tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAfter Church Ch. 02

After Church Ch. 02


As requested by many of you, chapter two. Thanks for all of the feedback and the positive votes. I'll continue writing this story as long as people are still interested.

I spent the whole week walking around like some kind of zombie. My asshole was sore from that long night of being fucked in the ass and every time I thought about Mike's cock in my mouth or ass, I had to go in the bathroom and jack off. Mike had told me not to cum without him but there was no stopping it. I had to touch it.

Friday night rolled around and as usual, I had no plans. I didn't usually see Mike until Sunday but the idea of waiting all that time seemed like wasted time. Not to mention there'd be no getting through the church service without trying to conceal a raging hard on the entire time.

I still lived at homes but luckily my parents were out Friday night. I waited till their car had cleared the driveway before nervously calling Mike's number. "I thought I might hear from you," he said. He sounded weird. I sounded weird. Nothing seemed real.

"Yeah, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to... uh..." How the hell do you ask that question over the phone?

"Door's unlocked," is all he said. "There's an outfit on the table for you when you walk in. Get changed when you walk in. Tell your folks you're staying over cuz we've got plans tomorrow."

He didn't say good-bye, he just hung up. I quickly scrawled a note to my parents and left.

Mike's house was dark. He had an upstairs but he spent all of his time in the basement. His parents had lived there with him for years until they passed away and I don't think he ever did much to change things up there after they were gone. My heart was pounding away in my chest as I walked up to the basement door and opened it with a shove. Part of me was excited, part scared to death.

On the table by the door, an outfit was laid out just as Mike had said it would be. I wasn't buying the story of these being his sister's. I don't know that he even had a sister. But there was the outfit. The white thigh highs and garters again but this time there were black high heels. The heels stood very tall and a black strap went around the ankle. There was a note on the white lacy panties that said, 'put these on last'. He'd left me a bra, a plaid skirt and some kind of little white shirt. As I picked up the white shirt to see how to put it on, my heart missed a beat. Beneath the shirt was a black leather collar that said 'CUNT' across the front in big metal letters. Attached to the collar was a dog leash. My cock let go with a throb and my mouth fell open slightly.

My legs shook badly as I sat down naked to put on the stockings. They felt so good against my skin. I pulled them on slowly enjoying every inch of the fabric pulling up over my smooth legs. I hadn't shaved them but I wasn't very hairy at all. I pulled the skirt up and figured out how to put it on. I slid the bra over my head and the put the shirt on. The shirt had little white flaps of cloth that tied in the front just below where my tits would be if I were a real girl. In the pocket of the shirt was a small tube. I took it out and removed the cap. Lipstick. Of course. I put the shoes on and buckled the little strap around the ankle. My cock was so hard and stuck out so crazily from the dress it almost threw me off balance as I walked to the bathroom to put the lipstick on.

I looked ridiculous. But kind of hot. I had no idea what I was doing with the lipstick but did the best I could to keep it more on the sexy side and less on the clown side. And then, as instructed, I put on the panties. As they slid up and over the garters it made sense to me; if they were over the garters, I could slide them down. I swallowed hard and thought about how in a matter of moments I would be on my knees with Mike's cock in my mouth.

I walked to his bedroom down the dark hallway again as scenes of last Sunday flashed through my mind. I didn't know whether to knock or not. I figured he could hear the click of my heels on the concrete floor so I just opened the door slowly and walked in.

Mike was on the bed, naked, watching another tranny porn flick. "Just in time," he said. He pointed at his cock as he turned his attention back to the movie. "Head down, ass up."

I crawled up onto the bed. Full tremors were wracking my body as adrenaline and hormones raced through me. I put my left hand around his prick, cocked my ass up in the air, crossed my high heels and began to kiss the head of his cock. I could taste the precum that was leaking from the pisshole and started to make a slow process of tonguing it and playing with it.

Mike had other ideas. I felt his hand come down on the back of my head and push hard. I made my lips back into an O and took him deeply. This time he hit the back of my throat and I gagged for a moment. He grabbed my hair into a wad and pulled me back up before driving my mouth back down on him. Before long, he had both hands on my head and was fucking my mouth again. I tried to relax and let him do what he wanted with me. I remembered to play with his balls and brought my hand down to his hairy sack. They were already constricted up into a wrinkly little pouch and as I soon my hand brushed his testicles, I felt his cockhead swell and stiffen.

"Oh yeah," was all he said as he erupted in my mouth. He must have been saving up throughout the week. This load was twice the size of Sunday's offering and I almost puked from trying to swallow the big chunks floating around in his cum. Some of the cum ran out of my mouth and down his shaft as I struggled to get it all in my stomach. It was so disgusting but I felt like I was going to blow a load myself.

Some of Mike's cum had pooled up on my right hand which was still wrapped around the base of his now deflating cock. I pulled it all up to the top of his cock and licked it off. Mike twitched and squirmed as I worked over the sensitive head. Finally he pulled me away from his crotch and sat up.

"God damn," is all he could say. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes. He really was an ugly man. Hairy pot-belly, thick glasses, balding. But somehow his wretched appearance added to the humiliation of it all and only served to turn me on more.

He recovered after a while and told me to lift my skirt. I was kneeling on his bed and hiked the plaid school girl skirt up and yanked the front of my panties down. Mike brought his calloused hand up and grabbed my little sissy clit. He twisted the head around and looked at the shaft. With all of the jacking off I had done, I had almost rubbed myself raw through the week. "Tsk, tsk, tsk," Mike shook his head. "You don't listen, do ya? I said you don't cum unless my dick is in you."

A panic rolled through me. Maybe I wasn't going to get cum. Maybe he would send me away. Christ. Maybe he would send me away dressed like this. I couldn't think of any way out of any of the scenarios that ran through my mind.

"Get on all fours and pull those panties down," Mike said as he got up. A wave of relief spread through me as I realized that he wasn't through with me for the night. "We'll train you properly tonight. You'll figure it out."

I could hear him pulling his belt out of his jeans on the floor. I put my head up and arched my back so that my ass stuck out more. I didn't even jump when he folded the belt in half and slapped it straight.

The first blow came in high and surprised me as it hit the sensitive spot on my lower back. I arched forward. "Fuck," I muttered to myself. Mike waited while I writhed around trying to shake off the pain. After a moment, I resumed position and waited for the next blow. This one came across my ass cheeks properly and the feeling of a thousand stinging little ants spread through my white, hairless ass. This felt great. I let out a little moan and stayed where I was. The next blow landed just slightly higher and the next after that slightly lower. Again and again, Mike brought the belt down on my ass and I held my position.

He paused after a while and I felt something I wasn't expecting. I felt something tap my balls. I arched my back up and started to climb out of the way. "Get back there," Mike said and slapped me really hard on the ass. I did as I was told. "You like getting whipped too much. I'm gonna give you one on your balls so that you'll know to leave your pecker alone during the week. You keep squirming around and I'm going to give you more than one."

The tip of the folded belt returned to caress my balls and I did what I could to relax. Mike continued to run it back and forth, softly running the upturned edge of the belt under me. I began to move back and forth against it, forgetting what was to come. Then the belt was gone and then it landed with a slap against my balls and taint. The pain was immediate and I curled into a ball and held myself. The sensation of my stockinged thighs rubbing together as I cupped my sissy clit and balls together gave me a strange sense of pleasure and I began to squirm and try to jack myself off a little bit more.

I heard Mike sit on the bed next to me and run a hand up my skirt to rub my bright red ass. "Get on the floor," he commanded.

I slid to the ground and put my face in his lap again. He didn't have to tell me. I knew what to do. He was already hard again from whipping me. I started to tongue the head but I knew he didn't like this all that much and so I went straight to sucking him again. Long deep strokes, hand on his balls. My ass was hanging in the air and was hot to the touch. My panties were still down around my knees and I was sure that Mike had a great view of my bobbing head, red ass and high heels from the full length mirror that sat against the wall on the opposite side of the room.

I slurped and gagged and sucked and Mike got harder and harder. When he was satisfied with my sucking, he yanked me up off of his cock and told me to stand up. "Take those panties off and turn around. You're going to learn what reverse cowgirl is."

As I kicked off the lacy white panties, Mike reached up and grabbed my balls from behind. "Spread your legs," he said and I did. Using my balls as a leash, he pulled me backwards on to him so that I straddle his lap. I felt his hard-on rub against my ass cheeks and I slowly lowered myself to where he touched my asshole. His hands circled my waist and pulled me down. I opened up as best I could and took him dry. It hurt more than last time but he slid into me and began fucking me raw.

Without the lube it was more difficult but I tried to bounce up and down on him as best I could. He finally had me stand up and lubed his cock before reentering my now swollen asshole. He slid into me deeply but much more easily now. I stood on the high heels and began really fucking him. I felt him lie back on the bed and let me have it. I reached down and fondled his balls as I jumped up and down on him, fucking him as hard as I could.

After a few minutes he pushed me off and told me to get back on all fours. I did as I was told and before long he was standing behind me, balls deep and fucking me like a madman. He lasted quite a while in this position before grabbing the dog leash that led to the collar around my throat and cumming deep inside me. I could feel his balls against mine as shot after shot of semen filled my ass. I was out of breath and slightly choked by the CUNT collar. I wanted to squeeze up my ass cheeks to stay tight for him but my ass was utterly destroyed and all I could do was remain propped up on my elbows and knees with Mike using me like the little cumslut fuckhole that I had become.

As he pulled out of me, I felt my asshole stay open. My legs shook and I put my head down against the bed leaving my ass sticking up. Mike crawled on the bed in front of my head and pulled my hair towards his deflating cock. "You can cum now. But you know the deal."

I took his cock into my mouth again and tasted the ass juice, lube and semen. I brought my hand back to my cock and came within seconds. I finished cleaning Mike and then cleaned my hand off.

As I sat licking up my own cum, Mike pulled on some shorts and a t-shirt. "Come here," he said and I got up off the bed. Mike took the chain attached to my neck and put the end of it around a hook attached to the ceiling. He stood behind me and simply said, "Hands." I wasn't sure what he meant but slowly put my hands behind my back. I felt the cold steel of the handcuffs on my wrists. Before I could formulate words to ask what was going on, a black piece of cloth slid over my eyes. "Wait a minute... I don't..."

"You'd be quiet if you knew what was good for you," Mike said and gave my ass a squeeze. My heart stopped as I heard the pounding on the door to the basement. Mike gave my ass a slap again and laughed. "That'd be my buddy Rick, the guy who records the movies. I told him I had a special treat for him tonight. He's gonna love you."

I began to shake all over. This wasn't part of the deal. Now everyone would know. Now... but as the thought of what was to come really settled into my mind, my cock began to grow again beneath my skirt. We had all night and all day tomorrow. Church on Sunday seemed like several lifetimes away.

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