tagIncest/TabooAfter Bedtime Ch. 02

After Bedtime Ch. 02


Author's Note: I had originally intended that After Bedtime be a standalone story, but after (literally) years of requests I decided that I could continue the story by doing a few chapters about the weekend that is alluded to in the original story. There will be a total of four chapters (including the original) and then I'll be saying goodbye to Kara and her Daddy... no there won't be a real conclusion. If you're looking for something plot heavy, this isn't it. If you liked the first story, then you'll probably like this one. I intended to keep this story a peek into a window of Kara and her Daddy's life, and I'm going to stick with that intention, although we're going to take a little peek at their weekend because so many people seem interested.

This chapter contains spanking and sex with a little anal play. Enjoy!


Kara licked her lips as she waved goodbye to her mother, acutely aware of her step-father standing next to her with his arm around her shoulders. Just like a good father would. Her mother was going away for to visit her sister, it would be just her and Daddy all Saturday daytime and all tomorrow until her mother came home again.

She didn't know whether to be excited or scared. The only time she got to sleep wrapped in Daddy's arms were the rare times her mother went out of town, but she knew that this time was going to be different. Over the last week her Daddy had become quite enamored of playing with her tiny little asshole during his nightly visits and she knew that fucking her eager mouth and her hot pussy were no longer enough for him.

At the age of eighteen she'd lost her virginity to her Daddy and now he was going to pop her anal cherry as well. Probably this weekend. She tried not to think about it, but it had been impossible to ignore the fact that every night of the past week he'd played with her tender little asshole for longer and longer periods of time before finally fucking her needy pussy. He'd licked it, shoved two of his fat fingers in it, and rooted around inside the burning tunnel for at least half an hour last night before finally giving in to her pleas to leave her asshole alone and fuck her good and hard.

"Well it's just you and me now, baby girl," he said, grinning at her. Kara smiled happily up at him. He only called her baby girl when they were alone, when he wanted her to pretend to truly be his little girl. In fact she enjoyed acting immaturely, knowing that it would often lead to a spanking, that pleasurable pain that she craved so much. "What do you want to do first?"

"Can I make you breakfast Daddy?" she asked.

He ruffled her hair. "Of course you can sweetheart. That's probably a good idea, because I have some things to attend to up in my bedroom... get some things ready for later." He winked at her and she squealed with happiness, knowing that he was getting something ready for her. Something sexy and exciting.

A flicker of fear went over her face and she wondered if it would have something to do with her virginal asshole. Of course Daddy saw that little flicker of fear but he didn't say anything reassuring, in fact seeing it sent a little surge of blood to his cock.

"Go get breakfast ready baby girl, and don't forget to put on an apron."

A firm swat to her backside had her squealing as she scampered off towards the kitchen. Kara smiled, knowing that when Daddy reminded her to put on an apron what he really meant was that the next time he saw her it wasn't to be in anything other than an apron.

Reaching the kitchen she quickly stripped down and then pulled out an apron which would cover her from breasts to knees and protect her skin when she was doing things like making sizzling strips of bacon. The first time she'd cooked for him she'd done so unprotected by anything and had ended up with little spot burns from the oil she had sautéed vegetables in. Deciding that she would make chocolate chip pancakes and sausages - not in the mood for bacon - Kara got out the pancake mix and the sausages.

She purposefully didn't clean up the excess mix that spilled onto the counter and was rather sloppy as she stirred the batter in the large mixing bowl. Splashes of milk spattered out of it. She didn't clean up those either.

When Daddy finally got down to the kitchen and saw the mess that she'd made, he frowned even as his cock lifted. Kara's pussy clenched as she saw his expression, knowing that she was going to be getting a major spanking.

"Baby girl, what have I said about making messes?"

"I'm sorry Daddy, I was just trying to get your breakfast ready in time," she said with a pout, knowing that they both liked it more when she tried to get out of her punishments.

Daddy shook his head. "Well now we're not going to eat in time anyway because I have to take the time to spank a naughty little girl."

"Oh Daddy no, please," she begged, clasping her hands in front of her and making sure that she squeezed her cleavage tightly together over the neckline of the apron as she did so. Beneath the fabric her nipples were hard little points, very visible against the thin material.

"Then you shouldn't have made a mess," he said sternly, grabbing her by the arm with one hand as he picked up the spatula with his other. Kara's eyes got wide. The utensil hadn't been used yet - in fact she hadn't even turned on the stove because she had been pretty sure her bottom would be getting a heavy beating before she got to that point, but Daddy had never used anything but his hand to punish her!

"Daddy please, I'm sorry!" she wailed as he pulled the ends of the apron and it fell from her sweet, young body before he upended her over his lap.

Ignoring her begging and apologies, her Daddy rested his heavy arm across the length of her back and then she shrieked as the hard plastic of the spatula came down on her poor bottom. It hurt so much more than his hand! It stung, it burned, it throbbed!

She didn't know it but it also made a rather distinctive mark on her pale skin; three white spaces standing out distinctly from the bright red of where the plastic had hit, a definite outline of the implement's features visible on her buttocks. Smiling, pleased with both her reaction and the sight of the spatula's imprint on her butt, her Daddy raised his hand again.


Kara screamed, begging with more fervor now even as she felt her pussy begin to drip. That hurt! More than she'd expected! And yet she found her bottom pushing upwards as if asking for more, even as she begged him to stop. Her body wanted it, craved it... and her swollen pussy showed it.

"Daddy noooooooooooooo," she wailed as he smacked the spatula against her sit spot and the resulting pain made her legs kick.

She'd forgotten how much harder her spanked when he didn't need to worry about her wife overhearing Kara's cries. The skin of her bottom felt tight, swollen and hot as he rubbed his hand over it, making it sting even more.

"Is that enough baby girl?"

"Yes! YES!"

Chuckling he put the spatula down on the table beside them and felt Kara sag in relief. When he put his fingers to her sopping wet hole she moaned in encouragement.

"Such a delightful little slut," he said, pushing his fingers in deep and frigging her hard. "No matter how much you cry and beg me to stop, this hot little hole always lets me know how much you really like it."

"Yes Daddy," Kara said with a whimper as he twisted his fingers inside of her. Daddy's erection was pressing against her stomach, hard and ready to fuck her good.

"Get up and straddle me baby girl, I want you to ride me."

His fingers slid out of her as she quickly got to her feet and spread her legs across his lap, wincing a little as her bottom protested the movements. The after effects of the spanking would burn while she fucked him and she couldn't wait. Arranging herself over him, Kara gripped her Daddy's hard cock in her hand and lined it up with her needy pussy.

They both moaned as she began to sink down onto him, he with pure pleasure, she with a mix of pain and pleasure as her muscles ached and stretched to accommodate his huge cock. Now she was burning inside and out and it felt so goooood.

Resting her hands on his shoulders, Kara began to move up and down, working herself farther onto her Daddy's cock with every bounce.

"Fuck yes baby girl, ride your Daddy hard," he said, grasping her bottom in one hand and a bouncing breast in the other.

"No, stop! Daddy!" Kara protested as two of the fingers of the hand gripping her bottom, the two that had been working in and out of her pussy and so were thoroughly coated with her juices, were pressed against her crinkled backdoor.

"Shhh, take it baby girl, I want you to ride my cock with your hot little cunt while you swallow my fingers up in that sweet ass."

Kara moaned at the crude and exciting words, her holes tightening down instinctively as he forced his fingers into her tight backside. The burn increased as her tight ring of muscle was penetrated. Daddy pinched her nipple, tugging it upwards to get her moving again. That felt good too and she arched her back, pushing her breasts towards his face.

But when she tried to sink down onto his cock again she could feel his fingers pushing back into her tight ass and she wriggled, trying to escape the double penetration. It was useless. Daddy watched her facial expression contort as she filled herself up, unable to fuck him without pushing her tight asshole onto his fingers as well. The palm of his hand rubbed against her reddened cheeks, increasing the sensation of tingling sparks inside and out.

"Ooooo Daddy...." Kara moaned as she rode him, her movements slowly becoming faster despite the burning stretch of his fingers in her rear entrance. It made her pussy feel so much tighter, so much more alive around his big cock and she needed to cum so bad that she was starting to not care that her little asshole was being penetrated as well.

As her sore bottom smacked against his thighs, she began to ride him good and hard, her breasts bouncing, holes squeezing, and the rising pleasure coiling inside of her.

"That's it baby girl, fuck me good... I'm going to have my cock up this tight little asshole later tonight and then you'll be all mine."

"Please Daddy noooooo!"

But she knew that he would and the visual that planted in her mind, the rough fingering of her ass as she bounced on her lap, made her cum harder than she'd ever cum before when she was on top. She screamed, writhing against him as the orgasm crashed into her, hard and hot and mind-melting. Inside her Daddy remained hard and throbbing, a pole that her spasming cunt could wrap itself around as she rubbed her hot little self all over his lap. He pinched at her nipple as she came, sending darting waves of extra pleasure through her ecstasy.

"I'M CUMMING! OH DADDY I'M CUMMING!" Kara's fingernails dug into his shoulders as her orgasm swelled even higher, her voice changing as the intense orgasm swept her away.

When her movements finally began to slow he released her nipple and moved his hand around to grip her sore bottom, making her wince as a little jagged edge of pain interrupted her post-orgasmic bliss.

"Keep riding baby girl."

"Oh Daddy... I'm so sensitive, please don't make me," she begged. "I'll finish you off in my mouth and swallow all your cum down!"

Her pussy lips felt so swollen and oversensitive, but she was no match for his strength as he began to move her up and down his cock again, using his hand gripping her hot red asscheek and the fingers up her tight backdoor to propel her upwards.

"No sweetheart, I want to cum in your hot little cunt, so you'd better get this sweet ass moving before I get mad at you."

Squeezing her already roasted bottom in warning, Daddy gave her a sharp look as she squirmed on top of him. Tired legs protested as she began to bounce again, her breasts bobbling unrestricted in front of her as Daddy squeezed and kneaded her sensitive ass flesh with one hand, his fingers still probing her tiny asshole as she began to ride him again. Kara knew that they weren't done until HE was finished, no matter that the sensation of having his cock rubbing up inside her already pleasured body was almost uncomfortable, verging on the edge of painful, because her swollen flesh was so sensitive.

And she liked it even better because of that, although she'd have been just as happy if he'd taken her up on his offer to suck his cock until he came down her throat. Maybe happier because then he wouldn't have been able to put his fingers in her poor little butthole, which was feeling just as stretched and sensitive as her stuffed pussy.

"Daddy, please, cum in me," she pleaded, looking into his eyes as she bounced and squeezed internally, gripping his cock with her hot little box. "I want to feel your jizz dripping out of me all day."

"Fuck sweetheart... that's it..." Daddy groaned, his eyes rolling as she started talking dirty for him, knowing how much he liked it when she got nasty. "Ride Daddy's cock and fingers... take it... take it all..."

"Ohhh Daddy your fingers are so big in my backside!" Kara squeezed down again. "It hurts... I'm so scared to have your cock back there..."

Just like she knew it would, talking about him taking her anal virginity had her Daddy grunting and moving his hips beneath her as he squeezed her tender asscheek and rammed his fingers even more roughly into her poor little bottom. Despite herself she could feel another orgasm coming, even though she didn't know if she could take it. But she needed that extra release or who knew how long Daddy might make her wait again today?

"Oh Daddy... Daddy fuck me I'm going to cum again... I want to feel your big cock spurting inside me while I cum all over you!"

That did it. Daddy's fingers slipped from her butthole and he gripped her red cheeks hard, making her squeal and tighten around him as she felt him grow even harder inside of her. Kara gasped and ground down on top of him as he moved her to his whims, her little clitty practically bursting it was so swollen and overstimulated.

Her head fell back as she began to sob out another orgasm, her tight cunt spasming around his cock as he swelled up inside of her and what seemed like a gallon of cum pumped right into her hot little tunnel. Kara groaned and clawed at his shoulders, not caring if she left marks, the orgasm felt like it was actually blowing her apart from her pussy she was cumming so hard.

Hot jizz filled up her tiny little cunt, so much that it squelched around Daddy's cock and matted the pubic hair on his groin. Kara moaned and sagged onto him, her head resting on his shoulder as he squeezed her poor brutalized bottom and shot the last spurts of his cum up into her. Continuing to squeeze and stroke her, her murmured to her what a good girl she was and how hot that had been. How much he couldn't wait to take her sweet little ass and fill that up with cum too.

Kara whimpered. Her poor little asshole already felt so sore from his rough fingering! But she'd always known that she wouldn't be able to keep her Daddy out of her ass forever, and now was the time to give him what he wanted. She knew that he'd take care of her.

Finally he helped her up off of his lap and pushed her down onto her knees before him. Being on her knees was a relief, her legs were so tired from all the bouncing and riding she'd just done. Knowing what he wanted, Kara bent her head and began to lick up the sticky sweet and bitter juices that were covering his groin. As she did so she felt his cum begin to slide down her thighs, but she knew better to stop and attend to it.

Once she was done cleaning him off, the taste of sex filling her mouth, the scent of it all over her skin, Daddy put a cloth down on the kitchen table and had her sit on it with her legs spread wide.

"Play with your pretty pink nipples until I'm done making us breakfast," he said, giving those little pink nips a pinch himself before going to turn on the oven.

Kara blushed but did as he ordered. She felt incredibly sexy, sitting on the table with her legs spread wide, her breasts in her hands and nipples between her fingers. Daddy could barely take his eyes off of her while he put the pancake batter into the pan. Her pussy was red and swollen between her legs, oozing with bright white cum. The burning soreness of her ass didn't get a chance to rest, not with all of her weight on it and the rough fabric of the towel pressing against it.

Smiling brightly at him, Kara cooed. "I love you Daddy."

"I love you too baby-girl."

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