tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAfter Church Ch. 03

After Church Ch. 03


"Feels tight," said the gruff voice behind me. I felt a very large thumb plow into my ruined asshole and push down on my prostate. "You sure you been fuck'n this little sissy cumdump? You ain't just been fingerbang'n the little fag and jerking off in her mouth, have you?"

"Sheeit," I heard Mike say. "I been tear'n the hell out of it for a while now. I just don't have a horse cock like some people."

"It's a gift," I heard the other voice say with a laugh. The thumb withdrew from my ass. The cheeks of my face burned red hot and I felt unsteady on my heels. Still, I tired as hard as I could to keep my ass pushed out and available. Horse cock. Jesus. I thought Mike's dick was big enough. I couldn't imagine what Rick's cock was going to do to me.

"Just look at how eager this little slut is," I heard Rick tell Mike. "Let's help her out." I heard unbuckling and zipping and heavy boots hitting the ground. Other sounds didn't make sense. Hollow tubes sliding and clicking, things sliding on the floor. Through the blindfold, I could still tell that the lights had gotten brighter and I blinked in stunned amazement when it was removed. There stood Mike with a video camera set up on a big tripod. And there I was with a CUNT collar, lingerie, dress and cum covered face. Directly in front of me stood Rick in just his white socks. He stood nearly 6 foot 5 and was covered in hair from head to toe. His half hard dick hung like an elephant's trunk and I watched as he reached up to unhook my leash from the ceiling.

"Why not leave her hooked up? It'll reach," I heard Mike say from behind the camera. I could hear the zoom lens going in and out.

"I like a bitch to be on her knees when she's sucking my cock," Rick said. I took my cue from that and dropped to my knees on shaky legs. Rick stepped forward and put his hands on his hips. I wrapped my hand around his cock and assumed he would be just as rough as Mike and began sucking it as fast and smooth as I could. My right hand pumped the shaft and my left hand grabbed one of his gigantic hairy balls and began to carefully massage it. "Lick your finger," Rick said. I looked up in confusion. He pointed at my left hand. "Lick your finger and stick it up my ass while you're sucking that thing."

I did as I was told and covered my pointer finger with spit before reaching up between his large hairy ass cheeks. He squatted slightly to allow me access and I slowly started finger fucking his ass as I resumed sucking his cock. His cock barely fit in my mouth and as it became harder, I had more and more trouble getting past the head. I worked my hand faster and developed a rhythm of wetting the head with my lips and then stroking it with my thumb and pointer finger of the right hand. Basically, I was jacking him off into my mouth.

"Remember when you cum in her mouth to pull out and shoot it so I can see it on video," Mike said. I looked over to get a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. His cocked bobbed rock hard in the air from behind the camera and I knew I would have a belly full of cum and a sore ass before the weekend was over.

Rick's breathing was getting heavier and faster. His hand came down and grabbed a fistful of my hair. I pulled back and stuck out my tongue while my right hand kept pumping away. My left hand was buried in his ass crack, the finger buried up to the third knuckle. I could feel him contracting inside and closed my eyes as the first spot of spunk landed on my lower lip. I moved up closer to get it all in my mouth but it was still impossible. Shot after shot after stringy shot of ropey jizz filled my mouth. I thought he was done and began to swallow but another gob landed on my nose. I choked down his semen and then placed the head back in my mouth and sucked him slowly while tonguing the piss hole.

"God damn," was all Rick could mutter on wobbly legs. "This little cunt can suck a prick now." He moved away from me and sat down heavily on the bed. I remained on my knees staring straight ahead as Mike continued to film me. My jaw hurt but my own cock jutted straight up from beneath the skirt. I could feel the indentations on my ass from sitting on my high heels. My stockinged thighs were together and smooth and it all felt so exciting that I felt my cock bounce once with the spasm of ejaculation before I stopped it.

"Crawl over here cunt," Rick said and I did as I was told. He was lying on his back and as I got closer, he pulled his legs into the air and his ass cheeks apart. "Lick it," I heard him say to the ceiling. I looked over at Mike and could only see the camera lens with his evil smile behind it. I nosed Rick's balls up out of the way and gingerly stuck my tongue into his asshole. "Ah, that feels good. But I know that tongue will go farther in."

"Let me help her along," Mike said as he moved away from the camera. I stuck my tongue in to Rick's ass a little further as Mike kicked my legs apart. "I guess while I'm back here..." I felt my skirt go up and two hands land on my hips. Mike entered me easily and began fucking my ass. One of the hands on my hip came up and began pushing on the back of my head. I started fucking Rick's ass with my tongue while Mike plowed my boy cunt from behind.

"Camera still on?" I heard Rick ask.

"Oh yeah," Mike answered between grunts. "I got an idea for a great shot. I'm gonna pull out and cum all over your ass and she's gonna eat it out."

"You're a dirty pig of a man," Rick laughed. "I guess that's why I come over here." Mike took that as a yes and really began slamming me. It was starting to hurt and Rick's ass tasted horrible. But again and again my tongue entered his butthole. My feet were involuntarily sliding against the concrete floor and I could feel my little sissy cock flopping wildly beneath me.

Soon Mike pulled out of my ass and squatted beside my face. He pinned the left side of my face to Rick's ass and began to shoot his load against Rick's asshole. I stuck out my tongue and tried to catch what I could. When Mike had finished, I cleaned off the head of his prick and went back to lick his spunk off Rick's asshole.

"Jerk off and put your own shot in there," Rick told me. I reached under my dress and found my little boy clit. In only a few strokes, I could feet my ass cheeks clinch and my toes curl in the high heels. I straightened up on my knees and blew a huge load over Rick's balls. "That'll work too I guess," he said with a laugh. "Clean it up."

The cum was caught in the hair of Rick's balls so I really had to work to clean him up. But the more I sucked and licked and slurped, the harder he got. Before I get the last of my own cum into my mouth, he was sitting up and telling me to lie on my back on the bed.

As always, I did as I was told. Mike mounted the bed and squatted down over my face. His deflated prick hung over my mouth and he parked his balls on my lips. I pulled my legs up and Mike grabbed me by the heels. As I tongued his balls, Rick mounted me in the missionary position and began to try and shove his baseball bat cock into my little white hairless asshole.

At first, I was sure it wouldn't go. "More lube," Rick said and I felt the cold wet lube being pumped in and on me. I reached down and worked it in further with my fingers while Rick put the cap back on the lube bottle. Again, Mike held my legs while Rick put his gigantic cock against my ass. I tried to relax as much as I could and I felt him slide in past the first ring. At the second ring, it seemed impossible and I let out a moan of pain. But then he was in. At least the head anyway. With Mike, the shaft had seemed smaller and I had the sensation of not being stretched so far. But no such luck with Rick. He seemed to get wider as he went in and I let out a long painful moan.

"That feels good," Mike laughed above me. "Make the little sissy moan some more."

"I can do that," Rick laughed. He pulled back a little ways but not very far before shoving into me again. I pulled my ass apart as much as possible and fought to relax but it didn't seem to be helping. Mike was getting hard again and shoved his prick into my mouth as I moaned and squirmed and cried. Tears ran down the side of my face but this seemed to turn Rick on even more. He began to pump a little faster and with every stroke, he disappeared further into my asshole.

"Jesus, she is a tight little whore," Rick said. Mike repositioned himself so that he could get more of his cock into my mouth and Rick was now slamming away at full speed. My own cock hurt like hell from being so hard and I could feel it twitching and bobbing around as I sucked cock and got fucked in the ass.

Without warning, Mike lifted off me and Rick leaned forward to bring his full weight down. My hamstrings screamed and my ass tried to spasm shut but there was too much meat. I wrapped my legs around Rick's back and hooked my heels together. Mike brought the camera off the tripod and shoved it into my face. I was still crying softly as Rick took me. Mike panned down to get my legs wrapped around Rick's back and then got behind us so he get a close up of Rick's huge cock disappearing again and again into my destroyed ass.

Rick finally tensed up and I have never felt so full in my life. I arched my back to take him further as he began to shoot another monstrous load of cum into me. I could feel it twitching and unloading in me and then I felt a single drop roll down my ass crack and onto my lower back. Rick withdrew from me after a while and Mike kept the camera running. I left my legs apart and my ass was unable to close. Gobs of cum rolled out of my asshole and onto Mike's bed. I thought we were all done and ready for a break when Rick scooted up closer to me on the bed. "Lick it off," he said and I stiffly moved to my side and began licking the semen and lube and ass of his cock. Mike hovered close as my tongue went out again and again, cleaning every inch.

"And cut," Mike said and turned the camera off. "That's gonna be awesome. Imagine what we can sell that for."

I felt a dropping feeling in my stomach. Nobody could know. This would ruin me. It would ruin my whole life. The terror in my eyes must have said more than I ever could have as Mike winked at Rick. "Of course, the only thing better than the movie is the real thing. I tell ya what, we'll even split the profits with ya. 60/40."

"What are we talking about?" I asked. I could barely speak and the words dribbled out of my mouth like so much semen.

"You're our new little money-maker, I reckon. You can rest up tonight. We ain't done with ya. But we've got a date all lined up for you tomorrow night. It'll be easy though. The guy is in his 70's. He's a little weird but you'll figure out what to do right away."

My cock was so hard as only an 18 year old's dick can be. I slowly began stroking my cock without even thinking about it. Mike interrupted me before I got going too fast, "Ah ah ah," he said. "You know the rules. You gotta have a dick in you before you can cum." I dropped to my knees and put his cock back in my mouth and began stroking my own dick. What would tomorrow bring? The thought of doing an old man was so revolting that I came almost immediately.

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