tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAfter Church Ch. 04

After Church Ch. 04


Thanks to everyone for all of the votes and comments and emails. I will continue this series as long as you all want.

Saturday morning...

The cool air on my ass and balls was beginning to drive me into a frenzy as I squatted on my high heels. I was wearing a black pair with 5 inch heels and a matching black bra but my thigh high stockings were white with little black bows at the top. In my right hand was Rick's massive cock and in my mouth was Mike's 8 incher. It was Saturday morning and although I had been thoroughly used the night before, I had woken up hornier than ever. My ass was so sore but every time I touched it with my finger, my sissy cock would jump erect.

I could take more of Mike's cock into my mouth than I could Rick's but every once in a while, I would lean over and shove Rick's cock into my mouth to get it wet again. Then I would return to jacking him off while Mike grabbed my longish hair in two fistfuls and went back to fucking my mouth. He was so rough that it was starting to hurt my jaw. He would go too deep and I would gag. Slobber hung from my chin and I thought I was going to puke from his insistent throat fucking. I just wanted to lick his cock and suck it slowly, feel it build to climax and then shoot load after load of hot jizz into my mouth. But Mike liked it rough.

Rick took notice of this. "Jesus," he said with a laugh when I finally managed to pull my mouth off of Mike's dick for a second, "you might as well fuck her ass. Let her use that pretty little mouth on my cock."

"Yeah, that'd be fine," I heard Mike say. "Get up, cunt," he told me. I stood shakily and rubbed my thighs together to feel the wondrous silky material sliding against my soft flesh. "Now bend over and face Rick," he said.

I did as I was told and felt Mike start pumping lube all over my little sissy ass cunt. I was so sore and Mike was so rough. First one finger and then a second. Rick just watched for a moment while I grabbed onto his cock to steady myself. "Spread those legs, god damn it," Mike said and I pushed my legs apart as wide as they would go so that he could have access to my back door. His fingers quickly left and then I felt his cock pushing against my ass. I took a deep breath and tried to relax but my back arched up slightly as he plowed into me. I grunted in pain and looked up at Rick. The expression on his face was that of sheer amazement. There was something that he loved about the pain I was going through but he also seemed to almost feel sorry for me. The sound of Mike slamming against my white hairless ass filled the room but I decided to concentrate on giving Rick the best blowjob that I could.

Mike was hitting deep and my prostate was getting hammered. I could feel the precum oozing out of my dick and stringing down to my knees. But I licked at the tip of Rick's cock slowly. Around and around, darting my tongue into his pisshole. Licking the sensitive underside of the head and gently cupping his balls with my free hand. I slobbered as much as I could on it and ran my hand back and forth before slowly starting to take as much of his enormous head into my mouth as I could.

Mike's hands clamped onto my hips like two vices but Rick merely patted my head as I was spit roasted. His fingers ran softly against my cheek as Mike began spanking the sides of my ass. My cock flopped around under me wildly and I felt Rick really start to stiffen in my mouth as Mike started mumbling and grunting, "Here it comes, here it comes, you fucking little cunt, here it comes." Mike buried himself all the way and I felt his cocking twitching away inside me as he unloaded his semen into my bowels. Rick must have been turned on by it because he suddenly came in my mouth as well. Big globby spurts of goo filled my mouth and I swallowed it all this time without spilling a drop.

"Whew," Rick said on shaky legs. "Now that's the way to start the day."

"You got that right," Mike agreed. "Get back down on your knees and clean my cock off now. We've got to get you ready for your date this afternoon. Old Mr. and Mrs. Burton don't stay up too late so we can't keep them waiting. They're pretty excited about having a fuck toy this afternoon. And I'm pretty excited about making a hundred bucks."

I turned and dropped to my knees and began licking my ass off of Mike's now semi-hard cock. Did he say Mr. AND Mrs. Burton? His cock was super slimy with ass, lube and cum and as I licked it from balls to head, I began to leak cum from my destroyed ass onto the floor. When Mike saw this, he pushed my face down into it and made me lick that up also. My nuts felt like they were ready to burst and my cock was so hard that it hurt.

Mike put my CUNT collar back on me after I was done and took me to the bathroom. There he had me bend over while he shaved my ass clean. He made me shave off everything else while standing in the tub. It was strange to see all of that hair come off my legs and even my asshole felt strange having been shaved smooth. I was about to turn on the water again and rinse all of the suds off of me and start getting cleaned up when he told me to kneel down again. I thought he wanted his cock sucked again so I got on my knees in the tub and opened my mouth. The next thing I know, a warm stream of piss hit my mouth and splashed all over me! I sputtered in disbelief and backed away but Mike told me I better keep my mouth open or he'd beat my ass raw. I did as I was told and let him finish using me as his urinal.

After that I took a hot shower and cleaned up. Mike told me not to touch myself. "I catch you washing that little thing of yours too much and you'll be in deep shit." I began to think that I was in deep shit no matter what I did. But I decided it would be wise to leave my cock alone for now.

Mike took me by the collar into a spare bedroom and showed me the clothes he had laid out. Instead of super high heels, there were more sensible heels laid out and a very conservative black and white plaid dress. I put on the stockings and garter belt and bra as usual but it was somehow even more exciting to put on a real woman's dress than it was to just wear the usual slutty clothes. He had me paint my fingernails and toenails in a dark purple and then tossed me a make-up case. "Figure it out as best you can. Don't make yourself look like a clown."

I put on some lipstick, which was easy enough and then some eye shadow. I'd seen commercials of women doing their eyelashes so I did those as well. I'd need more practice but sitting there on my throbbingly sore asshole with a rock hard erection, rubbing lipstick all over my cocksucker lips and wondering what was in store for me was nearly too much. I stood to leave and as my cock rubbed up against the dress, a small wet spot appeared on the front. I put my hands over it so Mike wouldn't notice.

We walked out to Mike's truck and of course, I rode bitch. Every time we passed a car on the highway, I turned my head away or tried to duck down. I'd die if someone saw me. Although I'd doubt that they'd recognize me. Finally Rick suggested that I just suck his cock while we drove and I was more than happy to lean over and lick the end of his cock, safely out of sight.

I heard gravel crunching under the truck tires finally and the truck began to slow down. We were obviously at someone's house and pulling into the driveway. I sat up with my hand still around Rick's cock but he pushed me away and zipped up. He took my leash and I began the humiliating walk from the truck to the front door.

It was a secluded farm with a well-kept yard. Walking in the shorter heels was a breeze but I still managed to swing my ass a little. Mike rang the door and after a moment, a sweet little old lady answered the door.

"Afternoon Mildred," Mike smiled. "You remember Rick over there and this, this here is Stacey." I smiled stupidly and tried not to look directly at her. Stacey? I guess I had a name now.

Mildred smiled and welcomed us in. It was so strange when Mike handed her my leash and she led me into the hallway. She tied the leash to the end of the stair rail and said, "My, you are lovely." As she spoke she reached under my skirt and grabbed my cock. "I'm going to enjoy this."

Mike, Rick and Mildred all sat in the kitchen having coffee while I stood tied to the stairs. "Harold coming in soon?" Mike asked.

"Yes," Mildred replied in her sweet little old lady voice. "He had to finish chores so we wouldn't have to stop. What time do you need her back by?"

"Well," Mike said, "it's a little after 12 now. I figured we'd come by around 5 to pick her up. Is 5 hours enough with her?"

"Oh, I should hope so," Mildred laughed. "Although sometimes when Harold gets going he doesn't want to stop. Poor thing." I felt her look my way. "She is in for a time. He's been in such a bad mood. I'm sometimes afraid of how far he'll go."

My knees began to shake and my erection started to droop. What the hell? Bad mood? Poor thing? I wasn't liking the sound of this.

"Here's the money," Mildred said and I heard Mike thank her. They said their good-byes and I cringed as I heard the door shut. Mildred was there standing beside me suddenly and taking my leash. "Now dear, let's put you to good use."

Mildred must have been pushing 70 but she was still pretty in a way. Tall and rail thin with a very angular face, her short white hair was worn in a style that I imagined was popular in the 1930's or something. She led me to the living room and had me sit down. She said she'd be right back and I should make myself comfortable. I sat trembling all over as excitement, fear and lust burned through my veins all at the same time.

Mildred returned shortly and was wearing nothing except black leather gloves. It was a shock to see her sagging tits and wrinkly skin. In her hand she carried a riding crop. Around her neck was a pearl necklace. My astonishment must have been obvious by the expression on my face. "If you think this is shocking, my dear," Mildred said menacingly, "you're in for a very long afternoon."

She sat down on the couch next to me and then snapped her fingers, "On the floor bitch. Facing me. On your hands and knees. I haven't had my pussy eaten properly in weeks." I swallowed hard and got into position quickly. Mike had trained me well and I was now used to following orders. Mildred parted her legs and I began creeping forward. Her gray bush was trimmed but it was still beyond bizarre to be going down on this old woman. I tentatively stuck out my tongue and gave her wrinkled old pussy a lick. "That's it, dear. Get in there and work that tongue." The riding crop came down hard across my ass and I began licking her quicker. She began to squirm and writhe and beat me more. She slid herself out further to the edge of the couch and cupped the back of my head with her feeble old hand. "That's it dear. Find the little button and flick it with your tongue." Her legs began shaking and a terrific orgasm tore through her. Her legs clamped down around my head and I guess in all of the pussy eating, I hadn't heard Harold come in.

Something snapped loudly in the room and then a wave of fire spread through my ass cheeks. "Look at that white ass," I heard a man behind me say. "I am gonna turn that thing purple today."

I lifted my cum smeared face out of Mildred's lap and turned to see an old man with nothing on holding a doubled over leather belt. His body was crooked and covered in gray hair but you could still see that he was plenty spry for a man his age. "Crawl over and get busy," he snapped. His face was bright red and he looked angrier than any person I'd ever seen. "Come on cunt, get suck'n."

I crawled to him carefully as I didn't want to tear my stockings. Once there, I raised up on my knees and took his half-hard old prick in my hands. It was only about 4 inches soft but I could tell that if he got hard, it would be close to the size of Mike's cock. I didn't figure Harold for the soft and tender type so I stuck all of his prick into my mouth at once and began slowly stretching it out with my lips. Open wide, swallow it all, close my lips and pull back slowly letting his cock slide along my tongue. With each pass, he became a little harder until he was finally erect. "That's good," he mumbled. "Maybe I'll take it easy on you today." I took this as my incentive to give the best blow job I'd ever given and began working at it like my life depended on it.

I saw Mildred's legs appear next to Harold's and heard them kissing. I tried to ignore the sounds coming from above and just kept working Harold's cock in and out of my mouth. After Harold was good and hard, he pushed me away. He began hobbling into the bedroom and Mildred took my leash. "Come on, Stacey. We're going to put those talented little lips of yours to some real work now."

To be continued...

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