tagIncest/TabooAfter Bedtime Ch. 04

After Bedtime Ch. 04


Author's Note: For a story that I never intended to write a sequel for, this one got a lot of requests over the years for "more!" I'm happy that I did it, but this time I really am done... I hope you've enjoyed getting a little peek into Kara and her Daddy's life, in my head they move on from this to... well, wherever you'd like them to go ;)

Enjoy! And thanks for reading!


Kara had a wonderful time going out to see a movie and have dinner with her Daddy, almost good enough to forget what was coming up later that evening. It wasn't until they returned home that she started to become anxious again, knowing that very soon her Daddy was going to put his big fat cock in her tiny virgin asshole.

The last time he'd tried to it had hurt so bad that she hadn't been able to keep from making too much noise and her Mommy had almost caught them. Now that Mommy was away there was no reason that Kara couldn't make as much noise as she needed to - which she also knew meant that Daddy wasn't going to stop no matter how much noise she made. She tried to tell herself that it would be okay this time - after all, Daddy spent time every night putting his fingers up her little butthole and stretching out the muscle. It hurt every time but she eventually got used to it and sometimes it almost felt good.

Besides, this was something Daddy wanted and Kara wanted to give it to him.

As soon as they got to the house Daddy sent her upstairs. "I want you to go put on your nightie and get into your bed."

A little thrill of excitement went through her. Although she loved sleeping in Daddy's bed with him, she liked the idea of him taking her anal virginity in her bed, while she was wearing her nightie, the same way he'd first come to her bedroom touched her, put his cock in her mouth, and eventually taken her virginity. A continuity to their erotic encounters.

She went upstairs and washed her face and brushed her teeth, put on the filmy, almost see-through nightgown that she knew he liked the best, and got into bed. The lacy little panties that she put on barely covered anything, her butt cheeks hanging out of the bottom and she knew that her Daddy would like him. In her dark bedroom she could hear Daddy moving around downstairs, and then eventually his footsteps coming up the stairs. Her heart pounded, but instead of her door opening she could hear him going into his bedroom and moving around in there.

After her long day she was feeling rather tired and she couldn't stop herself from yawning as she waited, the rush of adrenaline slowly leaving her. She was half asleep by the time her door creaked open, the large shape of a man blocking out most of the light from the hallway.

“Daddy?” she asked sleepily, blinking herself back to awareness.

“Yes it’s me, baby-girl.”

The door shut and felt her heart begin to pound again, waking her up from her dreamy state as her anxiety shot through the roof. Daddy came over to the bed and pulled down her covers; her nightgown had worked its way up practically to her waist, leaving her lower body uncovered except for her lacy white panties. They practically glowed in the dim lighting of the room, highlighting her hips and pussy.

“Very pretty baby-girl,” Daddy murmured as he trailed his fingers up the inside of one thigh, making her moan and spread her legs as the touch sent electricity arching through her. “You know what Daddy likes. But this isn’t what I’m here for tonight.” His finger rubbed against her pussy through the lacy fabric.

“Please Daddy, I want you to fuck me,” she begged, looking up at him as she cupped her breasts in her hands through her nightie, looking like the most erotic kind of cross between innocent and slut.

“Oh I’m going to fuck you baby,” he said, pushing her panties aside so that he could stroke her slit directly, finding it already gushing wet. Daddy leaned over and kissed her on the mouth hard as he rubbed his fingers up and down her slit, getting them sloppy wet as he thrust his tongue roughly into her mouth. Kara moaned, pinching her nipples as Daddy invaded her mouth and pussy, trying to suck his tongue like she had his cock.

Even though she knew that having his cock up her tiny asshole was going to hurt, she couldn't stop her natural horny reaction to having her Daddy's hands on her breast and between her thighs, his mouth ravaging hers. She was moaning and writhing like a whore, her thighs closing and opening as she squeezed his hand between them, rocking her hips upwards as she worked herself up.

It didn't matter that she and Daddy had fucked last night or that he'd given her several orgasms earlier that day, she was just as horny for him now as ever. The squishy sound of his fingers leaving the sucking, wet heat of her pussy made her whimper in disappointment, especially as he finished pulling away.

"On your stomach baby-girl," he said.

OOoooo if he would just let her cum, Kara didn't even care anymore if it hurt when he put his cock up her butt as long as she got to cum! She felt like her pussy might explode if she didn't get some relief soon, the sensitive lips were practically aching and her clit was so swollen she was sure that if she could just rub on something for a minute or two then she would cream herself.

Daddy piled up several of her pillows into a mound, putting her on her stomach over it which left her bottom high in the air while her head and knees were down on the bed. The height was just enough that her breasts swung free, hard little nipples brushing against her sheets.

"Beautiful baby-girl... you have such a pretty ass..."

Big hands grasped her cheeks, squeezing them hard and Kara moaned into the sheets beneath her face, squirming as she felt the bed behind her dip. Daddy settled himself on his knees between her legs, making it impossible for her to close them even if she wanted to, and his hot mouth landed directly on the crinkled bud of her asshole, his tongue flicking out to lick it. The sensitive bundle of nerves around that virginal orifice flared with pleasure, as did her pussy when his thumb dragged down the center of her slit.

Kara moaned and squirmed as Daddy started probing her asshole with his tongue; it felt so strange and foreign but kind of good too. It sent tingles up her spine and down into her pussy, which was already buzzing with needy pleasure as he kept her on edge with his questing thumb. She could feel him licking over the outside of her asshole and then his tongue stiffened and pressed against the tight orifice. As her body spasmed she actually felt his tongue slide into the tiny hole and she gasped, squeezing and forcing it back out.

Behind her she could hear her Daddy groan and she realized that he liked what she had just done. His tongue attacked the tiny hole again, pushing into it and Kara squirmed. It just felt WRONG. Dirty. Nasty. And oh so hot.

Just when she thought she might actually cum while Daddy rubbed her pussy and tongued her asshole, he pulled away and Kara moaned with disappointment, banging her fist on the mattress in frustration. She needed to cum so bad!

"Daddy pleeeeeeeease..." she begged, wagging her hips up and down. Her pussy was sopping wet with her juices and now her asshole was wet and shiny too, from his saliva.

His big frame leaned over her and she froze, feeling the length of his cock sliding up her asscrack. Was he going to fuck her there now? Her brain screamed a warning even as her pussy throbbed with needy excitement.

But he was just reaching for her bedside table. Sliding open the drawer he picked up a tube of lube as Kara watched in amazement. He must have put it there earlier today, she knew that it hadn't been there yesterday! A quiver of anxiety ran through her; there was no stopping Daddy now, not until he had his fat cock crammed up her tiny asshole.

The lube squirted and then she could feel something thick and hard prodding at her tiny hole. She almost panicked when she realized that Daddy wasn't going to loosen her up with his fingers, she hadn't been expecting to have to take his cock immediately! But he wanted her to be tight, and he figured that he'd given her virgin asshole enough of a workout today that she should be ready; besides which he'd used his fingers in that hole for days now, working her up to take something much thicker and longer.

"Daddy wait! Pleaaaaaaaaaase... Oh god!" Her voice dragged out as Daddy pushed inwards, the head of his cock popping past the tight ring of her sphincter. It felt HUGE. She could barely breathe as she grasped, her fingers scrabbling at the sheets, trying to find purchase... trying to do something.

Her bottom automatically clenched, trying to force him back out, but the way her legs were spread hindered her attempt and she couldn't close them because Daddy's legs were in the way.

"Oh baby-girl... you're so tight... just relax it'll get better..." Her hot little asshole was squeezing his cock like there was no tomorrow. "Bear down on my cock baby-girl, it'll help."

Kara did what her Daddy said and moaned as he slid deeper rather than pulling out of her! She thought that since she was squeezing that it would push him out, but instead he just managed to slide more of his cock into her burning tunnel. His dick was so much thicker than his fingers, she could feel the channel straining to hold him, her ring clenching down as her body tried to force itself back into the size it had been a few minutes again.

“It hurts… Daddy please take it out!”

“Shhh…” It was sheer torture but he stopped his forward progress, holding himself immobile in the tight vise of her virgin asshole. Kara mewled as Daddy rubbed his hands over her cheeks, biting back a little sob. Her anus burned with the straining effort of being stretched so wide, she could feel a kind of deep throbbing cramp in her gut that even Daddy's soothing hands couldn't rub away. Despite that, she was still so turned on that she could feel her pussy dripping.

The log in her backdoor shifted and she groaned as she felt Daddy pull out a little; it was so strange, igniting another kind of ache as he receded, and then he gently pushed back in and she shuddered. The amount of cock that was sliding back and forth in her deflowered asshole was only a few inches but it felt like a battering ram, breaking through inferior defenses.

"Good girl... fuck you've got such a tight little asshole... that's it... squeeze my cock with your virgin ass baby-girl..."

She moaned. After all, she wasn't actually trying to squeeze his cock in a pleasurable way, she just couldn't stop her body from clenching down and trying to force the uncomfortable object out of her body! The lube kept his length slick, her gripping muscles couldn't get a firm enough hold to stop him from sliding deeper, but instead her protesting anus just massaged the portion of his cock that he'd worked into her.

Groaning, Daddy thrust in deeper, spearing her with a little more than half his cock and Kara cried out, trying to fall forward and get away from the fiery log that was forcing its way up her asshole, but the pillows piled beneath her and Daddy's hands on her hips held her in place. Her fingers dug into the mattress as she gasped for air, feeling as though her lungs were being tightened in a vise, the erotic pain blossoming inside her lower body.

Leaning forward, Daddy's cock slid even farther inside of her. Bucking in response, Kara yelped as she accidentally forced her asshole further back onto his cock and he groaned, reaching around with his fingers and placing them over her mound, holding her lower body in place as he searched out her clit. When he found it, pressing his fingers against the slick little nub, Kara bucked again and the rest of his cock slid easily into her asshole.

Whimpering, Kara rested her head on the mattress, her hole spasming around the base of her Daddy's cock. She knew that he was finally all the way inside of her because she could feel the rough, wiry hairs of his groin rubbing against her splayed cheeks.

Her body felt overwhelmed and confused by the conflicting sensations rushing through her. Daddy's fingers rubbing against her clitoris made her want to hump her hips up and down so that she could cum, but the fat cock in her asshole made her wonder if she would even be able to orgasm while it burned and throbbed inside of her. Then Daddy began to pull out again and Kara writhed, whimpering, at the strangeness of his removal. The skin around her anus burned despite the slickness of the lube as his cock rubbed roughly by...

About halfway out he stopped and began to plunge back in, making both of them groan for different reasons. When Kara tried to jerk forward, to get away, she ended up rubbing her pussy against his hand and that just made her clench and squirm beneath him. The sharp pain of her anal defloration was slowly subsiding into a more generalized, duller ache as her body began to become accustomed to her new dimensions.

She lay quiescent and submissive as Daddy began to thrust in and out of her asshole a little harder, feeling the burn but no longer fighting it. Closing her eyes she tried to focus on the pleasure of his fingers rubbing her little clit, feeling the eroticism of the slick cock moving in and out of her body even if it was the wrong hole. Her nipples rubbed against the mattress beneath her with every thrust of Daddy's cock and that felt good too.

When Kara started to moan a little with mixed pleasure and pain, her body instinctively moving up to meet her Daddy's cock as her tingling need to cum increased. The anal fucking she was receiving still hurt, but it was starting to hurt in a good way, the way her bottom burned after Daddy gave her a spanking. It mingled with her arousal and the pleasure in her pussy, making it bearable.

"Oh fuck... that's it baby girl... give up that ass to me..."

Now she was moving with him, humping her hips backwards and rubbing her pussy all over his fingers. The strangest sensation was building up in her core as her Daddy started fucking her ass with abandon, taking it as roughly as he would her pussy and Kara squealed and squirmed beneath him. It hurt so good and she could feel his cock rubbing over some place deep inside her that was building a tension she'd never felt before. Her asshole still burned, but in the way her pussy did before she came...

Pain and pleasure clashed together inside of her as he ravaged her virgin ass, his fingers on her clit ensuring that she could never completely fall into a place that was too painful for her to take. The friction of his pistoning cock flared as he savagely fucked her ass, mewling cries forced out of her with every thrust even as her own pleasure climbed higher.

The orgasm slammed into her with all the finesse of a freight train, shocking in the intensity of the sensations that ripped through her. Kara howled as her Daddy pillaged her ass, feeling her body convulsing around his cock, her hips bucking wildly as she squeezed and arched, lost in the wild spasms of her climax. Dimly she was aware that that the cock in her ass was becoming thicker, the thrusts harder and rougher. She sobbed with the overwhelming sensations as her orgasm grew and multiplied, despite the fact that Daddy's hands were now on her hips, holding her in place as he ravaged her asshole. There was no need for pressure on her clit to keep her orgasm going, it was spurred on by every drag of Daddy's cock over the sweet spot deep inside of her.

His cock pumped and burrowed into her dark cavity as she finally went limp beneath him, unable to move her watery muscles after the orgasm which had just wracked her body. Only the inner muscles of her rectum were still moving, massaging his lengthening cock as the cum boiled up in his balls. Kara could feel him moving, pummeling her from behind, and her little whimpers were finally drowned out by his shout of triumph as he surged forward particularly hard, burying himself in her ass and hot cum jetted into the dark space.

The pulsing of his cock made her moan, she could actually feel each spurt forcing its way past her tight sphincter and into her body. The liquid bathed her insides, filling her up even more with Daddy's cock blocking the way for its escape. Kara moaned, her asshole clamping down and milking every last drop of cum from him.

His heavy weight collapsed on top of her, covering her large frame with his own. Hands ran underneath to cup her breasts as he tenderly kissed her shoulder, both of them panting as their breath returned and they came down from the sensual high. Kara turned her head to meet her Daddy's lip for a kiss; it was a very soft and gentle one, belying the savage fucking he'd just pounded her virgin asshole with.

Not virgin any longer, she thought. Now Daddy had taken all of her cherries and she didn't have any left. And she knew that he wasn't going to stop just because he'd taken all of her cherries and she didn't want him to. She really was Daddy's little slut.

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I have read this series with great pleasure, the writing detailed and erotic. This final chapter with it's description of anal deflowering was the lost cherry on top of the delicious incest cake. Many,more...

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