tagLoving WivesAfter Dinner Treat

After Dinner Treat


It had been six months since Lisa and I had enjoyed our first threesome with her boyfriend Carl. Carl had become a willing participant, as willing as my own husband, Keith was with the similar arrangement that Lisa and I had with him. The fact that Lisa and I had partners that knew and approved of both arrangements made them all the more enjoyable. So far, however it was the men who had had the best of this situation.

Our threesomes always consisted of Lisa, me and either Keith or Carl. I'd also had Carl on his own, with Lisa's full consent of course, and Lisa had frequently 'kept Keith company' if I wasn't around. There were no secrets between us, we told each other everything. As I've said, our threesomes were always two girls and one guy, neither Lisa nor I had managed to arrange a situation where either of us got to enjoy both men at once. Not that either of us minded. We enjoyed what we had and we also enjoyed each other. We had been friends almost all of our lives and had, during the last few months, become occasional lovers. We were also highly competitive where our sex lives were concerned and that was probably why neither of us had managed to get both men together on our own.

When we were younger I'd been the first of the two of us to have given a boy a blow job. Despite being almost a year younger than me, Lisa had managed to lose her virginity before I did. I'd retaliated by being the first to have sex with another girl and she hit back by being the first to take it up the arse. We'd shared the experience of our first threesome with a guy but, quite simply, neither of us wanted the other to be the first to enjoy the particular experience of having two men at once. By a strange coincidence Keith's birthday was coming up and it would be two years since Lisa and I had given him his special 'birthday treat'.

"Are Carl and you free next Saturday?" I asked one evening while I was round at Lisa's.

"I think so, why?" asked Lisa.

"Well it's Keith's birthday on Sunday but I thought we could celebrate by inviting you two over for a meal on Saturday. I'm sure Keith would like it if you were able to come," I replied.

"I don't know about Keith," she said, "but I know I'd like it if I came." The play on words was obvious but we both laughed.

"Well," I continued, "with all four of us there, the possibilities are endless."

"Mmm," she replied wickedly.

"Oh you!" I exclaimed, "You're impossible. Oh and by the way, I need to book an appointment for my monthly torture." I added.

"I'm sure you can be fitted in, come round just before we close on Thursday," she said.

"OK," I replied with a shrug, "I still don't know how you talked me into it."

"Keith likes you smooth doesn't he?" she asked, "And besides, we'd have never got away with it that first time if you hadn't."

"I should've made you grow yours back instead," I retorted.

"Never," replied Lisa, "My pussy's been smooth since I was 18, there's no way I'd ever let it grow back. Anyway, Carl likes it that way, so does Keith and I don't recall you ever complaining either."

"No, that's true," I replied ruefully, "I guess the advantages outweigh feeling like a plucked chicken for a couple of hours."

"Anyway," interrupted Lisa, "about next Saturday..." We chatted for a while discussing the endless ways we could turn the situation to our advantage. The conversation was frank, explicit and highly arousing. Almost inevitably, Lisa and I ended up having sex.

There was very little in the way of foreplay. There was no real reason for any. The combination of a bottle of wine and our frank conversation meant we were already extremely turned on. It started with a quick kiss on Lisa's sofa followed by some frantic tugging at each others' clothes. We were naked in no time and stretched out on the thick rug in front of Lisa's fireplace, our hands caressing and exploring each others' bodies as our lips pressed firmly together.

There was an urgency to our need. With only a minimum of hesitation we quickly manoeuvred into a sixty-nine. I straddled Lisa's face with my thighs and ground my pussy against her mouth. "Oh fuck, that's good!" I cried as her tongue flicked along my slit. Lisa's tongue darted into my cunt and I dipped my head forward to taste her pussy. Her juices flowed freely and I lapped them eagerly into my mouth. Below me, Lisa flicked her tongue over my clit. I pushed my hips back to increase the pressure of her touch.

A warm glow spread over me as Lisa's mouth expertly worked on my pussy. The taste of my best friend's essence on my lips as she ate me only heightened my arousal. As my body began to shake I sucked hard on Lisa's clit, flicking the tip with my tongue. Lisa paused briefly to emit a soft "Oooh," of pleasure before returning her attention to my throbbing clit.

I tried to hold back, trying in vain to stifle my own climax so that we could come together. Powerful contractions of pleasure pulsed through my womb, wracking my body and I reluctantly surrendered myself to the sensations. I sat up. Running my hands over my breasts, I teased my nipples as Lisa's tongue held me on the pinnacle of my climax.

Moaning loudly with pleasure, I finally rolled away. Almost immediately, Lisa was above me. She wasted no time in lowering her pussy onto my face. I pressed my tongue between her moist folds and began to lick with firm strokes of my tongue, working my way from her cunt to her clit. "Yes!, Oh fuck Sue, yess!" Lisa moaned as my tongue gently lashed her clit. "Ooooh!" she cried as I sucked down on it and teased it between my teeth. I pushed two fingers into her cunt and began to thrust them in and out as my tongue beat relentlessly on her clit. The walls of her cunt gripped my fingers tightly and her body began to shake. "Yes, yes! Oh Sue. Oh Yes!" cried Lisa as her orgasm claimed her. She ground her pussy harder against my mouth. Every touch of my tongue caused her to flinch violently until at last, she could take no more.

"Hell, that was just what I needed," purred Lisa as we lay, slowly recovering, in each others' arms.

"Mmm, me too," I replied, pressing my body tightly against hers. We lay there for a while, gently caressing each other, savouring a drawn out moment of post orgasmic closeness. Finally we got up, took it in turns to have a shower and then, because it was quite late, we went to bed

The next few days seemed to drag by. I was in a state of constant arousal as the day grew steadily closer. Keith, it seemed, sensed it too. The sense of anticipation grew as the days passed. Our lovemaking took on an ever increasing sense of urgency until, at last, the day arrived.

I was as randy as hell the whole day as the hours ticked by. Lisa had called earlier to say that she and Carl would arrive just after seven. Keith had been out playing rugby that afternoon and I bustled about around the house getting everything ready. My clit seemed to throb constantly with anticipation and on four separate occasions I had to stop what I was doing, hitch up my skirt and bring myself off with my fingers just to relieve the pressure.

Keith arrived home just after five as I was putting the finishing touches to the table. "Had a good day?" he asked.

"Mmm, not bad," I replied, "you?"

"Well we won, eventually," he said.

"Good," I replied as he moved to kiss me. His lips pressed against mine and my response was immediate. I reached down and rubbed the front of his jeans, feeling the contained bulge swell in response. "I need this inside me," I purred into his ear, "and I need it now!" I pulled out of his embrace and spun around. Bracing myself with one hand against the work top, I hitched up my short skirt and spread my legs to reveal knickerless pussy.

"Mmm, hot wet and smooth, just the way I like it," he said as he gripped my hips with his strong hands, pulling me back as he entered me with a single, powerful thrust.

"Oh fuck!" I cried as his cock plunged in and out of my cunt, "I've needed this all day."

Keith's cock surged in and out with long, hard strokes. I pushed my hips back to meet him on deepest part of his thrust, impaling myself on his rigid member. My fingers teased my clit as he buried his cock in my cunt, his balls slapping against my enflamed labia with ever thrust. "Oh yes! Fuck me!" I moaned as Keith's cock pounded in and out. The walls of my cunt gripped him tight, milking his cock deep within me.

"Oooh," I cried as my body began to shake. I felt my knees begin to weaken as I rubbed furiously at my clit. Only Keith's cock, pumping in and out, kept me from collapsing as my orgasm powered through me. I barely heard Keith as he said, "Getting close, where'd you want it?"

"Cum in my mouth," I gasped and Keith slowly pulled his cock from my cunt. Feeling suddenly empty I turned around and dropped to my knees. My tongue eagerly licked up and down his shaft, licking every trace of my juices from its length.

Keith grabbed my hair as my tongue swirled around the crown, occasionally flicking the slit at its tip. "Suck it!" he demanded, "Don't tease, just wrap your lips around my cock and suck."

I opened my mouth, eager to obey. Keith pushed his cock between my lips and began to thrust, fucking my mouth just, as moments before, he had fucked my cunt. Giving his cum heavy balls a squeeze, I sucked as his cock pumped in and out of my mouth. He was breathing hard and I could taste his pre-cum on my tongue as it began to leak out. "Oh Fuck! Oh Sue! Here it comes!" he gasped. I let my mouth go slack in anticipation.

Keith thrust his cock deep into my mouth. I felt his balls tighten. His cock twitched and then he erupted. As the first jet of his hot cum was shot into the back of my mouth, I slid my lips back along his shaft so that just the crown was still in my mouth. I savoured the taste as Keith's hot sperm pumped into my mouth, letting it pool on my tongue before greedily swallowing it down.

When he was finally spent, I sucked the last drops from his diminishing prick before tucking it back into his jeans. I stood up and Keith kissed me. "You should go freshen up," I said, "and let me finish up in here."

"Right," said Keith then he kissed me again before heading off to the shower. When he returned I was just finishing up. He sat down at the table and poured us both a glass of wine. "Oh," he said after taking a sip of his wine, "You're looking great tonight, I was a bit preoccupied to mention it earlier."

I smiled. "If Lisa and Carl weren't due any minute you'd be occupied again now," I said with a wicked little grin.

"Don't worry," he said reassuringly, "I'm sure there'll be enough entertainment to keep you happy later."

Before I could reply, the door bell rang. I left Keith in the kitchen and went to let Lisa and Carl in. Lisa kissed me as I took her coat. It was no feeble peck on the cheek. I could feel the urgency coursing through her body as her lips pressed firmly to mine. The intensity of her kiss proclaimed, louder than any words could, her intentions for the evening. She was dressed in a short black, low cut strapless dress that was split up the sides. The tightness of her outfit revealed that, like me, she was also without underwear. Not that Lisa very often wore any. "You look stunning," I said.

"Mmm, so do you," replied Lisa. Then she leaned close and whispered in my ear, "Is there any chance we could skip the meal and move on to the main event."

I laughed, "Not a chance," I said, "not after all the effort I've put in. You'll just have to be patient, Like me."

With that, I led them through to the kitchen where there was to be a surprise in store from me. As I turned to introduce Carl to Keith, Keith stood up, surprise written clearly across his face. "Bloody hell!" he exclaimed, "Carl. Shit... I mean, how the hell are you?"

Carl was equally taken aback. "Keith, um... Great... How are you?" he asked.

"I take it you two know each other?" Lisa asked archly.

"Um... Er... Yeah," stammered Carl. "We used to play rugby together at Uni." He turned to Keith, "How long has it been? Five years?"

Keith laughed. "Probably nearer six,"he replied. "Drink?" he added mildly.

"Let me," I said, passing out glasses and filling them.

The meal was almost incidental after that. I was complimented on my cooking but most of the conversation was dominated by Keith and Carl catching up on the events of the last six years and reminiscing about their antics during their student days.

Lisa looked a little nervous. I smiled reassuringly at her. There was no way I was going to let this unexpected turn of events spoil the fun that'd been planned for this evening.

The meal eventually drew to a close. After the desserts had been polished off I topped up Keith and Carls' glasses and sent them through to the living room saying that Lisa and I would be through after we'd tidied up a bit.

"That was a bit of a shock,"Lisa said as she dried the dishes, "Keith and Carl knowing each other I mean."

"It was, wasn't it?" I replied, "Still it may be to our advantage," I added thoughtfully.

"Why?" asked Lisa.

"Well," I replied, "Keith knows that I've fucked Carl before, and Carl knows that you've fucked Keith. Even though Keith's up for it, and I assume Carl is too, the fact that they used to be friends means it might be easier for them when they see us being fucked by another man than it would be if it was a complete stranger."

"Well, we can but hope," said Lisa putting away the last of the pans.

"Me too," I replied. "If not, we'll just have to do it with each other, if nothing else it might get them in the mood."

Lisa laughed wickedly. "Shall we join them?" she asked.

"Let's," I said. With that, we wandered through to join them.

As Lisa and I had arranged, we walked into the room and made to join our partners. I kissed Keith, Lisa kissed Carl. Then, without any hesitation, Lisa and I swapped places. Carl obviously had no problems dealing with the fact that it was me and not Lisa that was paying him attention. His lips pressed firmly against mine and, as I let my hand trail over the front of his jeans, I felt him stiffen in response.

My passion mounted as his hands began to wander over my body. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Keith was equally at home with the situation. He had peeled down the front of Lisa's dress and was eagerly feasting on her tits. Her hands had already released his cock from its confinement and were now stroking it.

I slipped down onto the floor in front of Carl, moving between his legs. I reached into his jeans to release the object of my desire. Carl's cock was long and hard, I stroked it lightly as I cast a quick glance over at Lisa and Keith. She smiled over at me as Keith sucked and licked her tits. I leaned forward and ran my tongue up the length of Carl's shaft. He moaned as my tongue flicked around the crown and over the slit at its tip. I opened my mouth, licked my lips then wrapped them around his cock. My lips slid down his shaft, taking him deep into my hungry mouth. From the corner of my eye I could see that Keith’s cock was now receiving similar attention from Lisa.

I reached down to stroke my clit as my lips slid easily up and down Carl's cock. It was slightly longer than Keith's but not as thick but I devoured it hungrily, sucking it deep into my mouth with every stroke.

I felt a soft kiss against my cheek as I was joined by Lisa. She unzipped my dress and Keith helped her pull it free from my body as my mouth continued to work on Carl's cock. Lisa stepped out of her dress then knelt down beside me. Reluctantly, I let Carl's cock slip from my mouth and then we took it in turns to run our tongues up and down his shaft.

Lisa and I emitted a simultaneous "Oooh!" of pleasure as Keith began to finger our pussies. I turned round to take Keith’s cock into my mouth, leaving Lisa free to feast on Carl's. Keith leaned forward to run his tongue along Lisa's wet slit as my mouth slid hungrily up and down his prick. Lisa moaned softly then resumed her sucking as Keith's tongue lapped at her pussy. I sucked hard, drawing the head of Keith's cock deep into the back of my throat. I cupped his balls, marvelling that how heavy and full they felt. The earlier load that he had shot down my throat hadn't appeared to have drained him at all.

Finally, I unwrapped my lips from around his cock. Lisa was squirming with pleasure as Keith's tongue explored every fold of her pussy. With a voice made husky with desire I said, "I think Lisa's ready for your cock now dear. Stick your cock in her hot, wet cunt." Keith moved up behind her. Positioning his cock at the entrance to her cunt, he gripped her hips and entered her with a single thrust. "That's it," I purred, "fuck her. Fuck her hard!"

I wriggled underneath Lisa as Keith's cock pounded into her. I looked up and had a perfect view of my husband’s cock as it slid in and out of her cunt. My tongue flicked out. Keith’s cock slid along its tip as it pumped into her. I could taste Lisa’s juice on its length as it slid over my tongue. My tongue found Lisa’s clit and began to flick over it. Lisa’s body shivered with the contact. Keith’s balls swung above my nose as my tongue lapped over Lisa’s clit.

Every so often, Keith would slide his cock out of Lisa. My mouth would open to receive it and I savoured the taste of my best friend’s essence as it slipped between my lips. I could taste pre-cum mixed in with Lisa’s juices and I knew Keith was getting close to boiling point.

Lisa began to moan. Her body shook as her orgasm claimed her. My tongue flicked over her swollen clit, causing her to flinch in response to my every touch. Keith's cock pounded in and out of her cunt and I heard Carl say, "Suck it! I want to cum in your mouth."

Keith was breathing hard as he fucked Lisa with long, hard strokes. "Go on," I purred, "cum inside her. Fill her cunt with your hot cum." Grabbing Lisa's hips, Keith groaned as he buried his cock to the root inside Lisa's cunt. I could see his balls contract as he began to empty his load inside her He continued to thrust as his cock pumped jet after jet of sperm deep into her body.

I licked gently on Lisa's clit. Her climax still held her in its grasp. I heard Carl moan. "Getting close!" he cried, "Can't hold on. I'm cu... ooooh!" Lisa was so far gone as he emptied his sperm into her mouth that she couldn't hold it all. I felt his hot, sticky juice trickle down the inside of my thigh as it spilled from her mouth. Keith pulled his cock from Lisa's pussy and her body slumped down onto mine. His cum flowed out of her hole coating my face. My tongue lapped at her pussy, cleaning away Keith's cum. Lisa sighed and ground her pussy against my mouth.

She squirmed against me as I licked the intoxicating mixture of Keith's cum and her juices from her pussy. "Eat me!" she moaned, "Oh fuck Sue, eat my pussy!"

I licked harder. Lisa's juices flowed over my face. I sucked her clit into my mouth and pressed my tongue against its tip. "Oh, mmm, Sue, ahh!" she moaned as I feasted on her pussy. I reached up to play with her tits, pressing them together and teasing her nipples with my fingers, pushing her over her edge into another orgasm. Her body shook and she collapsed on top of me, moaning with pleasure until she rolled away, unable to take any more.

As Lisa lay there, moaning softly as her body recovered, I moved over to where Keith was sitting on the sofa. He parted his legs and I moved between them. Taking his still semi-erect dick in one hand, I proceeded to lick him clean. My tongue ran up the sides of his shaft, delicately removing all traces of his cum and Lisa's juices from its length. His cock began to stiffen in response to my touch. When his cock was clean I took it into my mouth and quickly proceeded to suck it back to full hardness.

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