tagIncest/TabooAfter Dinner at Mami's House Ch. 02

After Dinner at Mami's House Ch. 02


Part 2 of a series. Mama and mami mean uncle and aunt in hindi.


Daytime on Thursday continued like the previous few days had been. I thought that potentially my relationship with my mami and mama had changed but neither of them made any mention of the night before. If anything, I barely saw my uncle and aunt and when I did they required me to do more chores than I had done previously. This made me tend to avoid them during the day.

After dinner I was called up to my mama's room to watch TV. I was sitting when my mami came in wearing her dressing gown. She moved towards her dressing table and then began to disrobe. As her dressing gown lowered I could see she was wearing white nightwear that covered her back but only lowered to the top of her thighs.

My mami turned, moving towards me to take her place in the middle of the bed and I stuttered as her front was revealed. The white night wear was in fact a white lace babydoll though my mami was not wearing the accompanying bra and panties.

I could clearly make out the heaviness of her breasts and the dark nipples through the sheerness of the white material. My gaze fell down from over the firm thickness of her waist to a neatly trimmed triangle of darkness over her crotch. I could smell a musky sent as she clambered over me to take her position in the middle of the bed.

I struggled to concentrate on the TV whilst being able to see a large dark nipple out the corner of my left eye rise and fall as my mami breathed in and out. After 15 minutes I wondered whether my uncle would make his usual comment regarding me being cold but instead no sound was made. Nonetheless, I noticed my mami's right hand touch my thigh gently.

I felt my mami's soft hands caressing my thigh and edging towards my crotch slowly as the TV continued to play. I gulped and leaned back against the head rest of the bed unsure of what to expect as her hand reached my manhood. Her fingers slowly circled around my crotch which felt as hard as steel at that moment.

Her hand then moved upwards towards the waistband of my bottoms and she repositioned her body slightly so as to slip her hand underneath my bottoms. Without wasting time she quickly moved her hand underneath my pants and took hold of the base of my cock. I could feel her soft fingers grip around the base of my penis and her begin to jerk me. The only light in the room was emanating from the TV and as I looked to the left I could see my mama and mami with their eyes glued to it.

I looked down at my crotch and could see the covers of the bed move in rhythm to the movement of her fist up and down. I could feel my mami's fist pull up the middle of my cock and then pull down to rock briefly against the base. The movement caused my balls to slightly shake with each jerk. Occasionally, she would lift a finger off my cock and circle it around the purple shaft of my brown cock. I felt like I could hear the stickiness of my pre-cum against her finger when she did this.

Pump, pump, pump was the sound I imagined hearing though it could not really be heard over the din of the TV. I could feel cum that had been building all day rising from my balls to my penis and begging to be released. I looked at my mami's chest and could see her dark nipples slowly quiver as her hand moved. The visual sensations of those jiggling breasts were then too much to bear and I felt myself tense and I unloaded.

As I came my mami's hand's pace slowed and began longer strokes with more of an emphasis on a squeeze. She released my cock rubbing her hand gently against my black pubes to clean it before moving her hand from my bottoms back to her own lap underneath the bed covers.

My uncle then stirred commenting that his programmes had finished and it was time for bed. I was briefly concerned that I had made a mess that would be seen as I got up but I remembered that the mess was in my underwear. I got up and made my way to my own bed to sleep soundly having been relieved of a tension that had been building all week.


After releasing my load the previous day, Friday's chores seemed easier than the other days as I had a spring in my step. My mami was out shopping for most of the day so I did not have a chance to interact with her at all and my uncle was his usual self though his bad back had not shown any improvement.

My mami eventually returned home at 8pm and served me dinner as I had become accustomed to shortly after. If the previous night's events had any effect on her cool attitude towards me it did not show. No mention was made of anything that happened and I was certainly not going to bring anything up.

My uncle had mentioned during the day that my mami may be tired from having gone out shopping so I was surprised when he called me up to watch TV after my dinner as my mami had retired to bed as soon as my dinner had been served.

I entered my mama's bedroom to see him watching TV with the form of my aunty lying next to him. I hesitated by the door and looked at my uncle. My mama's head shake to the right and his stern impression made me reconsider my hesitancy and quickly move towards the right side of the bed and get in to watch TV.

My movement into the bed seemed to stir my mami slightly. I noticed as I got into my normal position that she was again wearing her baby doll night wear and I could see the outline of her back and her pert bum towards me.

After 15 minutes of watching the TV I noticed my mami shift her lying position on the bed so that her face was towards me rather than my mama. The covers were bunched up as she moved obscuring half of her face but I could see a mass of black hair to my left. After a few moments she stirred again this time edging closer towards me and her entire face becoming obscured by the covers.

I felt a hand pull on the waistband of my bottoms and underpants and my cock spring free. A hand then circled around the base of my cock and slowly began to jerk. The sensation of the soft hands around my cock began to get me hard and I felt myself enlarge as the jerking continued.

I closed my eyes and leaned back enjoying the sensations of my member. The sensation was, however, replaced by confusion as I felt wetness around the tip of my cock and tightness around the outside.

I looked down towards my crotch and realised that my mami must have taken me in her mouth. Her face was obscured by the covers but I could see the mass of black hair covering my crotch poking out of the covers in front of me move slowly in line with the sucking sensation on my cock. I could feel the muscles of my mami's mouth sucking on me.

With each suck I felt the hand on the base of my cock move in time, seeming to will the cum from my balls out into the open. I felt relaxed as I rested against the headrest of the bed and closed my eyes revelling in the sensations and the wetness on my cock.

After a few moments I felt the cum in my balls begin to rise. Before I could think, it was upon me and I came. I let a low grunt as I came. I could feel the hand around my cock stop and then slow before trying to squeeze the remaining jolts of cum out of me. The head of hair covering my crotch seemed to stop moving as I came also.

After a few moments I felt the grip and wetness on my cock release and heard a plop as my cock felt free. I realised that my right hand had been stroking the back of my mami's head in front of me and quickly stopped and put my hand away. I could sense my mami shift her position so that her face was partially visible. In the movement of the bed I quickly looked beneath the covers towards my crotch and noticed that although it glistening the cum I feared was not visible. The thought that my mami had managed to handle it all dumb founded me until I thought about what had occurred sometime later.

As I pulled my bottoms and pants up I heard my uncle announce his programme had finished and it was time to go to sleep. I got up out of bed and made my way to my own room.


Throughout Saturday I felt myself in a slight daze as I performed my customary tasks, imagining my mami's dark lips wrapped around my cock and those powerful sucking muscles and cool wetness urging the cum from my balls. I wished that I had been braver the night previous in lifting up the covers to see what was going on rather than having to rely on my sense of touch the memories of which were fading as the day wore on.

Seeing my mami move around the house in her ordinary baggy top and jogging bottoms made it all the more exciting that I had got to see her in her revealing night wear. As I looked at her baggy top I pictured her heavy breasts and dark nipples and as I saw her baggy black bottoms I pictured her soft legs and the inviting triangle of dark hair covering her mound. I struggled to concentrate on my books and studies and to my surprise, felt hornier than previously even though I had been relieved only the night before.

Dinner was up to the usual high standards and the call from my uncle followed as usual calling me up to watch some after dinner TV. When I arrived in the bed room I was surprised to see that my mami was already in the bed lying in the bed to my mama's right. I paused confused about whether I should enter of retreat back if they were both asleep.

I saw my mama's head move to the right which indicated that he had seen me and wanted me to move to take up my position on the right side of the bed. I slipped into the bed and settled down to watch TV. I could see my mama's body on the far left of the bed with several large pillows behind his head obscuring it from my view. He was slouched so as to almost be lying down and wearing his red pyjamas. His eyes were glued to the TV.

My mami must have shifted to facing my mama in her lying position as I could only see the back of her head. She was much lower in the bed than my mama - fully lying down. Several large pillows surrounded her head also though I could see her mass of black hair peeking out from the top of the bed covers.

As I sat and watched TV I heard a soft sound coming from my uncle's direction. It was a low burble that was difficult to make out over the noise of the TV. The noise sounded wet and was regular though not continuous. As I pondered what it could be I felt a movement underneath the bed covers by me - first something brush against my leg and then something move towards the top of my bottoms.

A day of regretting not looking under the covers the previous night gave me the courage to slyly peep under the covers to see what the movement was that I was sensing. I saw here that my mami's backside was close to me almost touching my left leg - my mami's head was by my mama on the left side of the bed but her bum was near me on the right. Even with the only light from the room being from the TV, I could see her babydoll nightie was bunched around her bum showing me her shapely legs.

I then noticed the painted red fingernails of my mami's right hand as they reached towards my waistband and began to claw at my bottoms and try to pull them down. Caught admiring my mami's legs it was only a passing moment until my mami succeeded and my bottoms and pants were down just below my balls as opposed to being by my waist.

The movement in pulling my bottoms down had made my cock hard and it poked against the underside of the bed covers. It felt hard as steel and I thought in that moment about how badly I wanted to be relieved. As my mami's hand started gently touching my shaft and stroking it along its length I wondered whether I was going to receive a hand job as I did a few days ago. Although this prospect greatly excited me I felt slightly dismayed as I had felt my mami's mouth only the night previously and so badly wanted to see my cock in her mouth.

Instead of my mami's soft hand jerking me, as I expected, her hand formed a circle around the tip of my cock. The pressure of this increased slightly as was accompanied by a pulling motion the direction of which was down, to the left and forward. I looked in the direction my cock was being pulled and noted that it was towards the bunching of the babydoll nightie at my mami's back.

I rotated my hips to the left and moved my body so that my cock followed the direction my mami's hand was leading. The noise I had heard on my uncle's side of the bed seemed to change from a low wet sound to a slightly higher slurp. It was still, however, too low to hear with any clarity under the noise from the TV.

My cock then brushed against the folded section of my mami's nightie. The hand was released from my cock and moved towards the bunched up white nightie material attempting to lift this up. A faint sliver of white could be seen hanging in the air from my mami's brown hand to the tip of my cock. The purple head of my cock looked angry and was oozing pre cum; it felt as hard as iron.

As the white nightie was moved up I could faintly see more and more of my mami's legs until her bum was revealed. The ass did not have an ounce of fat but was large, thick and hairless. The brown skin was slightly lighter than the skin that could be seen on my mami's face and arms.

As the nightie continued to rise, my mami's pussy lips could be seen. As my mami was on her side with her legs together and her bum towards me, the brown pussy lips were close together so as to almost be touching. Only the faintest of black hair was either side of the lips though I knew that a sexy dark mound could be seen from a front angle from my previous viewings of my mami.

After finishing lifting up her nightie, my mami's right hand resumed its grip on my cock and moved it towards her pussy lips. I shifted my hips to follow her directions. As my cock touched her pussy lips I felt the wetness of my head mingle with the wetness at her crotch. The lips seemed to part with the pressure of my cock folding back to reveal an inviting hole.

As I continued to move my hips forward the wetness around my cock seemed to increase accompanied by increasing warmth. My cock was of average length and thickness but I felt resistance as the purple head of my cock continued to move into my mami's cunt.

I heard a faint sound come in the direction of my uncle's middle as the purple head of my cock fully entered the pussy and the gentle slurping sound cease. I paused my movements upon hearing this sound and only continued to move when it resumed a few moments later. My mami's right hand released its grip of the base of my cock and moved to my right hip. The pressure of this hand continued, however, trying to move my body more and more towards my mami as if urging me to go deeper into her pussy.

I gently eased the rest of my cock into my mami. The sensation on my cock was incredible as was the increasing tightness I felt. I then slowly began to ease my cock out until my purple head was almost exiting the pussy before again reinserting it to its full length. As I entered and exited the warm pussy, I could see my mami's bum softly shake in time my thrusts.

I noticed that my balls were making a sound as they slapping against my mami so I tried to time my thrusts with the slurping from my uncle's middle that had increased in volume since I had begun thrusting. I raised my head and stopped looking underneath the bed covers and pulled these down to greater conceal the nakedness of my waist and my cock which was buried in my mami's cunt.

I lay back with my head on the bed's head rest. Looking down at the bed covers only the smallest of movements could be seen as my hips thrust. Looking to my left, my uncle's face continued to be obscured by pillows though I could make out the redness of his pyjamas over his chest. My mami's thick black hair could be seen over the top of the bed covers and she was lying close to my uncle's middle. Underneath the sound of the TV, a slurping could be heard by my uncle's middle together with the gentle movement of the bed and thump of my balls as my cock entered and exited my mami.

My mami's right hand continued to grab at my right hip pinching the flesh there and trying to pull my body as I entered into her. As I continued to thrust, I felt the cum rising in my balls. A brief moment of concern hit me as I wondered whether I should pull out but my mami's right hand kept my crotch glued to hers.

The low thump of my balls hitting against my mami began to make a wetter sound - I wondered whether this was due to pre cum that was oozing from my cock or whether my mami's pussy juices had leaked out over my cock. Even with the covers down I could smell a muskiness smell of sex in the air as I continued to rock back and forth.

My thrusts sped up slightly and then I pushed into my mami's pussy for all I was worth as I shot my load into her. I struggled to muffle my grunt as I came and heard the sucking by my uncle's crotch briefly pause and a feminine grunt which matched mine. I paused for a moment trying to catch my breath as I felt the last of my semen ooze out of my cock as well as wetness ooze from my mami's pussy on to my cock. A male sounding grunt then came in my uncle's direction and I noticed the sucking sound cease underneath the noise of the TV.

Once I had taken a moment to re-gather my strength I moved my hips back away from my mami. I heard a faint plop as my shrinking cock left my mami's pussy. I peeked underneath the covers and saw my cock looking limper and covered in stickiness. As I reached to pull up my underwear and bottoms I glanced to my left and saw my mami's brown pussy lips looking slightly puffier and redder. A thin stream of white was oozing out of the pussy and forming a small pool on the bed and the fine hairs around her pussy also seemed to be glistening.

Just as I pulled up my pants I heard my mama's familiar voice announce that the TV programme had finished and it was time for bed. I got up and then made my way to my room.

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