tagInterracial LoveAfter Darts: Submissive Slave Girl Ch. 02

After Darts: Submissive Slave Girl Ch. 02


OK, so I can't begin to tell you how many times I get emails requesting the rest of my wife's experience, After Darts. Well, here it is continued:

How my Wife Became a Submissive Slave Girl : Part 2

"What do you mean you can show me?" I questioned my wife.

My wife just came back from a work weekend, which was really her submissive slave sex weekend. We had a very hot session with some shower sex, her feeding on my cum, and some teasing while eating her pussy when she admitted what her weekend was really all about.

Looking back now after everything I have seen over the years, I now knew that she lost that bet about his big cock fitting in her tight little pussy on purpose of course. That 24 hours she was to be his sex slave, had turned into a whole weekend of nasty fucking I'm sure.

It all started with her meeting that older man at her slutty single friend Gail's apartment she had just started telling me. Then excitedly she told me she didn't have to tell me about the weekend, she could show me. When she jumped up off the bed, and went over to the bag she had with her all weekend.

I'm not sure what excited her more, the fact I had admitted to her I had watched her fucking him in our living room, or that I knew she was crazed for big black cocks. Maybe it was the fact that it had turned me on to watch her, and we had some fantastic sex because of it.

"I have this." as she held a unmarked DVD case in front of my face. I might have had a shocked look on my face, since we had only done a small amount of video of ourselves, because she said she didn't like it.

"You have to promise not to hate me." "I love you very much, Honey." "You know how horny I get when you get me drunk." "Or especially when I get high." "I can't control myself." "I told you things I wouldn't tell anyone." "So, you know already." "You have to promise."

She was up on her knees on the bed, rubbing my naked chest playing the hair on it, looking into my eyes with a pleading gaze. She had previously told me about her neighbor when she was much younger and her older man "First Cock" experience, also about the "Next Day" to get me worked up for some awesome sex.

"I could never hate you, Baby." "Your my wife, and I love you very much." I told her as I lightly kissed her.

"That's my man." she smiled at me as she grabbed my face kissing me with passion, her tongue seeking out mine.

"You put on a t shirt and those shorts I love." "Get yourself a drink, and then sit on the couch." "I'll be only a second." as she popped up of the bed, and opened a dresser draw.

I have these old boxer shorts that are baggy, and the fly doesn't stay buttoned so my cock flops out occasionally when I wear them. They are her favorite, so I know if I wear them around the house inevitably my cock will pop out, and she will end up sucking it to hardness. Then of course we will end up fucking anywhere from minutes to several hours.

So, I put them on with a comfortable old t shirt, went in to the kitchen, got a glass, then grabbed the bottle of Jack from the bar, and sat directly across from the living room area television. I sat back resting my right arm on the end of the couch, placing the bottle and glass on the end table just below.

When she walked out she looked amazing, and her look alone got my cock on the rise. Decked out in everything sheer red, her stockings, garter belt, satin panties, lacy push up bra, a lacy shawl, and to top it off red "Fuck Me" high heels. I'm thinking she wants to make this very special, since she can't stand wearing heels, only doing it for me just occasionally. Her hair looked wild long, and curling up since it had dried without her blowing or straightening it out. The only make up she had on was some bright red lipstick. I would always encourage her sucking me off by telling her how her lips looked great around my cock, especially when she wore lipstick.

I poured out some Jack in my glass, and slugged down a huge gulp. She turned on the television, DVD player, opened the unmarked case, then took out the DVD putting it in the player. She grabbed the remote, and came over to the couch lying down next to me across the rest of the couch.

"You look great babe, very sexy." I said reaching over to rub her ass.

"I want you to enjoy what you see." "On the screen, and lying down next to you." "Then enjoy what you feel." as she fished out my hardening cock through the open fly in my shorts.

"It's all about you right now Honey." "You decide, for you to watch, for you to enjoy." "You can stop it or me whenever you want." then she handed me the remote as she stroked my cock.

Was I ready for this? She already said it got very nasty. How nasty is very nasty? Could I handle seeing her so nasty? I had to see, I had to watch. I just pushed "Play".

First thing we see is a very nice wood floor, seems the video camera was on without our cameraman knowing it. We hear several different voices, the women's voices I can recognize.

"Pass that over here all ready, Johnny." a male voice says.

"Easy Jack, it's coming over." "Jimmy pass that shit man, so I can get some before Jack smokes it all." the second male voice says.

Th camera gets tilted up, we see my wife and her friend Gail standing around. They are smoking a very fat joint with two big black men, in Gail's apartment. The older man I knew already from him fucking my wife on our table that night "After Darts", he was Jack. The younger one we saw one was Johnny, as he passed the joint to Jack. It was clear that Jimmy was the cameraman right now. Jack took a long toke, then passed it to my wife. They girls looked pretty stoned already, as they laughed about something, giggling like crazy.

My wife looked sexy in a tight black cocktail dress, wearing some very cute black flats, with her hair and makeup all done up. The dress showed off her nice breasts, her legs looked great in it also, since it only came down a few inches below her crotch. The dress was sleeveless, and looked like a giant shiny black sparkling tube top the way she wore it.

"Alright now, Jimmy get that on me." said Jack referring to the camera. "Time to pay up girl." "Deals a deal." "We got some partying to do." "I told you the first thing we got to do girl." Jack said.

The camera now pointed right at my wife, she stopped laughing, and with a serious look on her face talked to the camera.

"I'm here to fulfill my debt to Jack." "I go with him of my own free will." "I have not been forced to do so in any way." "I will do anything he says." "I will do anything he wants me too." "I am his toy." "I am his play thing to do as he wishes with." "I am his slave." my wife said staring into the camera.

"That's right." "You are all mine to do with as I see fit." "Your body belongs to me." "Tonight you are my little bitch, slave." Jack said as he stepped into view. He grabbed her chin looking her in the eyes.

"Yes." my wife said quivering.

"Not good enough. Yes Sir, will be your response to me from now on." "If I tell you to get me a drink you say, Yes Sir." "If I tell you to get on your knees you say, Yes Sir." "If I tell you to suck my big black cock you say .." he paused waiting.

"Yes Sir!" my wife finished for Jack.

"You will be called Little Bitch from now on also." "You will know your place after this." "You will wear this when with me." as Jack showed my wife a leather collar, then put it around her neck.

"Yes Sir." she said shaking slightly while he tightened it around her neck.

"It will show all what a slut you are for black cock." and he flicked the charm hanging from the front. It was the shape of a spade, black of course with a "Q" that was engraved in it.

"Yes Sir." saying as she smiled.

The camera panned back, and we saw a stunned Gail looking on. Then we see Johnny grinning from ear to ear. Finally Jimmy holds the camera in front of himself to get in the shot. Grinning from ear to ear as well he looks exactly like Johnny, they were twins.

At this point my wife was stroking my hard cock slowly, she teased my cock head with her flickering tongue. I needed more Jack as my glass was empty again, and poured out almost a full glass for myself. I was thinking I'm gonna need it. She smiled up at me, as I stroked her ass lightly. She purred like a cat, then continued to lick my cock all over.

"OK Gail, I'll bring her back in one piece." "Don't worry, I promise." "She may be a little worn out next time you see her though." "She gonna enjoy herself." Jack grinned over towards Gail.

"Yes Sir." we see Gail as she says that as they all laughed except my wife.

The camera faded out to black, then seconds later it starts to fade back in.

"Jimmy you get all this." "Look at these sweet tits." as Jack pulled my wife's dress down below her breasts.

"Nice. No bra either." we hear from behind the camera.

"Look at these big nipples too." and Jack gives them both a squeeze reaching around from behind her.

"Uhhhmmmm." my wife moans, pushing her ass back to rub it on Jack's crotch.

"You like that Little Bitch, don't you?" Jack said.

"Uhhhmmmm, Yes Sir." she purred out.

"Check out this little white pussy boys." as Jack pulled the bottom of her dress over her hips, he revealed her nicely trimmed tiny hair strip that lead down to her shaven outer pussy lips.

"I think I'm gonna have some fun right here boys." "On your knees Little Bitch." Jack commanded.

"Yes Sir." as she sank to her knees, that dress in a bunch around her waist.

"Take my big cock out and suck it right here." Jack demanded as her were hands already undoing his belt.

They didn't get far as they looked to be on the stairwell landing in Gail's apartment building. As I watched my wife pull down Jack's pants, his big black cock sprang out. She took the cock inside her mouth on the screen as she took my hard cock in her mouth on the couch.

"That's it Little Bitch, suck that big black cock." "Show my nephews you know how to suck some black cock." "Show them what they can look forward too." Jack said.

"Mmmm ,Yes Sir." as my wife looked up at him then started sucking hard on his cock.

"Damn, Uncle Jack you weren't lying." "This Little Bitch is a freak." one of the twins said from off camera.

That obviously urged her on, bobbing her head up and down on about half of Jack's thick cock now. It was a messy suck, as she was totally turned on, slobbering spit all over that black cock. You could she she was excited about her body being exposed to them, as she reached down between her legs to play with her pussy. The other hand stroked the base of his shaft, feeding the rest of that monster into her sucking mouth. Spit dripped from his shiny cock, it dripped from her mouth, and onto her exposed breasts.

"Use your mouth slut." as Jack pushed away her stroking hand.

"Yes Sir." she moaned up to him, using the now free hand to pull on her nipples. She sucked harder, she bobbed faster on Jack's big black cock.

"Damn, you want that first load already, don't you?" asked Jack pulling her by her hair off his cock.

"Yes, I want my first load of the night Sir." she groaned out staring at his throbbing thick cock inches from her mouth.

"You want that cum in your mouth, don't you?" as Jack stroked his cock right in front of her open mouth.

"Yes Sir. Please let me taste it. Let me swallow it Sir." her tongue reached out towards his large cock head, and he stroked faster.

"I have a better idea for you." as Jack stopped stroking squeezing that huge black cock.

Out fired a thick wad of his cum onto her face. It splashed into her hair, as she desperately tried to catch the cum with her tongue. Then a stream of the thick cream hit her chin, and dripped onto her heaving breasts. She was holding his hips now, gripping them tightly as she shook all over. She was cumming, while he shot his next wad directly into her face, and it bounced off her nose. She caught some of that with her tongue and gathered into her mouth.

"Now, get the rest." as she let go of her hair.

"Yes Sir." and she sucked his cock back in her mouth draining the rest of his thick creamy load from that monster cock.

"Clean me up too." as he held his hand out in front of her mouth, his fingers dripped with spunk.

"Yes Sir." she licked his fingers clean.

"Now everyone can see what a slut you are." as he flicked the charm on her collar.

"Everyone can smell the sex on you." as he wiped his cum into her face and hair.

"That you are a cum eating slave, a true black cock slut." "Like we know already." Jack said pulling his pants up.

"Yes I am Sir." as the camera closed in on her, showing her sticky from his big load.

Then the screen faded to black again.

The second my wife said that "Yes I am Sir." I fired my own load deep on her sucking mouth. I held her head down as she sucked the cum from me, drinking every thick wad. Not a drop escaped her hungry mouth, as she swallowed up every pump my balls would give her.

"Mmmm, that was so hot Honey." she looked up at me. I had pushed pause without even realizing it. She flipped over on her back, her head rested on my thigh, as she spread her legs and rubbed her pussy through her panties.

I didn't say a word as I reached over and tweaked one of her hardened nipples.

"Ohh god, I'm so wet right now." "Feel how wet I am right now." as she guided my hand down to her panties. She was soaked, the heat that generated from her pussy was amazing too.

I slide my hand under her panties, then my two middle fingers into her juicy cunt. My wrist banged her clit as I probed with my fingers deep.

"Yes, yes, yes bang me hard." "Make me cum. I need to cum." as she squirmed against my fingers. With the other hand I pushed play again.

The screen fades in. They are all in a car driving towards somewhere, it shows Jack driving, and one twin in the back with my wife. The other filming from the passenger seat.

"Your gonna love this place." "It's just ten minutes away." "Dancing, drinks, and lots of black cock for you." "That's what you want, isn't it Little Bitch?" Jack asks my wife, looking in the rear view mirror.

"Yes Sir." as we see my wife sitting in the back of the car next.

"Yes Sir, what." Jack says.

"Yes I want lots of big black cock, Sir." she squirmed a little in her seat.

"Then why don't you help poor Johnny out back there." "Take his cock out and suck him off." "Let him see for himself what a horny little white married slut can do for his cock." as Jack motioned for Jimmy to keep the camera on the action that was about to start in the back seat.

"Yes Sir." as she leaned over and undid his belt, lowering his pants, then his boxers to set his cock free.

"Make sure you don't get nothing on my seats back there." "Good white married sluts swallow all that black seed." "Show Johnny how good you are Little Bitch." Jack said.

"Yes Sir." as my wife took her mouth off Johnny's big cock to answer him. She already started to suck him hard, not wasting any time.

Johnny pushed her head down forcing the thick cock into her mouth deep. She pulled up after gagging a little, her spit dripping all over his black cock shining it up. Then dove back down taking most of his cock inside her, she started to suck hard as her head bobbed up and down. Her ass up on the air, since she had moved to her knees on the seat. Johnny reach around pulling her dress up, then stroking her ass before pushing a finger inside her pussy.

"Damn, you can suck a dick nice." as Johnny started to hump her face.

"Thank you, Johnny." "You gave a nice cock to suck, Johnny." "You gonna give me a creamy reward, Johnny?" "Come on Johnny, cum in my mouth." "Let me swallow that big load in these." as she squeezed his balls, she had been jacking his cock fast as she talked dirty to him.

"Fuck bitch." was all Johnny could get out as he pushed her head down on his cock, then started to fire a load of cum in her mouth. She swallowed over and over as he pumped his cum in her sucking mouth. Johnny's fingers deep on her pussy, her ass wiggled and she came all over them.

"That's it slut, drink it all down." "Swallow that fucking black seed Little Bitch." Jack said excitedly while looking in the mirror at them again. He motioned to Jimmy again to shoot the back seat action.

We see my wife breathing heavily, she was sitting up on her knees on the seat. Some cum had leaked out of the corners of her mouth, and she pushed the cream back into her mouth with her fingers. She then licked her lips, swallowing once again.

"Yes Sir." she smiled for the camera.

As the screen faded to black once again.

My wife was humping my thumping hand in her crotch, her juices flowed around my fingers, her ass raised off the couch. Loud squishing sounds were all that could be heard now, as I had pushed pause again. The smell of her sex filled the air, and I breathed it in heavily.

"Ohh god, ohh god. That's it fuck me with those fingers." "Bang my pussy hard." "Here I cum. Here I cum. Here I cum." she froze as I reached in deep with my fingers. Her pussy squirted as I hit her special spot, she bucked up at probing fingers my wrist pressed hard on her clit.

"God, I fucking love when you do that." "You make me cum so hard." "It's so intense." she purred.

"Looks like your enjoying yourself." I looked down at her saying. I just wasn't sure which I meant that for more though.

Part 3 : Cumming Soon


* Disclaimer - Please Read. Due to the amount of comments of a ridiculous nature I feel a disclaimer is needed. I do not claim to be a writer, nor do I aspire to be one. I do check for spelling and punctuation in my submissions. These are Erotic stories, they are supposed to get you worked up, and if you are checking my spelling then the story or experience (in my case) just isn't doing the job. Please don't feel I need to hear your negativity, just move along quietly to the next author. As soon as I see your comments are of the negative nature I delete them, so you are wasting your time even writing them.

99% of my writings are from real life experiences, with a little bit of creative description. The events are real, the people are real, the sex is real, so please try and remember - Truth is always stranger than Fiction.

I really do appreciate hearing people enjoy the accounts of my experiences, so I do welcome positive comments. Personally I only send positive comments though this site, since I am also not a critic. I do hope you continue to enjoy these adventures, and will continue to share them with you. Thank you for all the positive comments.

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