tagLesbian SexAfter Class Breastfeeding

After Class Breastfeeding


Genevieve Smith finished her TA duties by handing back graded papers to the physiology students as they left class. It was 4:43 pm on Friday and she was excited to head back to her dorm for much needed rest and relaxation.

That was, until she saw the Department Chairman come in and inform her Professor of a last minute crisis. Genevieve did her best to eavesdrop without being obvious. Before her curious ears could tune in, the Chairman rushed off into the busy hallway. Her Professor was left looking slightly miffed.

"Can I help with anything?" Genevieve asked when class officially ended and all the students had departed.

Professor Heredia sighed softly. "Looks like I'll be sticking around a bit longer."

"Really, why? What was that all about?"

"Apparently the faculty member who was supposed to give a speech for tonight's Couple's Dance had to cancel at the last minute. Now I'm required to 'volunteer,' which means I have to attend."

Genevieve was surprised. "They couldn't find anyone else? I thought lots of teachers were going to the dance."

"I got the feeling that since Board members will be there, the school intends to highlight the diversity in their faculty. So they dragged me into the mix. It's something I've become accustomed to."

"Jeez. Does that tick you off?"

"Not at all," the Professor replied light-heartedly. "I love representing the Hispanic community. Just not on a Friday evening after teaching my most difficult class of the semester."

Genevieve was of the same mind. They both needed a break and wanted to get the weekend started. Neither of them were the type of women who were interested in a romantic dance at school.

Nonetheless, she loved this Professor (having taken two of her courses during previous semesters) and was receiving credit for being a TA. Always a loyal student, Genevieve was determined to lend support, even though she was exhausted.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Genevieve offered. "I don't know, maybe I can help prepare your remarks. You don't want to look like that guy who tried to wing the Graduation speech last year. He seemed... nevermind."

Her voice cackled a bit as she held back laughter. The Professor shared the same sentiment with a chuckle of her own.

"I'd hate to ruin your Friday, though."

"Nonsense," Genevieve replied with zeal. "I can stick around a while longer if you need me."

"Do you have plans?"

"Not until 7. So I can stay a while, then go back to the dorm and get ready to go out with my sorority sisters."

The Professor smiled, "You're a lifesaver, Geni. I'm not very good at coming up with these sorts of speeches. Normally, I'm the one who likes being romanced. I've never spoken about it publicly though. It's a bit embarrassing."

"Well, first thing's first, Professor. You need to look the part. It's a dance and everyone will be dressed formally. Do you have another outfit? Or are you going to wear... no offense... that?"

Genevieve looked over the teacher's attire. As usual, Professor Heredia was dressed casually, as many teaching professionals are in this day and age. The outfit reflected her middle-age status, making her look like a sexy Latina librarian. A long, thin wool jacket was draped over a loose t-shirt. Jeans and hippie style clogs completed the ensemble.

"No offense taken. And no, I'm not going to wear this."

Genevieve was curious. "Then?"

"Ah, my little apprentice, one day you'll have learned all my secrets," the teacher said humorously. "A career woman must always have a backup plan when it comes to wardrobe. That's lesson number one for the evening. If you stick with me, you'll learn a lot."

"I like the sound of that," Genevieve smiled.

"Excellent. I need to be prepared and arrive at the auditorium by 6 to schmooze with the Board. Help me carry these books and let's go to my office."


It was 5:01 when they reached the teacher's office and closed the door. After putting down the course work, Genevieve couldn't wait to see what the teacher had in mind.

"Check the closet for me, please," the Professor said. "There's a garment bag with a dress inside. Open it. There are also shoes in a box on the floor. Excuse me while I make a few texts to accommodate my new evening arrangements."

Professor Heredia whipped out her smartphone and fired away a series of texts.

Meanwhile, Genevieve went to the closet, which she had never opened before. She had assumed it was filled with cobwebs and books.

As expected, when she opened the door she saw a lot of junk. But Genevieve also spied the garment bag. She grabbed it along with a Nordstrom shoe box on the floor.

After neatly laying the bag on a table, she put the shoebox underneath. Then she unzipped the bag and removed the dress. It was a typical "little black dress" with a rounded neckline and short sleeves. The skirt looked fitted, but had a bit of a flounce at the bottom. Genevieve guessed it would end just above the Professor's knees. It was neither revealing, nor conservative, and appeared perfect for this occasion.

"Like it?" the Professor asked, putting her phone on the table.

"I think you're the only professor on campus who keeps a sexy dress in her office closet. Seriously."

Professor Heredia laughed. "Things move quickly at this university. That's lesson number two. Be ready for last minute changes."

"This school is so lucky to have you."

"Thanks. Now that I've revealed my fashion secrets, any ideas for a speech? I'm supposed to talk for ten minutes about love and romance."

Genevieve grabbed a nearby pen and notepad. "Luckily, I was in the debate club back in high school. So I know how to come up with sharp responses on the spot and under pressure."

"How interesting. Were you any good?"

"Well, I was on the lower end of the spectrum. But still, those are skills you never lose. Here, how about this?"

Genevieve put pen to paper and jotted down several words. After a brief pause, she wrote out a couple of sentences. Before long, it seemed as though she had written a few paragraphs.

She read it aloud, making Professor Heredia cringe a bit in the process.

"I like your style and wording," the Professor said diplomatically. "But this is a dance for couples, not a sex convention. I must say, however, you could have a successful career writing erotic literature, should you ever decide to pursue that avenue."

Genevieve blushed and turned the page on the notepad, hoping to forget her highly sensual words.

"This is harder than I thought."

The Professor nodded and checked the time. "It's 5:09. Mind if I get dressed while we brainstorm?"

"Sure. It makes things more time efficient."

There was a brief pause, as neither knew what to do next. This was uncharted territory.

"Would you mind waiting outside for a second while I dress?" the Professor asked.

"Of course."

"Wait," Professor Heredia said as the TA was about to leave. "This may be beyond the scope of your duties, but I need a favor."

Genevieve nodded. "Anything."

"Can you gather some paper towels from the bathroom? And can you grab me a paper drinking cup if you can find one? Or a regular cup. Anything that can hold liquid."

"That shouldn't be a problem. Do you just want an empty cup? Or did you want me to fill it with drinking water?"

"Something empty," the Professor said, trying to sound unphased by having to make such an unusual request. "I didn't expect to stay at school so late, and didn't bring my pump. It's a hassle to lug it around and now my breasts ache because I haven't drained them for several hours."

"Oh, that makes total sense. Are you going to do that here, in your office?"

"It's the most convenient place. I've done it here before with my pump, but never manually, which I admit is kind of strange. But that's the price of being a career woman. I'm not ashamed of it. Someday, when you're in the same position, I hope you feel the same way. It's best to constantly produce milk and you should embrace the fact that your body can make such a nutritious drink. That's lesson number three."

"I agree 100%. I never understood why people get so bent out of shape about this sort of thing. It's not lewd, it's natural."

"Now that we're on the same page," Professor Heredia said. "I may have other needs, depending on your comfort level. Can you grab the supplies and come back in, let's say, 5 minutes?"

Genevieve flashed her smartphone clock at the teacher. "Punctuality is a specialty of mine. 5 minutes it is."


Genevieve went to an empty classroom and tore several sheets of paper towels from a roll. Then she looked inside the teacher's lounge for a container in which to store the milk. All the good options were plastic bowls and mugs, which the faculty used regularly for eating and drinking. Although breast milk is perfectly clean and healthy, Genevieve didn't feel right putting breast milk in a cup or dish that was used for other people's food. She knew it wouldn't sit well with faculty if they ever found out.

So she settled on small paper cups used for drinking water. She only took four of them, two for each breast, and was certain it would be enough. She certainly didn't want to be wasteful.

When the 5 minutes had passed, Genevieve went back to the Professor's office. It was now 5:16 and the Professor had approximately 44 minutes before she needed to reach the auditorium for the Couples Dance.

The door was unlocked, but Genevieve knocked out of courtesy before entering and closed the door behind her.

The vision before her was truly amazing. She feasted her eyes on Professor Heredia. In the span of five minutes, the teacher had worked a miracle and turned herself into a Latina bombshell, age be damned. The Professor twirled a few times in front of a small mirror and was pleased with what she saw. The dress was fitted on top and through her curvy hips. Her shapely mocha legs were highlighted by the flirty swing of the bottom of the dress and her black sling-back, pointed toe shoes.

"It still fits," the Professor proudly stated.

"That's one of the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. We'll call that lesson number four."

"Professor Heredia, you could pass for Salma Hayek's academically minded sister. Seriously!"

The teacher laughed. "I would never be so arrogant as to think of myself that way. But thank you. Point taken. Now that we've got the dress situation worked out, we still have another matter to handle, which are my breasts."

"Your breasts?" Genevieve gulped.

"My milk, remember?"

"Oh, right, of course. I grabbed some paper towels and these small cups. I hope they're suitable."

Genevieve placed the items on a nearby table, eliciting a puzzled look from the teacher.

"Small cups?" Professor Heredia asked.

"Yeah. Whoever orders the supplies was saving money, I suppose. But hey, I grabbed 4 of them."

"That should work. You've already mastered lesson number five; improvise when necessary. Thanks Geni, I don't know what I'd do without you."

Genevieve smiled. "My pleasure."

"Now, onto the next step." Professor Heredia put a finger on her chin. " I don't want to wrinkle my dress by removing it completely. And I don't want to make a mess either."

"Need any help?" Genevieve asked, an eyebrow rose.

"Can you?"

"It seems simple enough."

"You're not terribly familiar with breastfeeding, are you?" Professor Heredia asked in a way that was conclusory.

"I know how it works and all, but..."

"You've never actually watched a woman nurse or use a pump before, correct?"

"I haven't," Genevieve acknowledged. "Why do you ask?"

"Trust me, when it comes to lactation, it's not nearly as simple as it seems. In fact, working the mammary glands for milk is an artform. As a Professor of physiology, I've studied the process extensively and experimented endlessly. This can be a private tutorial, and another learning point. That is, if you're interested?"

The question produced a visible reaction from Genevieve, who did her best to hide the fact that her thighs had suddenly drawn together.

"I'd be interested."

Professor Heredia sharpened her gaze. "Does this make you uncomfortable in any way?"

"When have I ever been uneasy about anything?" Genevieve said, putting up a strong front. "I'm always interested in observing the human body at work. This is a great opportunity to study breasts in action."

"Okay, great. Now it's my turn to feel uneasy."

Placing her hands on her own hips, the Professor pondered her next move. She also checked the clock, which read 5:20 exactly.

"For the record, this doesn't bother me at all," Genevieve said. "I see boobs in the locker room almost everyday."

"Sounds exciting."

Genevieve smiled awkwardly at the comment as Professor Heredia unzipped the back of the dress, slipped it down and exposed her beautiful brown skin. A sensible looking black bra restrained the Professor's voluptuous chest and her perfectly curved midsection had also been revealed. Hers was a classic hourglass figure.

"Can you pull up two seats?" the Professor asked, with the top of her dress hanging in her hands. "So we can face each other."


Genevieve swiftly grabbed two chairs and arranged them as requested. These seats were normally used for academic meetings in the Professor's office. Genevieve secretly licked her lips while thinking about what might transpire at this meeting.

Both of them sat by the table, facing each other. Genevieve grabbed the cups and paper towels. Professor Heredia arranged the top of her dress carefully on her lap and covered it with the paper towels.

"Ready?" the Professor asked, her eyes dancing with mischief.

Genevieve nodded. "The clock is ticking, Professor."

The Professor reached back to unclasp her bra, liberating her breasts. She put the bra down on the table and looked more relaxed. Her tits were full and firm. Their rounded forms hung freely and swayed slightly with her respirations. The dark, plump nipples already appeared erect.

Professor Heredia examined her own bosom.

"They're long overdue for relief. Typically, I like to drain them every 4 to 5 hours."

"They do look stiff," Genevieve replied, her eyes mesmerized by the teacher's tense tits and dark nipples. "I've never seen that before. The shape looks different."

"Right now they're swollen. Once they've been pumped, the shape will return to normal. Can you hold a paper towel underneath my nipple while I milk myself?"


Genevieve did as requested and held a paper towel underneath the erect nipple, giving her a perfect excuse to stare. Professor Heredia took a small paper cup and held it directly in front of her breast.

"Long strokes," the Professor said. "I start by squeezing the bottom of my breast and then I pull my nipple in a stroking motion. It primes the breasts and moves the milk forward."

"Fascinating." Genevieve began to salivate.

Both of their eyes locked on the nipple as Professor Heredia massaged the underside of her tit and pulled the mammary. After two strokes, white milk squirted from the dark nipple. It sprayed and splashed as it landed in the cup.

Neither of them said a word. The only sound in the office was that of milk as it hit the sides of the paper cup and pooled in the middle. After several manual pumps, the small cup was nearly full, and the Professor stopped to place the cup on the table.

"Quite a practical demonstration, isn't it?" the Professor asked, now milking the same breast into a second cup.

Genevieve nodded, completely spellbound. "This is a perfect example of both form and function as it relates to the human body. It's truly a miracle of nature."

"Speaking of which, any ideas for the speech? Or should I just make it up as I go?"

Sarcasm was evident in the Professor's tone and the attentive student smiled.

Genevieve pondered the question while staring at the nipple. "Hmmm... Honestly, I haven't thought about it since my first attempt failed. I've been too busy helping you with this."

"You're right. Maybe we should switch gears to get in the right mindset of romance and dating. You know, conjure up the proper feelings."

"How so?"

Professor Heredia put the second cup on the table. "This side is done. Can you use the towel and wipe my nipple?"

After audibly gulping, Genevieve raised her slightly tremulous hand and dried the Professor's nipple with a paper towel. She did so softly at first, not wanting to be inappropriate with her teacher. But dabbing gently just didn't get the job done; excess milk continued to drip from the mammary gland. So she wiped harder and was able to appreciate the firm quality of her teacher's breast.

When it was dry, she crumpled the paper towel and felt excess milk seep through, leaving the palm of her hand moist.

"Are you going to start your other breast now?" Genevieve asked, wondering why her teacher hadn't finished the process.

"I want you to nurse from it."

Genevieve's eyes widened as the hair on the back of her neck raised. Reflexively, she crossed her legs to ease the immediate tightening of her pussy.


Professor Heredia remained stoic. "It's a great physiology lesson and it will help us get into the mindset of the speech I'm about to give. More importantly, it's the most efficient manner of relieving my breasts. You'd really be doing me a huge favor by nursing from me directly."

"I... I can give it a try, if that's what you want."

"Don't be afraid. It's perfectly clean and breast milk is suitable for adults. It's loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. As a budding scientist, this is a great opportunity for you to try something new."

"I've never had this level of intimacy with a woman before," Genevieve confessed.

"Not even a kiss on the lips?"


"But you've thought about this sort of thing, haven't you? Your eyes have been locked on my breasts since the moment I took off my bra. It's okay. It's perfectly normal for a woman your age to be curious about sexuality."

Genevieve made a split second decision. "I will neither confirm nor deny any of your statements. But as your Teaching Assistant, it's my duty to assist you in all work related activities. Since the Couples Dance is a school function, I'm obligated to help."

"Pull your seat closer, right next to mine," Professor Heredia instructed.

Genevieve scooted closer. Her eyes locked on the dark nipples again.

"Don't be afraid." The teacher offered her breast, "Let it happen naturally. Start with soft licks first. Then suckle for milk."

With a curious mind and eager heart, Genevieve bent forward and licked the mammary gland. The nipple was stiff. She glanced up and was relieved to see a supportive look on the Professor's face. Gathering courage, Genevieve turned her attention back to the irresistible nipple.

Genevieve reached out and lightly caressed Professor Heredia's breast with her fingertips. Even though her hand shook, she didn't stop and began to stroke it slowly. With her other hand, she cupped the entire tit.

Moving ever closer, she licked the nipple again and blew on it briefly. Amazed, she watched the nipple expand before her very eyes. A drop of milk magically appeared at the tip, and Genevieve greedily lapped the nectar before it dripped down.

The taste of a woman's breast milk ignited a fire within Genevieve. She immediately engulfed the entire nipple and areola in her mouth. She tightened her lips around the mound and began to suck. Her reward was a forceful stream of the most palatable fluid she had ever enjoyed.

Professor Heredia moaned, "You're doing it right. Suck at a steady pace and make sure you breathe. The milk will maintain its flow. Do you like the taste?"

"Mmm Hmmm..."

Genevieve moaned as the milk continued to flood her mouth.

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