tagIncest/TabooAfter Bedtime

After Bedtime


Kara opened her eyes as her step-father came into her room, smiling in the darkness.

"Hello Daddy," she whispered, watching as his cock swelled a little in response. As always he was completely naked. Nineteen now, she'd been eighteen the first time he'd come in and slid into bed with her, rubbing her body with his hands and eventually taking her virginity. Kara loved their night-time visits, her favorite secret to keep from her mother.

"Hey Baby-girl," he said, walking over to the bed, his chubby swinging between his legs, "Want to clean off Daddy's cock so that we can have some fun?"

"Ooo, was Daddy being dirty with Mommy before he came here?" she cooed, getting into her little girl act, she sat on the edge of the bed in her short see-through nightie - no panties - and pulled his hips towards her, "That's so gross Daddy, wanting me to lick Mommy's juices off you..."

But she showed no sign of hesitation as she pulled his softened dick into her willing mouth, sucking on the sweet sex juices that covered them. Daddy moaned and ran his hands over her head, brushing his fingertips down to her breasts where her nipples hardened in response.

"That's so good Baby-girl," he said, pressing his dick deeper into her throat as it began to swell. She loved the way it felt, getting bigger in her mouth, pressing against her tongue and cheeks and eventually trying to slide down her throat. Although she'd never been able to deep throat him yet, she constantly hoped that one day she'd manage it.

Moving in and out of her mouth he got bigger and bigger until she started choking, unable to stem her reaction. Her eyes filled with tears as he stabbed into her, hitting her gag reflex while she struggled not to choke or throw up. Eventually he pulled out, completely hard and glistening in the moonlight, her saliva covering his dick.

"I'm sorry Daddy..." she whimpered, "I couldn't do it."

Daddy shook his head, disappointed, "I know Baby Girl. It's hard for a little girl like you, but you still have to be punished."

"Please, please Daddy, no," she begged like she always did, even though she enjoyed being spanked, he liked to hear her beg and she liked to do it.

"Naughty little girls have to be punished, that's the way it is." And he sat down on the bed, pulling her over his lap and pulling the hem of her skirt over her gorgeous ass.


"Oh Daddy!" she cried out as he started spanking her, unable to keep from wriggling on his lap as tears sparked in her eyes. She whimpered as the beating continued until her ass was a bright pink, muffling her cries into the sheets of her bed, feeling his dick press against her stomach. When it was over he caressed her hot ass cheeks and let his fingers trail down to her pussy.

"What a dirty little girl you are," he said, "You're all wet." And his finger pressed into her pussy, making her moan and lift her hips.

"Oooo... I'm so wet Daddy," she moaned, "I'm such a dirty little girl, I want you to put your big dick in me and fuck me all night long..."

"But that's what Mommies are for," Daddy said, moving his finger in and out of her pussy. Kara whimpered.

"I'll do anything you want..." it was the promise she made every night, even though she hated what he demanded. He knew she hated what he demanded, but it never stopped him.

"Get up on the bed on all fours," he told her, just like he always did, "Now reach behind you and spread those pretty butt cheeks."

Kara didn't know why he had such a fascination with her asshole, although she knew that eventually he would put his dick in there. He hadn't yet, but he liked to lick it and finger it... he did it every night before he would have sex with her. She was so scared of the day that Daddy would decide he wanted her ass... but until then she loved everything else he did to her.

"Oooh Daddy it hurts," she squealed, her hands tightening on her ass cheeks as the finger that had been in her pussy began pushing into her ass. It did hurt, a little burning path that felt very uncomfortable in her tight asshole, wiggling around. No matter what, it always hurt, his finger was so thick... that's why she was so scared of anal sex, his dick was MUCH bigger than his finger.

"It's ok Baby Girl," he assured her, his finger moving inside her, "Daddy will kiss it and make it better."

Kara squirmed as he began licking around his probing finger... she had to admit that the licking felt good, almost as good as the few times that he'd licked her hot little pussy. But she didn't like the finger inside her no matter how good the licking felt, it still felt uncomfortable to have something going in when it was an "out" hole. The finger moved in and out of her tight ass, fucking her the way she knew he wanted to do with his dick. He'd tried to before, but it had hurt so bad and she'd made so much noise that her mother had almost caught them; luckily Daddy had come up with a good story about how he'd been on the way to the bathroom and heard Kara crying in her sleep because of a nightmare. But it had been a close call. So now in order for Daddy to fuck her, she had to let him "loosen her up" in preparation for the day when he would try again.

"We're going to try something new tonight sweetheart," he said coaxing, and her ass tightened instinctively around his finger in fear, "No, I'm not going to put my big dick here yet... just another finger."

That still scared Kara as his middle finger dipped into her pussy, coating it in juices before moving up to her tight ass which already had one finger invading it. She grimaced as it began to push its way in.

"Oh Daddy..." she whimpered.

"Take it like a good girl," he said, his voice suddenly harsh and demanding. So, biting her lip Kara leaned her head down onto her pillow, her ass high in the air as a second finger invaded her tight back door. Daddy's breathing was getting labored as he pushed both of his fingers deep into her hole, probing as his tongue licked around them, soothing away some of the hurt and discomfort her was causing. She wiggled her ass a little, hoping that he'd take his fingers out and fuck her.

He chuckled as her delicious ass wiggled and the hole tightened a bit, "All right baby girl."

Kara squealed in excitement as his fingers were removed, her least favorite part of the night over and her most favorite beginning. She sat up so that he could pull the nightgown off over her head, and she rolled onto her back, spreading her legs wide.

"Oh my beautiful baby girl," he murmured, running his hands over her breasts, pinching the nipples as she moaned.

"Oh yes Daddy," she lifted her hips, begging him with her body to fuck her, "That feels so good."

He lowered his mouth onto her nipple, sucking on it and nibbling as she sighed with pleasure, humping her hips against his groin, hoping that the head of his dick would find its way to her pussy. But he teased her a little longer, playing with her breasts and making her frantic with the need to have him inside her.

"Please please please Daddy," she begged, her hips thrusting upwards, begging for invasion.

"What does my little girl want?" he asked, his tongue flicking over her swollen pink nipple.

"I want your cock Daddy," she whimpered, "Please fuck me with your big cock."

Daddy sighed in contentment and he maneuvered his large dick into position, Kara moaned and lifted her hips up as he began to press forward.

"Oh Daddy... it's so big!" she moaned and pulled him closer, mashing her breasts against his chest as he slid all the way in, her legs spreading even wider to accommodate the large stick of meat that had just entered her body. Panting she felt him twitch inside her, and she writhed with excitement, pleasure curling in the bottom of her stomach, ready to be released.

Moving quickly, Daddy began to pound her against the bed with rough quick strokes, just the way she liked it. Shoving her fingers in her mouth, she stifled her moans so that they couldn't become too loud, her pussy burning with the rapid thrusting of Daddy's dick, lifting her hips up to meet every thrust so that he would slam her ass back down against the sheets. Quickly hooking his arm around one of her slender legs, he put it over his shoulder and pressed forwards, sucking one of her nipples into her mouth as her leg practically touched her shoulder.

Kara squealed and arched as his teeth bit down and his groin rubbed against hers, and as her clit started to explode in blossoming fire his thrusts became even more wild, pounding her into the bed. They moved in passionate rhythm, fucking and thrusting, her smaller body covered by his as he plundered her. Her tight young pussy felt like it was sucking him in, convulsing around his shaft, massaging and gripping much tighter than anything he'd ever felt. She was so young, so passionate, such a slut.

Grabbing her hair he pulled her head back and bit down on her shoulder, making her gasp at his roughness, but she loved all of it. Her nails scratched along his back as she begged him to fuck her harder.


"Cum for me Baby Girl," he panted, thrusting harder and grinding his groin against her splayed pussy, "Cum all over Daddy's big dick."

She cried out as he bit down on her other nipple, flicking at it with her tongue, and he felt her pussy start to spasm around him as she orgasmed.

"OH DADDY DADDY DADDY!!! OH I'M CUMMING DADDY!!!" His hand covered her mouth to muffle her cries as she writhed and thrashed against him, tears leaking from her eyes at the intensity of her pleasure as he continued to thrust in and out of her over sensitive pussy.

By the time he gave one last bull thrust and began to spend himself in her pussy, she was practically sobbing from the ecstacy, she'd been unable to stop cumming, and continued to do so even now as his dick swelled and pulsed inside of her. It wasn't until Daddy was completely spent that she finally was able to relax underneath him, his warm weight on top of her, comforting and soothing.

"Oh Daddy..." she sighed, snuggling into his shoulder.

"Good girl," he stroked her hair, "That was very good little girl... but Daddy has to go back to his room now."

"Oh Daddy, do you have to?" she pouted up at him, like she always did, even though she knew it was useless.

"Now don't be too sad Baby-girl" he kissed her lightly, "Mommy's going away next weekend to visit her sister, remember? And you can take Mommy's place in Daddy's bed when she goes away."

Kara got excited, she'd forgotten that her mother had told her a few weeks ago when she'd be leaving, but of course Daddy would remember something important like that.

"Oh Daddy!" she squealed, wiggling underneath him in a most delicious way. But Daddy knew that he had to get back to his own bed.

"Till tomorrow night," he whispered, pressing his semi-hard dick against her groin before leaving.

After he was gone Kara dipped her fingers in her pussy over and over, cleaning the juices off in her mouth and tasting Daddy. She went to sleep with the taste of their nighttime exploits filling her mouth.

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