tagErotic CouplingsAfter Class

After Class


(All characters in this story are intended to be over 18 years old!)


"Hi, Holly. Thanks for coming in after school today. I need to talk to you about this note I found by your desk."

"What note?"

"The one you wrote to your friend during class. I think it fell out of your notebook when you left today."

"I'm still not sure what you are talking about, Mr Stephens."

"This one. The one that says you think I am cute and that you bet I would be a great fuck."

"Oh my God, did you actually read that!"

"Yes , I did. It was just laying there. I'm glad I found it instead of the janitor."

"So how much trouble am I in?"

"I think that depends. Do you mean what you said in your note?"

"Well , yeah you are really kind of cute for an older guy."

"I mean the part about being a good fuck."

"I'm sorry that I said that .. just wishful thinking. But sometimes I can see the outline of your cock in you pants and I can't help but think about what you could do with it."

"I appreciate the compliment but it really isn't appropriate for you to be thinking about me in that way."

"I know but it is hard not to. You are very good looking."


"So are you?"

"Am I what?"

"Are you a good fuck or not?"

"Well, I haven't really thought about it."

"I have, Mr Stephens. Why don't you show me?"

"You are a cute girl and I really enjoy it when you smile at me in class, Holly but I could really get into ..... Holly, what are your doing?"

"Just be quiet and relax. I know the door is locked and the janitors don't work until 6. Just let me reach in and find that cock of yours."

"Holly, I don't think ....'

"Oh Mr Stephens, it feels as big as it looks when I see it through your pants during class. Just let me unzip these slacks and reach inside and feel if it is as hard as it looks."

"Holly .. please don't .. I could get fired if anyone finds us like this."

"Don't worry, I'll just say that I seduced you. My god, your cock is hard but I bet it can get harder .. maybe if I put it in my mouth I can make it even bigger. Mmmmmm ... its tastes so good. Wonder if I can get it all in my mouth? Mmmmmmmmm .. it tickles the back of my throat."

"Holly, you really shouldn't be ... Oh god, it feels so good when you do that. I can feel your mouth squeezing my cock."

"It's okay Mr Stephens, I've wanted to do this for a long time. You taste wonderful. My, you seem to be leaking a little bit of cum. Let me lick that off for you."

"Jezz, that feels great, Holly. So this is what you have been thinking about when I see you smiling at me during class."

"Mmmmmmmmmmm ....... Mmmmmmmmmmm".

"Well, if we have gone this far .... Stand up Holly and let me unbutton that blouse. I noticed your nipples were hard when you came in. Must have forgotten that bra and home today, huh?"

"Actually, I took it off in the bathroom before I came to meet with you. Just thought I would tease you a little but now I'm glad I did. Oh Mr Stephens, suck on my nipples. I want to feel your warm lips around them."

"Holly, you taste wonderful. And you are pretty big for a high school senior. Your tits are so soft and warm in my hands."

"Yes, Mr Stephens, squeeze my tits. It's okay to bite my nipples a little. I squeeze them when I think about you at home. That's it, bite them then lick them. Oh yes, Mr Stephens suck on my tits."

"Holly, I think at this point it is going to be okay to call me Alex."

"Yes Alex, squeeze me. God, it feels so good."

"Holly, sit up on my desk. I want to taste your pussy."

"Okay, good thing I took the panties off with the bra in the bathroom."

"Have any of your boyfriends licked you pussy before?"

"No .. what are you going to do?"

"Here, I'll show you. Spread your legs for me."

"Okay but ... oh my god, your tongue feels so soft on my pussy lips, Alex. It tickles as it runs up and down. Mmmmmmmmmm, I like the way it makes me feel .. sort of a tingly feeling."

"Just relax, Holly. I will try to make it feel even better."

"OHHH .. that spot feels way better. I love how the tip of your tongue is flicking under my clit. OHH .. OHH that feels so good .. oh my."

"Mmmmmmmmmmm Holly your juices taste so wonderful. I want to stick my tongue inside your pussy and get an even better taste."

"Yes , do it please, Alex. Taste me.... Taste me ... oh my , it feels so good ....unghhhh!"

"Oh Holly, your are so wet now. I can't wait any longer. I want to fuck you so much. Will that be okay?"

"Oh yeah, Alex. Slide that cock inside me. Let's see if you are as good a fuck as I think you are."

"Spread you legs, baby."

"Oh Alex, the head of your cock is so big. I can feel it spreading my lips and ..... oh, god you feel so good sliding inside me. So slow but so good .. please go deeper. I want to feel all of you in there."

"Holly, honey, you are so warm and so inviting. I can't believe we are doing this but it feels so wonderful. What do you want, Holly? What do you want me to do?"

"Faster, Alex. Fuck me faster. I want to feel you going in and out of me. I want to feel you all the way inside of me. I want you to feel me squeezing around you."

"Oh yeah, Holly .. I can feel you. I can feel all of you. You are so wet .. so warm .. so tight."

"Faster, fuck me faster"

"Okay, baby! Is this fast enough?"

"Oh yes Alex, I'm going to cum on you cock. I can feel it .. I can .........mmmmmmmmmmm! Don't stop. Don't stop. I cumming!!"

"Oh yes, Holly. Cum for me, Holly. I love the feel on my cock when you cum for me."

"Alex, cum with me please. I want to feel you cum inside me. Cum with me baby."

"Oh god Holly, I can feel it too .. here I go .. are you ready, honey? I want to fill you up."

"Yes, Alex, I want to feel you squirting inside me. Come on honey , cum now!"

"Oh yes .. yes .. yes .. can you feel it Holly? Can you feel me cumming inside you?"

"Yes Alex, it feels so good. Kiss me while you are cumming inside me."

"Well, that was quite a surprise Holly. My god, you are quite a lover for such a young girl."

"Only because I have dreamed of this with your for so long. You are as good a fuck as I thought you would be."

"Holly, you know the trouble I will get in if you tell anyone about this. We had better get dressed before the janitors get here."

"Its okay, Alex. This will just be our little secret. Just remember that I am always available after school if you need to talk to me again."

"I certainly will remember, Holly. Thanks."

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