tagInterracial LoveAfter-Class, After-Life Affair

After-Class, After-Life Affair

byRumple Foreskin©

(note: This story is an entrant in Literotica's Halloween Story Contest 2004. IMHO, it doesn't have a ghost of a chance. But I hope you enjoy this non-family escapade by the sexually adventurous, Randi Druitt.)


It was a fantastic fuck. Randi Druitt's sex-charged body writhed and shuddered. A large, powerfully built man was between her widespread legs. With deep, fluid strokes, he was pumping his demanding cock in and out of her very willing pussy. Each thrust brought her closer to ecstasy.

The freckle-faced redhead lay nude on the back seat of an old Buick, parked on the far side of a small, rural graveyard. A handsome, charming, if married, black classmate named Lee Johnson was busy screwing her senseless. The college sophomore had enjoyed this many times over the last few weeks. And while each time with Lee seemed better than the one before, tonight was special. After all, it was Halloween and they were in a cemetery.

For just a moment, she wondered about his wife. How long would she keep accepting Lee's yarns about an after-class study group? But then Randi's body began to tremble and her skin flush as the deep, rhythmic thrusts pushed her towards another orgasm.

They had met in one of those once-a-week, three-hour night class horrors. That's where they were earlier tonight. But as she now lay on her back, free of clothes and inhibitions, with her arms wrapped around her lover's broad back, school was the last thing on her mind.

The car rocked as Lee hammered his unyielding dick deep into her juicy flesh. Waves of erotic energy raced from her churning, stuffed pussy out to every cell of her tingling body. It was such a great fuck, she no longer cared about the wait she endured before it started.

They had gotten out of class a little early, a few minutes before nine. Lee said he had to go home, but promised to come right back. He was gone longer than she expected. But instead of getting pissed, she just got hornier.

It was after ten when he pulled into the coffee shop parking lot. Randi waved, hurried out, and hopped in beside him. He leaned over and gave her a long, deep kiss. It was a good one, searching, and erotic. She relished his sensuous taste and the feel of his tongue probing into the intimate recesses of her mouth.

When their lips parted, a big grin broke across his handsome, brown face. He shifted back behind the steering wheel, then glanced at her. There was a strange, vacant look in his eyes. Randi decided it was lust, and smiled. "I was beginning to worry. I mean, you don't live that far away."

"Had some problems. My old lady, she was being a bitch, didn't want me to leave. But I had to get back to you, babe. Can't let these long legs go to waste." Lee gave her knee a gentle squeeze and slid his hand halfway up her thigh. After another quick kiss, he sped out of the parking lot.

With her skin still tingling from his touch, Randi ran the tip of her tongue over her lips, enjoying the faint taste left by his lips. She watched him rush through the late hour traffic. "Where are we going?"

"An old cemetery, outside of town."

"You're kidding?"

"Nope. It's in the middle of nowhere. You can let it all hang out and scream your head off. Most of my people are buried there. Think of it as getting to meet the better members of my family."

This is such a hoot, thought Randi. Halloween night, and this good-looking black man was taking her to, where else, a graveyard. And once there--. With a shudder of erotic pleasure, she realized that in a few more minutes she'd be lying naked on the back seat with her legs spread wide, waiting for him to see, touch, and take her. It was such a wanton thought, it left her pussy soaked and her body shivering with barely suppressed lust.

Randi had no idea how much farther they had to go; she just hoped they'd get there soon. It occurred to her that since both knew what was about to happen, she might as well go ahead. Why wait until they arrived at wherever the hell this cemetery was located?

After kicking off her sandals, she lifted her hips, hiked up her short skirt, hooked her thumbs inside the waistbands of her panties and quickly slid them over her hips and off her legs.

She was stuffing them into her purse when the car swerved. Looking over, she saw Lee trying to keep one eye on the road while staring at her lap. Following his gaze, she saw her skirt was still hiked up around her hips, giving him a great view of her legs and even a little peek at her damp, curly, pubic hairs.

"Better watch where you're going," she teased.

"I'm trying to," he said. "But you're one hell of a distraction."

"Well, maybe you won't be so distracted if you keep these for me." She handed him her panties, still warm from her body and damp from her juices. As she hoped, the present seemed to increase his level of distraction. Unable to resist the temptation to toy with his obvious eagerness, she slid across the seat and placed her lips against his ear. After gently caressing it with her tongue, she whispered softly, "Wherever this cemetery is, I hope we get there real soon."

"Let me slap this mother into overdrive," said Lee, grabbing at the bulge in his pants and pretending to shift. Randi laughed, pushed his hand aside, and unzipped his fly. Reaching inside, she wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft. It was a struggle, but she managed to extract the long, stiff dick. After giving his ear one more nibble, she lowered her head and slipped the swollen cock between her lips.

They changed lanes a few times and even stopped at a couple of traffic lights, but she never stopped working her mouth up and down the length of the hard, ebony shaft. The car made a sharp, left turn, slowed slightly before making another left turn. When Randi looked up, they were on a narrow, tree-lined road, approaching a moonlit area filled with pale, ghost-like monuments.

"Are we there yet, daddy?" she asked with a giggle while slowly licking the big, sensitive cock head.

"Yes, child," replied Lee, who had obviously found it almost impossible to pay attention to his driving during Randi's blowjob. "Thank heavens we're almost there."

After giving the flared, light brown, cock head a final swirl with her tongue, Randi released her grip on the thick shaft. While the car was still moving, she climbed into the back seat and began pulling off the rest of her clothes.

Once undressed, she eased herself down on the worn fabric of the big back seat. With a smile of anticipation, she spread her legs and then looked up at the back of Lee's head.

A shiver of excitement raced through her body when the car stopped. After all these hours of waiting, it was about to happen.

As she thought about Lee lying on top of her, Randi began stroking one of her breasts and its hard nipple. Reaching down with her other hand, she slowly combed her fingertips through her damp, silky pubic hairs. When she touched her moist, sensitive pussy lips, a jolt of sexual energy flashed across her eager body.

He turned off the lights and killed the engine. Without looking back, asked, "Want a smoke?"

"What do you think, Lee?" replied Randi, with what she hoped sounded like a low, sexy voice.

He turned and looked into the back. Randi stole a quick glance at her nude body stretched out across the seat. Her pale skin glowed faintly in the dim moonlight. Both hands were still busy. Though never impressed with her body, she had to admit that, in this light, it seemed almost sexy. Then she looked up at Lee. The sight of his mouth hanging open and the look of blatant desire on his face told her better than any words how much he liked the view.

After waiting for him to say or do something, she cocked her head and smiled. "So tell me Lee, is a cigarette what you really want right now? I mean, if it is, well, that's okay with...."

"Not only no, but hell no!" He vaulted over the back of the front seat and tumbled into her waiting arms. After a quick kiss, he moved down and locked his lips around one of her erect nipples. At the same time he was ripping off his shirt and pushing down his pants. A few seconds later, his hard body was pressed against her flesh while his unyielding cock pushed against the entrance to her waiting pussy.

They kept kissing until he lifted his head and smiled down at her. She looked at him through eyes clouded with lust as they lay body-to-body, motionless and expectant. Then he hunched forward, ramming his cock deep into her with one powerful stroke. Randi gasped, first in surprise and then pleasure, as the engorged dick hurtled toward the depths of her moist cunt. Moments later, the final inches of his thick shaft sank past her stretched pussy lips and the big, flared, cock head slammed into the inner most recesses of her quivering body. As she shuddered from the impact, her head jerked back and she let out a cry of pure delight. With their bodies now fused together, Lee paused and leaned forward until their lips met. As their tongues touched, his hips sprang into motion and he began fucking her eager body.

Randi's skin seemed to ignite with desire. The smooth, rhythmic motion of Lee's large cock head plunging in and out of the depths of her pussy quickly triggered the first in a series of small, intense orgasms. Each one sent waves of pleasure surging from her tingling scalp down to her curled toes.

She reached down and grabbed on to the cheeks of his tight, well-muscled butt. Each time he made another long, fluid thrust into her churning cunt she could feel his ass tense and flex while she tried to pull him in even deeper.

As their lovemaking continued, their bodies began working in harmony. Instead of another mini-climax, this motion triggered a different, more intense sort of sensation. It started in the pit of her stomach, quickly spread to her pussy, and then her whole body.

Placing one foot on the floorboard and the other on the back of the car seat, she forced her hips up to meet his thrusts. The muscles in her vagina clinched around the long, thick, unyielding cock; she began to shiver and jerk convulsively. She was almost there.

With a scream of total bliss, she exploded in a soul-shattering, mind-numbing climax. Her entire body became an extension of her pussy, and her pussy was pure molten passion.

Moments later, Lee grunted and blasted his load deep inside her heaving body. But in the wake of her own powerful orgasm, she barely noticed.

"Un-fucking-real," he groaned. With a contended sigh, he collapsed on top of her exhausted but very satisfied body. Randi hugged him. She gloried in his hard, sweaty, body lying motionless and spent on top of hers, and the feel of his cock, still long and stiff, buried deep inside her throbbing pussy.

As she gently stroked Lee's dark, sweat-slick skin, Randi knew she had shared this amazing experience with someone very special, even if he was married.

It was after midnight when they got back to the all-night coffee shop. Randi tried to coax him into coming in, but he shook his head. "I've gotta make tracks. Places to go. Things to do. You know. Ii, uh, doesn't look like I'll be in class next week. That's okay. But I'll sure miss the after class study session."

She pressed for details, but he was vague. "Just hang loose, babe. And know I loved every minute with you. Especially tonight."

Surprised, worried, and a little annoyed, Randi watched him drive away. Then she shrugged and reminded herself that all guys were weird. Maybe married black ones were more so. As she got into her car, she smiled and wondered what would flip her mother out the most, that Lee was black or that he was married. A few minutes later she walked into her dorm.

Mindy Davis was short, dumpy and prone to emotional outbursts. She was also Randi's loyal roommate. They were both in the night class with Lee, but Mindy always came straight back to study. The moment Randi walked in, Mindy was at her near-hysterical best. "Where have you been? Have you heard? Oh, it's just horrible."

"What's horrible, Mindy?" Randi collapsed on her bed. She felt the residue of the lovemaking she and Lee had just finished. It made her smile.

"It's about Lee," wailed Mindy. "That cute black guy you study with after class. But I guess you didn't tonight, huh?"

"What about Lee?" The smile on Randi's face vanished.

"It was on the late news, so I guess he went right home after class. His wife was having a Halloween party. They got into a fight. She shot him. Oh, Randi, he's dead."


Any votes and comments, whether they be brickbats or bouquets, will be appreciated. RF

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