tagBDSMAfter Dinner

After Dinner


For those who may have felt my prior submissions were a little too light and romantic...


After dinner, we came back to the room.

I was surprised when Master did not start to undress me right away. Instead we kissed and he slipped a blindfold over my eyes. He then turned me around and tied my elbows together behind my back. Well, not together but tight enough to be almost uncomfortable with by back arched and my sternum forced upward. He then tied my wrists for good measure. He did not say anything while he did so. He was oddly silent. Normally he was very verbal and I had become used to his prompts and my rehearsed responses. I started to seriously wonder what was going on.

I normally did not say anything unless I was prompted during a scene but I had to ask what was going on. He did not scold me for speaking out of turn and instead answered me with, "You promised me you would obey me and submit to me."

Still confused I answered, "Yes, Sir."

"Good, then stop talking and just follow along."

I was still fully dressed from dinner but you slipped my coat back over my shoulders and sat me on the edge of the bed. Walking away from me I thought I heard you pick up your phone although I did not hear you make a call. Maybe you were texting. You still did not say a word but I heard you pour yourself a drink. You did not sit down next me and instead sat down on the other side of the room. I did not have long to sit and try to figure out what was going when there was a knock on the door. You got up and opened it. Still there was silence but I think someone else walked into the room.

You came over to me and pulled me to my feet.

Your voice was even and coolly unemotional, "There is a not very nice man here. I am going to give you to him and he is going to take you away. You are going to do whatever he tells you until he returns you to me. I imagine he is going to use you rather harshly. Try to be a good girl for me."

"What if I scream for help at the top of my lungs?"

"You do not actually want to do that because you are my slave and my fuck toy and I am ordering you to do this. And you are easily bored and this will not be boring. A little scary maybe but not boring."

My heart was in my throat the entire time he guided out of the hotel and into his car but he used a side door and no one seemed to see this blindfolded woman, covered by a coat, without her arms in the sleeves, walking awkwardly in high heels to a car. He helped me into the back seat and I found yourself sitting next to some other man.

Then I heard the voice of a third man come from the driver's seat, "Frank, when we get to my house you walk her in. Bill, can open beers for each of us. I already covered the bondage table and positioned it in the middle of the room. We can start by having her strip. Then we'll put the bondage cuffs on her and chain her spread eagled on her back to the table."

This was getting really frightening. "What if I said RED right now," I blurted out.

The driver, who seemed to be in charge, responded almost too quietly, "I think we need to make the rules for this evening crystal clear. I am only going to say this one time. First, you do not speak unless you are asked a direct question or if you are begging for something. You will address each of us as Sir. Second, the reason for these rules is that you are nothing to us but three holes and two tits. You are our whore. We paid your boyfriend or whoever that was and we plan to get our money's worth. So, if this RED is some kind of safe word or something, you can forget that bullshit for tonight. We are going to use you any way we want for as long as we want. Do not start screaming or anything. First, it will do you no good because my neighbors are a long way from my house and will not hear you and secondly, the only reason we have not gagged you is because the guy said you had some kind of phobia about gages and we are being NICE. We do not have to be NICE. So...shut the fuck up and just do as your told."

At this point the man beside me roughly opened my coat, "And keep your legs spread, slut."

I felt momentarily paralyzed as I tried to process what was happening.

More loudly, he said, "I said, spread your legs, cunt," as he reached down and roughly pulled my knees apart. Then, using a handful of hair as a handle, he pulled my head down to his crotch with one hand and opened his trousers and pulled out his cock with the other. "We do not have far to go but do something useful with your mouth."

At least he smelled clean. I began to suck his already half erect cock.

In the house, I was guided by the man whose cock you had been sucking down a flight of stairs to what I assumed was a basement. It did not smell like basement so it must have been finished. After pulling my coat off my shoulders, he untied my elbows and wrists pushed me back against a wall. He then simply told me to strip.

The almost panic and real fear that had momentarily gripped me in the car had largely subsided. The act of sucking the man's cock in the car had actually been calming. This was after all just sex. Maybe nice rough sex with three different men. The heat in my pussy was rising and I had an almost over whelming desire to pinch my nipples. After removing all my clothes, the man who had untied my wrists told me to put my heels back on and spread my legs. Then no one said anything. I could feel the presence of all three men staring at my nakedness. Although my hands were now free I knew enough not to try to cover myself. Instead, I leaned back against the wall to more easily balance myself on the heels with my legs spread lewdly apart. I did know what to do with my hands so I put my palms against the wall behind me. I realized that I had unconsciously spread the fingers of my hands just like I had spread my legs. Naked and spread out in front of them, I felt embarrassment, extreme vulnerability, fear and sexual desire all mixed together for each long minute they stared at me.

The table seemed to be covered in a thin pad and I was not that uncomfortable lying bound and spread eagled on my back. They had obviously done this before and they left a good bit of slack in the chains to your cuffs at my ankles so I could adjust the tilt of my pelvis to easily accommodate being penetrated. They started me out with my head hanging off the end of the table and sucking one cock as one of the men licked and sucked my pussy. The licking man said he wanted to taste this cunt before it got filled with everybody's cum. The third man amused himself with sucking, biting and pinching my nipples before he clamped each of them. The man I was sucking was not that big and I was able to accommodate almost his entire length without gagging. The pussy sucker moved on to fucking me with three fingers, rubbing my G-spot and working my clit with a vibrator. That is how I came for the first time that night.

After I had come one of them filled my ass with a plug. They then unlocked me and helped me to my feet. The freedom was short lived as they quickly clipped my four cuffs to what must have been chains hanging from the ceiling and two hooks in the floor. I was now bound much more tightly in a standing X. Balancing in my heels with my legs spread was not that easy but there was no room to fall with my arms stretched taut above me. Someone tightened the clamps on my poor now tender nipples but then quickly distracted me from that discomfort with a whip on my ass. For a long time, they alternated whipping my ass and my breasts with a vibrator on my clit or in my pussy. Then, once the plug was removed, with a vibrating dildo in my ass. At some point my nipples were unclamped and I was rewarded with the burn as the blood tried to return. Now that my nipples had been tenderized they began to pinch and whip my breasts even harder. The vibrators were wonderful but I could not come because the whippings were just too harsh. When I was unstrung my shoulders were almost as sore as my breasts and my ass.

At this point I was now deep into sub space and my limbs simply stayed in whatever position they were placed. I was laid on my back on what must have been a mattress on the floor. Then the fucking began. Each took a turn in my pussy but none of them seemed to come. I came with the third man who had the largest cock.

After I came, the big cock stayed inside me and he rolled me over so I was on top of him. It turned out the middle-sized cock was the first in my ass. I lay there almost paralyzed as they DP'd me. The smallest cock was next in my ass as big cock continued to be on the bottom. Middle sized cock that had been in my ass, pulled my head up by my hair and fucked my mouth as the other two cocks worked my pussy and my ass. I had never before had my ass, my pussy and my mouth used simultaneously. Still none of them seemed to come as I climaxed as if in a dream.

After I came they all backed off and big cock could roll me off him. I was now positioned on my stomach and a thick pillow was pushed under my hips. I did not need to be bound. I felt paralyzed. It was almost as if it was happening to someone else in a movie.

It was now big cock's turn to take my ass. As stretched as I was by the previous two ass fucks he still stretched me even more. He began long and slow as one of the other cocks again fucked my mouth. But, of course, he quickly picked up the speed and power of his trusts into my poor open asshole. This time I could feel him climax and fill me with hot jets of cum after as he slammed his cock into me in a final violent thrust. I chocked as the cock in my mouth also began to fire its load. After he withdrew the last cock thankfully did not want any of my holes and just jerked his load on my face.

I lay there on the floor for some time, mentally and physically exhausted, covered in hot sticky cum. They bound my hands behind my back again and did not even let me wipe my face when the leader threw my coat over my shoulders and put me in the passenger seat of the car. I was driven back to the hotel in complete silence. During the ride I fell into a deep black hole. I had never felt so empty and used in my life. I realized his silence was not some kind of kindness. Instead, I was just being ignored.

After he parked the car, he opened my door and pulled you me out of the seat and to my feet. He quickly untied my wrists, took off my blindfold, handed you a plastic trash bag with my clothes and drove away. Standing in the parking lot with dried cum in my hair, on my face and more cum leaking from my ass, I felt devastated, empty and abandoned. Thank god I made it to the room without being seen.

When Master opened the door, and pulled you into our room, I finally burst into tears. He quickly helped me out of my heels for the first time that night. He helped me into the nice clean bed. I was still dazed and crying as he took a warm wash cloth and gently cleaned up my face. He also tried to clean and sooth my raw pussy lips, nipples and bruised butt. After all that had happened that night It felt so good to be gently taken care of. By the time you were under the covers with your arms wrapped around me I finally stopped crying. After gently cuddling for what must have been an hour Master finally asked me, "How did you like your present?"

"It was amazing but I do not think I will need anything that intense again for quite a while," I was safe in his arms again and smiling for the first time that night.

An alternate ending.

Lying on the mattress, exhausted, and covered in cum, someone pulled off my blindfold for the first time that night. Opening my eyes and looking up I was shocked to see it was you.

"Have you been here the whole time?"

"Of course. I wanted to make sure you were safe and if I could not participate, I at least wanted to watch. Plus, I videoed the whole thing."

"You bastard," was your tired response. "Can we watch the video together tomorrow night?"

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by Anonymous

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by nthusiastic05/17/18

Desperately Needs Revision!

Constantly switching from 1st Person (I, me, my, mine), to 2nd Person (you, your, yours), and back again, often in the SAME sentence is incredibly jarring. Please choose one point of view and STAY withmore...

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