tagMatureAfter 30 Years of Marriage Pt. 02

After 30 Years of Marriage Pt. 02


Because we prefer to keep late hours, I always took afternoon classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This spring semester, my last class ended at 5. I would then return to my office, collect my things, and go home.

Sometimes, a student would want to talk to me after class, and we might proceed to my office. A door led from the main hall into another hallway with a row of offices for the English Department. Each office had its own door. By that time, all of the other teachers had left. Somewhere on one of the 3 floors of the building, a janitor would still be working.

It was a warm afternoon, so I wore a thin skirt that came a few inches above my knees, sheer tights, and a peasant blouse with a rather low, elastic neckline. Now that my two sex maniacs had praised my charms, I was self-conscious and watchful. I am a popular teacher. My manner is informal: I call my students by their first names, instead of Mr. Smith or Miss Jones, as my more formal professors did. As usual, I had the full attention of most, the guys as well as the girls, although female students are generally more attentive in class than males.

When my 5:00 o'clock freshman English class ends, most students are eager to go eat, but one or two will come up to ask me something. This time, Chad, a good-looking 18-year-old with dark hair and warm brown eyes, came with a paper he was writing and asked, "Mrs. Nelson, would you look this over for me?"

He offered to carry my briefcase, a full-sized one, heavy with papers and books. He was about a foot taller than I, and I welcomed a break from lugging it. As we entered the door off the main hall, it automatically closed behind us. Except for us, it was quiet; all of the other office doors seemed closed with no lights on. Chad walked a step behind me and closed the door of my office. I asked him to place my briefcase on the floor by my chair. I sat down, swiveled to the side of my desk and rolled the chair up to the briefcase.

Sitting had hiked my skirt halfway up my thighs. I looked up briefly to see if Chad were watching and saw him shift his glance from my thighs to my face. I smiled and bent forward to rummage in my briefcase, feeling the front of my blouse fall away from my body to offer a generous view. Then, I straightened up and moved my chair behind the desk, saying, "Let's have a look at your paper."

There was a chair in front of my desk and a chair near the side. If Chad sat in either, I would give up my experiment, but he stood behind the desk to look over my shoulder as I read. Being short, when I leaned over my desk, it pushed my big tits up. When I pointed something out, he leaned closer; my shoulder-length hair must be brushing his face. Bob says that kind of contact gives him shivers of pleasure.

"You sure smell good, Mrs. Nelson!"

"Thank you." I like to use expensive perfume and have had compliments from many women about the scent.

I showed him some errors of punctuation and grammar and made a few suggestions how he could be clearer and more vivid. Then, I leaned back and rubbed my shoulders.

"Thanks again for carrying my briefcase. Lugging that and bending over that set of papers I corrected between classes have cramped my shoulders! I'll feel better when I take this bra off, too, the first thing I do when I get home."

"Would you like me to massage your shoulders, Mrs. Nelson?"

"Do you mind?"

"Not at all!"

I then felt his big, strong hands grip my shoulders close to my neck, but he was gentle. Gradually, he moved away from my neck to my shoulders toward my arms, sliding the elastic of my blouse off and down to my elbows.

"Is this helping?"


"Your bra straps are kind of in the way. Do you mind if I pull them down?"

"My bra feels too tight. Anything to loosen it would feel better."

When he slipped my straps down, I saw my bra cups slide down about two inches and gape open but pretended not to notice.

"Does that feel better?"

"Yes, but it still binds me."

"May I unfasten it?"

"You're the masseur!"

Chad unfastened my bra. I saw the cups descend further to cover just my nipples and aureoles.

"Ooh, that's a relief! You men don't know how uncomfortable it can be to have big breasts pulling on your shoulder and back and cramped in a bra made for strength, not comfort! A woman suggested I have breast reduction surgery. When I told my husband, he was aghast. He loves them just as they are. 'Your breasts are beautiful; don't mutilate them!' he said."

"I agree with him!" Chad exclaimed. "You said your back gets strained, too. Why don't I massage your back, too?"

"If you don't mind."

"I like my work!" he said as his hands moved down my back.

"You're pretty good. Maybe you could make some money by giving massages part-time, as long as you enjoy the work."

"Enjoying it would depend upon who I was massaging." His hands moved to the sides of my back, brushing the sides of my tits.

"Whom, not who. I suppose you'd want to specialize in women, attractive women."


"Well, that helped. Now, I don't want to go about with my bra hanging loose. Should I have you fasten it back, or should I just take it off?"

"Take it off."

"Here, I'll hold my blouse in place, and you pull these short sleeves off my arms & then slip my bra off."

His hands slid down my arms to pull my sleeves off, giving me shivers. Then came the bra straps. I had to stop holding my blouse to my chest so that he could pull the cups out. For a few seconds, he saw my breasts down to my nipples, my erect nipples.

"Well, that was awkward, but thank you." Now, I wish I hadn't worn these tights; it's too warm!"

"Why wear them?"

"I don't like to, but it's supposed to look more professional not show bare legs."

"Really? If other teachers can wear jeans to class, why can't you go with bare legs? If you want to take them off now, I'll turn my back."

"Maybe I will."

Chad turned his back, and I turned mine, in case he wanted to cheat. Trying to hold my snug skirt up out of the way and remove my tights was difficult.

"Oh, hell!"

"What's the matter?"

"My bracelet is caught in my tights! I'm so clumsy! I'm afraid I'll break the bracelet or tear the tights. This is embarrassing, but I need help."

"Sure! I can't help with my eyes closed, though."

"Just do what's necessary. I'm always doing something embarrassing and not realizing it until later. When I was teaching in high school, I called one of my boys a dink. He looked upset and embarrassed. After class, two girls came up and asked, 'Miss -, do you know what "dink" means?' 'No, I guess not.' 'It means he has a small penis!' I could not look that boy in the face again!

"Then there was the time in class here when I was teaching Elizabeth Bowen's short story, Tears, Idle Tears. I was using the blackboard, and to save time and effort, I abbreviated the title. When my students handed in their essays about the story, all of the girls wrote the title in full, Tears, Idle Tears, but all of the boys abbreviated it T.I.T.S."

Chad laughed. "That's part of what makes your classes fun! It will be easier if we take your bracelet off—and then your tights. You just hold your skirt up so I can see."

"I'm afraid you'll see too much! Oh, you might as well go ahead!"

I felt his fingers inside the waistband, pulling my tights down. They were down below my ass when I felt bare.

"Hey, you pulled my panties down with my tights!"

"I'm sorry! I'm clumsy, too!"

I felt his hands on my bare ass while he pulled my bikini panties up.

"At least, I wasn't facing you, or you would have seen my—ooops, if I'm not doing something embarrassing, I'm saying something!"

"What I did see is beautiful!"

"Are you trying to make me feel better?"

"You feel good already!"

"You're naughty!"

Chad slid his hands inside my tights, gaining leverage to pull them down my thighs. His hands caressed my thighs as he stripped me of my tights. I was becoming more and more excited, but sex play with a student I hardly knew was dangerous. I could lose control of the situation; I could lose control of myself.

When he got them down to my ankles, I turned to face him and tried to lift my feet so that he could remove my shoes. I lost my balance, braced myself with my hands on his shoulders and felt one breast press against his head. Then, I sat down and lifted my legs so that he could remove my shoes and take the tights off my feet. Kneeling at my feet, he could see all the way up to the crotch of my bikini panties.

"Which do you prefer, with or without tights?"

"Without! You have beautiful skin . . . and beautiful legs, Mrs. Larson!"

"Thank you, Chad!"

When he stood up, I could see that he had a big hardon for me.

Please don't tell anyone about this embarrassing episode—especially your fellow students!"

"No, I won't! I've heard some of the guys in class talk about you, though. They think you're hot, really built, and then they say what they'd like to do with you. I just smile and agree with them. I hope you aren't offended."

"At my age, I'm amazed to be called "hot" by teenage guys! I can imagine what they'd like to do to me, but I wouldn't believe it-if I didn't see the living proof!"

I was looking at the big bulge in his pants.

"I'm sorry!"

"You don't need to be sorry. It's a natural reaction. It was your turn to do something embarrassing. I guess I'm flattered, at my age, to excite a much younger man when the campus is replete with pretty girls in miniskirts and short shorts."

"This is a much sexier situation!" Chad replied.

"Those other students you say have been sizing me up probably would agree."

"You're very sexy!"

"Thank you! You look very sexy, too!"

"Now, having done more than my quota of embarrassing things, I'd better go home and give my husband some laughs."

"Are you going to tell him about all of this?"

"Yes! He'll be glad to hear that some of my guys think I'm sexy. He's proud of me when other men find me attractive. When he hears that I got a massage and half undressed by one of my students, he'll want dessert before supper!"

"I'll walk you to your car and carry your briefcase." He did and paid close attention as I stepped into my car, exposing most of my now bare legs. He stalled, chatting and staring at my legs. I suspected that he would want more help in my office after Friday's class.

"Thanks for the help, Mrs. Larson!"

"Anytime. That's what I'm here for!"

When I came home, Bob asked, smiling, "Did you test your powers? Did you have to keep a naughty boy after class? Hey, weren't you wearing tights when you left?"

"Yes, I was wearing tights-and a bra too. Here they are. I pulled them out of my purse and tossed them to Bob. He gaped.

"One of my boys wanted help after class. I'll tell you all about it after supper."

"Why can't you tell me while we're making supper?"

"Because I'm hungry and, if I tell you what happened, you'll probably lose interest in supper and won't let me eat, until you've fucked me."

"I'm getting too excited now!" I glanced at his hardon.

"Women! You want food first and maybe sex later! Men want sex now and food later."

That was an exaggeration, because Bob had succeeded in making me think about sex a lot more, but I insisted that we make supper and eat before I reported on my experiment. As I recounted my adventure, Bob led me to our bedroom and began undressing me. He re-enacted choice parts.

"So he felt your bare ass like this? Did he squeeze it a little, too? He caressed both your thighs, like this?"

Then he pushed me, naked, onto our bed. "Did your little pussy get wet?"

He found out for himself, fingering me. Then, he mounted me and fucked me vigorously.

"This is what you get for being so naughty! QOTW: "What should be the top legislative priorities in Madison and/or Washington in 2015?"

"Mmmm! Are you punishing me or rewarding me?"

"What does it feel like?"

"It feels like we're rewarding each other!" I replied as my husband's cock pumped his sperm into me. I thought of Chad, with his hardon for me, wanting to do it to me, too.

For Friday's classes, I decided to dispense with the tights and wear a pretty print spring dress. It came about 4" above my knees and the neckline just covered the cups and straps of my black bra. It was a common complaint among my colleagues that attendance was poor for Friday classes, because after noon, most students were beginning their weekend by driving home or planning fraternity, sorority, or dorm parties. I noticed that my attendance was relatively good: most of the girls were present and even most of the boys.

It was such a beautiful day that I let them out 10 minutes early. Everyone left, but Chad.

"Let me carry your briefcase, Mrs. Larson."

When we entered my office, I told Chad to put the briefcase down on the floor behind my desk. I sat in my chair, pushed it out and wheeled it toward my briefcase. The skirt of my dress had hiked halfway up my bare thighs. I bent over my briefcase and felt the front of my dress fall away from my body to display my tits. Chad stood looking.

"If you're not careful, Chad, you'll be called "Teacher's Pet."

"I want to be Teacher's Pet."

"It can be a thankless task. I don't give extra credit in your grades for being my pet, but I sometimes grant privileges. I have personal relationships with some students: we've become friends."

"It's a privilege to visit you in your office and talk."

"That's not the only privilege you had last Wednesday. I've never let a Teacher's Pet pet me before! I blush whenever I think about that awkward episode!"

"I think about it a lot! I'm glad you took my advice to skip the tights!"

"You think this is an improvement, then?" I asked, extending my legs and appraising them.

"Oh, yes! Your legs are beautiful?"

"Thank you! It's nice to discover that I have an admirer."

"May I have the privilege of massaging your shoulders and back again?"

"Henceforth, you are my official masseur!"

Before I could roll my chair back under the desk, Chad slipped behind me and grasped my shoulders. I guess he didn't want my legs hidden in the cubbyhole under the desk. As he massaged my neck, I stretched my legs out, leaving my skirt even higher up, and leaned back in my chair. Then, I had to lean forward, as His hands moved outward, slipping the straps of my bra off my shoulders. Confidently, he also unzipped my dress down the back and unfastened my bra.

"Did you tell your husband what happened Wednesday?"

"Yes, but I teased him first, or he wouldn't have let me eat supper before taking me to bed! Ooops, I probably shouldn't have said that!"

"So, he didn't mind?"

"He was proud of me! He's hoping I'll have another adventure to report tonight."

"I visit some adult websites, especially the amateur wives, look at the pictures, and read stories. One is Dreamnet; they seemed like dream women. I never expected to meet one!"

"You won't find me on the Web, although I've thought about it."

"You'd have a lot of fans! Do you mind if I take your bra off now?"

"Bob liked it when I told him I let you take my bra off, but shut your eyes; this scene is censored!" I smiled up at him.

Chad didn't close his eyes. For a few seconds, he saw all of my breasts and that my nipples were erect with excitement. Then the dress fell back against my chest.

"I'm sorry I couldn't help looking. Your breasts are so big and beautiful!"

"Boys will be boys; men will be men. You like big breasts?"

"I love them! I love to look at them, feel them, squeeze them, kiss them—"

"Alright! I get the idea! Then I shouldn't tempt you, or you'll want to get your hands on them next! Just keep massaging me."

His hands moved down my back, gradually working toward my sides, until his fingers were brushing the sides of my tits and sending thrills through me.

"I can see how your breasts would strain your neck and shoulders after a while. They must be heavy. I wonder how much they weigh."

"I can't put them on a scale, just heft them." I held my breasts and lifted them, giving him another full view.

"How would you like to help me carry these, as well as my briefcase?" I laughed.

"I could lift them for you now and massage them to relax you."

"Do you think you could handle my bare breasts without getting both of us too excited?" I turned around to look at him. "Oh, you seem to be excited already!"

"Will your husband expect you to do more this time?"

"I'm afraid he expects me to let you to go further with me. He really liked hearing that you stripped me of my tights and caressed my bare legs. Why don't you massage them?"

Chad removed my shoes and socks and began massaging my feet.

"Oooh, you're learning a secret about women! Many of us are very susceptible to having our feet massaged." I slid down in my seat a bit and my skirt hiked up almost to my panties. Chad's large hands enclosed my ankles, twisting them a bit. Then, he was massaging my calves. Onward and upward!

"Oh, that's another secret you found: the backs of women's knees are erogenous zones."

His hands moved up the outsides of my thighs, from my knees to my panties. Then, he used both hands on one thigh at a time, sending messages burning up the nerves to my pussy.

"I'm being selfish, Chad! You must be as uncomfortable with that big swelling in your pants as I was in my bra. Let it out; I won't mind. I won't even look, much, if you're shy!"

Chad stood up, unzipped his pants and took his hard cock out. It looked about 7" long.

"Better take your pants off, too, or you'll get zipper burn!" I laughed.

He did.

"How does this feel?" Chad's hands were now massaging each upper thigh, close to my womanhood.

"Your hands feel great! How do my thighs feel?"

"I love feeling your thighs!"

"Chad, do you think I've let you go far enough to keep my husband entertained?"

"Maybe not. Did you tell him I'm dying to see your breasts and get my hands on them?"

"Bob would be disappointed if you didn't appreciate my breasts enough to want to see and feel them. Maybe I should let you feel how heavy they are," I teased.

That's all Chad needed to get up behind me, pull my dress down to my waist and capture my tits in his hands. He hefted them.

"Wow, you have a lot to carry! I think a breast massage would help." I felt his hardon against my bare back.

"Maybe we should stop here. My breasts are very sensitive, and having them felt gets me so excited that I start to lose control."

Chad squeezed them, caressed them, sending shivers through me, tweaked my big nipples until they tingled, and proceeded to massage my tits thoroughly. I grasped his big cock and held on. He finished off by kissing my tits and licking and sucking my nipples. I was ready to surrender and let him fuck me, but, as his teacher, I didn't want to be too easy a slut.

"Whew! That should do for a further adventure! I'm sorry about teasing you and sending you away like that, but I didn't intend to let you go so far. It's a shame to waste such a handsome erection. There!" I kissed the tip of his cock, licked the underside, took the head in my mouth and gave it a lick and suck. "What are you going to do with it?"

"I'll go back to my room and stroke it, thinking of you."

"Won't you be out chasing girls? There are many pretty coeds here, and many of them dress in a sexy manner."

"Yes, there are lots of pretty girls here, and a lot look sexy, but I haven't found any that act very sexy. It's frustrating! You're much more exciting than any girl I've dated!"

"Do you want another "date" with me on Monday?"


"Then if you are "saving yourself" for me over the weekend, I'll be merciful on Monday. I know guys hate to waste a good erection!"

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