tagBDSMAfter Dinner Dessert

After Dinner Dessert


They arrived at Jason's place after dinner; he put something on the T.V. to watch, some superhero movie they've both seen a million times but they'd both watch again at any given moment. The couple exchanged quick glances from across the living room and after a few brief moments Emily looks down at her feet and blushes slightly at the anticipation of things to come.

In the corner of her eye, Emily watches the man she's known online for years but finally met for the first time in person a few hours ago, disappear into the kitchen.

Jason's tall, well maintained with salt and pepper hair. Emily stands by the door shifting her weight from one side to the other observing the house and waiting patiently for direction.

He came back from the kitchen with two glasses of red wine and walked over to the couch and sat the glasses on coffee table, then gestures towards her to sit next to him. Emily smiles and walks over with a little skip in her step, even though her five inch strappy black heels weighed her feet down.

Her skirt twirls slightly and her red panties play a quick peek-a-boo as she lowers herself onto the couch. Prior to their dinner date Jason had instructed Emily to play with herself until she almost climaxed, all while keeping her red laced panties on, so they would be wet throughout dinner. He smiles to himself, the obedient slut listened to the request Jason had given her.

As she sits on the couch a mixture of the heady perfume and her consistent state of arousal washes over him. She undid the straps at her ankles and a heavy thud is heard on the hard wood floors when her heels hit the floor.

She tucks her legs up on to the couch, into a nice cuddling position with the bottom of her panties now visible as her little black skirt loosely falls high up on her thighs.

He puts his arm out to bring her in closer and she slides right in. The tension is thick, but he feels her energy calm while they settle in next to each other. So many intimate words and fantasies have been shared for them to have just met, Emily looks up into his eyes saying so many things without any words.

Emily looks up into his eyes and he looks right back into hers, she pauses for just a second like asking for permission before she moves into kiss him, timidly. The velvet smoothness of her lipstick is what he feels against his lips first the kiss was so soft, while he slowly parts her lips with his tongue and a hint of her wine from dinner invades his taste buds.

They start to kiss more passionately, seconds in to minutes. Emily can feel the orgasm she's been holding off coming back as Jason moves his free hand up and along her stomach and further up her body until he's softly grabbing her chest.

Jason feels her breathing get heavier as he continues to message one of her tits; he can feel her nipple harden through her tank top fabric. Another request she made sure to fulfill, no bra. This turns him on even more and he lightly pinches her nipple through the weak fabric of her top.

Her breathe quickens from both anticipation and from the orgasm she has been trying to keep at bay; her hand slides down Jason's stomach, slowing down as soon as she reaches the top of his pants. She stops kissing and separates herself few inches from his face, she pants and says quietly "May I deep throat your cock daddy?"

Jason can see the nerves all over Emily's face when she said it, those words have never escaped her lips before and it causes her pussy throb. She could feel her heart jumping through her chest, adrenaline surging, heightening her senses to hypersensitivity.

He makes her wait for a response, enjoying watching her squirm with eagerness. Making sure she didn't disappoint, Emily waited for an answer patiently, her panties dampening as he leaves her hanging with no response, staring into her eyes.

"Only if his slut swallows every drop," he says to her after a few suspended moments, in a tenderly tone while he caresses the side of her face.

"Yes, Daddy." Are the only words she can muster up and it was barely above a whisper this time.

With a smile on her face she slides down to her knees in front of him; her skirt catches on the edge of the couch and reveals her plump booty briefly before it falls back down her thighs.

Emily starts to unbuckle Jason's belt, fumbles as she tries to unbutton his dress pants and eagerly pulls them down his legs along with his boxers. Once his pants finally hit the floor, she got to size him up for the first time in person, a smile spreads across her face with the dark red lipstick smudged lightly across her lips from the intense kissing session. She was happy with what she saw, seven inches and it wasn't even fully hard.

Emily eagerly takes his whole cock into her mouth, taking advantage of it not being fully erect yet. Jason's hairs tickle the tip of her nose while his cock quickly stiffens, twirling her tongue around the head.

She looks up into his eyes, grabs his shaft with her hands, rolls her tongue all over the head, so he can watch as her tongue runs along the tip of his cock, the image alone made him glad he rubbed one out before the date because he wanted to blow his load right there all over her face.

All this stimulation had him fully erect now, she slowly lowers her mouth down his length, starting at his swollen head, and down the shaft, inch by inch until she can feel him in the back of her throat, she pushes past the initial resistance and sinks down one last time until she can feel his pubic hairs brushing roughly against her lips.

Jason feels the back of her throat and lets out a groan.

A lot of tension has been built up and it's getting ready to explode. As he sees her pretty lipstick stained, swollen stretched lips around his throbbing cock; he firmly grabs the back of her head, getting a nice good grip in her hair and slowly guides her mouth up and down his cock, skull fucking her.

"You are a cock hungry little whore, aren't you?" he says to her as he guides her head up and off himself so she can answer.

"Yes," she simply responds in her dazed state as she moves forward to start sucking his cock again, he gives her enough freedom for her tongue to touch his head and then re-grips her hair and moves her head lightly away.

"Now, you know how to address Daddy, keep this up and you might earn yourself some punishment." He said sternly.

"I am a cock hungry whore who is starved for her Daddy's cum," she responds with all sincerity and moves forward again but is stopped by a slight tug of her hair. With his hand keeping her head in control he uses his other hand and grabs himself and rubs his cock all over her puffy lips.

She struggles to try and get his penis in her mouth, but he pulls back a little bit more, denying her what she's trying so hard to get. He grins to himself, as he watches this hot brunette on her knees begging for him.

Emily gives up in defeat and just sits there with her mouth open and tongue out, ready to receive. This is when he stops and allows her free access as he lets her hair go. She takes it all eagerly, like the good whore she is.

"Does this turn you on, slut? Sucking on daddy's cock?"

"Yes Daddy" she says between breaths.

"Show Daddy, take your hand and put it between your legs and show me how wet you are."

Emily's hands with nails that match her now smeared lipstick roam down her body and under her skirt. Jason knew when she penetrated her tight pussy, for a moment she moaned with a mouth full of his cock and her big brown eyes rolled back behind her head. As he felt her moan he almost lost it there. A pout flashed across her face and a whimper escaped her lips as she felt the emptiness inside while she brings her fingers up so daddy could see the wetness all over her two fingers.

"Come up here," he commanded. She stands immediately at the request and he grabs her wrists and brings her in close, licks her fingers and tastes her for the first time. Emily shivers at this and he can feel her almost melt as his tongue cleans the arousal off her fingers.

"Now take off your clothes before you get back onto your knees."

Emily tries to regain her composure and her balance, stands up, lifting her tank top and over her head, letting her long brown hair fall over her shoulders and exposed her dark nipples, that were both hard from her heightened sexuality and earlier attention. She grabs the bottom of her loose fitting black skirt that's almost on the border of too short and slowly pulls it down so it stretches with her hips.

As soon as it works around her hips it falls down her legs and lands at her feet, revealing the lace red panties that were playing peek-a-boo from before. She grabs the sides of her underwear and slowly drags them down her body.

Emily giggles lightly out of nervousness, mostly because of feeling so exposed, completely naked standing, so she drops to her knees once the panties were on the ground to start servicing her daddy again.

When she kneels back down she licks his head lightly, and she can taste the pre-cum that has released in the past few minutes. This turns her on even more and motivates her even more to taste his cum. Emily slides his cock back into her mouth and tries to deep throat it as much as she can, spit starts to drip down his shaft as she's working up and down his dick, every once and a while she would go too far and gag slightly.

After going up and down a few minutes, she starts to jack him off while keeping her mouth around the tip of his cock while twirling her tongue all around his throbbing head.

For a second Emily lifts her head and looks down at his cock, its rock hard and ready to cum. She knows he will be cuming soon, but wants to admire his beautiful penis in all it's glory for just a minute longer.

She brings her hand up and down twirling in a clockwise direction and back, bringing her hand over his head and back down the shaft. As she sticks out her tongue to get ready to swallow his cum, she's just a few seconds behind and he shoots the first load, streaking across her cheek bones and almost reaches her hair.

The cum across her face didn't even phase her, she brought her lips around his cock and starts swallowing eagerly. Emily doesn't even realize she has cum splashed across her cheek. She's swallowing deep, so he can cum down her throat.

Jason was surprised at how hard he came and is impressed how she is swallowing almost all of it. He's enjoying the view thoroughly as she starts cleaning off his cock so there's no drop left.

She looks up at him obediently, before she can say a word he takes his finger and drags the first part of his load towards her mouth and brings it to her lips. She opens her mouth and sucks the remaining cum from his finger, just as earnest as she did his cock a few seconds before, she keeps sucking his fingers until he stops by pulling them away from her and says.

"Now you know little slut, the deal was to swallow it all, you didn't hold your end of the bargain. We both know you did it on purpose. If you wanted punishment you could have just asked for it."

Emily and Jason look at each other and share a knowing smirk. She did do it on purpose.

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