After 25



"Now go home and show Roy that you love him."

"Wish I could but he's too busy playing video games with his friends. God forbid I get in the way of that."

"Then how about you come to my house and we watch movies or something."

Trista could have stopped right there. She could have turned around and went home but she let herself go to Thomas's house. There was no way after all of that he would try and make a move. Trista walked beside Thomas and once they were in the house Thomas grabbed a bottle of vodka. Trista figured, what better way to forget the past two days than to drink them away.

Once their drinks were poured the two sat on the couch. They talked about old times at school and work. They got lost in the past and after a couple hours they were each holding a pretty good buzz. Thomas looked over at Trista as they talked about the night during their senior year. Thomas smiled and put his hand on the side of Trista's face.

"I remember that night. You made me feel so good that I completely forgot about that stupid ex of mine. If only you could do that again." Thomas moved his hand toward the back of Trista's head and started trying to push her head down. She ducked out from under his hand and looked up at him. "Come on Trista no one would ever find out and maybe it would satisfy my urge."

"You were given hands for a reason. Look I only came here because I thought that you weren't going to try anything. Look I have to go back to Roy."

"No don't go I'm sorry."

Trista walked out of the house. She was crying and her path was a little less than straight but she still made it home safely. Roy was on the couch with his friends and Trista just stumbled into the bedroom falling face first onto the bed. She crawled up to the pillows and rested her head into them. She was asleep for almost four hours when she woke up it was almost five in the afternoon. She could still hear Roy and his friends in the living room. She sat up and rolled her eyes. When she looked down she saw that she was covered up and a note was beside her on the pillow.

Trista picked up the note and read it.

Trista didn't want to wake you up. I could tell you had a rough time and I just wanted you to sleep it off. Look hopefully you're up tonight at ten o'clock because I want to show you how much you mean to me.

-Love Roy

Trista folded up the note and stuck it into her pillowcase. She walked out to the living room again pretty unnoticed. She cleared her throat and Rashaad looked over. He tapped Roy on the shoulder and they looked over in unison. Roy smiled as he looked at Trista wearing one of his old shirts and a pair of black thongs that were covered just barely by the tee shirt.

"Would you boys mind if I took my husband for a little visitation?"

"No he's all yours."

Rashaad and Darren watched as Trista walked Roy out of the room. She led him to the hallway and pushed him against the wall. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a long passionate kiss. He placed his hands on her back and ran them up and down repeated throughout the entire embrace. The kiss lasted at least two minutes and it took just that for Trista to feel a hard on poking out of Roy's pants. She looked down and smiled. "I guess I'll see you two at ten tonight."

Trista tried to walk away but Roy pulled her back. He kissed her again and picked her up. He spun her around and slammed her against the wall. He pulled the string of her thongs over and unzipped his pants while still holding Trista against the wall. He kissed her neck as he inserted himself and rammed her while keeping her elevated using the wall to keep her up. The two were so distracted by each other that they didn't even notice when Rashaad and Darren started watching.

Rashaad went back and sat on the couch

"I don't know about you but I would love a girl like Trista. She allows Roy to play video games when ever he wants, she gives him sex every night and she isn't bad to look at either."

"Maybe we should get out of here and let them have their hallway privacy."

"Yeah maybe we should."

When Trista and Roy walked out into the living room and saw the empty spots. Trista looked at Roy then sat down on the couch. Roy sat beside Trista and picked up one of the controllers. He put on a match and Trista was about to sit back to watch. However Roy jumped behind her and sat down. She looked over her shoulder as he placed her hands on the controller. He started the game for her and with his hands on top of hers he helped her play. After a couple minutes she pushed his hands off of hers and played on her own.

"I'm getting a little turned on again. Ready for round two?"

"I just started playing." Trista said with a smile as she quickly turned around. Roy smiled back and gave her a kiss on the neck before grabbing the controller next to him and joined the game.

The End

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