside her now soaking wet pussy.

"You like that?" Roy asked as he kissed Trista's neck. He put his other hand on his hard cock and started moving it up and down. Trista looked down and pushed his hands away and grabbed her husband's throbbing member. She pulled Roy's hand away from her pussy and got on her knees where she placed her mouth on the head of the dick. She forgot all about her time limit as she teased Roy by sucking on only the head, refusing to go down any further. Roy could feel himself being more and more aroused before pushing Trista's head down. She bobbed her head up and down and placed her hand around the base of the shaft. She could feel Roy's cock tense up and she pulled her mouth away just in time for a large load to be shot onto her face. It landed right on her nose and a couple other drops had landed on her chest and chin.

Trista took her finger and wiped up one of the droplets off her chest. She sucked it off her finger then stood up to rinse the rest of the cum off her. Roy stood behind her and wrapped his hands around her waist.

"Did you like that?"

"Yes, did you?" Trista smiled as she washed the rest off and turned around, making sure not to break away from Roy's grip.

"Oh you know it baby."

Trista put her arms up on Roy's shoulders and cupped her hands behind his head. She was about to kiss him before she remembered her schedule. She jumped out of the shower and quickly dried up. She raced to get dressed then walked out the door, not even bothering to stop and make a cup of coffee or get anything to eat.

As she walked into the building of her job Trista looked down and noticed that he breast were bouncing around freely in her shirt. She turned red with embarrassment the crossed her arms as she made her way inside.

Trista was making herself a cup of coffee when she was approached by one of her male coworkers and friends, Thomas. "Someone's a little excited to be coming to work this morning." Thomas pointed to a pair of rock hard nips sticking from Trista's shirt. She turned away from him in embarrassment.

"Sorry my husband jumped in the shower with me and I got a little distracted and was in a rush when I got out. Let's just say I hope I don't get excited when I go to that budget meeting today."

"Well just think, you would have a lot more attention on you. Happy birthday by the way. So I'm assuming that you were getting a little present from Roy and that's why you were so distracted."

"More like I was the one giving the present."

"Damn I would love to be your boyfriend. Even on your birthday you're the one giving head. My girl friend used to demand I eat her out on her birthday, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Any other holiday was mine but if I asked for something special on any of those other holidays she would ask me what was so important about those days."

"Well you have to remember also that she was blowing her trainer, boss, and neighbor so her mouth was tired by the time she got to you."

"Don't you have a presentation to prepare for."

"Oh yeah. And look I'm sorry for bringing that up to you. I'll make up for it. How about you and I go out for birthday shots after work. Or maybe we could go out this weekend when none of us have work and party it up then. You could probably find a better girl than that whore of an ex of yours."

"I appreciate it. "

Trista quickly went to her office and looked over all the stuff for the meeting. She looked down and let out a sigh of relief when she saw that her nips had gone down. She grabbed her laptop and walked to the meeting room. A couple of the staff members were already there and Trista had only a few minutes to get ready before the meeting started. She signed in and while her computer was loading up she took a couple large gulps from her coffee. She paid no mind to the fire hot liquid and just downed two thirds of the cup in less than two minutes.

During the meeting Trista couldn't find it in herself to concentrate. She kept drifting back into thoughts about the morning and what awaited her at home. By the time she had finished presenting her nipples were fully erect and she could feel her pussy soaking in her thongs. She could see all the men looking at her breasts but just ended her presentation. She sat back down at her seat and watched as a couple other people voiced their ideas and opinions.

Thomas leaned over and whispered to Trista, "What did I tell you? You had all of their attention and I don't think any of them stopped staring for a minute."

"Shut up, I know the girls are hard you don't have to remind me."

"Don't forget huge and perky. I think that's what had my attention the entire time."

"Please just shut up. I am already embarrassed enough."

At the end of the day Trista was relieved to be in her car. She drove home and couldn't wait to be with Roy so that he could take care of what she had been thinking about all day long. She pulled in the driveway and all hopes of anything flew out the window. She looked at the two extra cars parked by Roy's Chevy Silverado.

Trista walked inside and saw the three men sitting in the living room. Each one had on a head set and was holding an X Box controller. They were wrapped up in a game and Trista slammed the door. They all jumped and turned to look.

"Oh Trista you're home already?"

"What are you talking about? It's almost six thirty."

"Really its that late already?"

"How long have you guys been playing?"

"Well Rashaad and Darren got her around one thirty I think."

"Okay well enjoy your game I'm just gonna go in the room."

Trista walked into the bedroom and threw off her shirt. She grabbed another shirt and put on a pair of light blue jeans. She put on a black see through bra then put on a plain white tee shirt before walking back out the door. She didn't feel like she needed to say where she was going since she didn't believe that the guys had even noticed she left.

Trista sat in the front seat of her car and pulled out her phone. She dialed a number and held the phone up to her ear. She tapped her hand against the steering wheel while she waited for an answer on the other end.


"Tom get your drinking clothes on because we're going out and I know that you don't like me going out on my own."

"You're stressed aren't you?"

"I just need to go out and drink."

"Are we gonna talk about it when we get to the bar."

"Just meet me there."

Trista drove to the bar and waited outside for Tom's car to pull up. She waited impatiently for a couple minutes before going inside. She sat down and ordered herself a beer. The bartender looked at her with a smile as he handed over the drink. She grabbed it and threw her head back to downed a huge gulp.

"Something bothering you?"

"No just celebrating. Twenty five fucken years old and my husband spends the day with his friends. Whatever it don't mean anything to me. I'm just another year older and another day closer to dying. What are you gonna do."

"Should I prepare the taxi now?" the bartender asked.

"You might just want to alert them that I'm here." Trista said with a smile. "Can I get another while I'm just sitting here?"

"Coming right up."

Trista threw her head back again and took in another large percentage of the remaining liquid. She watched from the corner of her eye as a man approached her. He was holding a Bud which matched the beer in Trista's hand. He held the bottle up and pointed at the label.

"You know a good beer when you see it huh?"

"Just need something to drink." Trista kept her eyes looking forward. She had no interest in this man. He was about five six making him just about half an inch taller than her. He had greying black hair with a semi large bald spot forming on the top. He had scruffy looking facial hair and was wearing a blue plaid shirt with a stained white tank top under it to match the stained and faded pair of jeans.

"Oh it's one of those type of days?"

"Yeah. I went to work with no bra on and now I'm here drinking. Men are nothing but gross scum that I guess women only find themselves good for a fuck and a blow job."

"Hey I take offense to that."

Thomas walked up behind the guy and tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey buddy why don't you stop wasting your time and go sit down with your drink."

"And who are you?" The man snapped. Trista looked over and walked to Thomas. She slung her arm across his back and rested her head on his shoulder. The man looked at Thomas then at Trista.

"This is my husband."

"Whatever." the guy said as he walked away. "Nothing but an ugly nasty whore anyway." the man mumbled. He must have thought that he said it light enough not to be heard but Thomas was quick to turn around and jump in front of the guy.

"Excuse me. Would you mind repeating that for me. I didn't quite catch what you said after ugly, nasty whore."

"Fuck you man."

Trista was too determined to stay and drink. She knew that she couldn't let Thomas get into a fight. If that was to happen the only way it would end was him being thrown out and she would be forced to leave. Thomas didn't like her being in places like this by herself because of exact men like this. Trista knew however that she could handle herself if it came down to someone placing their hands on her but the fact that someone was so concerned with her safety, made her feel special. She jumped in between the two men and pushed Thomas back. He stepped backward staring at the other guy who was walking away rather proud of himself.

"No man should talk about a woman like that."

"Well I want to drink and I can't do that if we're being thrown out."

"At least I would have known that I stuck up for you."

"I already know that you can stand up for me."

"Just so you know, you're far from an ugly, nasty whore."


"You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met. Thinking about you was how I got through some of the nights with my ex."

"You're being bluntly honest right now and haven't had anything to drink. Should I be feeding you alcohol because I don't know what else you would be telling me."

"Come on lets just get some drinks."

Trista and Thomas walked over to the bar and sat down. They ordered drink after drink until they were both pretty buzzed and had spent a considerable amount of money. The bartender called for a taxi. Trista and Thomas walked outside and waited only a few minutes before it arrived.

Thomas got in the seat first and Trista fell in. She turned her back to Thomas and leaned back until she was resting across his lap. Trista was staring up at the ceiling while Thomas had his head back against the seat and was stroking her hair.

"All I wanted was just a little head. That's all I asked for." Trista slurred to say.

"If it was me, I would do a lot more than that to you."

"No you wouldn't."

"Yes I would. I would kiss down your entire body and kiss the inside of your thighs while I slipped my fingers inside you and licked your clit. Then I would replace my fingers with my tongue and slip my cock inside you and push it all the way in making you scream my name."

"Wow." Trista sighed.


"That's hot."

Trista let out another sigh and started to fall asleep. The two were dropped off at Thomas' house and walked inside. They flung themselves onto the couch where Trista took a little nap. By the time she woke up she couldn't believe the time. She looked at the clock, her vision still a little fuzzy. It was almost midnight and Trista still had to make it home and get up at seven fifteen in the morning. She got up and grabbed her cell phone from her pocket. There was a missed call and a voice mail that Trista feared to listen to. She did however and to no surprise it was Roy.

'Hey Tris its just me. Its about ten thirty and I called the bar.They said that you left about ten minutes ago. The bartender said you were with some guy and that you two left together. I'm really hoping the guy he was talking about was Thomas. If not then... you know what I guess we'll just talk when you get home. Sorry by the way about earlier. That wasn't the best birthday surprise for you but I feel like I need to make it up to you. Look call me back whenever you get this. I need to know that you're at least alright.'

Trista closed the phone. She reopened it and dialed Roy's number. There was a few rings before the voice mail picked up. Trista didn't want to leave a message so she hung up the phone. She got a call back not even a second after she hung up.


"Trista where the fuck are you?"

"I was at the bar and the bartender called a cab that only dropped me and Thomas off at his house. My car's still at the bar. Don't worry though I'm with Thomas and he actually saved my ass when it came to this jack ass at the bar."

"Do you need me to come pick you up?"

"I think I'm gonna just stay here tonight."

"Alright well I'll see you tomorrow I guess."

Later that morning Trista was woken up by Thomas. He was standing over her putting on his tie. He was still showing signs of morning wood through his work pants and his half hard dick was right clear in Trista's view point. She smiled then sat up. She could feel a bit of a head ache and looked up at Thomas.

"Do you have an ibuprofen?"

"Uh yeah its right in that kitchen cabinet above the sink. It should be next to the first aid kit."

"Thanks." Trista got up and walked to the kitchen. She opened up the cabinet and spotted the first aid kit. She grabbed the box right next to it and took out the small bottle of pills. After popping two into her mouth she went to put the ibuprofen back and saw a box of ribbed condoms. Trista moved more stuff aside and saw another box of lubricated condoms and next to them was a box of Fire and Ice. She smirked a little bit then closed the door.

Trista had spent drunken nights at Thomas's house and had left work uniforms behind so she didn't have to get back to her house before work. She got ready and as they left the house, Thomas asked, "Got everything?"


"Got everything from last night?"


"Do you have a bra on?" he joked.

"Very funny. Can we just go?"

"Hold on I have to check this."Thomas pushed Trista's arms to the side and looked at her breasts. He smiled. "Yep you have one on. So how bout we get going."

Trista and Thomas walked out of the house. They rode a little ways in silence before Trista spoke up. She looked at Thomas who seemed to notice an uncalled for smile creeping across her face.

"What's your problem."

"Nothing I was just thinking about when I went to go get the ibuprofen. Do you have enough condoms in there? Either that or you just have a lot of sex in your kitchen."

"Well you might not believe this but I am quite a catch. I mean you can never be too prepared plus every girl has her own preference about what kind she likes inside of her. I have a larger selection in my room. When ever I get about ten free dollars I just buy a different type to sample."

"I don't doubt that you're quite a catch I mean after the sweet talking you were saying last night I seriously don't doubt a thing. But I'm sure that you just say the same things to every girl you want to eat out right."

"Wait what did I say?"


"Look if I offended you then I am really sorry. I was drinking and didn't notice what I was saying. I only remember telling you that you were beautiful. I don't remember saying anything about wanting to eat you out."

"Well would you like to?"


"If you ever got the chance would you eat me out. You know if I wasn't married and you weren't a smooth little player."

"Eating you out is only one of many things I would do to you if i ever got the opportunity. If you were single and you and I had gone home together I would tear you apart. I would use every toy in my collection on you then I would ram you so hard that you wouldn't walk for three days after the deed. I would make use of every hole on your body and you would have so much cum on you and in you that you could make a sperm bank out of your body."

"Wow. I would stop before I start to get wet and wanting you."

Trista kept her eyes forward until she realized the large tent in Thomas's pants. She couldn't stop herself from imagining what Thomas had just said. She could feel the intensity in his voice and could sense the seriousness of what he said. Thomas stared forward as if he didn't even realize the rager in his pants.

The two ignored each other the entire work day until the end when Trista needed a ride to the bar to get her car. She waited by Thomas's car for him to get out. He was obviously running late and when he saw Trista he had a tired and flustered look on his face. He unlocked the doors of the car and put his laptop case into the back seat. He got in the driver's seat and Trista got in on the passengers side. She looked at Thomas curiously as he started up the car without saying a word.

"Hard day?" Trista asked.

"Harder than you think."

"What happened?"

"Last night. I shouldn't have said that. And I shouldn't have told you all that stuff this morning. All I wanted to do all day was bend you over your desk. If you don't mind I don't want to talk to you for a few days after I drop you off."

"Look I know you're confused but maybe all you need is a girlfriend."

"Are you available?"

"You know the answer to that."

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