tagRomanceAfter Dinner Kitchen Sex

After Dinner Kitchen Sex


I arrive at your door in a small, short, tight black, lacy dress, my hair down, long and wavy and a small black leather jacket. You open the door and kiss me softly on the lips as I pass you a bottle of sweet wine for us to share over the meal you are currently cooking for us both.

You lead me into the kitchen and slide my jacket off whilst kissing my neck from behind. As you take my jacket to hang up behind the door, I walk over to the pasta in the pan and slowly stir it around, then I dip one finger in and suck it slowly to taste the flavour of the delicious sauce you have created. You watch me and walk over to squeeze my ass as I giggle and turn to kiss you again. Then you tell me to sit down as you start to serve the food and pour the wine.

We enjoy eating our meal and sipping our wine and getting a little tipsy together, so once we have finished you tidy the plates away and I help you wash up. As I'm stood at the sink you walk up behind me and hold my waist as you kiss my neck slowly and then running your hands down my arms and into the warm soapy water, running your fingers up and down my wet hands.

I turn around to face you and kiss your lips with my soapy wet arms around your neck and holding your hair at the back of your head. Then you run one wet hand slowly up my thigh and under the back off my dress so you can squeeze my bare ass and pull my hips into you so i can feel the bulge of your cock pressed against me through your jeans.

Lifting my legs up around your waist, you pick me up and put me on the kitchen top, raising my dress up around my waist as you do so. You lift my dress up and over my head and throw it to the floor so that I am left in my black lace bra, thong, stockings and suspenders. You're wearing a shirt and tie, so I pull your tie so your face is close to mine, and I bite your lip as I slip the tie off from around your neck. I then unbutton your shirt and slide it off down your arms and to the floor.

Biting my neck, you put your arms around my back and un-hook my bra and slip it off the front revealing my boobs. I can feel your lips kissing over my collar bones, down my chest and softly pressing against my nipples and then your warm wet tongue touches my nipple making them both hard as you suck and slide your hand down my body to my pants. Rubbing my clit through my pants, feeling my wetness seep through the material, you kiss down my body to my hips, then my thighs, and run your tongue lightly up the inside of my thigh slowly teasing me making me shake in anticipation, almost like I'm begging for you with my heavy stilted breathing. Suddenly I feel your lips pressed against my pussy through the material, and then you start to pull my pants off and slide them off down my legs. I watch you as you place your tongue gently on my clit, flicking it slowly, and I throw my head back with the pleasure you give me and moan softly.

Your tongue is flicking my clit up and down fast now and I feel two of your fingers slowly push into my wet pussy, sliding in and out, in and out getting faster and curving around to press my g-spot making me moan even louder. You're still licking at this point and you do so until you feel my whole body tense up and my pussy tense around your fingers as I cum against you. You remove your fingers and push them between my lips making me suck them like I would suck your cock, and as you do this, your tongue is deep inside my pussy licking all the juices you made me make.

I sit up and slide off of the kitchen counter, and kneel down on the floor. I feel your fingers slide through my hair stroking my head as if you're letting me know how you're in complete control of me. I unbuckle your belt and thrust your jeans down to the floor quickly revealing your cock poking out of the top of your boxers because of how large and hard you are. I kiss the tip, feeling you throb against my lips and look up at you smirking and biting my lip. You run your fingers through my hair again as if you're telling me to suck. I slide your boxers down to your ankles and wrap my hand around your cock lightly squeezing, building up pressure and making your nerves more sensitive in your cock, making you throb harder for my mouth. I lick up and down your shaft lightly with the tip of my tongue before pushing you into my mouth slowly, my lips tight, and right to the back of my throat, all the way in. Your cock is wet from my mouth and I swirly my tongue around the tip of your dick making you groan for more. Then I thrust you back into my mouth and you move your hips so that you're fucking me slowly whilst my eyes are closed enjoying every inch of your hard throbbing cock in my mouth. I'm using my hand now to help build the pressure again lightly twisting and sucking at the same time giving you so much pleasure until you tense. But I won't let you cum yet, we aren't ready.

I stand up again and kiss you but you're too horny now to cope so you turn me around, grip my hair, and push me forward over the kitchen counter, my ass sticking out so you can reach my pussy easily. You rub the tip of your cock up and down the wet juices of my pussy and then you thrust into me hard whilst gripping my hips and pulling me onto you. Your dick is so fucking deep inside me I scream 'fuck' so fucking loud. You keep thrusting into me so so hard and deep against my g-spot and you're groaning now too, scratching at my hips as you handle me harshly and roughly.

You pull your dick out and I get to my knees again and suck you clean for a minute, until you decide it's time to fuck again. So you pick me up and carry me to the dining table, you climb on and lay down across it as I straddle your waist, my legs either side of your hips, and I push your dick into my tight pussy slowly and begin to grind down on your heavily. I'm moving my hips back and forth and around in circles quickly feeling you rub around inside me, so full, so big. My ass pressed on your hips and thighs, your dick deep, I gently scratch down your shoulders and chest and lean forward. My face is next to yours now, breathing down your neck moaning in your ear. I give you small love bites as I kiss and bite you softly and slam my ass up and down on your cock.

We're both tensing. I can feel you growing bigger and fatter inside of me. You're throbbing so hard. I'm rubbing my clit with one hand as I feel the tension building. We're both about to cum. Suddenly you explode inside of my pussy, your cum hitting my g-spot, and I can feel you fill me up with it. As I feel this I tense and cum against your cock moaning your name and gripping your shoulders and arms pinning you down and throwing my head backwards whilst arching my back as my body ripples with the orgasm rushing through my spine.

We both relax as I climb off you and lay on the table next to you, both breathing heavily like we've just escaped a fucking war zone. Your clammy hand grips mine, fingers interlocked as you turn your head and kiss my lips then whisper you love me.

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