tagIncest/TabooAfter Bedtime Ch. 03

After Bedtime Ch. 03


After breakfast Kara and Daddy took a nice long shower where he roused her body to a fever pitch as he ran his soapy hands over her breasts and nipples, thoroughly cleaning the folds of her pussy and paying special attention to her little asshole. He thrust his soapy fingers in and out of that tender orifice with great enthusiasm, scouring it clean as she did her best to stay in position, bent over with her hands on the ledge of the tub as she whimpered and squirmed. While he'd made breakfast she hadn't been allowed to cum again, although she'd pinched her nipples nearly raw in her enthusiasm and her pussy had been gushing with hot juices.

Once they were done with the shower, Kara blew dry her hair before joining her Daddy in the living room where she sat on the floor in front of him, wearing nothing but a little t-shirt and some white cotton panties. He brushed out her hair and she savored the sensation of him gently running the brush through her locks over and over again. Eventually he put the brush down and began to just run his fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp as she sighed and leaned against his knee.

When the phone rang, he leaned over and checked the Caller ID.

"It's Mommy," he said, his eyes glinting as Kara turned her upper body around to look at him. "While Daddy's talking on the phone we should find something to do with your mouth as well."

It only took him a moment to get his pants opened, and then Kara's hot little mouth was on his cock, sucking it in deep as he answered the phone.

"Hey sweetie, did you make it to Linda's okay?... Yeah.... Yeah we're good here, just having a quiet day in. You know Kara's never any trouble."

As if to emphasize this statement, he reached down and began to fondle her breast through the thin material of her t-shirt. Because she'd already been so rough on her nipples that morning they were rather sore, showing a nice cherry color through the shirt, and she whimpered around his dick as he pinched at rolled them alternatively with his free hand. Kara loved giving Daddy head while he was on the phone, trying to make him lose control of his voice... it was even more exciting when he was talking to Mommy, increasing the depravity of the situation.

She bobbed her head up and down on his thick meat, feeling it getting bigger and bigger inside of her mouth. It was exciting for him too.

Little gushes of moisture flooded her panties he pinched her nipples hard, tormenting the sensitive little buds in a painfully delicious manner. Kara swallowed more of his cock, trying to stifle her moans and whimpers by using his penis as a gag as he continued to chat on the phone. Although Daddy's eyes were hot and his cock was hard as steel, his fingers relentless, there was nothing in his voice to indicate that he had his stepdaughter on her knees in front of him, sucking his cock for all she was worth.

When he let go of her nipples and put his hand on the back of her head, she knew that he must be wrapping up the conversation. Frantically she did her best to relax her throat and swallow, her throat muscles working and massaging the head of his cock as he forced her head down on him. The mushroom head bounced against her gag reflex and she felt her throat spasm, but that only increased his enjoyment and he pushed her down harder. It was the most forceful he'd ever been with her, although he'd been trying to get her to deep throat him since the first night he'd entered her bed.

Feeling a little lightheaded from the lack of air, Kara tried to grab at his hand on her head. He relented just a little, allowing her up long enough to take a quick gasp before forcing her back down again.

"Alright, well say hi to Linda for me. We'll see you when you get home tomorrow."
With that he hung up and dropped the phone onto the couch, placing both of his hands on Kara’s head and shoving her pretty little face down into his lap. Tears sparked in her eyes as her Daddy roughly fucked her throat, his hands tangled in her hair as he pulled her mouth up and down on his fat cock.

“That’s it baby girl… fuck you feel so good… swallow Daddy’s cock down… take it you little slut… Oh fuck…”

Watching her gag and struggle to breath, her nipples hard little points through her t-shirt, he grunted and his hips surged upwards. For the first time Kara found herself with her Daddy’s entire cock buried down her mouth, her lips pressed against his hairy groin. The sense of triumph mingled with panic as she felt him swelling inside of her throat, her protesting muscles massaging him.

Hot cum burned her esophagus as he shot jets of it straight down to her belly, his head thrown back as he groaned with pleasure. Kara couldn’t do anything but squeeze his thighs, struggling to pull her head up as he finished ejaculating down her throat, unable to fight the press of his hands against the back of her head.

When he finally relented she came up teary eyed, gasping for air, her lips feeling swollen and the delicate lining of her throat burning from the rough abuse. Her stomach roiled, the brutal face-fucking had done a number on her gag-reflex and she felt slightly nauseous, despite how much she loved drinking her Daddy’s cum.

“Daddy that hurt,” she said, looking up at him with her eyes wide and unhappy. She was only half-acting, her Daddy’s excitement and rough treatment had been somewhat out of their normal range of activities and she was a little shaken.

“I’m sorry baby,” he said, picking her up and pulling her onto his lap. Kara went more than willingly, curling up against him and nestling her head against his shoulder. “It just felt so good, you were such a good little slut for your Daddy.”

As he crooned his praise, his hands began stroking down her body, enjoying the tightness of her nipples and the soaked evidence of her panties that said she’d liked at least some of what he’d done to her. In fact as he stroked the outside of her panties over her sopping slit, she moaned and wriggled a little in his lap. Her thighs opened to give him better access as he murmured into her hair what a good little slut she was and how much her Daddy loved her hot little mouth and her sweet body.

Eventually he laid her back onto the couch, pushing her t-shirt up so that her breasts were exposed. Kara went to pull it completely off, but her Daddy stopped her.

“I like seeing you just like this baby-girl,” he said, his eyes hot as he took in the sight of her reclining on the couch with her shirt pushed up, strawberry nipples hard and reddened, the huge wet spot on the crotch of her panties clearly showing her arousal. Every Daddy’s dream.

Leaning forward he put his mouth right on the wet spot on her cotton panties and Kara moaned, writhing as she felt him suck on her through the thin fabric. It wasn’t nearly enough.

“Please Daddy,” she begged. “Take off my panties and lick my pussy…”

“I don’t know,” he said as he pushed her thighs wider, setting one of her feet on the floor and the other up to rest on the back of the couch. “Do you think you’ve been a good enough girl to earn a pussy licking?”

“Oh yes Daddy, I sucked your cock and swallowed all your cum down!”

“I think I had more to do with that than you,” he said with a little smirk, running his finger over where her swollen little clit was making a bump against her panties and Kara moaned, humping her hips up and down.

Then his finger moved downwards, over her damp crotch and towards the cleft of her ass cheeks. Kara covered her face with her hands as she realized what her Daddy wanted from her in return for a pussy licking.

“You can do whatever you want,” she whispered, peeking through her fingers at him as the look on his face became downright lascivious. He poked his finger forward, she could feel her panties making a wedgie in her ass crack and along her pussy as he pressed his fingertip against her anus.

“Will you offer up this sweet little asshole for Daddy to fuck with his big fat cock tonight?”

“Yes Daddy,” she whispered, knowing that she would give her Daddy whatever he wanted. And at least this way he would lick her hot little pussy and she’d get to cum first, since she knew one way or another he’d be stuffing his dick into her poor little virgin asshole tonight anyway.
“Okay baby-girl, then I’ll give you a good pussy licking in return for that hot virgin asshole.”

Kara whimpered as he hooked his fingers around the crotch of her panties and pulled them so the side, baring her swollen pussy lips to his eyes and fingers. He shoved two fingers into her hot little hole as he lowered his mouth to begin licking up and down her sensitive lips. It felt soooo good as her Daddy licked and fingered her needy pussy and she cupped her breasts with her hands, knowing that he was watching her and that he would like seeing her play with herself.

She was gentle with her nipples, they were so sensitive and sore after all the stimulation they’d been getting throughout the day. Squeezing her breasts, she pushed them together and moved her hips up and down, trying to get more friction against her clit as Daddy frigged her, licking around his thrusting fingers.

When he pulled his fingers out of her pussy, soaked with her juices, and began to push them into her ass, she cried out at the burning friction as the tight ring of her sphincter stretched. This time she didn't protest though, she knew that the more her Daddy stretched her out the less it would hurt tonight when he finally put his big cock in there.

It wasn't just that it hurt, Kara didn't completely understand Daddy's fascination with that hole. Didn't her pussy please him enough? And didn't he enjoy her mouth? Why did he want to do something so dirty?

But it was obvious that he did, and as he rooted around inside that tight chamber he put his mouth down on her clit and sucked the tiny nubbin between his teeth. Kara screamed out her passion, happy to be able to yell as loud as she wanted while she came. Her hands were on Daddy's head, pushing him further into her pussy as she writhed against his lips, her asshole spasming around his fingers.

It felt hot and wrong and good all at once.

"Good girl," Daddy said as he lapped up the rest of her juices, before pulling his fingers free of her body and letting the crotch of her panties fall back into place. Her face was still flushed from the orgasm as she tugged her shirt back over her breasts. "Would you like to go out and see a movie this afternoon?"

"Oh yes!" she said, sitting up on her knees so that she could kiss him, tasting the muskiness of her juices on his lips. "Like a real date?"

"Like a real date sweetheart," he said, looking amused.

Kara was so easy to please. And when they got back from the movie and the dinner he'd take her to, he'd finally get his cock wedged inside that tight little virgin ass.

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